Topo #1133

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Route Grade Popularity Style
2 Wyrd

Funky climbing and route-finding. The moves up to the roof are committing. Start: On the left side of the grey pedestal.

19 Trad 50m Unlink route
3 * Wyrd Direct

Straightens out Wyrd with some committing climbing.

21 Trad 21m Unlink route
6 *** Tannin Direct

Makes a good change.

20 Trad 20m Unlink route
5 *** Tannin

Nice video (in two parts) can be found here:-

19 Trad 35m Unlink route
7 *** The Wraith

This lovely wall was a very bold first ascent. 'Small' wires now give reasonable protection but sport climbers wouldn't want to be getting on this for their first trad 21. Start: Just right of 'Tannin'.

21 Trad 35m Unlink route
9 * F Sharp

This good crack system is the only surviving piece of a long-forgotten girdle traverse of the 'Organ Pipes'. Perhaps it would have had more credibility if it had started with a tyrolean from the top of the 'D Minor' Pinnacle. The bolts on this need sorting out. They are all old carrots, many unneccessary and in the wrong places for free climbing. Start: At a little corner below and right of 'The Wraith'.

19 Trad 40m Unlink route

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