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Table of contents

1. Bell Supercrag 164 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295553, -33.535076


See http://bmtopos.com/ for the original online guide to this area. Thanks to Lloyd, Steve and Megan!

Access Issues: inherited from Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a World Heritage listed area. The Grose Valley, the cliffs around Katoomba and much of the Narrow Neck peninsula are part of the Blue Mountains National Park which is managed by the NPWS. The Western Escarpment - where most of the climbing is - is Crown Land managed by the BMCC. While the NPWS Plan of Management nominates several locations in the National Park where rock climbing is deemed appropriate, the majority of the climbing remains unacknowledged. To maintain access our best approach is to 'Respect Native Habitat, Tread Softly and Leave No Trace'. Practically all crags are either in National Park or in council reserve: dog owners are reminded that dogs are not allowed in National Parks at any time and fines have been issued, while for crags on council reserve the BMCC leash law requires that dogs be on-leash.


From Bell, at the intersection of the Darling Causeway and Bell’s Line of Rd, head 1.5km towards Richmond/Sydney. Slow down as you approach the start of the first passing lane, so that you don’t miss the fire trail on the right, directly opposite the ‘Keep Left When Overtaking’ sign. Drive down the rough fire trail for 350m to a parking area, or park on the verge if you have a low clearance vehicle. If approaching from Richmond, it is safer to continue 400 m past the fire trail and turn around in a pullout on the left, immediately before the ‘60 Ahead’ sign at Bell.

A well-defined walking track begins beside the power pole in the carpark, initially along the flat ridge, then gently downhill. After 20 min, a flat area is reached just after you break out of the last trees onto a broad heath-covered ridge (with a good view of Ikara Head). From the flat area, the track heads down more steeply to the left (east), leading you into the descent gully. The bottom of the descent gully is equipped with fixed ropes and fixed rungs (not suitable for kiddies).

You'll emerge at the right end of Departures and Arrivals, for a total walking time of 25 min (30 min on the way out). The other crags require between 5 and 20 min more walking.

Ethic: inherited from Blue Mountains

Although sport climbing is well entrenched as the most popular form of Blueys climbing, mixed-climbing on gear and bolts has generally been the rule over the long term. Please try to use available natural gear where possible, and do not bolt cracks or potential trad climbs.

Because of the softness of Blue Mountains sandstone, bolting should only be done by those with a solid knowledge of glue-in equipping. A recent fatality serves as a reminder that this is not an area to experiment with bolting.

If you do need to top rope, please do it through your own gear as the wear on the anchors is both difficult and expensive to maintain.

It would be appreciated if brushing of holds becomes part of your climbing routine - do it with a soft bristled brush and never a steel brush!

The removal of vegetation - both from the cliff bases and the climbs - is not seen as beneficial to aesthetics of the environment nor to our access to it. However, the fast growing scrub can conceal walking tracks in mere months, so bringing a pair of secaturs and pruning as you walk is a good way of helping out with the constant task of track maintenance. Some appropriately discreet pruning is a far better alternative then track braiding (which causes far more damage). It's also a good warmup for your forearms!


Seen by many over the years, it wasn’t until Lloyd Wishart stumbled his way down Jungaburra Brook in August 2006 that climbing at Bell started with the bolting of Wet Paint at Arrivals. Megan Turnbull and Steve Grkovic agreed to pitch in, after forcing Lloyd to try the current more user-friendly approach, first negotiated in the gathering gloom of an August evening without torches. Lloyd stamped his authority by quickly drilling his way to double figures at Arrivals and Departures, before the devastating bush fires in October 2006 put a stop to proceedings. The fires left behind an alien black landscape, burnt hammers, ropes and other equipment, with jumars and biners reduced to small mounds of melted metal.

In 2009, after several winters spent climbing at Arrivals and Departures, while belayers gazed longingly at the sun-drenched crags on the opposite side, the development of The Devils Circus, Treble Clef and Sunnyside was tackled. Martin Pircher flew back from Austria to kick things off with Seamstress, Megan had some epic struggles bolting the longer routes Searching for the Light and The Dreaming Void and Steve established some great steep climbing in at the Devils Circus. The Outpost, Duck Wall and Blowhole followed over the years.

Since 2011, Neil Monteith, Ben Junga, Jason Lammers, Paul Thomson, Thom Samuels and Jay Trent have joined the fray to push the number of lines well over the 100 mark.

1.1. Control Room 2 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295980, -33.534246


A small east-facing buttress opposite Duck Wall. From the descent gully, about 10m above the height of the Departures ledge, follow a faint track left (looking down) that heads up under a small outcrop (see bottom of p5). Then scramble down a short gully and follow the exposed ledge around left to the base of the climbs.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Windscreen Viper

A short, steep and fierce corner with two solid fistjams separated by the obvious ‘windscreen’ feature. Last bolt is hard to clip. Consider taping up if you’re anticipating having an epic

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2012

26 Sport 10m
2 Sleet of Your Pants

Don’t bring a light belayer, as you might end up on the ground! Steep and gymnastic

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

27 Sport 10m

1.2. Arrivals (Lower) 40 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295987, -33.535299


At the base of the descent rungs, same side of the creek. Climbs listed from right to left (facing cliff) as you head left from the rungs.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Jingle Bells

At the base of the descent rungs. Can't miss this one.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2009

21 Sport 15m
2 Caught in the ..

Just left of Jingle Bells. A few thin moves once you get past half way.

FA: megan turnbull, 2015

25 Sport 12m
3 * GoGo Juice

Shared 1st bolt with TT then straight up the oranage wall.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

24 Sport 15m
4 Train Travel

Start at tree, then left.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22 Sport 16m
5 ** Ten No Trumps

Head left and up. Hard move at 4th bolt. Then nice big moves to top.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2007

24 Sport 16m, 7
6 Bell End

Right of the leaning left facing corner. This is the harder right hand start. Sandy and Snappy !

