Topo #1230

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 The Viragoes

Has a few good sections.

14 Trad 50m Unlink route
2 The Verge

Start just up right of 'The Viragoes'.

24 Mixed 20m, 1 Unlink route
6 * Sweet Surrender

A pretty good route but escapable in parts. Begin just left of the big tree. 1. 25m (17) Undercling to start then up flakes and cracks to big ledge. 2. 35m (17) Go left into lowest orange scoop. Tackle this on the right and into smaller scoop above, then up past another two bulges.

17 Trad 60m 2 Unlink route
9 * Assistance Required

Pretty orange wall left of Vandal's main corner. Go up wall to scoop; left here and up.

20 Trad 25m Unlink route
10 ** Puzzlin' Evidence

Wonderful direct finish to 'Assistance Required'.

23 Trad 25m Unlink route
11 ** Vandal

Used to be vastly undergraded at 14 though older masters of the thrutch maintain that the grade was OK. The route originally started up the diagonal ramp from 'Vagabond' but noone does that now. Start in the gully just above the tree, directly below the big orange corner. 1. 15m (13) Pull onto wall and climb groove to large ledge at base of corner. 2. 15m (14) The great corner leads to another ledge. 3. 15m (17) Hard moves into the undercut corner and bridge to the top.

17 Trad 50m 3 Unlink route

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