Ascents as various tick types by Ann Redfern

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
2004 - Grampians
North Grampians Summerday Valley Back Wall
13 Regatta Trad 20m Grampians Ann Redfern
Thu 30th Mar 2006 - Grampians
North Grampians Summerday Valley Tunnel Cliff
13 Sewing Machine

Enjoyable climb

Trad 20m Grampians Very Good Ann Redfern
Thu 30th Mar 2006
2004 - Arapiles
Mitre Rock Hells Bells Area
13 Lucifer Trad 8m Arapiles Good Ann Redfern
Sun 1st Feb 2004 - Hospital Flat
The Main Cliff
13 Do I Have To Sport 12m Hospital Flat Ann Redfern
Sun 1st Feb 2004
2004 - Teneriffe
Sparrow Slabs
13 Jasper Sport 75m Teneriffe Good Ann Redfern
Sat 29th Oct 2005 - Arapiles
Tiger Wall Area Tiger Wall Under Flinders Lane Wall
13 Kestrel

Great climb. Top block creaks

Trad 50m Arapiles Good Ann Redfern
Sat 29th Oct 2005
Sat 1st May 2004 - The You Yangs
Great Circle Drive North Royalty Walls
13 Jack of Hearts Trad 12m The You Yangs Average Ann Redfern
Sat 1st May 2004
Sun 2nd Apr 2006 - Grampians
North Grampians Summerday Valley Callitris Gully
13 Creche Crack

Considerable plant life

Trad 20m Grampians Don't Bother Ann Redfern
Sun 2nd Apr 2006
Sun 1st Feb 2004 - Diamond Lake
Kai Whaka Pai
13 Aretenaphillia (Aretnaphillia) Mixed 20m, 5 Diamond Lake Ann Redfern
Sun 1st Feb 2004

Showing all 9 ascents.