Sponsoring theCrag

We’re trying to keep theCrag free for you...

... but we do need to make some money to fund the ongoing maintenance and development of the site.

That's where sponsorship packages and classified listings come in.

The table below outlines our sponsorship and classifieds options. In return for supporting this site, these enable you to support and communicate with a targeted group of climbers via a range of channels including our website, PDF guidebooks and (in the future) mobile applications, and other channels.

Anonymous and individual donations are also welcome.

If you have any questions or you want to become a sponsor then please contact us.

10% of all sponsorship revenue will be donated to third party, not for profit climbing causes and organisations (eg access organisations, bolting funds, etc). To start with, in 2012 our donor organisation will be CliffCare Victoria, and we’ll rotate it to new donors regularly.

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship package Minimum cost* What you get
Individual donor $5 per month per Crag

Warm fuzzy feeling for helping maintain and develop theCrag.

Donor 'theme' on your account page, and profile pic.

Pro-rata allocation of 'Crag Credits'.

Donate Now

Corporate sponsor

$10 per month per Crag or Region

$50 per month per Country

Warm fuzzy feeling for helping maintain and develop theCrag.

Pro-rata share of banners in all channels for the area(s) sponsored sponsored and its descendant areas.

Includes full classified listing in ‘Business directory’ (see below).

Each month, the major sponsor within each business directory category in each country is also entitled to 1 blog post and 1 newsletter article. (Planned feature, not currently available)

Corporate sponsors may sponsor multiple areas. Minimum cost is cumulative.

A sponsor of a Region or Country may have separate business directory listings for different crags under that region/country. (eg A national retail chain could sponsor a country and show different listings at different crags based on the nearest outlet).

To become a corporate sponsor you must contact us.

Premium sponsor $ By negotiation

Warm fuzzy feeling for helping maintain and develop theCrag.

Includes full classified listing in ‘Business directory’ (see below).

Banner in the ubiquitous header in all channels (exclusive)

The following features are planned but not currently available:

  • 12 blog posts per year
  • 12 newsletter articles per country per year
  • 12 photos of the month per year

Other (by negotiation)

* If there are two sponsors paying $10 a month to sponsor the same crag, they will receive an equal share of banners. If one sponsor is paying $20 a month and the other is paying $10, the first will receive ⅔ of the banners and the other will receive ⅓.

If you are sponsoring at a Region/Country level then your payment is divided amongst the crags based on Crag Kudos (a measure of the value of the crag to the climbing community).

Classified Listings

Type of listing Cost What you get
Basic Listing Free

Basic listing in ‘Business directory’ section of List View and Guide View (text only) for the crag or region selected and its descendant nodes.

Anyone can register a business for a basic listing, but the listing will not be activated until site management have verified the details with the business itself.

Once verified by site management, free business directory listings are valid for one year. After that we will contact you to confirm that it is still up to date and that you want to keep it for another year. This will help us ensure that the businesses listed in the business directory are current.

Basic listings are only available below the country level.

You apply for a basic listing by navigating to the crag, clicking on the 'Directory' tab then clicking on the 'Add a business listing' button.

Full Listing $5 per month per Crag or Region.

Warm fuzzy feeling for helping maintain and develop theCrag.

Full listing (text and image) in ‘Business directory’ sections of List View, and Guide View.

Full listing (text and image) in PDF Crag Guide and all other channels. (This feature is planned, but not yet implemented).

To create a full listing please contact us.