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Grade Route Gear style Crag Quality Climber Date
Tue 17th Jan 2017 - Ben Lomond
Denison Crag
19 No Blind

The final route of the trinity, and what a stellar route. Probably my favourite route of the three, with consistent excellent climbing on perfect rock. Led P1&2 (linked) and P4. Linking P1 and P2 is not recommended - it was longer than 60m and tim had to scramble up for the last few metres. It also meant I had to solve the final crux with painful rope drag and your last quickdraw. Utterly destroyed after that pitch I could barely talk. 3rd pitch is just a beautiful, sustained crack - thoroughly enjoyable but in my sick, tired state I was utterly crushed. Which led to an entertaining conversation where Tim offered to lead P4. I refused. We were both dreading it given it was meant to be a 'crux' pitch - I don't think Ian Lewis even knew what crux meant, judging by how strong the climbing on the trinity is. In any case this pitch is utterly joyous. On the lip just before turning the overhang I shout to Tim - 'and to think you wanted to snake my pitch ya fucken bastard' and pull the lip. The final pitch is just a dream crack. Amazing line. Full respect to the FA of the trinity, just can't imagine how they did it back in 1973. One of the true classics of Tassie climbing.

- with tim kirkby
Trad 190m Ben Lomond Mega Classic Foong
Tue 17th Jan 2017
Mon 28th Dec 2009 - Ben Lomond
Denison Crag
19 No Blind

Strenuous and faairly sustained every pitch.Lots fist jamming, take lots big cams n hexes.Camalots 3/4/5 Crux airy,strenuous,amazing.Last of Trinity for me,Got Em,Ye Ha

Trad 190m Ben Lomond Classic stephen hancock
Mon 28th Dec 2009

Showing all 2 ascents.