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Route Grade Popularity Style
9 * Aristocrat

Climb the chimney/corner. Walk 30m R and rap off the slings above 'Scorpion Corner'. Start: Start on Flinders Lane, directly beneath the gap which separates 'Bluff Minor' and 'Bluff Major'.

18 Trad 25m Unlink route
13 Ivan

The R-curving crack. Awkward - but you've got to get up to 'Blockbuster' Ledge somehow and this is the best easy option. Requires a few techniques from your bag of tricks to succeed. Start: Start just R of A.

13 Trad 14m Unlink route
15 Scorpion Direct Start

The name is quite misleading as it is not a "direct start" to 'Scorpion' but is actually quite a way left and is climbed completely independently. It is a good way to get to the 'Blockbuster' Ledge though. Considered by some to be a bit of a sandbag, but I guess it is just an old fashioned grade 17. Start: Start 10m R of I.

17 Trad 14m Unlink route
17 * Stop-Motion

Direct start to Moving Pictures past a rusty bolt or two

30 Trad 20m Unlink route
18 *** Scorpion Corner

A low roof then into the beautiful corner. The gear is adequate but it's critical that you get certain pieces just right as they are a little spaced at times. Start: Start at the R facing corner, directly below 'Scorpion'.

22 Trad 25m Unlink route
20 * Imagination

Up SC for 3m then head R to bridging stance, and R again to the crack which is just L of the arete. Traverse L to the anchor above SC. Start: Start as for SC.

25 Trad 20m Unlink route

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