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Table of contents

1. Mt Pilot 77 routes in Area

Trad, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 146.662335, -36.255972


Mt Pilot is a granite outcrop roughly halfway between the towns of Chiltern and Beechworth. Rock quality varies, however most of the routes are on good quality rock. The area is popular with locals as a short walk from the carpark offers good views in all directions.


Exit the Hume Freeway at Chiltern and turn towards Beechworth. After about 10 minutes, you'll pass a nursery on the left. At the top of the next hill, turn left on an unsealed track. Follow this to the carpark.

1.1. Bakery Wall 29 routes in Cliff

Trad, Sport and Aid

Long/Lat: 146.663914, -36.251318


The Bakery Wall is probably the most popular area at Mt Pilot, and is also home to many of the best climbs.The rock is generally of very good quality, although the crystal size varies considerably along the length of the wall. The wall has a northerly aspect, which means it bakes in summer (go to Buffalo instead) - pick a cool, dry day from early autumn to spring for the best friction.

Climbs are described right to left facing the cliff.


From the fire tower, head W across the dome and through heavy brush to another open area on the N side of the ridge (a trail used to be established but it was overgrown due to disuse after the 2003 fires). From here, head diagonally uphill and W to the start of a well-established trail which will lead you to the top of the cliff. Walk down on the western end of the cliff.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * The Happy Baker

The first route on the wall, start on ledge behind cypress. Difficult moves past 2 FHs to rings.

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis

21 Sport 8m, 2
2 Life In The Fat Lane

Start 2m L of The Happy Baker. Up a mini arete to a sloping ledge, and then continue past horizontal breaks. 2FHs to rings.

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis

18 Sport 9m, 2
3 My Lust For Crust

The mini-arete on the boulder opposite Life In The Fat Lane. Although very short, this is a great warm-up, or beginner's lead. 2 FHs.

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis

16 Sport 6m, 2

The next 2 routes are just around the corner from My Lust For Crust on the short orange wall.

4 Rhinoceros Breath

Nice moves up the pockets/scoops to the gripping finger crack. Dodgy rock.

FA: Matt Roper, Luke Fitridge, 1998

23 Trad 8m
5 John's Other Arete

The arete that forms the right edge of the chimney to the left of Rhinocerous Breath

FA: John Schwerdfeger

17 Trad 8m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
6 Solo Man

Probably the first route here. Excellent protection. The obvious finger/hand crack through a small overhang.

16 Trad 12m
7 *** Doughboy

The first closed seam left of the small cave. Hard moves lead to hole and jugs. Lurch left to finger crack with one more hard move at the top. 4 FHs. The top of the crack may need brushing after rain.

FA: Paul Martin, Ryan Butler, 1997

25 Sport 20m, 4
8 Doughboy Direct Finish

Start as for Doughboy. At jugs continue up the line to where the seam peters out. Head out R (crux) on tiny crimps and then up. 6 FHs.

FA: Robert Cowan, 2000

26 Sport 25m, 6
9 ** Doughgirl

The bolted face left of Doughboy. Hard face moves lead to the finger crack which may need brushing. 3 BRs, 1 FH.

FA: Paul Martin, Kurt Saggers, 1997

24 Sport 20m, 4
10 Soot

The chimney. Bring BIG gear, otherwise go on an adventure and use the chockstones for pro.

FA: Wayne Webb, Derek Rempe

16 Trad 17m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
11 ** Chicken Salad Roll

Recently re-bolted (2014). Climb the left arete of "Soot" past 3 RB's, execute the thought-provoking mantle to gain 4th RB, then surmount final steepness clipping 5th RB a couple of metres above the lip (out of sight from the ground). Head left to Double Ring lower-off.

FA: Matt Roper, Robert Cowan

22 Sport 17m, 5
12 The Bakery Connection

Climb Chicken Salad Roll to 3rd BR. Hard move out left to horizontal crack (takes gear), and up to jugs.

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis

22 Mixed 20m, 3
13 Pass The Mustard

The tiny seam to the left of Chicken Salad Roll. Very technical. Uses Chicken Salad Roll's BRs and a few RPs, exit up The Bakery Connection.

FFA: Robert Cowan, 2000

FA: Ryan Butler (w. aid), 2000

23 Mixed 20m, 3
14 *** Beechworth Bakery

Probably the best route at Mt Pilot. The finger-crack/flake a few metres L of Chicken Salad Roll.

