Topo #3305 - The Colliery Map

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Area Type
1 Access Gully Area

The narrow gully constriction you pass through when approaching the The Colliery.

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2 North Cliffs

The cliffs North of the Access Gully to The Colliery. Commencing approximately 80m past the Access Gully Area (to the right/North) with Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology (wafer thin flake to off-width).

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3 South Cliffs

The cliffs South of the Access Gully to the Colliery. Commencing approximately 75m past the Access Gully Area (to the South/Left) at the obvious steep crack FIFO Hooker, and continuing for a few hundred metres.

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4 Far North Cliffs

The Cliffs at the Northermost end of the crag. Visible from the climbs at the North Cliffs.

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4.1 The Shark's Fin

A prominent free standing fin of rock, right in the corner where the North Cliffs end, and the Far North Cliffs begin. Approximately 35m high at its highest face (and 12m high at its lowest). A fixed rope has been left in-place on the back (lowest) point of the Fin, to allow easy access to the anchors at its summit.

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