FA: Matt Pascoe, 2009

24 Sport 15m
7 Bell End Direct

Nicer and easier start to BE

FA: Dr Chris, 2009

22 Sport 16m
8 ** The Un~Bell Leaveable Trad Corner Crack

The obvious trad corner crack (a few metres left of Bell End in case you miss it).

Up corner to below roof, build a nest of small gear then head right to arête, around it and up to ledge. Gear here us not the best but up and over to the left is better. Up to below next rooflet then right and up to anchors.

Cams, C3's, wires.

FA: @macciza

Trad Project 17m
9 * Hop, Skip, Slump

Big span needed on this one...

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2007

28 Sport 15m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
10 *** Wet Paint

The first route at Bell Supercrag! Up the open corner for 2 bolts then head rightish. Reachy and committing moves. Classic.

FA: Lloyd, 2006

24 Sport 16m, 6
11 * Three Hour Commute

Up steep corner for 2 bolts, then follow the left line of bolts thru the open corner.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22 Sport 17m, 7
12 * Three Hour Commute Direct

Start just left of WP. Up the thin steepnees and then join into THC for last easy moves to the top

FFA: Steve G, 2014

26 Sport 17m
13 ** Snappy Dresser

Start up the flake, and up to tricky headwall. Good !!

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

24 Sport 15m
14 Bronze Bell

Start as per SD. Pull on to wall and tricky traverse left under the roof (long draws help), turn the lip and on to the face. Follow the seam, then easy flake and jugs to anchors.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2013

23 Sport 18m, 9
15 Lovable Rogue

Not an obvious (or lovable) start. Hard moves through the roof, with a second tricky bit right before the anchor.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26 Sport 14m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
16 Paddle Steamer

Yet another roof climb from the house of Wishart. Hard climbing through the roof to the right of the tree rewards you with a somewhat relaxing paddle up the short headwall

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

25 Sport 13m
17 *** Paint God

Through thuggy roof and onto the wall. Move hard right (don't continue up the arete) and continue up the nice pumpy wall.

25 Sport 20m
18 Games without Frontiers

FFA: @lloydstar, 2006

26 Sport 15m, 8
19 *** Autophagocytosis

A great and sustained linkup with consistent grade 25 climbing, making it a soft tick. Start up the first 3 bolts of Paint God, clip a new 4th bolt and do a hardish move to join Games Without Frontiers just in time for its crux. Then step left and finish up Apple Pie.

FFA: 2007

27 Sport 20m
20 Apple Pie

Hard start then pumpy, rising right traverse.

28 Sport 22m
21 ** Caramel Sluice

Starts as for Cavity Search then head right at the first roof. Nice upper wall.

26 Sport 22m
22 *** Cavity Search

Steep roof start past a creaky pinned flake to a vague rest. Continue up the semi-steep wall via two cruxs.

26 Sport 20m
23 * Beresford


25 Sport 17m, 8
24 Dirty 30

Steep long boulder start to a hanging slab and some easier climbing to a ledge. Sweet, interesting moves from the half ledge to the top. Bolted on my 30th birthday.

Set by Ben JengA, 2014

FFA: Ben JengA, 2014

25 Sport 15m
25 Boysenberry Ripple

Hard start into crack and then continue to move diagonally up tending rightwards.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2007

23 Sport
26 Thunderbolts and Lightning

Steep, with a hard start and exciting finish. Start up CZ for a few moves, then head right and up. At third bolt, step into the corner and continue up the face following bolts, using the corner as necessary.

Set by @robmedlicott, 2015

FA: @robmedlicott, 2015

24 Sport 15m, 6
27 ** Crumple Zone

Popular. Up and left along the jug rail for four bolts then up with the crux right at the end. Short but action-packed.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26 Sport 8m, 6
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
28 * Insidious

Stick clip high first bolt then jump to the good start hold, pull up into the left of the creepy roof eyes and reach through the roof boulder.

Good holds in odd spots finish off this punchy little number

Set by @benjenga, 2015

FA: @benjenga, 2015

24 Sport 12m, 7
29 ** Ms.G's Cheeseburger Springroll

Start as for Does My Bum Look Big On This? then at the lip climb up and right via a hard pocket boulder on the stonker head wall. I promise that I didn't chip that pocket, 100% natural.

Set by @benjenga, 2015

FFA: @benjenga, 28th Nov

27 Sport 15m, 8
30 *** Does My Bum Look Big On This?

Great route, with a hard leftwards traverse out the roof, then some of the best rock at bell for the slick headwall. Fixed draws in the roof make it an easy clean.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26 Sport 12m, 6
31 Yes

Diabolical moves through the roof at the start, then easier climbing on great rock

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

28 Sport 12m
32 Truffle Shuffle

Bouldery fun start to a nice head wall climb.

Set by @wades, 2015

FA: @wades, 2015

23 Sport 15m, 12
33 Rocky Road

Right of 'Rhubarb Crumble'. Streno start

FA: @bundybear, 2015

22 Sport 15m
34 ** Rhubarb Crumble

Undercut start onto slightly overhanging wall past mantle trending left to anchors. Some prefer to stick clip the second bolt.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2006

24 Sport 15m, 7
35 I Don't Climb I Wobble

Starts 1m L of Rhubarb Crumble. A couple of sharp holds down the bottom and a great reachy crux up top. Finish at RC anchors.

Set by @bundybear

FA: Ben Lane, 2012

FFA: Ben JengA, 2012

FA: @pthomson, 2015

24 Sport 15m, 8
36 * Who the Fuck is Keith

This is a great little climb with some very cool holds, especially early on. Right of Jigger Jeff; solid start and interesting moves. Moves out right and up.

