Topo #1111

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Route Grade Popularity Style
5 * Pain Street

While this is very nearly a sport route, it's important to place gear past the last bolt to avoid a nasty swing into the slab if you fall off the crux. Start: Start as for 'Cassandra'.

23 Mixed 15m, 6 Unlink route
4 * Cassandra Direct

Slippery and technical. The pikers variant to 'Pain Street'. Start: Start up 'Cassandra'.

22 Sport 23m Unlink route
3 * Cassandra

This attractive face has an unfortunate history of ugly bolting efforts. Originally festooned with hangerless machine bolts, a recent rebolting effort turned it into a highly unfortunate example of what ringbolts look like when they're not properly recessed. Start: Start beneath the appealing orange face, only a few metres R of the arbitrary end of 'Lois Lane Wall'. 1. 22m (18) Straight up past lots of bolts (5??), then follow the slight ramp up R (cams needed) to a lower-off where the arete meets the roof. The LHV (19) instead goes diagonally leftwards through the white rock to escape off left of the rooves. 2. 20m (18) Not as good as pitch 1 and rarely done these days. Up steep wall on the R for 7m then L to arete and up.

18 Mixed 40m 2, 5 Unlink route
6 Warts and All

Through bulge, BR, tend a bit L but don't join 'Cassandra' until the diagonal ramp. Start: Start 3m R of C.

22 Mixed 18m, 1 Unlink route

Topo #2116

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Area Type
? Agamemnon Area

The area uphill and to the R of Muldoon.

Cliff Unlink area
? Muldoon Area

Muldoon, Curved Air and Fail Safe start at the base of the Atridae and climb the Main Wall. The other routes are on the neighbouring buttresses- Iphigenia and Clytemnaestra.

Cliff Unlink area
? House of Atreus

The main wall of the Atridae.

Cliff Unlink area
? The Flight Deck

The open corner. Lots of chalk on the L wall

Cliff Unlink area
? Cassandra Area

The slabby wall to the L of the Flight Deck with a roof above.

Cliff Unlink area

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