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Keep driving past 'Sheep Shit rock' almost to the the gate to the 'Rolled Quad area'. On the right about 100m away is a small outcrop which is the Komunist Bloc

Access issues inherited from Beulah

Access to Beulah is only permitted during the Annual Beulah Rock Festivus that is held there every Easter. More info here: www.beulahrockfestivus.com

Ethic inherited from Beulah

First ascents are hugely appreciated and the object of climbing at Beulah. Scrubbing lichen and removing loose rock is encouraged but the line is drawn at chipping holds or glueing holds back on. If a hold comes off, please leave it off and climb what the rock affords you.

Bolting is also permitted with permission and as long as there is no available natural protection. For example this includes a 30m climb that requires 9 bolts and one cam or wire to protect. The adding of a 10th bolt for the convenience of not having to carry said wire or nut is not acceptable.



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Grade Route
{US} V2 * Pinko Commie Sympathisor Boulder

SDS with both hands pinching on the vertical rail.

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010


SDS pinching the corner with right hand and left on arete, then traverse left and mantle.

FA: Natalie Fenech, 2010

{US} V0 * Trotsky's Titskies Boulder

Climb the face via the liberally sprinkled nipples

FA: Richard Sonnerdale, 2010

{US} V2 * The Maginot Line Boulder

SDS use crimps straight up the middle of the face.

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010

{US} V3 ** Smoke And Mirrors Boulder

SDS up awkward balancy moves

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010


Start sitting with left undercling and from there just the left arete and features on the face

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010

{US} V0 Lenin's Double Arete Boulder

SDS, Use both aretes and features on the face

FA: Henry Boer, 2010


SDS, Use only the right arete and features on the face

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010

{US} V1 ** Banana Republic Boulder

Walk your feet up the banana and use thin features on the face.

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010


FFA: Mike Carlotto & Paul Devine, 2011


Standing start

FFA: Mike Carlotto & Paul Devine, 2011

V3 Thank F*ck For That Boulder 5m

Standing start

FFA: Mike Carlotto & Paul Devine, 2011

{US} V2 Better Red Than Dead Boulder

Left hand pinch down low and right hand crimp up high then haul your way up.

FA: Stephan Gaassand, 2010

ben's Boulder
V1 My Little Nipple Boulder 3m

FFA: Mike Carlotto & Jeff McDonald, 2011

V1 *** Need more skin Boulder

FA: Daph Burke, 2012

V3 * Pulp Friction Boulder

Traverse right on crimps and slopers, then slap the arete and up to mantle

FA: Ben Vincent, 2012

V3 * Bermuda mantle Boulder

FA: Ben Vincent, 2012