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Climbing in this area is closed.


Far North East boulders of Fox and Bondi boulders on a rise to the left of the road. Obvious concentrated hilltop.

Access issues inherited from Beulah

Access to Beulah is closed.


Take the right hand road at the Bondi/Fox road junction (towards the Fox boulder), across a small gully and 100-200m up a rise, the area will be visible on the left of the road as you come to the crest.


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Little to date. First problems appear to be from Joe and Eddie Burrill and Abagail Pirie in 2011. Artie Schultz and Rhyan Bassett put up more in 2013, along with Matt (last name unknown) from Sydney. Several cleaned projects await, and still lots of potential for more problems.


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Grade Route

Closest boulder to the road. Right hand side of face, up small face holds to top.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

Back side of boulder, behind La Chinina. Easy access route to the top.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

Awesome pinch problem with very bad feet up the obvious arete.

Excellent crack line on smooth rock with a few slopey face holds, jug topout

FA: Rhyan Bassett, 2013

3m right of Rambona, sweet fine grained rock. Layback the sidepull at head height, slopey jugs at the top.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

2m right of 14IAS, short flake, not as worthwile as the other problems on this boulder.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

At the top of the hill. Sitstart in the corner crack, then right up big flake, smaller holds at the top. Sweet problem.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

2m right of T2F, short crimper problem

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

20m across the hill from Geckos Nostrils Bloc. Pretty cool, start in the corner crack, then crimps and small feet to top.

FA: Rhyan Bassett, 2013

Same start as RF but trend left to small edges to top out.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

Backside of the hill, above Geckos Nubbin boulder. Sit start up arete to 2 pockets.

FA: Joe Burrill, 2011

2m right of Geckos Nostrils. SDS on 2 small crimps straight up.

FA: Eddie Burrill, 2011

2m to the right of Unnamed, awesome looking prow type feature

SDS on lip holds. deadpoint throw to decent crimp and mantle

FA: Matt, 2011

Amazing problem. Sit start on rail and go straight up. The first rail is flaking and will come off, getting someone to hold it in works

Opposite side of boulder to Geckos Nubbin. Up easy face.

FA: Abagail Pirie, 2011

2m left of Geckos Holiday, weird start in the fold then sidepull and edges to top.

FA: Artie Schultz, 2013

Back side of the hill from the road. Up obvious crack to scary looking but solid pebble.

FA: Eddie Burrill, 2011

3m right of Geckos Nubbin, hard to get off the ground but looks easier above


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