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Table of contents

1. Organ Pipes Area 135 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 141.845129, -36.761184


Probably the most popular multi-pitch area at Arapiles and, more importantly, close to camp.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Access Issues: inherited from Arapiles

Bird Nesting September-December Raptors usually nest on the following climbs in Spring : Cassandra, Eurydice, Harlequin Cracks, Revelations. Nesting usually finishes mid-December. There may or may not be signs in place at these times. Please keep 50m clear of these climbs if there appears to be nesting activity.

State Park


Short walk from the camping ground.

Ethic: inherited from Arapiles

Mount Arapiles is first and foremost a trad climbing area. The few sport climbs tend to be in the higher grades where no natural pro is available.

Bolting, particularly retro-bolting, is discouraged and should only be undertaken after extensive consultation with the local climbers, first ascensionists, etc. Inappropriately placed bolts have been chopped.

Do not chip the rock.

Look after the park.

  • Stick to the paths.

  • Don't disturb the wildlife.

  • Routes near peregrine falcon nesting sites are closed in the spring.

  • Minimise the impact of your camping (fuel stoves not fires, take your rubbish with you, etc).

1.1. Organ Pipes Gully 55 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: 141.845524, -36.761504


The pinnacles above and behind the Organ Pipes. The gully is the descent for climbs in the Organ Pipes.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area


Approach via the track at the back of D Minor Pinnacle.

1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle 7 routes in Cliff


The SE most pinnacle of the Organ Pipes. The main wall faces S towards the Atridae.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area


From the big gully R of the Atridae.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Blood and Iron


Start: Start 4m L of SD, below little gumtree poking out of cliff.

FA: Tim Day, Nick Neagle, Craig Roberts, 1992

23 R Mixed 30m, 1
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Steel Delinquency

Gain striking grey prow, veer R at the top.

Start: Start 8m L of SDV.

FA: Glenn Tempest, Kevin Lindorff, 1977

20 Trad 30m
3 Pick Pocket

Up face, over pocketed roof, then up R to hole.

Start: Start under the arch.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Paul Tattersall, 1982

23 Trad 30m
4 Steel Delinquency Variant

Up the slick crack to join SD.

Start: Start beneath the white L-arching crack.

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Glenn Tempest, 1977

18 Trad 35m
5 Mr Sheen

Polished face, with 1 BR which is scary to clip, and a scary finish.

Start: Start 2m R of SDV.

FA: Mark Moorhead, Malcolm Matheson, 1981

24 R Mixed 15m, 1
6 Down To Zero

Short flake, fixed wire, to BR. Up wall then L to flake.

Start: Start on ledge 5m around R of MS.

FA: Mark Moorhead, Jon Muir, 1981

28 Mixed 18m, 1
7 Throw Me No Beers

Up the patch of orange rock, 2 BRs.

Start: Start on the tiny outcrop which is downhill from 'Steel Delinquency' Pinnacle, and which faces the same way.

23 Mixed 12m, 2

1.1.2. Organ Pipes Gully Left Side 37 routes in Crag


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area Good and Evil Blocks 11 routes in Cliff
All Trad

The little blocks behind Steel Delinquency Pinnacle.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Laughing Stock

The L-facing corner, curving L at the end.

Start: Find this as described above.

FA: Chris and Sue Baxter, 1986

12 Trad 12m
2 The Frontier of Credibility

The flake, pass small tree, and straight up.

Start: Start R of LS.

FA: Chris and Sue Baxter, 1986

13 Trad 15m
3 Stockwhip

R and up at top.

Start: Start R of TFoC.

FA: Richard Smith, Paul Hoskins, 1995

17 Trad 15m
4 Chicken Stock

Flake then short wall.

Start: Start in middle of wall.

FA: Paul Hoskins, Greg Pritchard, 1995

18 Trad 15m
5 Vladivostok

Start at the small flake but step L and then up.

Start: Start 2m R of CS.

FA: Paul Hoskins, Richard Smith, 1995

20 Trad 15m
6 Stocktake

Straight up the flake.

Start: Start as for V.

FA: Richard Smith, Paul Hoskins, 1995

20 Trad 15m
7 Breeding Stock

The corner.

Start: Start at the R end of Stockyard Wall.

FA: Greg Pritchard, Pual Hoskins, 1995

12 Trad 10m
8 Ghosts

Good mini-route.

Start: Start on the L arete of the 3rd blocky pinnacle.

FA: Nick Neagle, Tim Day, Craig Roberts, 1992

22 Trad 12m
9 Critical Realists Are Chastened Moderns

Start on the L to gain the diagonal.

Start: Start on the 3rd blocky pinnacle, opposite the 2nd pinnacle.

FA: Tim Day, Louise Shepherd, 1991

20 Trad 12m
10 Beyond Good and Evil

The face.

Start: Start 1m R of CRaCM.

FA: Tim Day, Nick Neagle, Craig Roberts, 1992

20 Trad 12m
11 Small Victories

The flakes.

Start: Start directly opposite CRaCM.

FA: Nick Neagle, Tim Day, Craig Roberts, 1992

16 Trad 9m Finger Prince Pinnacle 4 routes in Cliff
All Trad

The second pinnacle from L.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Strings Attached

The speckled face which may have a fixed wire.

Start: Start up around L of FP.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Warwick Baird, 1982

23 Trad 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Finger Prince

Flake, L past PR into small techie corner on arete. Finish L up flake or straight up. The direct start is 23 with a BR, and uses the original footholds as handholds.

Start: Start at the L arete of the FP pinnacle, 2m L of TT.

FA: Greg Child, Kim Carrigan (Direct Start by Nick White, Andy Pollitt), 1990

23 Mixed 30m, 1
3 Stirling Moss

Up FP to the PR then R and up mossy streak.

Start: Start as for FP.

FA: Kevin lindorff, Kim Carrigan, 2000

20 Trad 25m
4 Up, Up and Away

Cops an absolute bagging in Louise's guide.

Start: Start just right of 'Stirling Moss'. It's the bolted line, not clear how many bolts it actually has.

