Topo #1122

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 ** Spring Offensive

BR, then bold to overhang and 2nd BR. Go 4m up L then straight up. The direct finish goes slightly R from 2nd BR to 3rd BR. Start: Start in gully L of F.

24 Mixed 20m, 3 Unlink route
3 * Frenzy

Heavy duty jams get you started on the flake system on the arete, then move L to guano and up to flake. Start: Start at the L arete of the 4th pinnacle.

21 Trad 33m Unlink route
5 Tanglefoot

The low red wall capped by a roof is taken via bouldery face moves then a crack. Finish up groove. Start: Start just R of F.

22 Trad 36m Unlink route
8 Dude Boobs

Start in corner left of 2nd pitch of Viagra. Up crack for 5m, traverse right and up to bolt. up past bolt with 2nd bolt on way to top.

18 Mixed 15m, 2 Unlink route
9 * Viagra

A link-up of the first part of 'Bandwagon' into the finish of 'Passionate Tips'. Start: Start as for B.

15 Trad 35m 2 Unlink route

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