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Table of contents

1. Kitten Wall Area 79 routes in Crag

All Trad
Access Issues: inherited from Arapiles

Bird Nesting September-December Raptors usually nest on the following climbs in Spring : Cassandra, Eurydice, Harlequin Cracks, Revelations. Nesting usually finishes mid-December. There may or may not be signs in place at these times. Please keep 50m clear of these climbs if there appears to be nesting activity.

State Park

Ethic: inherited from Arapiles

Mount Arapiles is first and foremost a trad climbing area. The few sport climbs tend to be in the higher grades where no natural pro is available.

Bolting, particularly retro-bolting, is discouraged and should only be undertaken after extensive consultation with the local climbers, first ascensionists, etc. Inappropriately placed bolts have been chopped.

Do not chip the rock.

Look after the park.

  • Stick to the paths.

  • Don't disturb the wildlife.

  • Routes near peregrine falcon nesting sites are closed in the spring.

  • Minimise the impact of your camping (fuel stoves not fires, take your rubbish with you, etc).

1.1. Kitten Wall 32 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Feeling the Ceiling

A novelty with a good bouldering move.

Start: Start on ledge below cavernous roof at left end of Kitten Wall.

FA: Bud Green, James Falla, 1988

22 Trad 12m
2 In Spite

Bottomless seam with bouldery start down right of Feeling The Ceiling.

FA: Kim Carrigan, 1979

22 Trad 20m
3 * A Piece of Flake

Surprisingly hard, and a little runout after the flake ends.

Start: Start at right-leading flake towards left end of Kitten Wall, not far right of Feeling The Ceiling. Go R to chains above Indoctrination.

FA: Greg Child, Kevin Lindorff, Tony Marian, 1978

21 Trad 25m
4 APOF Variant Start


FA: Mark Moorhead, Takashi Akegawa, 1983

22 Mixed 25m, 1
5 Socialist Working Class Solidarity

Something of a mirror image of 'Indoctrination'. Desperately hard.

FA: Roland Foster, Dave Vass, 1989

25 Mixed 25m, 1
6 * Indoctrination

A fingery start then good climbing is initially protected by not-the-best cam placement in the world. The bolt needs replacing. A better variant at 23 is to start up Claw and join the traverse L at about 4m. Chains just below the top.

Start: Start 1 metre left of the prominent crack of Claw.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Mark Moorhead, 1979

24 R Mixed 25m, 1
7 ** Claw

Excellent clean jamming after a thrutchy start. Originally climbed with "the aid of two slings on joor jammed nuts".

FA: Ted Batty, Peter Jackson, 13th Nov

18 Trad 20m
8 * Puss 'n Boots

A solid, intimidating lead with just enough protection. Very impressive for 1967.

FA: Dave Neilson, Rod Harris, 1967

19 Trad 20m
9 Lickwid Pussy

Good climbing on spaced holds up the wall L of Siamese Crack. You can solo the crux (first 6m) or put side runners in SC. Move L at 6m to flake on Puss in Boots, then back R and straight up through roof to chains.

FA: Guy Cotter, 1981

22 Trad 20m
10 * Siamese Crack

The middle of the three prominent cracks on the wall is a daunting layback if your jamming technique is lacking.

FA: Peter Jackson, Ted Batty, 4th Sep

15 Trad 25m
11 No Purpuss

The name says it all.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Louise Shepherd, 1981

23 Trad 25m
12 Manx

The right-hand of the 3 prominent crack-lines starts with a character-building thrutch. Most people will opt to do the Right-Hand Variant or 'Cheshire Cat' instead but it could be worth testing your technique on this.

FA: Ted Batty, Peter Jackson, 4th Sep

14 R Trad 25m
13 * Manx Right-Hand Variant

A good, fairly direct, way of doing Manx without the thrutching.

Start: Start at the diagonal crack 1 metre right of Manx.

FA: Unknown., 2000

14 Trad 25m
14 * Cat Cracker

The climb originally started up the easy, thin diagonal crack 1 metre right of Manx, now Manx RHV, but it is now done via the initial wall of 'Hard Nipples', which makes the climb more consistent. The climb originally went free up the diagonal crack and then aided up to and through the roof.

FA: John Davis, Jim Smith, 1967

FFA: Kim Carrigan, 1978

25 Trad 20m
15 ** Hard Nipples

More like hard forearms. Not a good idea to fall off the initial wall from a height. Its easy to scramble in from the right to place gear and toprope the first 4m if you value your ankles. DRB on ledge at top.

