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Table of contents

1. Bell's Line of Road 1,043 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.367565, -33.462985

Access Issues: inherited from Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a World Heritage listed area. The Grose Valley, the cliffs around Katoomba and much of the Narrow Neck peninsula are part of the Blue Mountains National Park which is managed by the NPWS. The Western Escarpment - where most of the climbing is - is Crown Land managed by the BMCC. While the NPWS Plan of Management nominates several locations in the National Park where rock climbing is deemed appropriate, the majority of the climbing remains unacknowledged. To maintain access our best approach is to 'Respect Native Habitat, Tread Softly and Leave No Trace'.

Ethic: inherited from Blue Mountains

Although sport climbing is well intrenched as the most popular form of Bluies climbing, mixed-climbing on gear and bolts has generally been the rule over the long term. Please try to use available natural gear where possible, and do not bolt cracks or potential trad climbs.

Because of the softness of Blue Mountains sandstone, bolting should only be done by those with a solid knowledge of glue-in equipping. A recent fatality serves as a reminder that this is not an area to experiment with bolting.

If you do need to top rope, please do it through your own gear as the wear on the anchors is both difficult and expensive to maintain.

It would be appreciated if brushing of holds becomes part of your climbing routine - do it with a soft bristled brush and never a steel brush!

The removal of vegetation - both from the cliff bases and the climbs - is not seen as beneficial to aesthetics of the environment nor to our access to it. However, the fast growing scrub can conceal walking tracks in mere months, so bringing a pair of secaturs and pruning as you walk is a good way of helping out with the constant task of track maintenance. Some appropriately discreet pruning is a far better alternative then track braiding (which causes far more damage). Its also a good warmup for your forearms!

1.1. Bowens Creek 94 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.369807, -33.543827

Unique Features And Strengths:© (mjw)

The best winter crag in the Blueys, with tonnes of routes which bask in the sunshine from about 9am onwards and are well protected from wind and rain.

Description:© (mjw)

Enjoyable, healthy and strenuous day out. A winter wonderland. The most comprehensive sport crag in the region. Steep well-protected, and hard routes, in a wilderness area. Unfortunately the developers mostly used 8mm ringbolts with minimal recessing and the state of the bolts now leaves something to be desired. Check the bolts carefully and make your own decision about whether to do the route. Better yet, pitch in and do some rebolting, it's going to need a group effort.

Access Issues:© (mjw)

This crag is in a National Park. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED, simple as that. Dog owners are asked NOT to stuff things up for the rest of us; so just don't bring your dog. Camping also is not allowed.

Approach:© (mjw)

For Main Wall and Bull Crag the best approach is to follow the firetrail all the way to the end and descend underneath the powerlines. For all other areas it's quicker to turn left off the firetrail after about 25 minutes, at a cairn. However this path is getting quite overgrown, please bring your secaturs for some discreet pruning (yes it is a National Park but in practice Parks prefer to have one well-defined trail, rather than have trail-braiding occur which trashes more of the bush).

1.1.1. Bull Crag 10 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.373809, -33.540704

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Something for Kate

FA: Kate and Nate

17Sport 22m
2 * Bull Dozer

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

20Sport 20m
3 * Zulu Dawn

FA: T.Mayer, 2000

22Sport 25m
4 ** Walter Mitty

FA: A.Duckworth, 1999

19Sport 24m
5 Daydream Believer

FA: A.Duckworth, 1999

20Sport 24m
6 * Bulls Eye / Unknown

Bouldery start past first two rings. Up and out through roof, next bolt diagonally right (careful not to link onto DB after roof).

Up easy ground to lower offs. a little runout in some places if this is your grade.

careful with rope length.

Start: 3m right of DB.

FA: Nathan Bolton, 2008

20Sport 26m
7 * Born to be Wild

Left hand route off the ledge. Shared start with RB.

FA: T.Mayer, 2001

24Sport 18m
8 ** Red Bull

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

25Sport 18m
9 ** Bull Roarer

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

27Sport 20m
10 * Rutting Season

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

27Sport 15m

1.1.2. Main Wall Left 15 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.372113, -33.543176

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Mutton Poacher

Far left hand route.

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

21Sport 12m
2 Dial a Dyno

FA: M.Pircher, 1998

21Sport 7m
3 Nowra

FA: M.Pircher, 1998

21Sport 7m
4 The Tea-Ladies from NATO

FA: M.Pircher, 1998

23Sport 15m
5 ** Mr Pink

Great climbing.