FA: Robert Cowan, Matt Roper

21 Trad 20m
15 Breakfast at the Ponderosa

The next big crack 2m L of Beechworth Bakery. Can be protected fairly well.

15 Trad 15m
16 Rumball Delight

Climb the thin crack left of Breakfast At The Ponderosa on natural gear to a bolt near the top.

FA: John Schwerdfeger, Robert Cowan, 2001

21 Mixed 20m, 1
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
17 Wissywoo

Off-width crack forming right side of John's Arete to ceiling bulge, then turn bulge by face on right. You can clip the BRs on John's Arete until some natural pro, then run it out to the top.

FA: Rod Kerr, Damian Baker, Melissa Baker, 2000

17 Trad 20m
18 John's Arete

The lowish angled bolted arete past 5 or so BRs.

FA: John Schwerdfeger, 2000

23 Sport 20m, 5
19 Stump Jumper

This route is about 3m left of John's Arete. Two moves of aid on bolts, then climb the finger/hand crack to the top.

FA: Robert Cowan

21 M1 Aid
20 * Big Fatty

The cool-looking right-hand line on suspect-looking (but surprisingly solid) rock. Straight up past 3RB's to double ring lower-off

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis, 1997

17 Sport 8m, 3
21 Little Fatty

The left-hand line is also not too bad. Good gear down low. 1 FH to rings.

FA: Paul Martin, John Lewis, 1997

17 Sport 8m, 2
22 * Goannas In The Bakery

Excellent and somewhat sustained climbing on the obvious half-height horizontal flake. At the end of the flake, head left for a couple of moves (crux - take RPs), then straight up into dyke city. 1 BR.

FA: Paul Martin, Nick Danne

20 Mixed 15m, 1
23 So, This is Aid Climbing?

Delicate hooking up centre of face until about half height, then fine wires in incipient seam. The increasing size of the seam towards the top is offset by the increasing crumbliness.

FA: Top Roped by Damian Baker, Rod Kerr, 2000

M6 Aid 20m
24 Rocky Road

This route starts in the middle of the main face at a weakness with heaps of dyke rock. Climb the slab to the rightward sickle crack and follow it to the top. 3 BRs.

FA: Bob Cowan, John Schwerdfeger

22 Mixed 20m, 3
25 * Croissant

Very hard. Start as for Rocky Road, only blast your way straight up the middle of the face passing 6 BRs on your way to glory!

FA: Bob Cowan, John Schwerdfeger

22 Sport 20m, 6
26 Crossant Variant Finish

Start as for Rocky Road. Follow the leftward crack to the top on bad gear.

FA: Bob Cowan, John Schwerdfeger

20 Trad 20m
27 * Apple Scroll

The low angled black slab behind the big dead tree. Excellent climbing past 3 BRs leads to huge jugs at the horizontal/ledge (2x#1 SLCDs). Continue past another BR to the top.

FA: Bob Cowan & co.

23 Mixed 20m, 4
28 Iguana

The very coarse finger crack to the left of Apple Scroll. Heads right under bulges and up. Tape up!

FA: Bob Cowan & co.

18 Trad 17m
29 Apple Crumble

Aptly named. On the next separate cliff-line is a black slab capped by a big flattish boulder. This route starts on the right-hand end at all the edges and just left of the chossy chimney. 3 BRs lead to a crack (#1 SLCD) in the overhang, pull through this and head on up.

FA: Matt Roper, Bob Cowan

20 Mixed 20m, 3

1.2. Lower Bakery Wall 16 routes in Cliff

Trad, Top Rope and other styles

Long/Lat: 146.663776, -36.251109


This area is rarely visited but contains some great climbs. Routes are described from left to right.



Walk downhill from Breakfast At The Ponderosa and once you hit a cliffline, walk right until you can get down to the bottom of the cliff.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

The first three routes are not actually on Lower Bakery Wall but on a nearby slab. The slab (dubbed Rocher Escarpe De La Nuit) can be found by locating a small boulder with a roof/lip at the eastern end of Lower Bakery Wall (left-hand end if you are facing the cliff). Walk past this boulder for about 30m northeast. The 3 routes are described left to right.

1 Grimpeuse de la Nuit

The line on the far left of the slab. Straight up through the slipperiness.

FA: Paul Martin

16 Top rope 8m
2 Charbon

The centre line. Start as for Grimpeuse de la Nuit and then follow the line of little vertical seams/cracks. A direct start was done using the trees and a big edge at a grade of 21, but it's not known if the trees are still there.