FA: Mike Law, Kim Carrigan, 1978

22 R Trad 20m
16 * Cheshire Cat

This good combination gives another way to approach the nice overhang on Manx. Some people prefer Manx RHV and others prefer this.

12 Trad 22m
17 * Lynx

A very nice girdle-traverse but you have to like this sort of thing.

  1. 18m (15) From just left of gnarled old conifer go up left to traverse line and go left into "Manx". Continue left past "Siamese Crack" to an airy pedestal beside "Claw".

  2. 32m (15) Cross Claw and continue along horizontal break.

FFA: Pitch 1 : Peter Jackson, Ted Batty, Reg Wiliams (1 aid).Keith McNaughton, Peter Headdles 04-1968., 5th Sep

FA: Pitch 2: Geoff Schirmer, Keith Lockwood., 1977

15 Trad 50m 2
18 ** Armed Forces


Start: Start at right-most end of 'Cat Cracker' ledge, lust left of old conifer.

FA: Rod young, Ant Prehn. Mark Moorhead, Jon Muir eliminated the rest. Kim Carrigan, Chris Shepherd added start as described., 1982

25 Trad 20m
19 The Conception

Dramatic architecture. Some people find this sleazy and gross, some find it interesting and funky.. feeling lucky?

Start: Start 5 metres right of the conifer.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Phillip Stranger, 1967

23 R Trad 20m
20 ** Security Jerks

As steep as they come.

Start: Start below the "Beware of this Block" message.

FA: Geoff Weigand, 1984

27 Trad 20m
21 * Cruel Britannia

A good warm-up for the steep stuff.

Start: This used to start beneath the "Beware of this Block" block and undercling it but start to the right instead.

FA: Jeff Lamb, Dennis Ismay, 1980

24 Trad 20m
22 * Cruel Britanna Direct Finishi

A better and more powerful finish. From upper R-facing corner, move up and R to reach R-trending flakes, which are followed to the top.

FA: @gtempest, 2014

23 Trad 20m
23 * Hendrix

Surprisingly steep climbing. Take the time to make sure that the protection in the horizontal breaks is secure as you are going to come very close to the ground, and the block, if something pulls.

Start: Start from the big block right of the overhung area.

FA: FRA: Matt Earl, Bruce Craig, Poven Pather. Had been climbed before by mistake, may even be the original line of Footloose., 1991

19 Trad 20m
24 ** Hey Diddle Diddle

Great little line up between Hendrix and footloose.

19 Trad 18m
25 Footloose and Fancy Free

In a similar style to 'Hendrix', it can be amusing to watch pumped leaders lose form and begin to flail for the top. You can go straight up - off a shallow midsize cam, or diagonally left to finish as for Hendrix (better and better protected).

Start: Start 3 metres right of 'Hendrix' at easy crack.

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Rod Young, 1977

19 Trad 20m
26 Creeque Alley

Bushy, mossy rock to start.

Start: Start 4 metres right of bent-over old tree.

FA: Andrew Smith, Chris Baxter, 1967

14 Trad 40m
27 * Practical Cats

Fairly good route but the fixed wire is gone now - 2 retro bolts- still seems to be leadable.

Start: Start below thin seam without fixed wire where the track dips down.

FA: Lincoln Shepherd, Natalie Green, 1982

22 Mixed 40m, 2
28 Spastical Cats

Dodgy pro on bottom wall

Start: Start just left of overhang, 4 metres right of 'Practical Cats'.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Nick Plishko. Louise Shepherd, Mike Broadbent had climbed the upper flake earlier the same day., 1982

23 R Trad 40m
29 Tactical Spastical

Avoids the desperate start of Spastical Cats by starting up Tactical Cats. Nice climbing watch out for a little bit of loose looking rock.

FA: Louise Shepherd,Mike Broadbent, 1982

20 Trad 28m
30 * Tactical Cats

An enjoyable, intricate route.

Start: Start 8 metres right of 'Practical Cats', just right of overhang at ground level.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Nick Plishko, 1982

20 Trad 40m
31 * Kitty Litter

Climb wall, crossing diagonal crack of 'Alley Cat', to ledge. Up to bulge and technical seam and carry on straight to top.

