Namphapayai Camp

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Two cliffs in one location. easy routes to very very hard stuff. one cliff is on the shade all day long, the other one is on the shade at 10 am. top quality rock. Cool accommodation right there.


Namphapayai Camp is right now the major rock climbing site in central Thailand. It includes two walls, river wall and bat cave wall, where more than 50 routes are bolted for the moment. The route number increase every month and the potential is about 130 more for what gone become a great concentration of very hard routes.

The rock has some cool concretions as usual in Thailand, but also some interesting steep walls or roofs where force and technique will be needed in order to get to the anchor in a good fashion way.

What makes this place the main climbing destination of the area is not only the rock and the routes but also the greenery place it is located with cool and cheap accommodation right at the bottom, the quick access from Bangkok, and the luxury to be out of the touristic mass flow.

Welcome in paradise

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The crag is about 130 km North/North-east of Bangkok. You can get there by bus, minibus, train or with your own vehicle. All the access details can be found on this page:

The cliffs around the camp can be reached in 10 min.

Where to stay

Namphapayai Camp offer cheap accommodation in Tents or bungalow (tree house and earthen house). Thai and international food is served at the restaurant. it works a bit like the mountain refuge. no menu but daily proposal from the chef depending of what is given by the garden of the camp or the local market. more info and photos at:


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After having found and developed the cliff of Muak Lek, Ben and Joy found this place in 2007. it was like a treasure find and they decide to definitely leave Bangkok in order to be back in the nature. The goal then was to develop a living style very close to the nature and based on self sufficiency, this of course right at the bottom of two nice cliff to enjoy the passion of rock climbing. The camp now welcome the nature and outdoor sports lover from all over the world but also develop the farm and the climbing center.


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