FA: Ant Prehn, 1986

25 Mixed 12m, 3 Iron Void Pinnacle 8 routes in Cliff
All Trad

The third pinnacle from L.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Tubby Tuba

The chimney between the Finger Prince and Iron Void pinnacles past funny blocks and ancient machine nut.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Chris Baxter, 23rd Apr

11 Trad 24m
2 Iron Void Variant Start

Up fragile looking flakes to join Iron Void. Gear may be suspect.

Start: Start 8m R of 'Tuby Tuba'.

FA: Steve Monks, 1992

24 Mixed 15m, 1
3 ** Iron Void

Start off the boulder and L and up the great face which swallows heaps of small wires - if you have the stamina to find the placements! You can also approach the same line by doing the reachy start of IVV.

FA: Tony Dignan, Geoff Little, 1979

23 Trad 20m
4 Iron Void Variant

A completely separate route despite the name!

Start right of Iron Void and up.

FA: Steve Monks

26 Trad 15m
5 * The Flashing Blade

Short, soft and bolted - needless to say this one is popular.

Start: Start on the uphill side of the 'Iron Void' pinnacle.

FA: Nick White, Andy Pollitt, 1990

25 Mixed 25m, 5
6 Born to be Mild

Traverse out above The Flashing Blade, using the handholds of that route as footholds!

FA: Douglas Hockly, Edwin Irvine, 1992

17 Trad 15m
7 California Style

Up the face with 1 BR.

Start: Start as for FB.

FA: Kurt Smith, early 90s?, 2000

21 Mixed 20m, 1
8 Guideline

The fine line L of the slim tree.

Start: Start on small orange face which is below and faces the same direction as the Flashing Blade.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Kevin Lindorff, 1979

22 Trad 20m Frenzy Pinnacle 14 routes in Cliff
All Trad

The fourth pinnacle from L.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 A Plaything For the Missus

Fingery up to BR, R across SO, and up past 2nd BR.

Start: Start up L of SO.

FA: Ross Meffin, Kate Thomas, 1992

23 Mixed 15m, 2
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Spring Offensive

BR, then bold to overhang and 2nd BR. Go 4m up L then straight up. The direct finish goes slightly R from 2nd BR to 3rd BR.

Start: Start in gully L of F.

FA: Lincoln Shepherd, Evelyn Lees (Direct Finish by Matthew Brooks, Julian Oldmeadow), 1992

24 Mixed 20m, 3
3 * Frenzy

Heavy duty jams get you started on the flake system on the arete, then move L to guano and up to flake.

Start: Start at the L arete of the 4th pinnacle.

FA: John Chapman, Kevin Lindorff, 1975

21 Trad 33m
4 Flabby Tourists

Small flake, face, small overlap then tend R. This route looks almost entirely unprotected.

Start: Start at the yellow wall which is above and R of 'Frenzy'.

FA: Jim Thomas, Mark Moorhead, 1982

22 Trad 8m
5 Tanglefoot

The low red wall capped by a roof is taken via bouldery face moves then a crack. Finish up groove.

Start: Start just R of F.

FA: Keith Lockwood, Murray Taylor (aid), 1968

FFA: Andrew Thomson, 1976

22 Trad 36m
6 WhiteTrash

Start: The start is not described...

  1. 20m (25) Take the RH crack through bulge, then move L after roof and up flake.

  2. 20m (-) Simple crack in the middle of the face.

FA: Kim Carrigan, Mark Moorhead (alt), 1979

25 Trad 40m 2
7 Rats Have Feelings Too

The incipient flake - take plenty of #1 RPs.

Start: Start 5m R of WT.

FA: Chris Shepherd, Ant Prehn, 1986

25 Trad 40m
8 Dude Boobs

Start in corner left of 2nd pitch of Viagra. Up crack for 5m, traverse right and up to bolt. up past bolt with 2nd bolt on way to top.

18 Mixed 15m, 2
9 * Viagra

A link-up of the first part of 'Bandwagon' into the finish of 'Passionate Tips'.

Start: Start as for B.

FA: Flaccid Mentz, Floppy Tempest, 1998

15 Trad 35m 2
10 Drum Major

The squeeze chimney. 'Classic'.

Start: Start R of T.

FA: Jerry Grandage, Bernie Lyons, 18th Apr

9 Trad 25m
11 Bandwagon

The crack then slender buttress.

Start: Start just R of DM.

FA: Chris Baxter, Dave Gairns, Francine Gilfedder, Mike Stone, 1978

13 Trad 35m
12 * Passionate Tips

Up to the bolt then go R to arete and back L to puzzling moves up the seam. You can also boulder past the bolt at very contrived 24 but it's a better route at 21.

Start: Start on wall R of DM.

FA: Lincoln Shepherd, Natalie Green, 1982

21 Mixed 20m, 1
13 Organ Grinder


Start: Start at the buttress R of DM.

FA: Keith Lockwood, Chris Baxter, Ed Neve, 1973

13 Trad 45m
14 Castrati

The arete.

Start: Start at the second last (and highest) pinnacle near the top of 'Organ Pipes Gully'.

FA: Dennis Kemp, Dave Mudie, 1987

12 Trad 30m

1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side 11 routes in Cliff


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Harpsichord

Climb the front of the scrappy grey buttress.

Start: Start at the base of the "second hole" near the top of the 'Organ Pipes Gully'.

FA: Mike and Jenny Ashton, 1987

11 Trad 25m
2 ** Cerberus

A good effort for the era.

Start just above the "first hole" as you walk up 'Organ Pipes Gully'. The initialled black, flared offwidth/chimney - you'll be needing big cams.

FA: Roger Caffin, Sue Caffin, Jan Neville, 1966

18 Trad 10m
3 Saint Peter

The physical hand crack, taking care with the blocks at the start.

Start: Start 2m R of 'Cerberus'.

FA: Phillip Stranger, Chris Dewhirst, 1967

17 Trad 10m
4 * Mr Natural

Looks like 36!

Originally led on preplaced gear, repeated placing the gear by Gareth Llewellin - a pretty bold lead.

Start a short way uphill from the back of the 'D Minor' pinnacle, and just downhill from the boulder choke. Glassy bulging seam. Rack: Mostly #1 RPs.

FA: Stuart Wyithe, 1995

30 Trad 12m
5 Private Assassin

Not well protected, a serious lead.

Up Private Detective to seam (about 4m), diagonally left across face and up just right of arete.