Set by @vionayoung, 2015

FA: @vionayoung,@wades,@bundybear, 2015

21 Sport 15m, 8
37 Jigger Jeff

Traverse rightwards on slab to ledge, hand traverse left then up steep jugs. A lot of people do the slab traverse and lower off the last ring on the slab, about 21

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2006

23 Sport 17m, 10
38 * Jigger Jeff (to the ledge)

Up JJ to fixed biner on the lip of the ledge. (someone has stolen the biner)

21 Sport 14m
39 Belayers Root

Tricky steep corner flakes with a great finish.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2012

19 Sport 14m
40 Cock Blocker

Left of Belayers Root with a couple of moves towards the top.

FA: @bundybear, 2015

21 Sport 15m

1.3. Departures (Upper) 18 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295903, -33.535302


Walk right onto the ledge before the decent rungs. Harness up to traverse alone the ledge, and be careful not to kick rocks onto the climbers bellow.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Lofty Lungfish

Far end of ropes with triple belay. Up short wall then out the roof cracks to turn the lip and finish up steep prow. Backjump to clean.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27 Sport 16m, 9
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 The Gift

Steep start then traverse left along the big horizontal then to a hard sequence below the top roof.

FA: Steve Grokivc

Set by Lloyd Wishard

29 Sport 16m, 11
3 * Brixton Jamm

Big move at the start to a good but small hold then steep climbing to a lay down rest. The mid crux is all about some double undercling madness. Steep finish with big moves on big holds. Perhaps add a few grades if you are under 6 foot

Set by Jenga, 2014

Set by Jenga, 2014

FA: @benjenga, 2015

26 Sport 15m, 10
4 *** Radical Departures

One of the best routes at Departures. Another of Bell's classic 30's.

After the tricky and hard start good holds lead to a mid height rest where this little number steps up a notch. A couple thin moves lead to the last jug before the long and sustained top section where good hard moves and poor feet will have you screaming to the top of the wall.

Set by @lloydstar

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2013

30 Sport 20m, 9
5 For Flake's sake

The obvious flake feature in the middle of the wall. Same start as H.H. Some dubious rock down low then great moves from the mid height rest.

Set by Steve Grkovic

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

23 Sport 14m
6 * Hokonui Henchman

Start at big flake and head up and right over the project up the steep section to the sit down rest. Continue with trickery up the blank overhanging corner and over the thin final roof.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2008

28 Sport 18m, 17
7 Project Steve

The long term project of Steve, he's been actively trying the from time to time so you can imagine when it goes it will be the hardest route at Bell…?

Set by Steve Grkovic

Sport Project 22m, 12
8 #Ledge life

Tackle the hard and under-graded start as for Steve's project for 3 bolts, then head right and up. Ponder your position from the bird ledge then slab, yes slab moves up the sidepull flakes and victory jugs. A long draw at the base of the box roof helps the rope run.

Set by @benjenga, 2015

FFA: @benjenga, 2015

24 Sport 18m
9 ** Church Mouse

Mostly easy first half leads to a dyno out the lower roof (requires a long sling or 2), clip a hidden chain, then up the sustained second half with a difficult sequence in the upper roof. Best cleaned by reversing to the first anchor.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

31 Sport 25m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
10 * Grave Rat

Unusual and absolutely desperate moves through the mid-height roof.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2009

29 Sport 25m, 11
11 *** Spent Force

A good route with sustained and varied climbing. If you can find the cleaned holds, its not too scary heading up and then left to the anchor!

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2007

27 Sport 20m
12 ** Gushing Gargoyles

Tricky slab start left of Feisty Phasmid above a small tree. Funky moves linking flakes up wall to a rest then up and out through a roof to steep headwall boulder problem.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

28 Sport 16m, 10
13 Feisty Phasmid

Weird move to get started, hard at top of wall, then the crux in the roof.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2009

25 Sport 15m, 8
14 ** Destined for Grayness

Good climbing, add a grade if you crank past the anchors to jugs on the lip.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2009

23 Sport 12m, 5
15 Impatient Transport

Starts directly up from where the rope railing starts. Has a couple of thin moves and a hard clip.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2008

24 Sport 12m, 6
16 Freeway

Just left of FL starting at orange flake. Up flake, traverse left across break to stance - then up technical wall above.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

23 Sport 16m, 7
17 * Fridge Lifting

Funky orange radness for 3 bolts to rest, then easier pumpy jugs to the top of the cliff.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2014

24 Sport 14m, 7
18 Welcome Alex

The first two bolts of this route have been removed, do FL instead. Or a long stick clip to the third bolt.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

23 Top rope 14m, 7

1.4. The Blowhole 22 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.294982, -33.536284


About 50m around the corner from the last climb on Arrivals Lower.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Routes listed R to L.

1 *** Blowtorch

Short roof to start the swing up to the wall on slopey jugs, varied climbing with a committing move up high.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

24 Sport 18m, 10
2 Whistle Blower

Start at juggy prow and up wall to ledge then try to find the crux holds in time.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

23 Sport 18m, 11
3 * Thar She Blows

A surprisingly long section of steep and juggy climbing that is fairly rough on the skin - but this might allow you to still hold on when totally pumped!

FA: Lloyd, 2011

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

24 Sport 14m, 7
4 ** Body Blow

In the middle of crag. Up wall and out the roof on flakes etc before heading rightwards to finish. A long draw is recommended for the 5th bolt.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

24 Sport 12m, 6

Set by @lloydstar

Sport Project 12m, 8
6 ** Holelipstick Hippy

Start on ledge then jug leftwards and up with a slopey crux at the lip of the roof, keep pumping the jugs up the steep head wall.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2012

25 Sport 16m
7 * Blowpipe Blast

24 climbing to ledge then wrestle with the holds and the bad feet to the anchors.

FFA: @lloydstar, 2013

28 Sport 14m, 9
8 * Bloated Blowfish

Technical hard start leads to a rest, then an even harder crux and steep finish.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27 Sport 14m, 9
9 ** Up.

Action packed new route up the arete right of blow. Big start move then hold on through some steep moves to a ledge. Hard face moves follow then great jugs to the top. If the first move is to big then start up Blow and traverse across.