Start: Start 5 metres right of 'Tactical Cats'.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Andrea Hayes, 1985

21 Trad 25m
32 Alley Cat


FA: Chris Dewhirst, Bruce Osborne, 1966

12 Trad 40m

1.2. Tjuringa Wall 27 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Hokey Pokey

A fun little roof. The 'Pilot Error' of Kitten Wall. In a little cave below 'Cadence'

FA: Ian Anger, Terry Tremble, 1984

23 Mixed 10m, 1
2 * Tunnel of Corgis

A sustained and technical traverse under the ceiling, starting from the lefthand end of the wall. Can be approached via 'Cadence' as well.

Start: Start at the blocky corner marking the left end of the smooth orange wall.

  1. 20m (22) Up corner to roof and traverse right with increasing difficulty to a small stance.

  2. 35m (23) Continue right with even greater difficulty to obvious break in roof. Over and up to slings or easily to rap anchor above Celluloid heroes.

FA: Cathy Blamey, Chris Shepherd (alt), 1981

23 Trad 55m 2
3 * Cadence

Lovely slab leads to awkward roof.

Bolt is rusty and rock looks loose in roof.

Start: Start 3 metres right of the starting corner of Tunnel Of Corgis.

FA: Mark Moorhead, Jim Thomas, 1981

24 Trad 40m
4 * Celluloid Heroes

An interesting climb which is tough for the grade. Maybe it should be 23. Double ropes are handy as it weaves around. Chains on top.

Start at the left-facing flake-corner halfway along the wall. This is also the start of Strangers Eliminate. Up the corner to pedestal, up to roof and L. Through the roof and follow the flake then finish through the bulge.

FA: Mark Moorhead, Ian Anger (alt as 2 pitches), 1980

22 Trad 25m
5 * Surprise

A good roof but rarely climbed because it used to require the now-defunct 'Slider' nuts. Maybe modern mini-cams would work?

FA: Kim Carrigan, 1986

26 Trad 40m
6 ** Strangers Eliminate

A pretty exciting wall climb which requires a good head to deal with the small wire protection and unconventional moves prior to the bolt. 1st pitch ends at a rap chain, but the 2nd pitch shouldn't be ignored.

Start: Start at the left-facing flake corner about halfway along the wall (Start of Celluloid Heroes).

  1. 27m (20) Climb crack or left wall for 4 metres and then move onto the right wall. Continue onwards with fiddly protection then bolts leading to roof. Move right beneath roof to vertical step and up to stance at higher roof.

  2. 27m (17) Traverse left under roof to tricky move and lip then more easily up.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Chris Baxter, 1968

20 R Trad 54m 2
7 Strangers Direct Start

A much bolder proposition to the original route. Starts right of the corner and joins the original line at the mantle (small ledge), then continue as for that route.

FA: Mike Law, 2000

20 Trad 27m
8 Odd Spots

Climb directly to flake on Stranger's Eliminate. Boldly up grey streak to ledge on 'Celluloid Heroes'. Up to roof then a reachy move leads to juggy flakes.

Start: Start 1 metre right of Stranger's Eliminate on face.

FA: Kim Carrigan, 1986

24 Trad 40m
9 ** My Soul to Keep

An ultra technical piece of climbing which is bold in places.

Climb 'Odd Spots' for 5metres . Place a high runner in Strangers Eliminate then reverse a move and make a rising traverse rightwards, crossing 'Bad Cheques' then joining 'Tjuringa' at its midway flake. At the flake step down a move and continue traversing right past to 2 bolts to the undercling feature, before heading straight up to join 'Tjuringa' at its first belay. This last section is bold 21 in its own right.

Double ropes are essential. Note: 50m ropes may not be long enough to lower the climber back to the ground therefore use double 60m ropes. HB 1, 'Camelot' 1, BD Hexentric 1 are essential gear.

FA: Ingvar Lidman, 2006

27 Trad 35m
10 ** Credit Crunch

Technical climbing on perfect rock. Start 5m left of Bad Cheques, just right of 'My Soul To Keep'. Up past three bolts to join Stranger's Eliminate at it's bolt. Let me know what you think of the grade and stars. I'm bad at grading.

FA: Gareth Llewellin, 2012

24 Mixed 25m, 4
11 Eclipse

A daunting traverse below the huge roof on the right-hand half of 'Tjuringa Wall'. If not always great climbing, it's certainly a great experience.