FA: Douglas Hockly, Esther Renita Thompson, 2002

24 R Trad 10m
6 What Is Carborized?

Go diagonally R, across 'Stentor' pitch 3, and up arete. The Direct Start (18) starts 3m R of Stentor's 3rd pitch and goes straight up to the arete (see 48a in topo). Note the March 2004 route dubbed "Skin Flute" (14m 18) by Shaun Kratzer and Joshua Janes is almost certainly a repeat of this Direct Start.

Start: Start 1m R of 'Private Detective'.

FA: Jon Muir, Brigitte Muir (DS done by Louise Shepherd, Enga Lokey), 1994

19 Trad 18m
7 Private Detective

One concerned father hired a private detective when his daughter started seeing Chris!

Not that well protected.

Start: Start R around the arete from C, 3m L of Stentor's 3rd pitch.

FA: Glenn Tempest, Lincoln Shepherd, Chris Shepherd, 1981

22 Trad 12m
8 * Stentor 3rd Pitch

Start on top of the Piccolo pipe and climb the middle of the wall on the D Major pipe. The start is a little bold but the rest of the route protects well. Finish at rap bolts.

16 Trad 12m
9 Mudeye

Very ordinary.

Start: Start on the back of the 'Piccolo' Pipe, about 5m L of 'Lemmington'.

FA: Andrew Thomson, Dave Mudie, 1970

15 Trad 12m
10 A Twist of Lemming

The shallow groove, becoming very contrived to stay out of 'Lemmington'.

Start: Start just L of 'Lemmington'.

FA: Paul Hoskins, Greg Pritchard, 1995

19 Trad 15m
11 *** Lemmington

Has steadily increased it's reputation over the years, and is now considered by some to be one of the best 19s at 'Arapiles'.

Start: Start in the chasm between the 'D Minor' Pinnacle and the 'Piccolo' Pinnacle, on the 'Piccolo' side. Approach by going L around the back of 'D Minor' Pinnacle. The logs and chain in the gully are for erosion control; they are not designed or to be used as belay anchors.

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Matt Taylor, 1976

19 Trad 30m

1.2. Organ Pipes 71 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: 141.844740, -36.760869


Lots of popular beginner's climbs close to camp.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area


Short walk uphill from the camping ground.

1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle 14 routes in Cliff


Long/Lat: 141.845178, -36.761236


The completely separate pinnacle at the L end of the Organ Pipes.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Descent Notes:

Rap station at the top.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Aardvark Original Start

The uphill arete of the pinnacle. No gear at the start. Join Aardvark to finish.

FA: Kevin Lindorff, 1976

22 R Trad 18m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Aardvark

Start in the chasm between the D Minor Pinnacle and the Piccolo Pinnacle, on the D Minor side.

The thin crack opposite Lemmington over low overlap and up R-facing flake.

Descend via rap off chains.

FA: original start by Peter Lindorff, Chris George early 70s with 2 aids

FA: that was freed by Kevin Lindorff., 1975

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Ed Neve, 1975

18 Trad 18m
3 * Cadenza Direct

Start just R of the original arete start for 'Aardvark'.

The black groove to the ledge, then the short steep thin crack above

FA: Ian Speedie, John McLean (aid), 17th Sep

FA: freed to the break at 19M3 by Alec Campbell, 1966

FFA: Dave Jones, Rich Heap, 1996

28 Trad 18m
4 * Cadenza

Start at the left-leading diagonal crack.

Follow the diagonal left into the easy chimney on Cadenza Direct and up to the sloping ledge. Traverse right to a tricky exit.

FA: Michael Stone, Ian Speedie, 1965

FFA: Andrew Thomson, 1975

20 Trad 20m
5 * The Philosopher

Follow the seams straight up from the start of 'Cadenza' and finish up that climb Take care as gear is hard to see and place.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Phillip Stranger, 1968

FFA: Kim Carrigan, Chris Peisker, 1979

24 Trad 18m
6 * Les Memoires d'un Ane

Thin and glassy.

Start 2 metres right of 'The Philosopher'

Climb past 2 bolts to join 'The Philosopher' (ignore third bolt out right). At first horizontal traverse right to flake which is followed to 'Cadenza'.

FA: Jean-Marc Troussier, 1984

27 Mixed 18m, 2
7 The Philosopher Direct 25 Trad
8 Quaver

Start at a flaring chimney towards the foot of the south face.

Up the chimney to a rest. Move up and L onto a mossy face and go L past a FH to the brink overlooking the gully. Then up the south wall all the way.

FA: Ian Speedie, John McLean, 10th Jul

14 Mixed 30m, 1
9 Semi-Quaver

Fairly good climbing culminating in the left arete of 'D Minor'. The strenuous crux past the last bolt is a little contrived though.

Start: Start at a short diagonal finger crack 3m right of the 'Quaver' chimney.

  1. 20m (16) Up finger crack to ledge then diagonally left into 'Quaver'. Swing up left onto slab and FH and go straight up thin centre of slab to the first belay of 'D Minor'.

  2. 10m (20) Up arete left of 'D Minor' - clip the first bolt from up L then drop back down and climb the front of the arete direct.

FA: Kieran Loughran, Meg Sleeman. 1990s., 1994

20 Mixed 30m 2, 3
10 Minuet

Up unprotected face two metres L of D Minor then a short crack to join D Minor.

FA: Keith Lockwood, Peter Allen, 24th Jun

15 X Trad 33m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 ** D Minor

The major crackline running up the middle of D Minor pinnacle.

This climb has excellent protection but has a sad history of death and serious injury from people taking long falls off the top overhang onto the easy-angled middle section of the climb. Please take care to place multi-directional runners on the top overhangs so that lower runners are not pulled out by rope tension during a fall.

Can be done in a single pitch using twin ropes.

  1. (25m, 10) Follow the crack on fine holds until jugs lead up a steepening. Easy angled ground leads to a great belay spot under the overhangs.
  2. (10m, 14) Follow the crack through the overhangs.

FA: Ian Speedie, Mike Stone, Bruce Hocking climbed the route onbut the leader finished around left where Quaver now goes and the seconds to-roped the overhangs. Jim Newlands made what should be considered the first complete ascent., 27th Jan

14 Trad 35m 2
12 Crescendo

Essentially the right arete of D Minor.