FA: Paul Martin

18 Top rope 9m
3 La Mer Noire

Pockets don't get any better than these! Start up Grimpeuse de la Nuit and then traverse right until you get to the line of pockets.

FA: Paul Martin

15 Top rope 10m

Now on to the cliff itself...

4 Sarah's Slab

The first small slab between two cracks. Start in centre, go left to a big edge, up over bulge, then right to join Straight Up.

FA: Sarah Jacob, Paul Martin

16 Top rope 6m
5 Straight Up

As the name implies, straight up.

FA: Paul Martin, Ben Ching

19 Top rope 6m
6 Ethics

The horrible looking crack.

FFA: Robert Cowan, Steve Lyons

18 Trad 8m
7 The Knifeblade

The first bolted route. Up the black wall past a FH to big jugs at 4m. Wander up and left placing whatever gear you can find, just don't fall at the top!

FFA: Jason Owen, Paul Martin

20 Mixed 15m, 1
8 The Venus Fly Trap

Horrible. The major ugly looking crack. A lot harder than it looks and not recommended.

FFA: Steve Lyons, Robert Cowan

20 Trad 15m
9 The Venus Fly Trap LHV

Another awful route. Start up flake/crack that joins The Venus Fly Trap at about 4m. Up as for The Venus Fly Trap. Also not recommended.

FFA: Matt Roper, Paul Martin

20 Trad 20m
10 * Seamstress

The wall with 3 FHs offers some very hard and steep cranking. Stick clip first FH. Hard moves past this lead to excellent incuts. Exit out left at twin seams, lower-off at chains.

FFA: Paul Martin, Ben Ching

24 Sport 10m, 3
11 * Bobbin

Short but sweet. Takes the steep bulge right of Seamstress. Stick clip the first FH, pull over the bulge and meander up to the top.

FFA: Paul Martin, Robert Cowan

21 Sport 15m, 3
12 Crack One

Not recommended. The first crack around the corner from Bobbin.

FFA: Matt Roper, Robert Cowan

19 Trad 20m
13 Crack Two

The next crack right of Crack One.

20 Trad 12m
14 * Ache To Touch You

Quite a nice route on excellent hard dyke-rock. Three metres right of Crack Two is a scoop with 2 FHs. Bouldery moves lead to a pocket and the second FH. Step right and finish up Thredbo.

FFA: Paul Martin, Jason Owen

23 Sport 10m, 2
15 Thredbo

A really cool route if you can do the start. The wall 2m right of Ache To Touch You. A very hard start leads to jugs.

FFA: Jason Owen, Paul Martin

20 Unknown 10m

The final route is on a boulder about 300m to the west (right if you are looking at the cliff). The boulder is about 8m high and has a brilliant orange north facing wall and finger crack.

16 Boulderly Yours

The finger crack to the huge horizontal slot and roof, continue up the headwall. Gear was pre-paced above the roof on the FFA.

FFA: Robert Cowan, Paul Martin, 1997

23 Trad 8m

1.3. Unearthed Wall 5 routes in Cliff

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 146.671395, -36.252121


This area has seen the most recent activity at Mt Pilot. It only had one route for a long time before a few more were added in 2013. Routes are described L to R looking at the wall.

All bolts on this wall require bolt plates.


Head up the walking track for about 150m. When the surrounding trees open out on the R, break off the track to the top of Unearthed Wall.

Descent Notes:

Descend off one of the 2xBR anchors (which can be difficult to find) or the tree. Sticky Date Sunrise is about 5m left of the tree (looking out) and has an anchor at the top.

Alternatively, you can walk down on the left hand side (looking out) through thick scrub.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Helmets On!

On the far L end of the wall there is a crack which ends at about half height. Up this and then continue on up the slab.

FA: Stephen Gordon, Rob Burton

12 Trad 20m
2 Mount Pilot Unearthed

The original route on this wall. The arete on the L of the large crack splitting the wall past 3 BRs. Please be aware the final section of this route is somewhat run-out.

FA: Robert Cowan, Richard Spry

17 Sport 20m, 3
3 Sticky Date Sunrise

Great beginner route! Tricky opening sequence leads to excellent, well protected slab climbing. Starts 1m R of the wide crack splitting the wall (if standing at cliff base). Double BR top anchor.

15 Sport 20m, 8
4 Lucky Charlie

Fantastic first lead! Well protected fun slabbing. Starts 7m right of Sticky Date Sunrise (if standing at cliff base). Tricky opening moves, then easily up the slab. Double BR top anchor.

