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Area Type
? Agamemnon Area

The area uphill and to the R of Muldoon.

Cliff Unlink area
? Muldoon Area

Muldoon, Curved Air and Fail Safe start at the base of the Atridae and climb the Main Wall. The other routes are on the neighbouring buttresses- Iphigenia and Clytemnaestra.

Cliff Unlink area
? House of Atreus

The main wall of the Atridae.

Cliff Unlink area
? The Flight Deck

The open corner. Lots of chalk on the L wall

Cliff Unlink area
? Cassandra Area

The slabby wall to the L of the Flight Deck with a roof above.

Cliff Unlink area

Topo #1115

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Tiresias

Start: Start beneath L side of the face at short slabby chimney. 1. 20m (20) Easy chimney then more steeply straight upwards. 2. 18m (20) 'Steep' crack to ledge. Walk off R to the 'Muldoon' rap anchor, or continue up the wall at the back of the terrace with a little roof at 4m.

20 Trad 38m 2 Unlink route
5 ** Hell For Leather

As for 'Tantalus' for 4m, then move L and go straight up, ending in shallow groove. Start: Start 10m R of T.

13 Trad 30m Unlink route
6 * Tantalus

Start: Start 10m R of 'Tiresias'. 1. 12m (7) To ledge then R up ramp. 2. 23m (7) L, over crux bulge and into chimney to finish.

8 Trad 35m 2 Unlink route
7 ** Surface To Air

Tricky start then R through bulges, finishing just L of Muldoon's final arete. It's good to do in two pitches to reduce rope drag and to better protect the second from a groundfall off the bouldery start. Rather than the long scramble approach, you can also approach up the short tough finger crack a few metres L of the start of 'Muldoon'. Start: Start 2m R of 'Tantalus'.

17 Trad 30m Unlink route
2 Blind Profit

Climbing about three metres right of 'Tiresias' is really good fun and should have been only 18 but for one short hard section. Start: Start as for 'Tantalus'.

21 Mixed 30m, 2 Unlink route
4 * Bat Out Of Hell

A variant finish to 'Hell For Leather' which is more sustained and improves the original. Start: Start as for Hell for Leather.

16 Trad 30m Unlink route

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