Start 2m R of D Minor.

Up thin stepped line. Things ease off from about half-height before an exciting finish up arete.

FA: Tony Dignan, Kevin Lindorff , 1978

17 Trad 35m
13 * Cantata

Good line up right side of 'D Minor' Pinnacle.

Start: Below bulging crack on arete right of 'D Minor'.

  1. 16m (16) Climb line past bulge. Varient start (19) is little flake 2 metres right of the bulging crack.

  2. 14m (18) Traverse right along the big break and take the crack up the middle of the wall. Two bulges at the top provide the excitement.

FA: Ian Speedie, John McLean. Aid reduced by Mike Stone and Keith Lockwood in 1970. Freed : Chris Baxter, 1974

18 Trad 35m 2
14 * Cantata Variant Start 18 Trad 30m

1.2.2. Piccolo Pipe 2 routes in Cliff


The pipe just R of D Minor Pinnacle.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Descent Notes:

Scramble down the back.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Piccolo

'Piccolo Pipe' The second pipe with the narrow front.

  1. 18m (11) Climb the front of the 'pipe' past smooth bulge to small ledge. This cramped belay is usually avoided.

  2. 15m (11) Continue up to top bulge which is easiest on right. Downclimb far side of pinnacle into 'Organ Pipes Gully' to get off.

FA: Garry Kerkin, Ian Speedie, 30th May

11 Trad 35m 2
2 ** Piccolo Direct 11 Trad 40m

1.2.3. D Major Pipe 10 routes in Cliff


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Descent Notes:

Traverse off the back or rap from the station at the top of Stentor.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Stentor

Subtle line on left side of the 'D Major' Pipe. The third pitch, up the south-east face is mostly done as a climb in its own right.

Start: Front left side of 'D Major'

  1. 25m (18) crux. Climb subtle seams to ledge (fiddly small wires).

  2. 10m (5) Up chimney to ledge. The front of the thin buttress to the left is somewhat harder.

  3. 15m (16) Up greenish streak up middle of steep left wall. A bloody good pitch.

FA: Keith Egerton, Heather Phillips, Kieran Loughran (p3 previously done by the Ottens who called it Rust Never Sleeps)., 1980

17 R Trad 50m 3
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Decibel

A few good moves up the front of the 'D Major' buttress.

Start: Start at the lowest point of the 'D Major' Buttress.

  1. 30m (16) Up easily till face steepens, up face to crack in buttress.

  2. 20m (16) Start up chimney just left of 'D Major' then step left above roof to front of juggy buttress.

FA: Chris Baxter, Rod Young, 1976

16 Trad 50m 2
3 ** D Major

Named after the key that has "two sharp pitches". It is possible to escape from the first belay through the narrow cleft to the left between Piccolo Pipe and D Major Pipe.

Start: Start below the major line capped by a huge chockstone on the right wall of the pipe

  1. 25m (10) Bridge up slick groove splitting bottom half of the buttress and under the boulder. It's a good idea to belay on top of the boulder.

  2. 25m (10) From top of the boulder climb steep juggy buttress to chimney finish. An alternative to this pitch is to climb the chimney to the left. This is very narrow.

FA: Bruce Hocking, Mike Stone, 14th Jun

10 Trad 50m 2
4 Obbligato

Not really inferior to 'Libretto'.

Start: As for 'D Major'.

FA: Unknown., 2000

18 Trad 50m
5 ** Libretto

Beautiful, sustained first pitch followed by a short hard section.

Start: Start below the well-chalked thin cracks taking the middle of the wall right of 'D Major'.

  1. 25m (14) Sustained climbing up the thin cracks to the big cave.

  2. 25m (16) Move towards the front of the buttress and climb a short, difficult corner. Continue easily.

FA: Chris Dewhirst, Phillip Stranger., 1968

16 Trad 50m 2
6 ** Libretto - CS Concerto combo

This is a good combination at the grade, dispensing with the cruxy second pitch of 'Libretto'.

  1. 25m (14) As for first pitch of 'Libretto'.

  2. 25m (14) As for pitch two of CS Concerto.

14 Trad 50m 2
7 * C.S. Concerto

A fairly good route. Most of the first pitch is spent bridging up 'Holpyp' which isn't bad and the top pitch is atmospheric.

Start: In the 'D Major' gully.

  1. 25m (-) Climb the gully until you can climb the seam on the left wall independently of the gully to cave belay.

  2. 25m (14) Mantle onto block up a little corner and then left to arete. Up steep wall to top. Finishing up the arete is more exciting at 16 but be careful with the rock.

FA: Chris Baxter, Chris O'Brien. Murray Taylor and Keith Lockwood had previously climbed pitch 2 in, 1967

14 Trad 50m 2
8 Holpyp

One of the old gullies that gets few takers. The roof is exciting but is also part of 'Ejaculation'.

FA: Peter Jackson, Ted Batty, Bob Bull., 1965

13 Trad 50m
9 ** Ejaculation

Good, varied climbing. Take some large hexes for the second pitch as the cams tend to walk their way open in a couple of spots.

Start: Start at the thin crack on the right wall of the gully.

  1. 15m (15) 'Excellent' finger layback crack on right wall of gully. Gear is excellent but pumped desperate leaders have run it out in the past and taken large falls.

  2. 35m (15) Up the widening crack and left across the sickle into 'Holpyp'. Up over the roof and carry on.

FA: Phillip Stranger, Chris Dewhirst., 1967

15 Trad 50m 2
10 It Could Be Worse

How? The initial crack of 'Ejaculation' and then straight up from the plaque.

FA: Brigitte and Jon Muir.., 1984

17 Trad 50m

1.2.4. Diapason Pipe 9 routes in Cliff


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Quiet Time

A good pump in the Organ Pipes?

Start: Start left of 'Diapason' 2m right 'Ejaculation' beneath obvious overlap.

FA: Hoskins, Wilkins, Pritchard, 1995

23 Trad 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Diapason

The first climb done in the 'Organ Pipes'. A very pleasant outing.

Start: Start 8 metres left of big dead gum tree.

  1. 20m (7) Follow crack, or face just left of crack, up buttress to ledge and the former location of a plaque to climbing pioneer Bob Craddock (who died in a car accident).

