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Entry level business sponsorship

Sponsor a crag, region or country and you get a share of the advertising at all lower levels.

Sponsorship gives you a share of the advertising inventory in the web and printed PDF Crag Guides at all levels below your sponsored area. For example if you are a Gym, you can sponsor your home region, this means your ads will be shown on the site and in the printed Crag Guides for all crags in your local area.

The number of times your ad gets shown depends on how much you are paying. If you want to pay more, your ad will appear more often.

Your ads will link to your homepage, or another page you nominate.

Image specifications

You will need to provide two pieces of artwork for the banners. It is important to keep them in A4 dimensions, or else they might get cropped:

1. PORTRAIT (for in the PDF Guides) ↑ Back to contents

Ad in PDF Crag Guides

A4 dimension image. Our biggest dimension is currently 1472 x 2080 pixels. Smaller dimensions will still work, but PDF image quality may suffer. If you give us an image about 50% bigger than our current biggest dimension then we will have really good resolution for the PDF Guides. Make sure you include a clear call to action (eg your web address or contact details), as some people will print these guides out.

Image format should be JPG or PNG.

2. LANDSCAPE (for on the website) ↑ Back to contents

Ad in website

A4 dimension image. Or biggest landscape image is currently 230 x 162 pixels, but it is likely we will be using some bigger images soon. We recommend providing a similar size to the portrait image.

Image format should be JPG or PNG.