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In Jun 2014 theCrag community made 22,535 updates and and added 398 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 James Frith 64,674points
2 Constantine Dritsas 29,555points
3 13,391points
4 9,405points
5 Matt Tranter 8,187points
6 Josh Ryan 6,839points
7 Alex Rogers 4,816points
8 Namphapayai camp Thailand 3,905points
9 Ahmad Sunday 3,859points
10 3,845points
11 Yuji Katayama 3,464points
12 ClimbDali 3,370points
13 2,999points
14 Ramon 2,178points
15 woodhead 2,159points
16 Justin 2,015points
17 Brendan Heywood 1,751points
18 Mark Ashmore 1,579points
19 Niall Doherty 1,563points
20 Paul Haber 1,550points
21 Alban 1,505points
22 Scott Lacey 1,432points
23 Andrew Clark 1,407points
24 . 1,363points
25 Josh D. Morris 1,317points

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