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Why export your logbook?

Why exporting your ascent logbook is so important?

If you use a web service to maintain a list of your ascents (eg thecrag logbook, 8a scorecard) it's probably a good idea to export your logbook from time to time. The main reasons for this are:

  • As a backup
  • You might want to import your logbook to another site with different features, tools, etc (after all it's your data).

Imagine a scenario like this...

You have been logging your rock climbing ascents for years using one of the many online ticking engines. It’s pretty sweet and only takes a couple of minutes after each climbing weekend to keep your logbook up-to-date.

Your ticks are all in one place, accessible anywhere from the Internet and you don’t have to worry... until it disappears. You wake up one morning and your ticking engine has vanished, gone the way of many Internet companies and closed it’s doors.

The problem is not the dozens of hours it will take to recreate the list of routes you have done, but remembering what you have done, when and with whom. If you had only been bothered exporting your logbook from time-to-time then all would be ok.

Ok, your ticking engine website came back, that is a relief it seems it was just a temporary server problem. But the incident motivated you to look around at what else was out there and, wow, you discovered that your good old favorite ticking engine is lacking some features. So you decide to give some other sites a go.

Oh crap, no export function- you are stuck with your now not so favorite engine.

The elephant in the room is the scorecard. 8a currently (May 2013) do not allow you to export your scorecard. It’s pretty cool to use 8a to compare your ability to the worlds best climbers but they lock your data up so you cannot use it elsewhere.

Don’t worry, there is an independent passionate climber who got jack of this and has built a service to export his scorecard from He has made it freely available for everybody in the google chrome webstore:

Full disclosure- the author of this article is a founder of, a community climbing database which also offers an ascents logbook service. Thecrag has both an export and import function. In fact, we at thecrag thought that the export function was so important that we built it years before the import function.

Please let me know about the export function status of your ticking engine and I will update it here.

Ticking engine Export function Cannot export scorecard- must use independant tools. Natively available as CSV, EXCEL and JSON api.
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