Set by Ben JengA, 2014

FFA: Ben JengA, 2014

24 Sport 18m
10 ** Blow

Popular, with a hard start that is either dynoed out right, or tackled via small holds on the left. Second half finishes up a short section of attractive rock on good holds.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22 Sport 10m, 7
11 ** Blow Over

The Blow extension. From the anchors of Blow - continue up and leftwards to lower off at the top of the cliff.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2015

22 Sport 20m
12 Kiama

Start left of tree. Straight up till it gets easy then rightwards to shared lower off with BO. Stay left of the bolts for 22

FA: Jason Lammers, 2015

22 Sport 20m

The following section has some really good easier graded routes. Stays in the shade here till just after lunch. Lots of bolts and convenience are the name of the game here!

13 * Perkins Paste

Bit of a thin move about 1/3 of the way up

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2013

21 Sport 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
14 Araldite

Tricky start and exciting finish, there is a hidden bolt before the last move.

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2014

20 Sport 20m
15 * Aquadhere

The lower section has some cool pockety holds.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

17 Sport 15m
16 * Aquadhere - Extended

The second last bolt on Araldite is next to the anchors on this one so you might as well keep going to the top of the cliff and clip another (hidden) bolt on the way and lower off Araldite.

19 Sport 20m
17 Kwik Grip

Pleasant climbing with a slightly steeper section above the little roof.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

16 Sport 15m
18 * Blow Me

Right of ferny crack; mostly straightforward with plenty of holds and a little move three quarters of the way up.

Set by Viona Young,@wades, 2015

FA: @vionayoung,@bundybear,@wades, 2015

16 Sport 16m
19 Clag

The right side of the juggy orange streak.

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2014

FA: 2014

15 Sport 15m
20 * Blow Dry

The left side of the juggy orange streak.

Set by @bundybear

FA: @bundybear,@vionayoung,@wades, 2015

16 Sport 15m
21 Louie Gets The Blow

A couple of moves to get started. Right of BF.

FA: @bundybear, 2015

17 Sport 14m, 5
22 Blow Fly

The furthest left climb at The Blowhole. Tricky start with a nice flake up high.

FA: @wades, 2015

18 Sport 15m, 8

1.5. Fox Hole 4 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.293822, -33.535761


The furthest wall on shady side. About 40m past The Blowhole.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Routes listed R to L.

1 * Just Peachy

Steep start then some reachy sustained moves with an open book corner to reward the effort.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

24 Sport 15m
2 ** Mango Chutney

A few metres R of Plumtastic. Great route with a mix of difficulties. Up the wall with some welcome rests to the mini cave then try to finish. Quite engaging!

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

23 Sport 16m
3 ** Plumtastic

Another steep start. Enjoyable moves the whole way, finishing on the fairly obvious overhung prow.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

22 Sport 16m
4 * The Apricot Slot

The L-most route on the sector. Start steeply for a few bolts, then trend rightwards to the crux. Finishes just left of the upper prow the Plumtastic finishes on.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

24 Sport 14m, 9

1.6. Duck Wall 16 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.297240, -33.532360


Cross the creek as for Sunny Side, but turn left and walk 50m round the corner to this crag. Take care at the left end, e.g. clip the belayer in, the belay ledge gets quite narrow with a fair drop below.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Darkwing Duck

The far left hand edge of the cliff. Essentially a one sequence wonder with a tricky V4/V5 boulder problem crux in the middle. Clip the first bolt on "How Much is a Duck Worth" then move left and follow the line of bolts with increasing difficulty to the anchors.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2013

FA: Gene Gill, 2013

25 Sport 15m, 8
2 How Much Is A Duck Worth

Scarily loose, should probably finish under the roof.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

17 Sport 15m
3 Rabbit Season, Duck Season

Another nice warm up for Duck Wall.

Set 2015

FA: @vionayoung, 2015

16 Sport 12m, 7
4 Cygnet

Links Gosling into HMiaDW via the obvious leftward continuation and a few interesting moves in the middle. Climbs well.

FA: LinkUp - Paul Thomson, Jason Lammers, 2013

19 Sport 18m
5 Gosling

Left of 'Duckling'

FA: Jason Lammers and Paul Thomson, 2013

18 Sport 12m, 4
6 Duckling

Direct line, right of Gosling.

FA: Jason Lammers and Paul Thomson, 2013

Set by @bundybear,@wades, 3rd Jan

20 Sport 12m, 4
7 ** Duck Tits

Left of Out For A Duck. Nice wall climbing with a fun juggy finish.

FA: Jason Lammers and Tara Mylan, 9th Jan

21 Sport 16m
8 Out For A Duck

Nice face to steeper hard glued up finish.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

23 Sport 15m
9 * Barbara Streisand

Start just left of Pluck a Duck. Bouldery start then wanders right and left. Finishes on the white bulge after the first roof.

FA: @wades,Leah Zerbes, 2015

Set by @wades, 2015

22 Sport 15m, 9
10 *** Pluck-a-Duck

Superb wall and steep headwall, the last mantle move could be a heart breaker. One of the best 24's at Bell !!

FA: Andrew Duckworth, 2011

24 Sport 15m, 10
11 *** Duck Walk

Sustained and thin technical climbing, one of the best 26's at bell. This route is the full package and should be on your too do list.

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2011

26 Sport 18m
12 ** Quack Attack

The crimpy thin test piece of duck wall, wait for a cool day to try this one. Used to be 28 and is harder if you're short.

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2010

27 Sport 15m
13 * Scrooge McDuck

Start up Daffy (22) until back on the jugs after the thin leftward traverse crux, then follow line of bolts immediately leftwards through steepness and with increasing difficulty, finish back right with a tricky move on the headwall.

FFA: Paul Thomson, 2013

23 Sport 25m
14 ** Daffy

Keeps going above the ledge up the little headwall. Good sustained climbing and steeper then it looks.