Take a large cam or two. Very large cams or tubes would help but are not essential. The final pitch could be quite amusing without double ropes or the skills to back-rope with a single.

  1. 27m (20) As for Stanger's Eliminate.

  2. 35m (19) Traverse right to stance and anchor for 'Tjuringa'.

  3. 24m (20) Continue right past end of roof, drop down off lip of overhang and pull in to right. Traverse right to In Lieu's belay cave. Traverse off right.

FA: Keith Bell, Keith Lockwood, 1976

20 Trad 120m 3
12 ** Bad Cheques

Well named. An unprotected start (crux) above an awful landing (the block) leads to the first gear in a good horizontal (cam). Fairly well protected and great climbing after that leads to the chain on Stranger's. It is possible to place a wire in a 2-finger pocket at the start, but it is debatable protection to say the least. If you do it this way, then a wired hex is recommended. Graded to take into account the seriousness.

FA: Mike Law, 1982

24 R Trad 30m
13 *** Tjuringa / Tjuringa Pitch 2

One of the most outstanding routes at 'Arapiles'. The two pitches provide two very different beasts. Pitch 1 is a runout slab ending at the roof. Pitch 2 is the roof itself, which involves powerful climbing on good holds, but some poor gear. The piton should be treated with respect! Both pitches graded to take into account seriousness.

  1. 35m (25) Up the face then left and up flakes. Step right and run it out to roof (small cam in pocket). Traverse 6 metres right to rap anchor.

  2. 25m (25) Jug out roof past old peg and around lip. Up wall veering right to flake then traverse steeply back left to belay.

  3. 10m (18) Through bulge and up.

FA: Tobin Sorensen,John Allen, 1979

25 R Trad 15m 3
14 ** Orgasmo

One of the most significant additions to this wall in 25 years. Originally equipped back in the dark ages. Very hard wall climbing protected by a mix of trad, then bolts - but still very exciting. Starts as for 'High Mum' then when level with the large flakeline (below the notch), drop down to the left and gain 'Tjuringa Wall' proper via a heinious crux sequence past a bolt. Trend up and leftwards to the undercut horizontal and finish as for 'My Soul to Keep'.

FA: Ingvar Lidman, 2000

28 Trad 35m
15 ** Lats Have Feelings Too

It's hard to say which is less repeated - 'Tjuringa', 'Akakage', or this. Once you see the line, you'll know why. A massive traversing affair that starts as for 'Common Knowledge' 2nd pitch, but then keeps heading left (under Akakage) to a (hard) crux lip encounter (very old bolt) and an outrageous headwall finish.

Start: Start at the first belay of 'Common Knowledge'.

FA: Kim Carrigan, 1984

28 Trad 25m
16 * Hi Mum!

This is now considered a variant first pitch to 'Common Knowledge' but it originally had a hard (grade 25), second pitch which joined 'Common Knowledge' higher up. Tha hard section of that pitch is now the start of 'Lats Have Feelings Too'. Varied climbing up to the notch, then follow the right trending overlap and surmount it - then straight up to CK belay.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Kim Carrigan, 1982

24 Trad 60m
17 *** Common Knowledge

A great 2 pitch outing, though doing the entire route in one pitch is recommended. The dead tree has long since disappeared, so now you have to climb the wall to get off the ground! Double bolts now reside over the top, just below the summit block on its right side.

Start: Start just right of Hi Mum! at bolt-protected wall.

  1. 25m (23) Up wall past bolt and through right-leading line to ledge. Traverse left into right-hand flake and follow this until able to climb wall to semi-hanging belay below roof. Make sure the anchor can withstand an upwards force!

  2. 25m (24) Up right-curving flake, back left to small overlap. Up headwall a few moves then traverse right, demanding with plenty of exposure, for a few metres then go up to anchor (30 metre rappel)

FA: Mark Moorhead led both pitches with Chris Shepherd, Tony Dignan seconding respectively., 1981

24 Trad 50m 2
18 * Akakage

Like its neighbours, a very rarely repeated route that drives straight through the belay of 'Common Knowledge'. 'Fantastic' position and great rock, but a ridiculously hard fingery crux that has baffled quite a few aspiring suitors. Two bolts protect the business.

