User permissions

This article describes how users earn permissions to edit theCrag.

There are a couple of principles which determine how site permissions are automatically generated:

  • The more you contribute the more extensive your permissions become.

  • The better a crag has been developed on the site the harder it is to earn permissions.

  • Permissions to make updates that are painful to undo (eg reparenting and merging) are harder to earn.

That being said, you can always just ask us to upgrade your permissions manually.

For example, a new user will be able to immediately update information in a crag with limited information, but will have to request permission to edit a well-established crag like Kangaroo Point.

Your permissions automatically increase as you contribute more

Every contribution you make earns you Karma points. Once you have made a small number of updates to a crag you will have earned enough Karma points to be granted Editor permissions for that crag.

When you have earned 10,000 Karma points, you will automatically gain permission to make standard updates to almost any crag. You may still have to request Editor permissions for some functions on well-established crags, such as reparenting and merging.

To earn 10,000 Karma points you will probably have spent several hours updating theCrag. It is highly likely that you will know how the system works by now.

When you get to 100,000 Karma points, the system gives you permissions to make standard updates to regions as well as crags. This means you will be able to create new crags and restructure regions.

100,000 Karma points pretty much means you are an awesome superhero to us all.

Please request permissions when you need themBack to contents

If you feel you want to be able to make contributions to a crag before your Karma levels allow it, we can manually assign you permissions.

If you see the ‘request permissions’ button, don’t be afraid to click it. Your permissions will be upgraded in about 10 minutes.

Don’t be afraid to click this button

Otherwise just send us an email at We love to hear personally from people who are wanting to contribute.

Creating new crags in the indexBack to contents

Permission to add new crags is reserved for site admins and the really experienced superheroes of theCrag, as we want to avoid confusing duplication.

If you need a new crag added, please just send us an email at telling us the name of the new crag and where it belongs in the index. We can usually create new crags within twenty-four hours and once they’re up you can start updating them.

The privilege of updating contentBack to contents

Many tens of thousands of hours have gone into documenting crags at theCrag. Please give existing contributors respect by taking care when you add your contributions.

We inherently trust that you are improving community information with your updates; however if this trust is broken we may reduce your permissions.

It is the site management’s view that contributing to this resource is a privilege, not a right. Please read our article on acceptable behavior for more information on this matter.

Most changes and edits are stored so they are not lost, however there is no undo button. Earlier contributions and edits can be reinstated if required, but will involve site management.

How do I know what my permissions are?Back to contents

If you can see the Edit options on the site and in the ‘Action’ menu then you have permission to use them.

Buttons showing editing options

Locked cragsBack to contents

Every now and again we need to lock a crag because of community sensitivities, etc.

When a crag is locked you need explicit Coordinator permissions to edit it. Karma does not help in this situation.

GymsBack to contents

Gyms are different to outdoor crags. In a nutshell, because routes are always changing in a gym, we need the gym owners, rather than the community, to manage gym updates.

If you want your local gym added, email us at

If your gym is listed, but only has a basic set of routes, please get your gym to contact us so they can keep their listing up to date (see article on gym ticking).

We need your feedbackBack to contents

At the beginning of 2014 we revamped the permissions system to what it is now. Please give feedback so we can improve your experience.

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