FA: K.McKenzie, 1997

21Sport 15m
6 * Almost Almost

FA: F.Yule, 1997

26Sport 15m
7 * Bustin Dustin

FA: M.Wilson, 1997

22Sport 15m
8 Bustin the gate 22Unknown 20m
9 * Shut the Gate

FA: C.Hale, 1997

22Sport 15m
10 ** Fuel My Fire

The steep headwall above StG. A good climb that packs a lot of climbing into such a short distance. You will need to extend a couple of the draws on StG and most of the draws on FmF in order to reduce the rope drag. Both hands over the top to claim victory.

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

27Sport 12m
11 Pretty Fly

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

25Sport 12m
12 * Kraut Pleaser

Best warm up here.

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

20Sport 15m
13 The Brute from the Balkans

Left hand varient of the BfO.

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

28Sport 30m
14 *** The Boy From Oz

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

26Sport 20m
15 * Fox Force Five

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

24Sport 15m

1.1.3. Main Wall Centre 17 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.371753, -33.543487

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Hoofmeister Blue

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

28Sport 20m
2 ** Navel Aviator

The bolts are not great but there's plenty extra.

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

27Sport 20m
3 *** Lloyd of the Rings

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

27Sport 25m
4 *** 97% Fat-Free

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO REBOLTING. The horribly loose second bolt was replaced August 2013, and the third bolt a few years earlier, but bolts 1, 4 and 5 are the originals so probably also suspect. The death clip-n-go biners on the anchors have been removed.

FA: J.Clark, 1997

25Sport 20m
5 Fat free extension Project (Justin) / Project

Continuation of FF.

FA: Justin, 2000

6 ** The Cripple Pitch

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

26Sport 20m
7 ** Full Cream

Start up TCP then left at big jug shared by FF.

FA: S.Grkovic, 2001

30Sport 25m
8 ** The Blonde Gift

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

25Sport 20m
9 Broken Blonde Gift

since the crux hold further disintegrated pull on the draw......

23 A0Sport 25m
10 * Cup Cake

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

27Sport 27m
11 *** Beef Cake

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

25Sport 27m
12 ** Itinerate Immigrants

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

24Sport 25m
13 ** Wish It Was Hard

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

26Sport 25m
14 ** Almost

FA: F.Yule, 1997

26Sport 25m
15 ** Visibly Aroused

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

25Sport 20m
16 ** The Big Bang Is On

Start from the ground!

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

26Sport 25m
17 ** Feeling Clucky Bitch?

Start from the ground!

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

25Sport 25m

1.1.4. Main Wall Right 5 routes in Cliff

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.371156, -33.543718

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Baboon Banquet!! / Project (Steve)

boulder problem start, to rightward traverse, then radical wall of exciting gymnastic moves lead to a fiesty finish!! classic!!!

Start: begin off the pile of rocks above the ledge Left of chimp chowder.

FA: vince day, 2006

33Sport 16m
2 ** Chimp Chowder

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

26Sport 15m
3 * Legendary Stuff

The seam.

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

28Sport 15m
4 Project (Martin) projectUnknown
5 Ape Drape 24Unknown 15m

1.1.5. Bum Crag 14 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.369477, -33.543957


The orange slab between Main Wall and Shopping Crag, capped by a big roof.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Bums Away

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

26Sport 15m
2 * Bum Crack

Up crack with good gear, traverse through roof and meet lowers off on 'Lard Arse'. Second to clean.

Start: In corner between BA and LA

FA: Zack Wasson? No no no, this (shit) route was done in the 90s, as mentioned in the old Pircher/Carter guides., 2009

16Trad 18m
3 Number 51

The corner on the L end of the Bum Wall slab - alluded to in Pircher/Carter guide. Trad gear. Nice move round the little roof (13), then place high gear for the crux traverse R to the DRB on Lard Arse.

FA: Will Monks, Greg Andrews, 1999

16Trad 18m
4 Lard Arse

The left hand route on the slab.

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

19Sport 15m
5 ** Sludge Bottom

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

21Sport 15m
6 Icky Bum

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

20Sport 18m
7 Trouser Snake

FA: F.Leese, 2001

23Sport 15m
8 * Underpants Jousting

FA: L.Wishart, 2001

22Sport 12m
9 ** Cody's Crystals

FA: lloyd w

25Sport 12m
10 Lloaded Scrotum

FA: L.Wishart, 2001

24Sport 12m
11 Nasty When Cornered

FA: S.Cody, 1999

18Sport 10m
12 * Chastity Bolt

FA: A.Aardema,M.Brueren, 2001

21Sport 12m
13 Bitter Harvest

FA: S.Cody, 1999

20Sport 12m
14 Spawn of Sean

FA: lloyd w

24Sport 12m

1.1.6. Shopping Wall 13 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.367694, -33.545147

Description:© (mjw)

The left side of this crag gets sun an hour earlier than the Main Wall warmups, so the 23s & 24s here might be a better option for warming up if its too cold in the shade when you arrive.