  2. 25m (6) Step up and right around to the front of buttress and up to belay left of big tilted boulder.

  3. 10m (8) Up short wall just left of boulder then up flaring chimney. An alternative to this pitch is to traverse left for 3 metres above the void and then climb the steep wall 7 metres left of the chimney. Optional fourth pitch is grade 10: From big ledge climb steep wall on right and finish up a crack on the left of the pinnacle. No one seems to do this these days but it is quite good.

FA: Steve and Bob Cradock. Rob Taylor had previosly climbed the first pitch., 31st Dec

8 Trad 55m 3
3 Fugue

Another gully.

FA: Bernie Lyons, Steve Craddock., 6th Mar

12 Trad 63m
4 Juvenile Speed

A short, hard avoidable crux set amid a lot of easy climbing.

Start: Start as for 'Keyboard'.

  1. 45m (12) Up 'Keyboard' until just above tree. Walk left and climb flake line just right of gully. Step left to belay on huge chockstone.

  2. 32m (19) Step back right and up steep line through rooflet and then easily up.

FA: John Stone, Richard Evans.., 1979

19 Trad 75m 2
5 Keyboard

Deep crack on left side of 'Conifer Crack' buttress. Take some large gear.

Start: In the gully between the 'Diapason' and 'Conifer Crack' pipes.

FA: Clive Parker, Chris Baxter., 1968

9 Trad 25m
6 * Conifer Crack

Very entertaining. Just be aware that at times you have to climb on large apparently detached blocks.

Start: 1 metre left of where the the big dead tree was until last Friday (i.e. left-hand crack on front of buttress).

  1. 40m (9) Slabby thin crack on left side of buttress to ledge. Step right and pull through bulge then straight up to huge ledge.

  2. 40m (9) Behind are twin V cracks up the right side of the buttress. It is usual to move straight up from the ledge and then move across right and climb the right-hand crack but either crack is OK. An optional third pitch is to climb the blade of rock at the end of the second pitch.

FA: Chris Davis, Ian Guild., 14th Jun

9 Trad 80m 2
7 Woodwind

The central line up the 'Conifer Crack' buttress is unfortunately not very sustained. Also it has a habit of dealing out broken ankles to leaders falling at the end of the crux.

Start: Just right of 'Conifer Crack'.

FA: Kieran Loughran, Neil Barr., 1982

16 Trad 30m
8 G String

The gully between the second pitch of 'Conifer Crack' and the 'Red Wall'. For the conoisseur of chossy gully routes.

Start: At the first belay of 'Conifer Crack'.

FA: Mike Stone, Ian Speedie., 16th Jan

10 Trad 30m
9 Fiddle Diddle

Desperate for short people.

Start: Below the gully between the 'Conifer Crack' and 'Didgeridoo' pipes, immediately right of 'Woodwind'.

FA: Chris Baxter, Dave Moss., 1983

14 Trad 30m

1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe 5 routes in Cliff


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Descent Notes:

Rap from chains at top of Didgeridoo.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Cod Piece

Not attractive.

Start: Start as for 'Fiddle' until the gully and then climb the wall 1 metre left of that climb avoiding bridging, stepping onto block or drifting into Didgeridoo.

FA: Hoskins, Pritchard, Wilkins, 1995

14 Trad 30m
2 Fiddle

The left arete of the 'Didgeridoo' buttress (the abseil route) looks good but protection is fiddly and there's a large hollow block that would ruin your day if it came off.

Start: As for Didgeridoo/Horn Piece.

FA: Keith Lockwood, Halvard Andersen-Dalheim., 1984

15 R Trad 30m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
3 * Didgeridoo

On the 'Didgeridoo' Pipe. Veers left from 'Horn Piece' near the top, avoiding the bulging headwall. This climb originally started up a short crack up on the right side of the pipe but this is not much fun. Very sustained at the grade.

Start: As for 'Horn Piece'.

FA: Ian Speedie, Garry Kerkin, Mike Stone., 15th May

11 Trad 35m
4 ** Horn Piece

Very good and sustained. Take lots of small wires and cams.

FA: Chris Baxter, Matt Taylor, 1976

13 Trad 33m
5 Hornpipe

This pitch right of the second pitch of 'Conifer Crack' looks ordinary but it makes for a good continuation from 'Horn Piece' or the other single pitches that lead to the big ledge.

Start: Start at a crack just right of the second pitch of 'Conifer Crack'

FA: Wayne Maher, Peter Cunningham, Peter Watling, 1981

15 Trad 33m

1.2.6. The Red Wall 9 routes in Cliff


The orange upper wall behind Didgeridoo.

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area


Climb any of the routes from Keyboard to Horn Piece or solo up the gully between Conifer Crack and Didgeridoo Pipe.

Descent Notes:

Rap station at top of Tannin (30m abseil).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Abbie Normal

Bridge up gully to clip bolt. Up blunt arete past another bolt to join Wyrd, up corner and flake. L at bolt to jugs, up thinly past another (bolt, not jug) to rings.

Start: Just L of Wyrd.

FA: Douglas Hockly, Ingvar Lidman, 2002

24 Trad 24m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 Wyrd

Funky climbing and route-finding. The moves up to the roof are committing.

Start: On the left side of the grey pedestal.

FA: Mike Law, Matt Taylor, 1976

19 Trad 50m
3 * Wyrd Direct

Straightens out Wyrd with some committing climbing.

FA: Tony Marian, Hugh Foxcroft (1 aid). Freed: Kim Carrigan, Louise Shepherd Jan 1979., 1978

21 Trad 21m
4 Wyrd Left Hand Variant 22 Trad
5 *** Tannin

Nice video (in two parts) can be found here:- http://www.chockstone.org/GalleryArapsVideo.htm

FA: Andrew Thomson, Dave Mudie, 1976

19 Trad 35m
6 *** Tannin Direct

Makes a good change.

FA: Jon Muir, Tony Dignan, Geoff Little., 1985

20 Trad 20m
7 *** The Wraith

This lovely wall was a very bold first ascent. 'Small' wires now give reasonable protection but sport climbers wouldn't want to be getting on this for their first trad 21.

Start: Just right of 'Tannin'.

