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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 * Diapason

The first climb done in the 'Organ Pipes'. A very pleasant outing. Start: Start 8 metres left of big dead gum tree. 1. 20m (7) Follow crack, or face just left of crack, up buttress to ledge and plaque to climbing pioneer Bob Craddock (who died in a car accident). 2. 25m (6) Step up and right around to the front of butress and up to belay left of big tilted boulder. 3. 10m (8) Up short wall just left of boulder then up flaring chimney. An alternative to this pitch is to traveres left for 3 metres above the void and then climb the steep wall 7 metres left of the chimney. Optional fourth pitch is grade 10: From big ledgeclimb steep wall on right and finish up a crack on the left of the pinnacle. Noone seems to do this these days but it is quite good.

8 Trad 55m 3 Unlink route
5 Keyboard

Deep crack on left side of 'Conifer Crack' buttress. Take some large gear. Start: In the gully between the 'Diapason' and 'Conifer Crack' pipes.

9 Trad 25m Unlink route
6 * Conifer Crack

Very entertaining. Just be aware that at times you have to climb on large apparently detached blocks. Start: Start 1 metre left of the big dead tree. 1. 40m (9) Slabby thin crack on left side of buttress to ledge. Step right and pull through bulge then straight up to huge ledge. 2. 40m (9) Behind are twin V cracks up the right side of the buttress. It is usual to move staright up from the ledge and then move across right and climb the right-hand crack but either crack is OK. An optional third pitch is to climb the blade of rock at the end of the second pitch.

9 Trad 80m 2 Unlink route

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