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Embedding photos and videos

Did you know that you can embed photos and videos into thecrag area descriptions and forums by using the resource URL?

This includes photos and topos hosted on theCrag and other providers such as YouTube and Flickr. Please read the status of various providers below and let us know if you want any others.

Embedding means that you use the resource url in your description and the system does the work to pull in this resource to your description. This article has embedded images.

Please note that embedding is triggered only if you use the url on its own line, so if you don't want to embed it then don't put it on it's own line or surrond it with backquotes.

Please respect copyright when embedding photos. In particular please do not use this technology to document an area with copyright photos.

Note that if you want to embed thecrag stuff on your blog then read the technical article on oEmbed thecrag.

Example - embedding your video from YouTube

Type in this:

and you get this:

Example - embedding your photo from Flickr

Type in this:

and you get this:

Example - embedding photo stored on the crag:

Type in this:

and you get this:

Example - embedding topo stored on the crag:

This is still a work in progress so unfortunately if you type in:

you just get this:

Eventually we will return an interactive embedded topo.