Approach:© (mjw)

The first area you come to if taking the cairned track on the left of the fire trail 25mins from the steel gate.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Five Fingered Discount

Far left climb.

FA: F.Leese, 1999

24Sport 11m
2 * Ram Raid

FA: S.Cody, 1999

24Sport 12m
3 ** Window Shopping

FA: F.Leese, 1999

23Sport 12m
4 * Shopping Spree

FA: F.Leese, 1999

23Sport 13m
5 * Retail Therapy

Shares start with SS.

FA: F.Leese, 1999

24Sport 14m
6 ** Predatory Pricing

FA: L.Wishart, 2001

25Sport 15m
7 ** Plastic Surgery Boutique

2-3m L of the arete.

FA: S.Grkovic, 2001

27Sport 15m
8 ** Short Changed

Climbs THE arete, on the left side.

FA: F.Leese, 1999

25Sport 15m
9 * Transaction Declined

3m R of the arete.

FA: S.Grkovic, 2001

26Sport 15m
10 ** Express Checkout

About 6m R of the arete, up the R side of the somewhat chossy-looking patchy white rock.

FA: F.Leese, 1999

23Sport 13m
11 * No Refunds

The seam 3m L of HYC.

FA: F.Leese, 2001

25Sport 15m
12 * Half Yearly Clearance

The deepest groove in this wall, about 10m R of the arete. The burly heel-hook mantle start onto the shelf might not be the best warmup. It can seep a bit, but the climbing is good and it has some of the most comfy megabuckets at Bowens.

FA: S.Cody, 1999

20Sport 11m
13 Line of Credit

Far right route.

FA: S.Cody, 1999

21Sport 12m

1.1.7. Aliens' Domain 20 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.365400, -33.545565

Approach:© (mjw)

Scramble down below 'Shopping Wall', then left (facing out)until you come to the Tyrollian. Cross the creek, then up to cliffline. Head around to the right (facing in) along the broken cliff line until you come to the Wall. One hour walk from car to crag.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 First Contact

FA: M.Turnbull, 1999

23Sport 15m
2 * Superior Species

FA: M.Turnbull, 1999

23Sport 15m
3 ** It Came From Outta Uranus

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

25Sport 15m
4 * The Alien Spat Her Out

FA: M.Turnbull, 1999

26Sport 15m
5 * Primitive Life Form

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

25Sport 15m
6 ** Gastro Girl

FA: L.Wishart, 2000

27Sport 15m
7 ** The Alienateher

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

29Sport 15m
8 Bantha Fodder

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

24Sport 18m
9 Outer Space

Batman start!

FA: S.Bell, 2000

21Sport 15m
10 ** Austri-Alien

Batman start!

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

24Sport 23m
11 Orbital Decay

FA: S.Grkovic, 2000

28Sport 23m
12 Open Project projectUnknown
13 ** Visit Venus

FA: S.Grkovic, 2000

28Sport 20m
14 *** Pigs in Space

FA: S.Grkovic, 1999

30Sport 17m
15 *** Freak on a Leash

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

27Sport 15m
16 ** Interstellar Fella

FA: L.Wishart, 1999

26Sport 13m
17 * Swine Trek

FA: S.Grkovic, 2000

25Sport 12m
18 Mars Needs Women

FA: S.Grkovic, 2000

25Sport 12m
19 ** Inter Galactic Spastic 32Unknown 25m
20 Mission To Mars

FA: Monique Forestier


1.2. Pierces Pass 86 routes in Crag

Sport, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.338880, -33.576680

Description:© (secretary)

Massive Multi-Pitch Adventure

1.2.1. Pierces Pass West Side 11 routes in Crag

Trad, Unknown and Sport

Long/Lat: 150.329982, -33.572635

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Kryptonite Krack 23Unknown 28m
2 * Samson Gets a No 1 21Unknown 28m
3 * Wrath of Delilah 19Unknown 60m
4 *** Bladderhozen 23Sport 110m
5 ** Church of the Seven Samurai 22Trad 110m
6 Church of the seven samauri -pitches 1 and 2 20Trad 60m
7 * Mr Mac's Crack 21Trad 130m
8 * Kiss and Tell 22Trad 60m
9 * Tientel 21Trad 200m
10 ** Better Than Ben Hur 20Trad 160m
11 Horror Movie; It's the 6.30 News