11 Sport 15m, 6
5 Psycho Midget Madness

A hard start leads to good face climbing, finishing easily up the slab. Start off the block 5m R of Lucky Charlie (if standing at cliff base). If needed, the start can be skipped by using the tree. Double BR top anchor near small gumtree on ledge.

17 Sport 15m, 6

1.4. Falcon Buttress 4 routes in Cliff

All Trad

Long/Lat: 146.672031, -36.252685


This is the closest area to the carpark, and the routes are some of the longest, however it does suffer a little from loose rock.

Do not climb in this area between June and December as the resident Peregrine Falcon breeds here during this period.


Follow the walking track for 60m and turn off to the R. Walk downhill for about 50m and then head to the R. This will put you at the top of the cliff.

Descent Notes:

Walk down to the south or abseil down Valley Wall and walk to the bottom of this wall.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Encephalopathy

The first route as you walk down. Climb the face left of the arete to the horizontal crack. Swing right on the face above the slab and up to the top. Has 5 BRs or so, take a few small cams as well.

FA: Matt Roper, Robert Cowan

20 Mixed 30m, 5
2 Two Scoops

Start as for Falcon's Lair, move left past the two scoops then up the face past 3 BRs to join Falcon's Lair.

FA: Robert Cowan, John Schwerdfeger, Matt Roper

25 Mixed 45m, 3
3 Falcon's Lair

Up centre of the face to diagonal crack. Pull through then up face past 5 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan, John Schwerdfeger, Matt Roper

22 Mixed 45m, 5
4 Falcon's Nest

Right side of face. Pull past BR to thin ledge, traverse right and over small roof. Climb the arete past 4 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan, John Schwerdfeger, Matt Roper

23 Mixed 45m, 5

1.5. Valley Wall 5 routes in Cliff

All Trad

Long/Lat: 146.672023, -36.252339


Shaded for most of the day, and sometimes used by SES and Army for abseiling practice. Please don't remove moss/lichen.


Follow the walking track for 60m and turn off to the R. Walk downhill for about 50m and then a bit to the L until you're in front of a large orange boulder. This is the top of Valley Wall.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Rough Edge

Starts at the main corner of the left-hand end of the cliff and about 50m left of The Lighthouse Of Alexandria.

  1. 20m. The corner to a cave behind some large blocks.

  2. 20m. The crack to the ledge. Instead of scrambling off, continue to the top via the steep crack that starts on the little ledge above.

Set by Peter Cunningham, Iain Sedgman, 1979

17 Trad 40m 2
2 Lightning Fork

The obvious wide chimney that has a zig in it.

FA: A team including C. Trafford, 1976

12 Trad 40m
3 * On The Edge

Start off the big block at the base of the chimney. Ordinary gear leads to a FH and then a ledge (another FH). Continue up the left arete passing 3 FHs to the top.

FA: Jason Owen, John Lewis

20 Mixed 25m, 5
4 Fingered

To the R of On The Edge is a beautiful clean finger crack. Climb this to the ledge and then boldly mount the face above.

FA: Bob Cowan, John Schwerdfeger

21 Trad 10m
5 The Lighthouse Of Alexandria

Forty metres right of the left-hand end of the cliff at a leftward diagonal line becoming a flake/chimney.

  1. 35m. Move left on the boulder, pull onto the ledge and up leftward ramp to the flake/chimney.

  2. 20m. Scramble to the top.

FA: Iain Sedgman, Phillip Armstrong, 1979

15 Trad 55m 2

1.6. Dentistry Wall 7 routes in Cliff

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 146.672004, -36.252025


Dentistry Wall was developed in the late 90s and features some new-fangled fixed hangers! The rock is very solid.


From the bottom of Unearthed Wall, walk about 100m downhill and left. Alternatively, walk N from the bottom of Valley Wall as it is on the same contour.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

About 100m left of the upper section of Dentistry Wall is a large boulder containing the first route.

1 Another Boulder Problem

Climb past 3 BRs on the face.

FA: Bob Cowan, Matt Roper, Richard Spry

22 Sport 15m, 3

The next 4 routes are on the upper section of Dentistry Wall.

2 Crown Jewel

Climb up a ramp past 2 BRs and then mount the headwall above past one more BR.

FA: Bob Cowan, Ryan Butler

19 Sport 20m, 3
3 Plaque Removal

Climb the thin wall past 6 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan

24 Sport 15m, 6
4 Bridge Work

Bridge the crack and slip up the arete past 2 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan, Ryan Butler

21 Sport 15m, 2
5 Crack Cusp Technique

4m right of Bridge Work is a clean curving crack.

