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A collaborative climbing database ↑ Back to contents is a hub for gathering and sharing climbing information. Climbers and publishers can share climbing information and distribute it through multiple channels, including's website, third party websites, rss feeds, Facebook, pdf publications, iphone, ipad and others.

Climbers can access quality climbing information on the web for free, either directly through's website or through other third party portals. This will be supported by donation and advertising.

Because we are committed to provide a long term sustainable free product on the web, we are taking a more commercial approach to our mobile apps. Hopefully this will mean we will still be around in 20 years time. If you use our mobile apps you will have to pay for some things, but you will be helping us help the community.

Publishers can use's system to control and distribute their information through non-web channels. They may also choose to supply this information for free on the web. This is supported by revenue sharing.

Community generated guidebooks ↑ Back to contents

Guidebooks can be built and updated using incremental updates from climbers across the whole climbing community (see Crag Karma). Area Coordinators and Editors ensure data quality for a particular area (see Permissions).

Just adding an ascent improves the quality of the information in the guidebook by contributing to route popularity scores and climber quality ratings.

Community guidebooks are available in HTML and PDF format (see PDF Crag Guide).

Public versus private content ↑ Back to contents

Both public and private data are supported by

Content contributed directly by climbers is publicly available (under Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license) and available to publishers under agreement.

Content contributed by third party publishers is owned by the publisher under their copyright with acting as data custodian according to publisher agreements.

Content license and sharing ↑ Back to contents

We are aiming to ensure that:

  1. The content is available to climbers.
  2. All content contributors get proper attribution.
  3. The content can NOT be taken by third parties and sold without our permission.
  4. We can leverage the content to help pay our server and development costs, to enable us to not just exist, but keep making the site more awesome.

Essentially what our contributor agreement boils down to is:

  • You retain ownership of your own content, including your right to license your content to anyone else under another license you want (except exclusive ones).
  • Your contributions will be licensed worldwide, including, as CC-BY-NC-SA.
  • You grant the right to use the content commercially to give us an income to cover our hosting and development costs.

If for any reason you aren't happy with this, but still would like to share your content under a different license, like the CC-BY-SA, or the GNU Documentation license, that's cool too- we're already doing that with a bunch of content providers' Please just send us an email. The only limit is that the licenses need to be compatible so we can combine everyone's contributions to create 'aggregate works', ie a guidebook.

Financially viability ↑ Back to contents

We would like to become financially viable, or at a minimum, be able to pay its own hosting and infrastructure costs.

We plan to do this through donations and advertising on's website. We will also explore other revenue opportunities when they come up, such as user pays mobile apps.

In order for us to be able to do this, standard users contributing to projects are required to grant broad permissions to, and the general public to re-distribute and re-use your contributions. See Site Usage Policy for details. Any user may choose to contribute to as a publisher under a different arrangement instead of as a standard user. Please contact us if you wish to do so.

Once we become financially viable, we plan to put in place financial initiatives that will directly benefit the climbing community. A percentage of takings will go to initiatives decided on by the climbing community (eg access funds, clubs, cliff care groups, etc).