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Across the site, the icon indicates an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

Subscribing to the feeds you're interested in is an easy way to keep in touch with what's going on at your favorite crags, or what your friends are climbing, without even visiting the site. The main feeds are:

Throughout the index

  • Recent ascents at any crag or area
  • Recent index updates at any crag or area

From your account page

  • Your recent ascents
  • Your recent index updates
  • Combined feed of recent ascents at all your favourite crags
  • Combined feed of recent index updates at all your favourite crags
  • Combined feed of all your friends recent ascents.

If you're new to RSS then please read on for more information and links about using RSS feeds.

In-browser bookmarks and tickersBack to contents

Most web browsers have the ability to incorporate RSS feeds into dynamic bookmarks, ticker, etc. Just search on 'RSS' in your browser's help pages.

RSS readers/aggregratorsBack to contents

Publishing feeds on other sitesBack to contents

You can publish and view RSS feeds onto other sites. eg

  • Facebook- with an app like RSS Graffiti you can automatically publish any RSS feed onto your Facebook wall.
  • igoogle - with the google reader gadget you can have the RSS feeds you subscribe to appear on your igoogle homepage
  • Blogs- most blogging sites will have an RSS widget that allows you to publish the RSS feeds you subscribe to on your blog. Search your blogging site's help pages for 'RSS' or 'RSS widget'.
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