FA: Ryan Butler, Robert Cowan

17 Trad 15m

The next two routes are on the lower section of Dentistry Wall.

6 Root Canal

Has a nice committing crux that has seen more than one fall! On the next tier below the climbs described above, is a cracked face topped by a bulge. Climb the broken crack system and clip a BR before pulling the root-bulge.

FA: Richard Spry, Matt Roper

17 Mixed 15m, 1
7 It's A Gas

6m left of Root Canal is a rippled face. Crank your pants off past 5 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan, 1999

25 Sport 15m, 5

1.7. Eastern Slabs 6 routes in Cliff

Top Rope, Boulder and Sport

Long/Lat: 146.671108, -36.251445


These slabs form the northeast side of Mt Pilot itself.


Walk 50m NE from the fire tower to find the top of the main slab.

Descent Notes:

Walk down the gully on the left (facing out).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

The following route can be found on the eastern side of a large boulder just before the track gets to the summit of Mt Pilot.

1 Auto Pilot

A nice easy finger crack to warm up.

9 Boulder 12m

The following 2 routes are on the main slab just NE of the fire tower. Walk down on the left.

2 Burlock Dinky

The first white water streak on low angled rock. No gear.

FA: Kurt Saggers, 1996

9 Boulder 20m
3 39 Cents Of Glory

On the main slab is an obvious white water streak. Follow this over the steepening and past some dubious flakes. No protection!

FA: Iain Sedgman, Peter Watson, Peter Cunningham, 1979

20 Top rope 30m

The remaining routes can be found directly below the main slab and a little to the south (right looking downhill).

4 Little Crack

The short crack at the left end of the Flake Off wall is a "muck around boulder problem".

FA: Iain Sedgman, Peter Cunningham, 1979

18 Top rope 6m
5 * Pegasus

The clean black water streak in the centre of the slab.

FA: Paul Martin

23 Top rope 12m
6 * Flake Off

To the right of Pegasus is a line with heaps of flakes. Nice climbing past 2 FHs leads to an anchor.

FA: Paul Martin, 1994

17 Sport 12m, 2

1.8. Yeddonba Wall 4 routes in Cliff

All Trad

Long/Lat: 146.669940, -36.250923


The tallest cliff at Mt Pilot, however it is mostly quite low-angled.


Walk 40m W and then N from the firetower to the top of the obvious cliff.

Descent Notes:

Walk down around the L side (facing out) and along a ledge with some pines. Routes are described right to left facing the wall.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Oil On Canvas

The first closed corner you come across. A hard start leads to good pockets and good gear. Avoid the chossy direct finish by moving left over the slab at the end of the corner to join The Tourist Route.

FA: Paul Martin, Nick Danne, Andrew Porter, 2000

22 Trad 30m
2 * The Tourist Route

The obvious big layback flake. Fun laybacking leads to a pleasant doddle up the slab (1 FH). Don't fall while clipping.

FA: Paul Martin, Nick Danne, Andrew Porter, 2000

16 Mixed 30m, 1
3 * Room With A View

Duck through the cave and this is the next nice crack along. Easy moves out of the cave lead to a no hands rest. Continue up the thin corner (crux).

FA: Paul Martin, Nick Danne, Andrew Porter, 2000

19 Trad 35m
4 * Yeddonba Wall 10 Mixed 40m, 2

1.9. Lone Ranger Boulder 1 route in Cliff

All Trad

This 10m boulder can be found as you drive out of Mt Pilot. It's on the south side of the road about 500m back from the car park.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Luke's Route

Climb the hand-crack on the back of the boulder, then pull past some thin moves protected by a FH.