FA: Andrew Thomson, Greg Child, 1976

21 Trad 35m
8 Sissy Bars and Super Freaks

Great moves on thin face cruxy past second bolt, finish straight up or traverse to finish wraith or tannin

Start: Just right of Wraith.

FA: Ant Prehn, Jon Muir.., 1986

23 Trad 30m
9 * F Sharp

This good crack system is the only surviving piece of a long-forgotten girdle traverse of the 'Organ Pipes'. Perhaps it would have had more credibility if it had started with a tyrolean from the top of the 'D Minor' Pinnacle.

The bolts on this need sorting out. They are all old carrots, many unneccessary and in the wrong places for free climbing.

Start: At a little corner below and right of 'The Wraith'.

FA: Chris Baxter, Tim Hancock.. Freed Chris Baxter, Kevin Lindorff, Mike Stone. May 1976., 1970

19 Trad 40m

1.2.7. Toccata Wall 22 routes in Cliff


R of Didgeridoo Pipe

Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,The Organ Pipes Area

Descent Notes:

Scramble up and L then down Organ Pipes Gully.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Low Note

A worthless approach to what eventually became Jen's Roof.

Bridge up the gully left of Dirge then out right to short thin crack. From crack go right into Dirge and up this to roof on right. Hand-traverse right on the lip of the roof to FH and finish up Jen's Roof.

FA: Kieran Loughran, Chris Baxter., 1984

20 Trad 30m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Dirge

Really nice climbing with an exciting blast up the finishing flake. Go up onto a terrace a few metres above ground level in the gully just right of the Didgeridoo Pipe. Follow the crack up past the left side of the overhang at 25 metres and on up the flake continuation. It is possible to do a harder finish (18) by traversing across the blank wall to the final flake system of F Sharp but there doesn't seem to be much point. This variant by Lockwood and Ed Neve 23/7/1977. Second pitch is complete rubbish so abseil/lower 30m from chains into gully 5m above ground.

FA: Keith Lockwood, Chris Baxter., 1974

17 Trad 85m
3 Bass Clef

This is quite a good chimney and the rap anchor lets you avoid the cruddy finish.

Start: Below the next buttress right of the 'Didgeridoo' Pipe.

Scramble up 6 metres into the gully on the left of the buttress then traverse right until below the chimney. Climb up into the chimney and follow it (originally climbed up the left edge of the chimney for a bit, now done as part of Jen's Roof ) past the roof on the left. Belay on left about 5 metres above the roof at chains. 30 metre abseil or continue up crud to the top.

FA: Ian Speedie, Michael Stone, 4th Oct

9 Trad 66m
4 * Jens roof

A good solution to this buttress spotted by Jen Woods, going up to and left through the overhang. The route ties together bits of three other climbs, Humouresque, Bass Clef and Low Note, into something that is much better than any of the others.

Start where you would scramble up to 'Dirge' but stay at ground level.

Go straight up to the base of a chimney (Bass Clef) and follow the arete between the chimney and the smooth face to the left. The climbing gets harder towards the overhang (small wires). Go diagonally left through roof, bolt at lip, up through middle of roof to easier climbing and 30m rap anchor.

FA: Muki Woods/Ingvar Lidman, 2007

18 Mixed 30m, 1
5 Humouresque

The late Dennis Kemp said that this was one of only two climbs that he had done at 'Arapiles' that he would not consider repeating.

Start: As for Jen's Roof.

  1. 30m (17) Up Jen's Roof for a few metres then up right on black slab to foot of a crack. Up this crack to a stance atop a short chimney. The abseil chain on 'Tremulo' should be accessible from here, not that we're suggesting running away or anything like that.

  2. 15m (-) Step left and climb front of buttress.

  3. 25m (-) Up crest of buttress finishing steeply past gnome.

  4. 5m (-) The crack behind. Rope drag could be a problem.

FA: Chris Baxter, Francine Gilfedder., 1981

17 Trad 75m 4
6 * Tremulo

Really good climbing on the first 25 metres. With the abseil anchor the awful climbing above this can now be forgotten.

Start: At short chimney 5 metres right of Jen's Roof. Up chimney then on up the narrowing line finishing with some face moves just to the left. Chain anchor.

FA: Phil Seccombe.., 1966

14 Trad 25m
7 Friendless

Good climbing with hard start and finish but gets few ascents and is sinking beneath the moss. The finish is quite scarey.

Start: Start 2 metres right of 'Tremulo' at seam.

FA: Keith Egerton, Kieran Loughran.., 2000

22 R Trad 40m
8 ** Discord Direct

As appears in new mentz/tempest select guide (2008).

Excellent climb for the grade. Absorbing from bottom to top.

FA: Digby Gotts (Direct Start)

FA: Richard Curtis,Phillip Armstrong (Direct Finish), 1980

17 Mixed 25m, 3
9 Discord

As per the Old Green Guide: "DISCORD (140'):- A sustained and technically interesting climb with excellent protection. Grade:- Hard Severe

  1. 40' Move right up the ramp leading to the base of 'Toccata' and about 15' to the left of 'Toccata', traverse left a few feet to a good ledge and bolt runner. Climb the shallow groove with difficulty to a resting place and a second bolt runner. Move out right and attain a standing position on top of the obvious square block on the smooth face on the right. Move back left to a good ledge and bolt belay a few feet above the last runner.

  2. 100' Step four feet onto the arête and go up to beneath the overhangs. Move back right to join the original line and fix the first runner of the second pitch. Continue in the same line, via a narrow awkward chimney, to the top.

FA: Peter Jackson, Reg Williams -Alternate leads, 24th Sep

15 Trad 42m
10 A Concerted Effort

Beautiful rock but a bit contrived.

Start: Start as for 'Discord'.

  1. 25m (22) Follow the line of 'Discord' and continue up, keeping as far to the right as possible. At headwall step right to a bulging thin crack which is followed to a ledge. The direct start (23) climbs past a bolt to join this pitch. Graham Jones March 1986. There is a carrot bolt low down which looks like it might be the direct start. There is also a FH a good deal higher than the carrot whose role is not clear.

  2. 20m (-) The crack above.

FA: Malcolm Matheson, Chris Baxter (alt), Kim Carrigan., 1982

22 Trad 45m 2
11 A Concerted Effort Direct 23 Trad
12 Wingnuts in Heaven

Not great.

