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Grade Route
17 Beanicle's Revenge Top rope 7m

The very L end of the quarry.

FA: Dean Johnson, 1998

22 Out for the Count Top rope 8m

Through the centre of the overhangs R of Beanicle's.

FA: Dean Johnson, 1998


Take the R end of the overhang.

FA: Dean Johnson, 1998

18 Rumble on the Rocks Top rope 9m

Crack just R of the arete R of TMSOTW.

FA: Carlo Faganello, 1998

20 Palm Muting a Jackson Sport 9m, 4

The black slab ribbed with horizontals.

FA: Dean Johnson, 2000


The prominent widening crack in the centre of the wall.

FA: Dean Johnson, 1998

22 Fade to Black Sport 7m, 2

Start at the R end of the face and follow the diagonal ledge up L to the horizontal and a bolt.Up past a second bolt to chains.

FA: Dean Johnson, 2000


Sit start just L of small undercut section near R end of bouldering wall. Up thin crack then L to finishing jug.

FFA: Tom O'Leary, 2000


Prominent crack at far R end of bouldering wall.

FFA: Tom O'Leary, 2000

* Thank You Mr Hilti SportProject 8m, 3

Start R of bouldering wall at lowest point of cliff (just R of the undercut base). Up past two ring bolts then take the diagonal to another bolt and on to chains. THIS IS A OPEN PROJECT HAVE FUN

Set by Dean Johnson

17 Schmleau Sport 7m, 3

Start at the crack just R of the overhung section. Up to the horizontal, tackle the bulge, then on to chains.

FA: Tom O'Leary, 2000


Check out what is happening in Tom's Quarry.