FFA: Luke Fitridge, Matt Roper

22 Mixed 10m, 1

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
9 Auto Pilot Boulder 12m 1.7. Eastern Slabs
Burlock Dinky Boulder 20m 1.7. Eastern Slabs
10 * Yeddonba Wall Mixed 40m, 2 1.8. Yeddonba Wall
11 Lucky Charlie Sport 15m, 6 1.3. Unearthed Wall
12 Helmets On! Trad 20m 1.3. Unearthed Wall
Lightning Fork Trad 40m 1.5. Valley Wall
15 Breakfast at the Ponderosa Trad 15m 1.1. Bakery Wall
La Mer Noire Top rope 10m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Sticky Date Sunrise Sport 20m, 8 1.3. Unearthed Wall
The Lighthouse Of Alexandria Trad 55m 2 1.5. Valley Wall
16 My Lust For Crust Sport 6m, 2 1.1. Bakery Wall
Solo Man Trad 12m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Soot Trad 17m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Grimpeuse de la Nuit Top rope 8m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Sarah's Slab Top rope 6m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
* The Tourist Route Mixed 30m, 1 1.8. Yeddonba Wall
17 * Big Fatty Sport 8m, 3 1.1. Bakery Wall
John's Other Arete Trad 8m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Little Fatty Sport 8m, 2 1.1. Bakery Wall
Wissywoo Trad 20m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Mount Pilot Unearthed Sport 20m, 3 1.3. Unearthed Wall
Psycho Midget Madness Sport 15m, 6 1.3. Unearthed Wall
Rough Edge Trad 40m 2 1.5. Valley Wall
Crack Cusp Technique Trad 15m 1.6. Dentistry Wall
Root Canal Mixed 15m, 1 1.6. Dentistry Wall
* Flake Off Sport 12m, 2 1.7. Eastern Slabs
18 Iguana Trad 17m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Life In The Fat Lane Sport 9m, 2 1.1. Bakery Wall
Charbon Top rope 9m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Ethics Trad 8m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Little Crack Top rope 6m 1.7. Eastern Slabs
19 Crack One Trad 20m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Straight Up Top rope 6m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Crown Jewel Sport 20m, 3 1.6. Dentistry Wall
* Room With A View Trad 35m 1.8. Yeddonba Wall
20 Apple Crumble Mixed 20m, 3 1.1. Bakery Wall
Crossant Variant Finish Trad 20m 1.1. Bakery Wall
* Goannas In The Bakery Mixed 15m, 1 1.1. Bakery Wall
Crack Two Trad 12m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
The Knifeblade Mixed 15m, 1 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
The Venus Fly Trap Trad 15m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
The Venus Fly Trap LHV Trad 20m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Thredbo Unknown 10m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Encephalopathy Mixed 30m, 5 1.4. Falcon Buttress
* On The Edge Mixed 25m, 5 1.5. Valley Wall
39 Cents Of Glory Top rope 30m 1.7. Eastern Slabs
21 *** Beechworth Bakery Trad 20m 1.1. Bakery Wall
Rumball Delight Mixed 20m, 1 1.1. Bakery Wall
* The Happy Baker Sport 8m, 2 1.1. Bakery Wall
* Bobbin Sport 15m, 3 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Fingered Trad 10m 1.5. Valley Wall
Bridge Work Sport 15m, 2 1.6. Dentistry Wall
21 M1 Stump Jumper Aid 1.1. Bakery Wall
22 ** Chicken Salad Roll Sport 17m, 5 1.1. Bakery Wall
* Croissant Sport 20m, 6 1.1. Bakery Wall
Rocky Road Mixed 20m, 3 1.1. Bakery Wall
The Bakery Connection Mixed 20m, 3 1.1. Bakery Wall
Falcon's Lair Mixed 45m, 5 1.4. Falcon Buttress
Another Boulder Problem Sport 15m, 3 1.6. Dentistry Wall
* Oil On Canvas Trad 30m 1.8. Yeddonba Wall
Luke's Route Mixed 10m, 1 1.9. Lone Ranger Boulder
23 * Apple Scroll Mixed 20m, 4 1.1. Bakery Wall
John's Arete Sport 20m, 5 1.1. Bakery Wall
Pass The Mustard Mixed 20m, 3 1.1. Bakery Wall
Rhinoceros Breath Trad 8m 1.1. Bakery Wall
* Ache To Touch You Sport 10m, 2 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Boulderly Yours Trad 8m 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Falcon's Nest Mixed 45m, 5 1.4. Falcon Buttress
* Pegasus Top rope 12m 1.7. Eastern Slabs
24 ** Doughgirl Sport 20m, 4 1.1. Bakery Wall
* Seamstress Sport 10m, 3 1.2. Lower Bakery Wall
Plaque Removal Sport 15m, 6 1.6. Dentistry Wall
25 *** Doughboy Sport 20m, 4 1.1. Bakery Wall
Two Scoops Mixed 45m, 3 1.4. Falcon Buttress
It's A Gas Sport 15m, 5 1.6. Dentistry Wall
26 Doughboy Direct Finish Sport 25m, 6 1.1. Bakery Wall
M6 So, This is Aid Climbing? Aid 20m 1.1. Bakery Wall