FA: Ben Lane, 2012

22 Sport 20m
15 Pekin Duck

Links the start of Daffy just before the crux into the top of Lucky Duck via the corner ramp. No extra bolts so expect to hold on tight.

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2014

20 Sport
16 * Lucky Duck

The obvious seam to steepness. A few different ways to do the crux, directly up the seam is the 22 version.

Set by Jason Lammers, 2013

FA: Jason Lammers, 2013

22 Sport 15m, 7

1.7. Sunnyside 22 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.297011, -33.535119


The main wall you see as you walk in also one of the most popular walls at Bell, perfect for a sunny winter day or summer morning.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Steve's New route

Steve G's new rig. Starts just left of Seamstress then a big leftward swing and finish up easier head wall. Thin and technical.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2015

28 Sport 25m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 ** Seamstress-Less

As for Seamstress to the ledge and through its crux then out left via pockets and crimps..

Good fun if your bored of Seamstress.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2015

22 Sport 22m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
3 *** Seamstress

The first climb on the Sunnyside and one of the best. Popular with lots of bolts. Starts up the obvious right leaning, shallow corner.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2010

22 Sport 22m, 10
4 ** Seamstress Direct

Boulder up the steep seam on gastons and very poor feet. Direct start to the 22 Seamstress. Has been upgraded to 27 on 8a.nu, you be the judge..

Set by @benjenga

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2011

26 Sport 20m
5 * An Angel Walks By

Up the short crack, then pumpy slopers to a couple of moves over the roof. Longer than you might think - be sure to take enough draws.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

23 Sport 23m, 13
6 Another new route.

Start up Searching For The Light for the first 4/5 bolts then go direct for a quick boulder. Continue above the mini ledge to a new anchor.

24 Sport
7 ** Searching for the Light

This line provides a popular jug haul through scoops and now has a completely new finish... Now instead to going back right continue straight up to a new high anchor.. May be nicer the just break right to the higher of the 24's anchors.

Its all a little confusing up there at the moment..

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

23 Sport 24m, 14
8 * Searching for the Light Extension

The second half is also very worthwhile, with an intriguing crimpy sequence requiring good footwork,followed by a small rooflet

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

26 Sport 30m, 14
9 ** Troc de l’Ile

Climbs to the half-way ledge via some huge pockets and a couple of not so huge crimps. Can be used as an alternative start to Searching for the Light Extension

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

24 Sport 15m, 7
10 When the Spirits are Calling

Much more difficult than it looks, with unexpected and unusual moves. The rock is a bit crunchy.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

21 Sport 15m, 8
11 ** The Dreaming Void

Great 24 to ledge, then the L-facing little corner above, all the way to the highest roof. Pumpy as!

25 Sport 29m, 12
12 ** Parallax Error

Stick clip first and perhaps the second bolt as well, A couple tricky clips.

Boulder out the hard start then a couple of big moves lead you up to the crux through bulge and up onto the face to join onto The Dreaming Void. Long and fun.

FFA: Thom Samuels, 2012

27 Sport 30m, 12
13 A Rover in Time

Trends L, with a few bits of blocky boomy rock but apparently it's all solid ... now.

24 Sport 15m, 10
14 * A Rover in Time Extension

A satisfying line that goes all the way to the top of the cliff. Desperate 27 if you’re short, but more like 25 if you’re tall, so we’ve given it 26 as an average.

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

26 Sport 30m, 16
15 *** House of Suns

An easy start provides access to the magnificent second half. Move slightly left at the last bolt before finishing directly up to the anchors. The upper half looks amazing.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

30 Sport 25m, 11
16 *** The Reality Dysfunction

Ultra classic. Mostly superb jugs to a rest just before the redpoint crux right at the end. Take a ticket!

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2010

25 Sport 20m, 12
17 *** Realized Ultimate Reality Linkup

This great linkup provides an easier approach to the high inviting corner/arete of La Realite N’Existe Pas. Pumpy for the grade.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2011

26 Sport 20m, 11
18 *** La Realite N’Existe Pas

The first route to be bolted on this section of wall. Heads left after the 4th bolt and then up to a bouldery crux on the lip of the roof to gain the high corner/arete.

FFA: Steve Grkovic

28 Sport 22m, 10
19 *** Event Horizon

Another ultra classic. Steep pumper with many quality boulder problems split by good rest jugs. A very unique crux.

Start up the first 4 bolts of LRNP and keep on heading up.

FFA: Steve Grkovic

27 Sport 22m, 10
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
20 Quel Bordel

Interesting steep climbing with a bit of crap rock at the bottom. Shares the same first two bolts with YOTSB.

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2013

24 Sport 20m, 11
21 Year of the Sun Bear

Awkward corner to ledge. Watch for ledgefalls for the first few bolts off the ledge.

FFA: Steve Grkovic

25 Sport 20m, 10
22 ** Accretion

The blunt arete at the far R of Sunnyside Main Wall. Amazingly overhanging and exposed, but consisting of easy, well protected climbing.

A grotty start up 5 fixed rungs guards this gem. Easily up rungs (clip a draw to the rungs if concerned), then up past 2 bolts to original belay ledge (optional belay stance here). Continue up and left on obvious jugs past 4 bolts to below roof. Up and vaguely right following line of least resistance past 3 more bolts, then back left onto good orange rock and up to anchor below massive roof. A 60m rope MIGHT just reach on stretch (tie a knot in the end), or if not, lower to belay ledge and re-thread from there.

It is possible to continue up past the roof to anchors at the clifftop via 3 more bolts (making a giant 45m pitch). The last 10m or so is average climbing but in a great position. To escape, you need to re-thread on lower-off back under the roof, or climb on 2 ropes and rap.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

FA: Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

21 Sport 35m, 15

1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall 5 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.296690, -33.535818


Right of Sunnyside generally has easier, more vertical climbing and features a couple of long single pitch routes. It is not protected from the rain and is also very exposed to winds blowing up the canyon.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

There is a second set off lower offs at 20m for the next 2 routes. Make sure you rethread if you dont have a 70m rope.

