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From the intersection, turn left and head up the road. This is the first area on the left. There is a small boulder you pass with four problems on it. You can either turn off to the left and park or follow the road as it curves around the boulders to the right and park.

Access issues inherited from Black Range bouldering

These boulders lie in a national park. While there are no current access restrictions, please respect the nature of the park and aim to minimise your impact.

Some content has been provided under license from: © Canberra Climbers' Association (CC BY-SA)


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Grade Route
V7 Sarah's Seven / #1 Boulder 3m

Sit start and up the outside of the boulder using holds facing the wrong way (!)

FA: Sarah Fieg

V3 Preps / #2 Boulder 2m

Sit start.

FA: George Fieg

V5 Slow and Low / #3 Boulder 2m

Sit start.

FA: George Fieg

V4 * Let Me Ride / #4 Boulder 2m

Sit start.

FA: Sarah Fieg

V3 The Chronic / #5 Boulder 2m

Sit start.


Thin wall.

FA: Sarah Fieg

V3 #7 - Paul's Slab Boulder

Standing start.

FA: George Fieg

V8 Nob Jockey / #9 Boulder

Sit start and fridge hug the body of the boulder.

FA: Leeson Rose

V3 Alien Craft Boulder 5m

Sit start.

FA: Duncan Brown

V0 Stones Throw / #10 Boulder 3m

FA: Duncan Brown


Low traverse from a sit start then up through crimps or via the arete. Goey.

FA: Duncan Brown


FA: Andrew Richards

V3 Left Arete / #13 Boulder 3m

Pretty standard stand start then up the arete. Getting off the boulder is the fun bit.

FA: Ky Wittich


A few variants of this are possible through the various crack-lines at the front and back of the boulder holding 'Zac's Arete', including down-climbing #17.

FA: Duncan Brown

V8 *** Zac's Arete / #15 Boulder

Also called 'the nothing'. V8 in the guide which depends on beta that goes out right before heading up the arete. If you stick purely to the arete you could probably add a grade.

FA: Zac Vertrees


The direct version of 'Zac's Arete' heading up some minging crimps and poor feet out to the arete.

FA: Chris Webb Parsons

V2 ** Jaws of Death / #17 Boulder 3m

Up the crackline using the arete/crack to ascend. Harder version that uses only the arete still to go.

FA: Ky Wittich


Variant of #17. 6+? On sidepulls and using the arete (toe hook/heel hook) but not the opposing boulder. 6 in the new guide but possibly harder.


Traverse slopers from a sit start to finish at the mantle for 'Mini Mantle'.

V3 Mini Mantle / #19 Boulder

Mantle problem. Straight up to a rail then a goey mantle depending on your height.

FA: Duncan Brown

V5 to V7 Desperado / #20 Boulder

Very height dependent/morphological. From a stand, top out. If you can reach the higher crimps, consider taking the lower grade (V4 might even be appropriate), otherwise grovel your way up to the crimps and mantle. Has been flashed a number of times, including in dunlop volleys!

FA: Duncan Brown

V5 ** Socks / #21 Boulder 3m

Sit start. FA done in, you guessed it, socks.

FA: Chris Webb Parsons


Mantle problem. Crimps and up, fairly standard.

FA: Duncan Brown

Blue Balling Sit Boulder Project

Sit start and up Blue Balling. A long-term project - likely to be into double-digits.


FA: Duncan Brown

V5 Bum Nut Boulder 4m

Desperate. Has only been climbed twice. Need to be tall, or wicked strong.

FA: Ky Wittich


Run and jump to slopers!

FA: George Fieg


FA: George Fieg


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