App Case Study: Full climbing guide on rebranded site

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This case study covers enthusiast web site owners who want to switch from managing their crag content on their website to theCrag's content platform. In particular the web site owner still wants to keep delivering content via their domain.

By managing their data in theCrag's content platform this gives more life to theCrag data as it will becomes availabel in more languages and more delivery platforms including PDF, mobile and web while still continuing to have branding and curation interest in the local content.

It also means that local climbers can log ascents with your up-to-date info and get Karma for their ongoing contributions and crags can be ranked according to their Kudos.

This case study will be built as an collaborative project to rebuild to be powered by theCrag. It will take some time to complete so stay tuned.

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This type of agreement is really only available for organisations who are not commecially interested and already have deep content to contribute. Generally we ask that you become a financial supporter for access to an API key. This is not much money, and it demonstrates your commitment to the project. Note that all theCrag developers contribute financially to theCrag as well as signifcant time.

You will also get a license to use the phototopo code on your site to display phototopos.

If you are starting a new crag then it is probably best to just manage through theCrag. The overhead of also managing your website is just not worth it for you and for us.

Note that it is up to theCrag management as to whether we will grant API keys for this purpose.

Data requiredBack to contents

The data required is full crag and route information including topos for a limited number of crags. Photos and ascents may be optionally be required, but possibly delivered via embedding.

Data migrationBack to contents

As part of the project all the data on the original site must be synced with theCrag. This process should also consider language translations if you want to deliver your content in multiple languages.

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