FA: Masanon Hoshina, 1988

27 Mixed 50m, 3
19 In Lieu 20 Trad 52m
20 ** In Lieu direct finish

A contrasting second pitch with good rock and protection. From the recess Step up right onto stance. up and left via incuts and slots surmounting the overlap on its left. Left past bolt then directly up. At top step left to anchors on Common Knowledge

FA: Mark Wood, Eddy Mofardin, Mars Mofardin, 2012

20 Mixed 18m, 1
21 Tynee Tips 24 Trad 45m
22 * Perfect Stranger 25 Trad 42m
23 * Strange Tenants 24 Trad 30m
24 * Stranger and Stranger 22 Trad 35m
25 Messy Houses

Maybe this has been retrobolted with 2 bolts? Feels more like 21 than 19 though. Not as good as it looks unfortunately.

19 Trad 20m
26 Moving Out 17 Trad 15m
27 Bolshevik 22 Trad 10m

1.3. Bolero Wall 5 routes in Cliff

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Stranger Danger

Arete left of 'Bolero'.

FA: Bud Green, James Falla, 1988

20 Trad 10m
2 Bolero

Obvious off-width crack at left end of wall. Take a big cam.

FA: Phillip Stranger, Chris Dewhirst, Peter Jackson, 1966

13 Trad 10m
3 Rolling Stone

Pleasant crack 3 metres right of 'Bolero'.

FA: Gordon Talbett, Phil Grossi, Rein Kamar, 1969

14 Trad 11m
4 Snide Effects

No protection.

FA: Lincoln Shepherd (solo), 1983

20 R Trad 10m
5 Side Effects

Up flake to peg runner and on to ledge. Traverse right to break and then hard finish up to boulder.

Start: Start at short flake on left side of orange wall right of 'Bolero'.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Malcom Matheson, 1981

21 Trad 20m

1.4. Hyperbole Buttress 15 routes in Cliff

Description:© (boardlord)

The right side of the main part of 'Tjuringa Wall' is marked by a prominent left-facing flake-chimney.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Chip Chop

Chossy crack left of 'Hyperbola' to roof. Traverse out right and up arete.

FA: Kin Carrigan, Lincoln and Louise Shepherd, 1983

22 Trad 15m
2 * Hyperbola Left Hand Variant

Very exciting.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Tony Marian, 1978

22 Trad 15m
3 Hyperbola

The T-shaped roof on this is a prominent landmark on the track to Kitten Wall.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Peter Jackson, Phillip Stranger, 1966

17 Trad 13m
4 Hyperbole

Good steep wall climbing up narrow face between 'Hyperbola' and 'Black Cat'.

FA: Dave Gairns, Chris and Sue Baxter, Keith Lockwood, Malcolm Matheson, 1983

17 Trad 10m
5 Black Cat

Not too bad.

FA: Keith Egerton, John Chapman, Glenn Tempest, 1976

10 Trad 15m
6 Tynee Tips

An attractive but serious lead.

FA: Mark Moorhead, Tony Dignan, 1981

24 R Mixed 42m, 1
7 * Stranger And Stranger

Not a bad traverse if you like that sort of thing.

Start: Start from large block just right of Strange Tenants.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Lpouise Shepherd, 1982

22 Trad 35m
8 Bolshevik

Shallow corner capped by little roof, left of 'Bolero'.

FA: Duncan Critchley (solo), 1984

22 Trad 10m
9 Messy Houses

Start as for Stranger and Stranger but just before horizontal break climb straight up wall to top.

FA: Louise and Chris Shepherd, Kim Carrigan, 1982

19 Trad 20m
10 * The Sociopath Next Door

Delicate face climbing

Start: Start 3m right of Strange Tenants

Up to Bolt, then break and on to 2nd Bolt.Up slightly right and up slab (Trad) to Rap Station for In Lieu.

FA: Joel Wilson, 2008

22 Mixed 30m, 2
11 * Strange Tennants

The fingery wall right of 'Perfect Stranger' finishing as for 'In Lieu'.

FA: Chris Shepherd, 1982

24 Mixed 30m, 1
12 Moving Out

Good slabby climbing with an enjoyable finish. Start: High micro-cam to start. Step off block and pull arete onto ledge. Up slab past a bolt to headwall. Move 2m R and up.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Louise Shepherd, 1982

17 R Mixed 20m, 1
13 Changing Places

Surprisingly good wall climbing 2m R of 'Moving Out'. The initial wall (above the undercut arete of 'Moving Out' is bold but has positive holds. Take a few small cams for the first half of the route. The upper headwall is the same as for 'Moving Out'.

