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Crag Chat discussions allow you to connect with other climbers either individually with your friends (via direct messages) or collectively with the climbing community (via forums at the crag level).

To stay up to date, but not be overwhelmed with other messages, notifications for discussions by default are based off your favorites crags. You can customise this in your dashboard settings.

  • Crag chat
  • Trip chat
  • Your dashboard
  • Your chats

Crag chatBack to contents

As you browse the index you will see a ‘Crag chat’ tab next to the other feeds.

Click on the ’Crag chat’ tab to see a summary of recent comments at that area and its sub-areas.

You can start a new discussion at any route, cliff, crag.

New discussions ‘bubble up’ to higher levels in the index, which means you can follow and contribute to discussions at any level of the index.

Trip chatBack to contents

When you create or join a trip, you will be able to join a discussion with other members of the trip.

Your dashboardBack to contents

When you click on the ‘Your dashboard’ tab (you must have an account and be logged in), you will see a summary of any unread personal and crag discussions.

Your chatsBack to contents

From your dashboard, click on the ‘Chat’ tab to access all your messages and discussions.

The controls on the left hand side are explained below.

Start discussion

Start a new discussion by either selecting from a drop-down list of linked accounts or a free text search.

You can also start a new crag chat for a location by either selecting from a drop-down list of your favorite crags or a free text search.

Your discussions

Shows all discussions you are actively participating in (you can toggle between all discussions and unread ones).

Manual connections

Shows all discussions for locations which you have manually connected to.

To manually connect to an area discussions page click on ‘Crag chat’ then ‘All discussions’ than on the ‘Connect me’ button at the bottom of the page.

Auto connections

Shows all discussions for locations which you are automatically connected to.

You are automatically connected to:

  • Favorites- Crags that you have favorited.
  • Editor- Crags for which you have Editor permissions.
  • Ascents- Crags where you have logged an ascent.

Following crags

Use the checkboxes to select which connections you want to see summarised under ‘Following crags’.

The crags that meet your selections are also listed individually.

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