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Rank Climber Ascents
1 Hugo 313ascents
2 Russell Warren 302ascents
3 Alex Rogers 198ascents
4 Matt Tranter 160ascents
5 141ascents
6 Catharina Warren 138ascents
7 @willem 118ascents
8 Vanessa Wills 117ascents
9 Marcus Yong 112ascents
10 Robert Weyer 107ascents
11 Ted Boezaart 93ascents
12 Zee van Zyl 91ascents
13 Stitch 88ascents
14 Malcolm V 86ascents
15 Ryno v d Riet 75ascents
16 Deon Vermeulen 68ascents
17 rocco nienaber 67ascents
18 Samantha Stainton 66ascents
18 Greeg Rose 66ascents
20 Adrian van Zyl 65ascents
21 Dolf van Niekerk 62ascents
22 Conor Brogan 61ascents
23 will watkins 60ascents
23 jeremy woodward 60ascents
25 Wessel du Plooy 59ascents

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