Ascent of I am a Banana Expert by Kieran Loughran

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Mon 30th May 2016 - Arapiles
Northern Group Shiralee Wall
15 I am a Banana Expert

With Ray. Good climbing but being able to step off right into the grade 8 at many points lower down detracted a bit. Puzzle at the top bolt as the obvious moves were on uncleaned rock just left of the bolt. Moves up to the top bolt were quite committing, having to high-step above the #3 camalot which is the only effective piece and while good, not what I'd call beyond doubt bomb-proof. This lead took me a deal longer than that of 'Tallness is something other people suffer from' (but then I do have some degree of tallness. Impressive leads from Wendy who does not have tallness.

Mixed 25m, 2 Arapiles Good Kieran Loughran
Mon 30th May 2016

Showing all 1 ascent.