1 ** Avenue Jean Jaures

All the way to the top with intimidating and hard moves off the ledge at 8m and again at the lip of the roof.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2010

23 Sport 35m
2 Little Dick Street

Long !!. Has 1st set of lower offs about 2/3s of the way - stop here unless you have a 70m rope.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2010

21 Sport 35m
3 * La Femme Flic

The best of the trio here. Bit easier than its neighbour

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2010

20 Sport 20m
4 Slip, Snap, Splash.

The climb name came about after a bit of an accident on the access waterfall. Climb the spaced U bolts to gain the slab and then climb the left hand line. Cruisy climb up this nice wall with a coupe tricky moves.

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2012

18 Sport 30m, 15
5 Fly Fury

start as for slip snap splash for the first 3 bolts an then trend right and up an orange streak. long sling recommended on the 2nd bolt in traverse.

FA: Jay Trent, 2012

19 Sport 30m

1.9. Treble Clef 11 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.296732, -33.536659


Features several very worthwhile climbs that are either short, or longer but broken up into short sections separated by good rests.


Reached by walking 5 minutes further along the track that passes under the base of Jean Jaurès Wall. When you get to the end of the rock platform, head up the slabs, then follow the track across the normally dry stream and up the slope, where you will arrive at the right end of the main Treble Clef wall (under Little Black Duress). Morning shade.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Yo Ho Sebastian!

Long juggy climb with overhung start. Start left of waterfall, about 20m left of the main Treble Clef all. Take lots of quickdraws - maybe 12+.

FFA: megan turnbull, 2012

20 Sport 30m
2 * Bob's Your Uncle

Short left facing corner on left end of wall. Lovely rock.

FFA: Martin Pircher, 2011

21 Sport 12m
3 * Trawling for trilobytes

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

27 Sport 20m
4 project

Set by lloyd wishart

Sport Project
5 * Tri as you might

middle of the wall. hardest near the start but keeps coming.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

25 Sport 18m
6 ** Tryptych

3 parts to this climb to test the all rounder

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

26 Sport 18m
7 ** Waterfool

right end of crag on the orange rock

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

28 Sport 15m
8 ** Little Black Duress

on the black rock with 3 boulder problems.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27 Sport 10m
9 ** Jelly Belly

start 10m right of L.B.D. Up the wall and flake feature to crux dyno. This used to be grade 21 but a key hold snapped off the end so now it's harder.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

22 Sport 15m
10 * Bellicose Nose

do the direct start (or not) and then up the blunt arete

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

26 Sport 15m
11 * Hell's bells

middle of wall past the arête (B.N.)

Set by lloyd wishart

FA: 2015

26 Sport 14m, 8

1.10. The Devils Circus 17 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295930, -33.537242


A cave that has some great steep climbing, with a couple of less steep routes on the left. An excellent destination in its own right, in particular for the 27 Mr Redeemer, an absolute must do!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 PHM3

Short, ugly looking route on the left end of the cave. Actually climbs quite well. Very well bolted!

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

24 Sport 10m, 6
2 Name Pending...

Megan has sent this after a long term siege. 27/28? Still waiting for the name and grade.

FFA: Megan Turnbull.

Set by Megan Turnbull.

28 Sport
3 New Climb??

A new line that finishes as for circle of doom, no details known??

26 Sport
4 ** Circle of Doom

Awesome climb of mixed styles.Can seep after long periods of rain.

FFA: Megan Turnbull, 2009

26 Sport 15m, 8
5 ** The Dark Hour of Reason

R of COD. A sustained and crimpy start then easier head wall on amazing rock. Soft tick at the grade but good climbing.

FFA: megan turnbull, 2009

27 Sport 15m, 8
6 * Cavern Fever

Right of TDHOR. Hard start if you are short but nice after that. Grade 26 if you are tall?

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

27 Sport 18m
7 Gods Forgotten Brother

Unfortunately a very difficult start has to be contended with before you can enjoy the fun and sustained climbing through the roof and up the attractive headwall.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2010

28 Sport 20m, 8
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
8 * Perch, Search and Lurch

Starts from the stone pyramid at the back of the cave. Generally steep and pumpy climbing, but with a very hard sequence off the halfway ledge, aptly named.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

28 Sport 18m, 11
9 Fast Forward the Future

Shares the same first bolt as Perch, Search, Lurch, then right to underclings in the ceiling and a crux sequence that has repelled many. Great steep climbing to the anchors. May be an easy tick if you are adept at toe-hooks or unusually tall.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2011

31 Sport 17m, 8
10 Victim of Imagination

The direct start to FFTF. The twin underclings in the roof look V11...

Set by Steve Grkovic

Sport Project 17m, 8
11 *** Mr Redeemer

Steep and ultra sustained roof climbing with long moves. One of the most immaculate roof climbs in the Blueys.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2009

27 Sport 18m, 10
12 Epsilon Asylum

Find a long stick, then tackle the hard start, keeping something back for the crux on the headwall.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2009

27 Sport 18m, 10
13 ** Zodiac Youth

Good all the way, with a hard start and finish. Once you have a draw on the last bolt, most people find it easier to skip the awkwardly placed 2nd to last bolt. Can be linked into the top of SBA to give an easier finish (about 27-if you can get off the ground).

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

29 Sport 18m
14 *** Space Between Atoms

A popular and sustained climb with good moves. Twin side pulls in the top half.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

30 Sport 16m, 8
15 ** La Nina

A long move at the second bolt, then superb climbing to a bouldery crux. Be prepared to get frustrated if you are trying this one during a La Niña weather pattern.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

29 Sport 15m, 7
16 * Justifiable Actions

Short, with a bouldery mid-height crux and potential to fall off the finish.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2012

26 Sport 10m, 6
17 ** Random and Unusual Fusion

Shares the same anchor as JA. A sustained and fun route: yes, you can get pumped in just 10m!

