Topo #1154

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Route Grade Popularity Style
3 ** Denim

Start: Start on the L side of the wall. 1. 18m (26) 'Steep' thin cracks and roof to ledge. 2. 27m (22) A fantastic fingers corner crack.

26 Mixed 45m 2, 2 Unlink route
4 ** London Calling

Up thin seam to traverse line, R and up to BR, diagonally R to 2nd BR, then trend L to 3rd BR (despite the unfortunate chipped hold, this is still the crux). Nathan Hoette linked the start of 'Balance of Power' into 'London Calling' in Nov. 2004, which is 29* and called Berlin Calling (if you think link-ups deserve their own name). Start: Start 1.5m R of 'Denim'.

27 Mixed 30m, 3 Unlink route

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