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Released April 1st 2014

At, we see our mission as two fold; to help climbers make and share climbing guides, and to help connect climbers with each other. One big challenge we face is that the rock that we all love is often far away from technology with no network. So we are always looking for ways to reach beyond a mere website.

On the guide front, we think we make some of the best collaborative editing tools around, but we don’t stop there, we let you download it to PDF, print it and take it to the rock. On the social side you can follow other climbers, share your climbing pursuits and profile and discuss stuff in our forums - but until now these connections have been restricted to the online world...

Introducing theCrag personalised climbers business cards:

Now if you are out at the crag and want to connect with a fellow climber, simply exchange your personalised climbers cards. It has all your important contact details, including the url of your profile on theCrag so you can connect online later. It also features your personal grade band along to the top, and your route style band along the bottom, so your new climber friends can be impressed with just a glance.

  • After you’ve been dirt bagging it for a couple weeks, nothing will impress the opposite sex more than your climbers ‘business’ card
  • Why simply mark your project with just some drab climbing tape? Instead leave a climbers card behind so everyone knows it’s your project - our cards are fully waterproof and weather proof *
  • If you’ve just callously stolen someone else's project, why not be a good sport and leave your climbers card to let them know who beat them to the cherry?
  • Planning an attempt on Everest? Don’t pollute the summit with more prayer flags, our climbers cards are feather light, printed using non-toxic natural dyes and are fully biodegradable even at altitude **

* - if you print it onto UV resistant plastic

** - if you print it using non-toxic dye onto tissue paper

Get your personalised cards now:

From your Dashboard, click Action > Labs > Business cards, to preview, personalise and print your climbing cards.

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