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Gym partner

Work in progress! We are working with gyms to provide a smooth end user gym ticking experience. This is an evolving service.

Please contact us if you are a gym owner and want to claim and mange your gym on theCrag.

Please read How to list gym routes on theCrag if you just want to list your gym routes on theCrag. This article is about doing more than just listing.

Database initial once off setup:

The database needs to be setup with a ‘node’ for each Rope, Cave, Boulder or other feature that has set routes on it. Generally this structure does not change much over time and theCrag admin will generally set this up for you but you’ll have full control over it. This setup also can include uploading a floor plan of the gym and drawing each feature onto the map, and uploading photos of all the climbing surface and drawing labels for each belay station, cave etc onto these topos.

Physical initial once off setup:

Once the structure is in place, theCrag’s database will generate a collection of special tags, one for each node setup above. Each tag can be printed in house and laminated (or done at a commercial printer), and then attached to each belay station or on the wall where a problem starts. These are customised to the coloured grade bands in the gym, and look like this:

Gym rope card with QR code

These can be modified in any way as long as the QR code on the left is left intact and the correct code is associated with the right rope. Most gym’s already have a system like this in place just without the code.

You can gerenate a printable rope card page by adding a '?gym=grey,yellow,pink,green,purple' to the end of your gym entry on theCrag. For example:,yellow,pink,green,purple

Each QR code is simply an encoded url of that particular rope’s page on theCrag.

When a route is set or removed:

When a route is set, write the name(s) and grades on the tag with a sharpie. To update the corresponding details in theCrag just scan the code with any QR code scanner and it will take you to the right page where you can edit it on a mobile device. Probably a iPad or other tablet would be idea for this workflow but any phone would work. There are a few minor details we need to iron out to make the data entry quicker, ie we can make the ‘setter’ field for the route whoever is logged in to theCrag instead of manually entering. This could be in parallel to offering a Dropbox or Google Docs sync.

Old routes will be marked as ‘archived’ and generally never resurrected, but there is nothing stopping us from restoring an old route again if it is re-set. We will work with you make these little process improvements over time.

When a route is ticked by a climber:

This is where the simplicity of QR codes works. Anyone on any phone / tablet / device can scan the QR code which will take them to a mobile optimised page where they can see more details and can select routes and tick them. This info page is publicly available, and in order to tick if they do not have an account with theCrag they can login using Facebook or Google+ or signup:

User gym ticking on the crag

This isn’t a mockup - this is a working prototype which we can demo. The specific details we will work with you to evolve and stream line in a gym setting. Currently there is lots of fields like ‘pitches’ and aid grades than can be vastly simplified for indoors. Over time we will improve this process and because this is a web application your clients will benefit straight away without any app updates etc.

For people not familiar with QR codes we would recommend the free “Red Laser” app made by eBay which has a simple scanning process with no adverts, and uses the normal mobile browser (so they stay logged in to theCrag).

Also once you are at say Rope 1 instead of scanning the next tag can of course just navigate to Rope 2 and add more ticks.

Stats, friends tick feeds, searching:

We currently have all of these things in place for both indoor and outdoor ticks, and we’ll work with you to evolve the indoor features into a more tailored indoor service.

Branding and customisation:

It is anticipated that you will have some custom branding applied to the gym and ticking pages, your logo and a cover image. There are also already existing fields you can put arbitrary content into such as opening hours and links back to your main website.

The future:

Is bright! Here are some ideas we’ve floated as possibilities:

  • Gym Analytics - see which routes are rated better, see trends across grades, setters, surfaces etc.

  • Training analytics - for clients to set specific goals or climbing regimes.

  • New route alerts for members.

  • Smart tick lists could be generated at their current grade level.

  • Route and rope logs, reports for showing when a route is old and should be reset, or how much traffic a rope has had and should be retired.