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Grade Route Style Popularity
Southern Africa Botswana Gaborone Kgale The Red Rocks
13 Ko Gae Unknown 23m
12 Next Door Unknown 26m
21 Kwela Unknown 24m
20 Plumbline Unknown 22m
19 Dihedre Unknown 20m
20 Scrape Unknown 20m
Southern Africa Lesotho PTC Mountain
G2 LCU Cornerm Unknown
F2 Godfrey's Route Unknown
F3 Gully Walk Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Lithabaneng
F3 * IVS Unknown
F1 * Slab Cake Unknown
F2 * Hot Sunday Unknown
F2 * Voyager Unknown
F2 * Side Winder Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Lancer's Gap
F3 * Coup D'etat Unknown
F2 Lancer's Left Hand Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Qiloane - 'The Basotho Hat'
E Ordinary Route Unknown
F3 * Abuti Unknown
G1 * Ventured Unknown
E2 * North Face Route Unknown
F2 Malawi Girl Unknown
G2 * Go Go Crack Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Saint Michaels
G1 Thuso Unknown
F2 Lumela Unknown
F1 Hyrax Unknown
G1 * Marks and Sparks Unknown
F3 Pete's Downfall Unknown
F3 Black Cleft Unknown
F2 Rambler Unknown
F3 Born Again Unknown
G1 ** The Prow Unknown
G1 * Chicken Run Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Qeme Plateau
F3 Arch Corner Unknown
G1 ** Derbyshire Dream Unknown
G1 ** Call to Arms Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Matsieng
F1 The King's House Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Thabana Limela
F1 Climbed Before Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Ficksburg Pinnacle
F3 Original Route Unknown
F2 Route 2 Unknown
G3 Attempt Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Thaba Tsoeu
G1 ** The Line Unknown
Southern Africa Lesotho Black Mountain Pass
WI4 Black Satin Couloir Ice
Southern Africa Namibia Windhoek Harmony
17 Ameisenweg Unknown
18 Advent Unknown
17 Sperrgebiet Unknown
17 Mond Gezicht Unknown
16 Faltzer Funzinger Unknown
17 Post Office Unknown
18 Pluto Unknown
19 Schwalbenwand Unknown
19 Tannin Unknown
23 *** Gecko Unknown 20m
23 Eisbrecher Unknown
Southern Africa Namibia Windhoek Midgard Kloof campsite
17 Loosing Your Virginity

3 pithch nice climb. Two routes required for the descent.

FA: Martin Haworth

Unknown 100m
Southern Africa Namibia Windhoek Midgard Graveyard Crag
17 *** Last Breath Unknown 22m
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Spitzkop Main Peak
17 *** Normal Route-Prima Varianta

Long approach walk from Eastern Side

Mixed 150m, 4
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Pontok Spitz
18 To Bolt or not to Bolt Mixed 270m, 12
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Dinosor Rock
15 Dinosaur Rock Unknown 15m
28 Rex Unknown 15m
27 Desert Sports Unknown
29 Jurrasic Park Unknown
23 Fan the Flame Unknown
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Elephant Rock
15 Jumbo

First route on the left. A good introduction to slab climbing.

Sport 14m
17 Tusker Sport 14m
18 Mastadon Sport 14m
18 Mamut Sport 14m
21 Loxodonta Sport 14m
21 Ivory Sport 14m
17 Trunk Sport 15m
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Lion Rock
15 Natural Route Trad 20m
20 Leo Sport 20m
22 Fangs Sport 18m
19 Claws Sport 18m
21 Panthera Sport 15m
18 Mane Sport 14m
15 Cub Sport 14m
21 Sable Tooth Sport 15m
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Elephant Backside
17 Friction Addiction Unknown
18 Heffalump Unknown
Southern Africa Namibia Spitzkop Rhino Rock
17 Cerather Unknown 14m
18 Bicarnis Unknown 14m
Southern Africa South Africa Limpopo Wellington's Dome The Goat Face
17 Where's Wally Unknown 27m
21 The Big Red Button Unknown
20 Intrusion Unknown
Southern Africa South Africa Limpopo Wellington's Dome North Dome
16 ** Sexy Lady Unknown
17 * Older Slower Wiser Unknown 110m
20 Where Eagles Dare Unknown
19 Dreaming in the Sun Project Unknown
23 ** Big Dreamers Never Die Unknown 140m
- Project Unknown
24 Younger Fitter Faster Unknown 100m
17 Gem Squash Unknown
- Descent Routes Unknown

Left of Older Slower Wiser, up the gulley. This route is 5 pitches of grades (16, 15, 16, 13, 14).

FA: Gareth Frost and Darryl Margetts

Southern Africa South Africa Limpopo Wellington's Dome Sarcophagus
22 Project Unknown
16 Rhamses Ramrod Unknown
19 Tutankhamuns Touche Unknown
20 Cleopatras Crack Unknown
21 Pharoahs Phallus Unknown

8 draws

FA: Gareth Frost and Darryl Margetts


Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 1,000 routes