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In Aug 2014 theCrag community made 22,175 updates and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 Branden 59,351points
2 Alex Rogers 13,830points
3 Vanessa Wills 10,051points
4 7,051points
5 Dave 6,897points
6 Hugo 5,673points
7 Matt Tranter 3,613points
8 Guido 3,405points
9 Russell Warren 2,820points
10 Malcolm V 2,482points
11 Deon Vermeulen 2,357points
12 David McKelvie 2,255points
13 2,125points
14 Stitch 1,848points
15 Marcus Yong 1,788points
16 Hugo Castro de Barcellos 1,610points
17 Donald 1,403points
18 Brendan Heywood 1,000points
19 Ken Ford 969points
20 Anesh 921points
21 Michelle Hutchinson 896points
22 Robert Weyer 876points
23 nicholas quiroga 870points
24 Stefan Zwanepoel 732points
25 Alwyn Johnson 710points

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