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

26 Sport 12m, 6

1.11. The Outpost 7 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.293642, -33.537235


The furthest wall on Sunnyside.


About 10 min walk from Sunnyside proper - stay high and follow the cliffline.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Pouty Mouth

start as for S.W.C. and trend left and up through steepness on jugs. Or walk to ledge and start at 2nd bolt

FA: lloyd wishart, 2015

24 Sport 15m, 9
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
2 * Snout with Clout

A steep and pumpy climb that is better than it looks, although it might need a brush in places after rain. The finish can be a little intimidating the first time.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

24 Sport 18m, 9
3 * Spouting Outing

Shared Start. Hard move at the 2nd bolt leads to a nice mid height crux on good rock, then join Snout With Clout at its last bolt.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

27 Sport 15m, 8
4 ** Krout Kream

Shared start. If you are cursed with damp and clammy skin, either use the secret German potion (Antihydral cream) or wait for a cold day to tackle a steep first half that leads to a thin crux on the headwall.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

30 Sport 15m, 8
5 *** Code Brown

In public service parlance, an ‘outside emergency’. Shared start then low and right before heading up the steepness. Steep and sustained on generally good holds. To avoid drag, clip the rightmost of the 3 third bolts.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

29 Sport 18m, 8
6 * Grouted Trout

A long way R of the previous routes on orange slabby wall. Thin and difficult first half with a hard clip, then a pleasant slab.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

23 Sport 18m, 8
7 * Crouton Ragout

Right side of the slabby wall. A hard move at the start, then a sustained top half