FA: @gtempest,Karen Tempest, 2015

17 Trad 20m
14 * In Lieu

The all too obvious corner/crack/offwidth provides a good workout.

  1. 18m (19) Pleasant short flake-crack to ledge. Now fight your way into the bottomless slot. From the chimney, swing over the next overhang and belay in recess.

  2. 34m (17) Step out right and traverse past two old bolts. The route originally traversed off right but it's much better at second bolt to climb bulge and then flake corner above.

FA: Peter Jackson., 23rd Sep

FA: Direct finish : John Moore, Alec Campbell, Chris Dewhirst, 1966

19 Mixed 52m 2, 2
15 * Perfect Stranger

The smooth wall right of the 'Tynee Tips' arete past a bolt. Finishes as for the traverse of 'In Lieu'.

FA: Kim Carrigan, 1984

25 Trad 42m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
10 Black Cat Trad 15m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
12 Alley Cat Trad 40m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Cheshire Cat Trad 22m 1.1. Kitten Wall
13 Bolero Trad 10m 1.3. Bolero Wall
14 Creeque Alley Trad 40m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Manx Right-Hand Variant Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Rolling Stone Trad 11m 1.3. Bolero Wall
14 R Manx Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
15 * Lynx Trad 50m 2 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Siamese Crack Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
17 Moving Out Trad 15m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Changing Places Trad 20m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
Hyperbola Trad 13m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
Hyperbole Trad 10m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
17 R Moving Out Mixed 20m, 1 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
18 ** Claw Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
19 Footloose and Fancy Free Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Hendrix Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
** Hey Diddle Diddle Trad 18m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Puss 'n Boots Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Messy Houses Trad 20m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* In Lieu Mixed 52m 2, 2 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
Messy Houses Trad 20m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
20 * Tactical Cats Trad 40m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Tactical Spastical Trad 28m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Eclipse Trad 120m 3 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
In Lieu Trad 52m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
** In Lieu direct finish Mixed 18m, 1 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Strangers Direct Start Trad 27m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Stranger Danger Trad 10m 1.3. Bolero Wall
20 R ** Strangers Eliminate Trad 54m 2 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Snide Effects Trad 10m 1.3. Bolero Wall
21 * A Piece of Flake Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Kitty Litter Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Side Effects Trad 20m 1.3. Bolero Wall
22 APOF Variant Start Mixed 25m, 1 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Feeling the Ceiling Trad 12m 1.1. Kitten Wall
In Spite Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Lickwid Pussy Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Practical Cats Mixed 40m, 2 1.1. Kitten Wall
Bolshevik Trad 10m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Celluloid Heroes Trad 25m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Stranger and Stranger Trad 35m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Bolshevik Trad 10m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
Chip Chop Trad 15m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
* Hyperbola Left Hand Variant Trad 15m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
* Stranger And Stranger Trad 35m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
* The Sociopath Next Door Mixed 30m, 2 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
22 R ** Hard Nipples Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
23 * Cruel Britanna Direct Finishi Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
No Purpuss Trad 25m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Hokey Pokey Mixed 10m, 1 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Tunnel of Corgis Trad 55m 2 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
23 R Spastical Cats Trad 40m 1.1. Kitten Wall
The Conception Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
24 * Cruel Britannia Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Cadence Trad 40m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
*** Common Knowledge Trad 50m 2 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
** Credit Crunch Mixed 25m, 4 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Hi Mum! Trad 60m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Odd Spots Trad 40m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Strange Tenants Trad 30m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Tynee Tips Trad 45m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Strange Tennants Mixed 30m, 1 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
24 R * Indoctrination Mixed 25m, 1 1.1. Kitten Wall
** Bad Cheques Trad 30m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
Tynee Tips Mixed 42m, 1 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
25 ** Armed Forces Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Cat Cracker Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
Socialist Working Class Solidarity Mixed 25m, 1 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Perfect Stranger Trad 42m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
* Perfect Stranger Trad 42m 1.4. Hyperbole Buttress
25 R *** Tjuringa Trad 15m 3 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
26 * Surprise Trad 40m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
27 ** Security Jerks Trad 20m 1.1. Kitten Wall
* Akakage Mixed 50m, 3 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
** My Soul to Keep Trad 35m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
28 ** Lats Have Feelings Too Trad 25m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall
** Orgasmo Trad 35m 1.2. Tjuringa Wall