Structured tagging

Crag Tags make it easy to add structured information to routes and areas in the index. Crag Tags are cool because they display information in a concise way and can also be used for searching.

You can also use an unstructed hash tagging for stuff that fits outside the structured tags.

Quick tip: to get started from any area or route, click on Action > Assign tags

The table below shows both current and proposed tags. If you have any comments or suggestions for new tags then please either contact us or participate in the following public forum:

Tagging public forum

A couple of things to note re. Crag Tags:

  • Tags are grouped into sets. One or more tags from within each set can be selected, as appropriate to the route or area.
  • Tag sets with a ‘Yes’ in the ‘Inherits’ column will automatically percolate down through the index to all lower areas and routes where no tag has been selected. This means that in a predominantly slabby crag you don’t have to tag each route individually. Instead you can set the style as Slab at the crag level and then just tidy up any exceptions at the individual route level (eg if there are a few Crack or Chimney routes).

Route characterBack to contents

Set Applies to Tags Inherits
Rock type Routes & Areas Sedimentary Sedimentary Conglomerate Dolomite Greywacke Gritstone Limestone Sandstone Arkose Chert Breccia (sedimentary) Metamorphic Metamorphic Gneiss Marble Quartzite Schist Serpentinite Amphibolite Greenschist and Prasinite Hornfels Slate Migmatite Igneous Plutonic Igneous Plutonic Granite Anorthosite Peridotite Gabbro Diorite Tonalite Syenite Granodiorite Monzonite Igneous Volcanic Igneous Volcanic Basalt Dolerite Ignimbrite Rhyolite Tuff Trachyte Tephrite Phonolite Andesite Agglomerate Breccia (volcanic) Hydrothermal and Metasomatic Hydrothermal and Metasomatic Quartz yes
Steepness Routes & Areas



Aspect Routes & Areas N NE E SE S SW W NW yes
Descent Routes & Areas Walk off Scramble off Rap off yes
Condition Routes & Areas Loose Sandy Greasy Vegetated Damp Polished Chipped yes
Style Routes & Areas Face Slab Crack Chimney Offwidth Dihedral Gymnastic Dyno Reachy Cramped Stick clip Arête yes
Development potential Areas Well established New route potential Under development New area Unclimbed area yes

ComfortBack to contents

Set Applies to Tags Inherits
Weather Routes & Areas Sun
All day sun

Morning sun

Afternoon sun

Always shady
Wet in rain

Brittle when wet

Dry in the rain

Dries slowly
Sheltered from wind

Amenities Areas
Drinking water






No camping

No fires
Family Areas
Kid friendly

Dog friendly
Crowds Areas Deserted Beginners Guides Crowded no

Access and approachBack to contents

Set Applies to Tags Inherits
Legality Routes & Areas Designated (1) Allowed (2) Private (3) Tolerated (4) Illegal (5) Closed (6)
[1] Designated for, or purpose built for, climbing
[2] Explicitly allowed
[3] No access unless permission granted individually
[4] Permission not given, but no issues so far
[5] Climbing is not permitted.
[6] Climbing used to be permitted but the crag is now closed and not permitted.
[7] An entry fee is required
Walk in time Routes & Areas <5 min 5-10 min 10-20 min 20-30 min 30-45 min 45-60 min 1-2 hour 2-3 hour 3+ hour yes
Walk in angle Routes & Areas
Rap in

Climb in

Steep hike


Water access Routes & Areas
Any tide

Low tide

Boat only
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