FA: Doug and Tara Wingfield., 1989

15 Trad 10m
13 Whiteman's Country

Hardly a recommendation.

FA: Freed by Malcolm Matheson.., 1981

22 Trad 10m
14 ** Toccata

A stunning line on glorious water-washed rock. Protection is excellent despite and huge camming devices are not essential.

Take two ropes for the 50 metre abseil.

Start: Below the large smooth corner at the right end of the 'Organ Pipes'.

  1. 27m (15) Sustained climbing up the corner to hard moves past the little roof into a bottomless chimney. Up to a good ledge.

  2. 23m (13) The lovely square-cut chimney. Rap off or walk up the gully to the top.

FA: Peter Jackson, Bob Bull, 1965

15 Trad 50m 2
15 Garnett-Fleischaker Syndrome

Makes a worthwhile route out of Yossarian. Right of Toccata is a crack up the left side of a short buttress.

  1. Step right from the start of Toccata into crack and up to ledge. Follow seams up and right past small and fiddly gear. Where seam blanks out, step left and continue up to base of Toccata's chimney.

  2. The wide crack of Yossarian looks rubbish. Just finish up Toccata.

FA: Wendy Eden, Kate Dooley, 2015

17 Trad 2
16 Yossarian

A hard few moves on the crux but a bit disappointing overall.

Start: Start on the grey buttress just right of 'Toccata'.

  1. 13m (10) The buttress to a small stance about 6 metres below and left of prominent roof.

  2. 35m (17) Up diagonally right from 2-3 metres to an awkward mantleshelf then an unlikely traverse back left to a thin crack. Go up into a wider, bottomless crack just right of 'Toccata'. The easiest way off is probably to scramble around (roped) to the abseil anchors on 'Toccata'.

FA: Peter McKeand, Gordon Talbett.

17 Trad 48m 2
17 Sonatine

Lovely corner on the second pitch.

Start: Scramble up the gully right of 'Toccata' under a chockstone to below an easy wall. Could also start as for 'Yossarian' but it doesn't add much value.

  1. 13m (-) Climb up to Yossarian's first belay then move right and up to belay on the obvious block below the right side of the prominen roof. You could also do the first pitch of 'Hot Air Symposium' which is just a few metres to the right.

  2. 35m (15) Difficult move up to right side of roof then continue up corner.

FA: Peter Watling, Ross Digby., 1979

15 Trad 48m 2
18 Deflated

Dirty. This and the next two climbs were named in honour of Chris Dewhirst's inglorious attempt at hot air ballooning at 'Arapiles'.

Start: Start at the short, easy corner.

  1. 15m (-) Up the easy corner and follow the ramp to belay on ledge at top left, just right of Sonatine's belay. All very easy but a rope might be called for.

  2. 35m (11) Step up and right onto wall and then take line going straight up.

FA: Francine Gilfedder, Chris Baxter., 1981

11 Trad 35m 2
19 Hot Air Symposium

Good steep finish. Will clean up well with traffic. Originally started as for 'Deflated' but the direct start also described is much better.

Start: Start at the short corner as for 'Deflated'.

  1. 15m (-) Up short corner and left up ramp to ledge at top left. Or Direct Start (11): About 8 metres left of the corner, 5 metres right of chockstone at an obvious mantle move on the smooth wall. Up the smooth wall, the wall behind can help but is not necessary, no protection for first 5 metres then head slightly right to big ledge.

  2. 25m (13) Step right off detached block on right edge of ledge and up wall to finish up right-hand crack on steep wall. Left-hand crack is 'Alychne'.

FA: Chris Baxter, Francine Gilfedder. 01-08-1981. Direct Start 1 : Kieran Loughran, Keith Lockwood, Norm Booth., 2008

13 Trad 35m 2
20 Hindenburg Disaster

Quite dicky on the initial face and protectionon the middle section is not the best. A good climb which would improve with traffic. Originally done in two pitches but much safer to do as one.

Start: Start at the small corner as for 'Deflated' etc.

FA: FRancine Gilfedder, Chris Baxter., 1981

17 Trad 45m
21 Alychne

The Aychne is apparently a line of zero luminance (Talbett is an optometrist). However this climb isn't that bad but gets very little traffic. Moss and dirt aren't as much of a problem as it appears. Protection is a bit fiddly on the crux and not good on the first section of the traverse. Double ropes are very useful.

Start: Start 2 metres right of the short corner, just left of an easy, grotty crack.

FA: Gordon Talbett, Peter McKeand., 1968

14 Trad 40m
22 Middle 8

Above 'Toccata' there is a small bowl ringed by cliffs (The Cirque of the Climbables). On the right wall there is potential for some new routes. Start in the middle of the wall on the black rock, go up then slightly right into line and to top.


FA: Greg Pritchard, Paul Hoskins and Chris Frost., 2000

14 Trad 10m

1.3. Rabbit Boulder 9 routes in Boulder

Mostly Boulder

Long/Lat: 141.846509, -36.761113


Emergency Location: Mount Arapiles,Rabbit Boulder

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Eye of the bunny

Left to right over nose. Sit start.

V2 Boulder 2m
2 ** Over the eye V1 Boulder 2m
3 Ear of the Bunny V0 Boulder 3m
4 Face and scoop V0 Boulder 3m
5 Crack V0 Boulder 3m
6 Bunny Blowjob

Over the nose

16 Trad 3m
7 Obvious Problem on Back Left V2 Boulder
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
8 Over the Nose of the Bunny

Sit start.

