Ascents as Second or Second clean by Michelle Meyer

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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Sat 27th Jan 2007 - The Stirling Ranges
8 Leviticus

First ever multipitch. Great one to start on!! Took 12hours from registering at Bluff Knoll to signing out (included travel and the hike to access the climb). I freaked out on the first pitch due to rising winds but continued to enjoy and finish the entire climb. The climb was far easier and safer than the hike in and out!

Unknown 92m The Stirling Ranges Good Michelle Meyer
Sat 27th Jan 2007
Sat 20th Aug 2005 - Roleystone
10 Nude Groove

Nice View but wet, muddy rocks

Unknown 15m Roleystone Michelle Meyer
Sat 20th Aug 2005

Showing all 2 ascents.