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

23 Sport 20m, 8

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
15 Clag Sport 15m 1.4. The Blowhole
16 * Blow Dry Sport 15m 1.4. The Blowhole
* Blow Me Sport 16m 1.4. The Blowhole
Kwik Grip Sport 15m 1.4. The Blowhole
Rabbit Season, Duck Season Sport 12m, 7 1.6. Duck Wall
17 * Aquadhere Sport 15m 1.4. The Blowhole
Louie Gets The Blow Sport 14m, 5 1.4. The Blowhole
How Much Is A Duck Worth Sport 15m 1.6. Duck Wall
18 Blow Fly Sport 15m, 8 1.4. The Blowhole
Gosling Sport 12m, 4 1.6. Duck Wall
Slip, Snap, Splash. Sport 30m, 15 1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
19 Belayers Root Sport 14m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Aquadhere - Extended Sport 20m 1.4. The Blowhole
Cygnet Sport 18m 1.6. Duck Wall
Fly Fury Sport 30m 1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
20 Araldite Sport 20m 1.4. The Blowhole
Duckling Sport 12m, 4 1.6. Duck Wall
Pekin Duck Sport 1.6. Duck Wall
* La Femme Flic Sport 20m 1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
Yo Ho Sebastian! Sport 30m 1.9. Treble Clef
21 Cock Blocker Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Jigger Jeff (to the ledge) Sport 14m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Jingle Bells Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Who the Fuck is Keith Sport 15m, 8 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Perkins Paste Sport 20m 1.4. The Blowhole
** Duck Tits Sport 16m 1.6. Duck Wall
** Accretion Sport 35m, 15 1.7. Sunnyside
When the Spirits are Calling Sport 15m, 8 1.7. Sunnyside
Little Dick Street Sport 35m 1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
* Bob's Your Uncle Sport 12m 1.9. Treble Clef
22 Bell End Direct Sport 16m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Rocky Road Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Three Hour Commute Sport 17m, 7 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Train Travel Sport 16m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Blow Sport 10m, 7 1.4. The Blowhole
** Blow Over Sport 20m 1.4. The Blowhole
Kiama Sport 20m 1.4. The Blowhole
** Plumtastic Sport 16m 1.5. Fox Hole
* Barbara Streisand Sport 15m, 9 1.6. Duck Wall
** Daffy Sport 20m 1.6. Duck Wall
* Lucky Duck Sport 15m, 7 1.6. Duck Wall
*** Seamstress Sport 22m, 10 1.7. Sunnyside
** Seamstress-Less Sport 22m 1.7. Sunnyside
** Jelly Belly Sport 15m 1.9. Treble Clef
23 Boysenberry Ripple Sport 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Bronze Bell Sport 18m, 9 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Jigger Jeff Sport 17m, 10 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Truffle Shuffle Sport 15m, 12 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Destined for Grayness Sport 12m, 5 1.3. Departures (Upper)
For Flake's sake Sport 14m 1.3. Departures (Upper)
Freeway Sport 16m, 7 1.3. Departures (Upper)
Welcome Alex Top rope 14m, 7 1.3. Departures (Upper)
Whistle Blower Sport 18m, 11 1.4. The Blowhole
** Mango Chutney Sport 16m 1.5. Fox Hole
Out For A Duck Sport 15m 1.6. Duck Wall
* Scrooge McDuck Sport 25m 1.6. Duck Wall
* An Angel Walks By Sport 23m, 13 1.7. Sunnyside
** Searching for the Light Sport 24m, 14 1.7. Sunnyside
** Avenue Jean Jaures Sport 35m 1.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
* Crouton Ragout Sport 20m, 8 1.11. The Outpost
* Grouted Trout Sport 18m, 8 1.11. The Outpost
24 Bell End Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* GoGo Juice Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
I Don't Climb I Wobble Sport 15m, 8 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Insidious Sport 12m, 7 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Rhubarb Crumble Sport 15m, 7 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Snappy Dresser Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Ten No Trumps Sport 16m, 7 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Thunderbolts and Lightning Sport 15m, 6 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
*** Wet Paint Sport 16m, 6 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
#Ledge life Sport 18m 1.3. Departures (Upper)
* Fridge Lifting Sport 14m, 7 1.3. Departures (Upper)
Impatient Transport Sport 12m, 6 1.3. Departures (Upper)
*** Blowtorch Sport 18m, 10 1.4. The Blowhole
** Body Blow Sport 12m, 6 1.4. The Blowhole
* Thar She Blows Sport 14m, 7 1.4. The Blowhole
** Up. Sport 18m 1.4. The Blowhole
* Just Peachy Sport 15m 1.5. Fox Hole
* The Apricot Slot Sport 14m, 9 1.5. Fox Hole
*** Pluck-a-Duck Sport 15m, 10 1.6. Duck Wall
A Rover in Time Sport 15m, 10 1.7. Sunnyside
Another new route. Sport 1.7. Sunnyside
Quel Bordel Sport 20m, 11 1.7. Sunnyside
** Troc de l’Ile Sport 15m, 7 1.7. Sunnyside
PHM3 Sport 10m, 6 1.10. The Devils Circus
** Pouty Mouth Sport 15m, 9 1.11. The Outpost
* Snout with Clout Sport 18m, 9 1.11. The Outpost
25 * Beresford Sport 17m, 8 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Caught in the .. Sport 12m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Dirty 30 Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Paddle Steamer Sport 13m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
*** Paint God Sport 20m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Feisty Phasmid Sport 15m, 8 1.3. Departures (Upper)
** Holelipstick Hippy Sport 16m 1.4. The Blowhole
Darkwing Duck Sport 15m, 8 1.6. Duck Wall
** The Dreaming Void Sport 29m, 12 1.7. Sunnyside
*** The Reality Dysfunction Sport 20m, 12 1.7. Sunnyside
Year of the Sun Bear Sport 20m, 10 1.7. Sunnyside
* Tri as you might Sport 18m 1.9. Treble Clef
26 Windscreen Viper Sport 10m 1.1. Control Room
** Caramel Sluice Sport 22m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
*** Cavity Search Sport 20m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Crumple Zone Sport 8m, 6 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
*** Does My Bum Look Big On This? Sport 12m, 6 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Games without Frontiers Sport 15m, 8 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Lovable Rogue Sport 14m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Three Hour Commute Direct Sport 17m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Brixton Jamm Sport 15m, 10 1.3. Departures (Upper)
*** Duck Walk Sport 18m 1.6. Duck Wall
* A Rover in Time Extension Sport 30m, 16 1.7. Sunnyside
*** Realized Ultimate Reality Linkup Sport 20m, 11 1.7. Sunnyside
** Seamstress Direct Sport 20m 1.7. Sunnyside
* Searching for the Light Extension Sport 30m, 14 1.7. Sunnyside
* Bellicose Nose Sport 15m 1.9. Treble Clef
* Hell's bells Sport 14m, 8 1.9. Treble Clef
** Tryptych Sport 18m 1.9. Treble Clef
** Circle of Doom Sport 15m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus
* Justifiable Actions Sport 10m, 6 1.10. The Devils Circus
New Climb?? Sport 1.10. The Devils Circus
** Random and Unusual Fusion Sport 12m, 6 1.10. The Devils Circus
27 Sleet of Your Pants Sport 10m 1.1. Control Room
*** Autophagocytosis Sport 20m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Ms.G's Cheeseburger Springroll Sport 15m, 8 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Lofty Lungfish Sport 16m, 9 1.3. Departures (Upper)
*** Spent Force Sport 20m 1.3. Departures (Upper)
* Bloated Blowfish Sport 14m, 9 1.4. The Blowhole
** Quack Attack Sport 15m 1.6. Duck Wall
*** Event Horizon Sport 22m, 10 1.7. Sunnyside
** Parallax Error Sport 30m, 12 1.7. Sunnyside
** Little Black Duress Sport 10m 1.9. Treble Clef
* Trawling for trilobytes Sport 20m 1.9. Treble Clef
* Cavern Fever Sport 18m 1.10. The Devils Circus
Epsilon Asylum Sport 18m, 10 1.10. The Devils Circus
*** Mr Redeemer Sport 18m, 10 1.10. The Devils Circus
** The Dark Hour of Reason Sport 15m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus
* Spouting Outing Sport 15m, 8 1.11. The Outpost
28 Apple Pie Sport 22m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* Hop, Skip, Slump Sport 15m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Yes Sport 12m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
** Gushing Gargoyles Sport 16m, 10 1.3. Departures (Upper)
* Hokonui Henchman Sport 18m, 17 1.3. Departures (Upper)
* Blowpipe Blast Sport 14m, 9 1.4. The Blowhole
*** La Realite N’Existe Pas Sport 22m, 10 1.7. Sunnyside
* Steve's New route Sport 25m 1.7. Sunnyside
** Waterfool Sport 15m 1.9. Treble Clef
Gods Forgotten Brother Sport 20m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus
Name Pending... Sport 1.10. The Devils Circus
* Perch, Search and Lurch Sport 18m, 11 1.10. The Devils Circus
29 * Grave Rat Sport 25m, 11 1.3. Departures (Upper)
The Gift Sport 16m, 11 1.3. Departures (Upper)
** La Nina Sport 15m, 7 1.10. The Devils Circus
** Zodiac Youth Sport 18m 1.10. The Devils Circus
*** Code Brown Sport 18m, 8 1.11. The Outpost
30 *** Radical Departures Sport 20m, 9 1.3. Departures (Upper)
*** House of Suns Sport 25m, 11 1.7. Sunnyside
*** Space Between Atoms Sport 16m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus
** Krout Kream Sport 15m, 8 1.11. The Outpost
31 ** Church Mouse Sport 25m 1.3. Departures (Upper)
Fast Forward the Future Sport 17m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus
? ** The Un~Bell Leaveable Trad Corner Crack Trad Project 17m 1.2. Arrivals (Lower)
Project Steve Sport Project 22m, 12 1.3. Departures (Upper)
PROJECT1 Sport Project 12m, 8 1.4. The Blowhole
project Sport Project 1.9. Treble Clef
Victim of Imagination Sport Project 17m, 8 1.10. The Devils Circus