V3 Boulder
9 Traverse the whole Bunny V5 Boulder

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
8 ** Diapason Trad 55m 3 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
9 Drum Major Trad 25m Frenzy Pinnacle
* Conifer Crack Trad 80m 2 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
Keyboard Trad 25m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
Bass Clef Trad 66m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
10 ** D Major Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
G String Trad 30m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
11 Tubby Tuba Trad 24m Iron Void Pinnacle
Harpsichord Trad 25m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
** Piccolo Trad 35m 2 1.2.2. Piccolo Pipe
** Piccolo Direct Trad 40m 1.2.2. Piccolo Pipe
* Didgeridoo Trad 35m 1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe
Deflated Trad 35m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
12 Breeding Stock Trad 10m Good and Evil Blocks
Laughing Stock Trad 12m Good and Evil Blocks
Castrati Trad 30m Frenzy Pinnacle
Fugue Trad 63m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
13 The Frontier of Credibility Trad 15m Good and Evil Blocks
Bandwagon Trad 35m Frenzy Pinnacle
Organ Grinder Trad 45m Frenzy Pinnacle
Holpyp Trad 50m 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
** Horn Piece Trad 33m 1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe
Hot Air Symposium Trad 35m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
14 ** D Minor Trad 35m 2 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
Quaver Mixed 30m, 1 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
* C.S. Concerto Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
** Libretto - CS Concerto combo Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
Fiddle Diddle Trad 30m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
Cod Piece Trad 30m 1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe
Alychne Trad 40m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Middle 8 Trad 10m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
* Tremulo Trad 25m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
15 * Viagra Trad 35m 2 Frenzy Pinnacle
Mudeye Trad 12m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
** Ejaculation Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
Hornpipe Trad 33m 1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe
Discord Trad 42m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Sonatine Trad 48m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
** Toccata Trad 50m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Wingnuts in Heaven Trad 10m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
15 R Fiddle Trad 30m 1.2.5. Didgeridoo Pipe
15 X Minuet Trad 33m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
V0 Crack Boulder 3m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
Ear of the Bunny Boulder 3m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
Face and scoop Boulder 3m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
16 Small Victories Trad 9m Good and Evil Blocks
* Stentor 3rd Pitch Trad 12m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
Decibel Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
** Libretto Trad 50m 2 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
Woodwind Trad 30m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
Bunny Blowjob Trad 3m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
17 Stockwhip Trad 15m Good and Evil Blocks
Born to be Mild Trad 15m Iron Void Pinnacle
Saint Peter Trad 10m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
Crescendo Trad 35m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
It Could Be Worse Trad 50m 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
** Dirge Trad 85m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
** Discord Direct Mixed 25m, 3 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Garnett-Fleischaker Syndrome Trad 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Hindenburg Disaster Trad 45m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Humouresque Trad 75m 4 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Yossarian Trad 48m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
17 R * Stentor Trad 50m 3 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
18 Steel Delinquency Variant Trad 35m 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
Chicken Stock Trad 15m Good and Evil Blocks
Dude Boobs Mixed 15m, 2 Frenzy Pinnacle
** Cerberus Trad 10m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
** Aardvark Trad 18m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
* Cantata Trad 35m 2 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
* Cantata Variant Start Trad 30m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
Obbligato Trad 50m 1.2.3. D Major Pipe
* Jens roof Mixed 30m, 1 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
19 A Twist of Lemming Trad 15m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
*** Lemmington Trad 30m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
What Is Carborized? Trad 18m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
Juvenile Speed Trad 75m 2 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
* F Sharp Trad 40m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
*** Tannin Trad 35m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
Wyrd Trad 50m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
V1 ** Over the eye Boulder 2m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
20 Steel Delinquency Trad 30m 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
Beyond Good and Evil Trad 12m Good and Evil Blocks
Critical Realists Are Chastened Moderns Trad 12m Good and Evil Blocks
Stocktake Trad 15m Good and Evil Blocks
Vladivostok Trad 15m Good and Evil Blocks
Stirling Moss Trad 25m Finger Prince Pinnacle
* Cadenza Trad 20m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
Semi-Quaver Mixed 30m 2, 3 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
*** Tannin Direct Trad 20m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
Low Note Trad 30m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
V2 Eye of the bunny Boulder 2m 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
Obvious Problem on Back Left Boulder 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
21 California Style Mixed 20m, 1 Iron Void Pinnacle
* Frenzy Trad 33m Frenzy Pinnacle
* Passionate Tips Mixed 20m, 1 Frenzy Pinnacle
*** The Wraith Trad 35m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
* Wyrd Direct Trad 21m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
22 Ghosts Trad 12m Good and Evil Blocks
Guideline Trad 20m Iron Void Pinnacle
Flabby Tourists Trad 8m Frenzy Pinnacle
Tanglefoot Trad 36m Frenzy Pinnacle
Private Detective Trad 12m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
Wyrd Left Hand Variant Trad 1.2.6. The Red Wall
A Concerted Effort Trad 45m 2 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
Whiteman's Country Trad 10m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
22 R Aardvark Original Start Trad 18m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
Friendless Trad 40m 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
V3 Over the Nose of the Bunny Boulder 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
23 Pick Pocket Trad 30m 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
Throw Me No Beers Mixed 12m, 2 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
** Finger Prince Mixed 30m, 1 Finger Prince Pinnacle
Strings Attached Trad 20m Finger Prince Pinnacle
** Iron Void Trad 20m Iron Void Pinnacle
A Plaything For the Missus Mixed 15m, 2 Frenzy Pinnacle
* Quiet Time Trad 20m 1.2.4. Diapason Pipe
Sissy Bars and Super Freaks Trad 30m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
A Concerted Effort Direct Trad 1.2.7. Toccata Wall
23 R Blood and Iron Mixed 30m, 1 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
24 Iron Void Variant Start Mixed 15m, 1 Iron Void Pinnacle
** Spring Offensive Mixed 20m, 3 Frenzy Pinnacle
* The Philosopher Trad 18m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
* Abbie Normal Trad 24m 1.2.6. The Red Wall
24 R Mr Sheen Mixed 15m, 1 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
Private Assassin Trad 10m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side
25 Up, Up and Away Mixed 12m, 3 Finger Prince Pinnacle
* The Flashing Blade Mixed 25m, 5 Iron Void Pinnacle
Rats Have Feelings Too Trad 40m Frenzy Pinnacle
WhiteTrash Trad 40m 2 Frenzy Pinnacle
The Philosopher Direct Trad 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
V5 Traverse the whole Bunny Boulder 1.3. Rabbit Boulder
26 Iron Void Variant Trad 15m Iron Void Pinnacle
27 * Les Memoires d'un Ane Mixed 18m, 2 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
28 Down To Zero Mixed 18m, 1 1.1.1. Steel Delinquency Pinnacle
* Cadenza Direct Trad 18m 1.2.1. D Minor Pinnacle
30 * Mr Natural Trad 12m 1.1.3. Organ Pipes Gully Right Side