FA: L Trihey, C Jackson, 2002

21Trad 150m

1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side 20 routes in Crag

Unknown, Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 150.334006, -33.572416

Description:© (aarond)

Down the Main Pierces Pass track

Approach:© (aarond)

Down the Main 'Pierces Pass' track.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Grasshopper

Free climb at 25

Start: Nice splitter crack on the big orange wall on the left near the bottom of 'Pierces Pass' track

FA: R Hentschke, J Welch, 2002

FFA: mikl law, 2008

25Trad 70m
2 Cicada-Grasshopper Linkup - Open Project

An obvious linkup of P3 of Cicada into the direct finish (Grasshopper) bypassing the middle and top cruxes of Cicada, but joining Grasshopper just before its top crux. Easier than the original Cicada finish. Requires a few cams.

From the belay at the end of P2 of Cicada, continue up as for Cicada P3 past 3 bolts (into the bright orange streak) out left. Continue up this (without traversing back right to Cicada's 4th bolt) to the anchors for Grasshopper.

Trad Project 20m
3 *** Cicada

Climbs a rad orange streak in this grey wall next to Grasshopper.

Start as for Pitch 1 of grasshopper.

P1 (18) 10m - Climb the short crack and flake system on gear to the belay anchors at the obvious ledge.

P2 (23) 25m - Start up Grasshopper P2 for a move or two (until you can clip the bolt out right), then step out right and follow the line of bolts up the face, getting progressively harder all the way to the anchors below the small rooflet. This pitch can be combined with the next pitch.

P3 (24) 20m - A great technical pitch, but a bit wandery in order to avoid retroing/climbing Grasshopper, while still trying to follow the easiest line. From the belay, climb right a move or two, then up reinforced flake system, and out left to re-attached hold in bright orange streak (crux). Up this for 2m past a bolt, then before reaching chossy monster jugs (where Grasshopper moves right of the crack) head back right to other orange streak (and bolt) via big flakes. Up this orange streak via some weird features to easier ground in grey rock. Step left a bit at horizontal break, then up through a final thin sequence to the anchors. The top half is easier if you go off route onto the top of Grasshopper (could be a future linkup).

Top out, or rap back to main belay ledge, and again to ground.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2013

Set by Paul Thomson, 2013

FA: 2013

FA: Paul Thomson, 2013

Set by Paul Thomson, 2013

FA: Paul Thomson, 2014

24Mixed 55m 3, 15
4 * Green Grocer (Cicada RHV) - OPEN PROJECT


"Easy traverse start into cruxy technical, thin, crimpy traversing, then 8m of pleasant thin face. Might be 24-25, but only for up to 4m or so" - Paul T

A technical line that avoids the strenuous climbing of Cicada P3 by replacing it with technical traversing.

From the belay at the end of Cicada P2, Climb right a move or two, clip first bolt on Cicada P3, then continue right to next bolt and up twin flake system. Clip this bolt, then up and trend right following bolts to orange streak left of arete. Up this to anchors on slab. 6 bolts + anchors on this pitch.

Top out and rap off above Grasshopper (or walk back up to Rigby Hill), or clean on lower off to belay at end of P2, and rap once to ground.

Set by P. Thomson, 2013

Sport Project 20m, 6
5 ** Cricket

A good long 2nd pitch of sustained technical face climbing. The 1st pitch is essentially a bolted boulder problem to gain the first ledge.

Pitch 1 (12m, 23/24) - Start at ground level in small cave right of the small corner (Grasshoppers' first pitch). Tricky start to gain roof, then around lip of roof (crux) and up easy slab to the anchors. The bolt just around the lip of the roof is hard to clip. Belay off ledge anchors below the start of Grasshopper/Cicada (extend using rope).

Pitch 2 (35m, 23/24) - A hard start. Jump start to okay hold, then tricky moves to gain better holds. Tricky mantle, then malevolent slab sequence to the next bolt. Easier climbing out right, up small corner, then up right side of "groove" system to massive detached block. Past this (easiest to hand traverse right), then thin face climbing all the way to the anchors at the top of the cliff.

Can JUST BARELY lower off to the lower ledge with a 70m rope (tie a knot in the end).

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

FFA: Paul Thomson, 2014

FFA: Paul Thomson, 2014

23Sport 50m 2, 18
6 Coghill New Route #1


Set by C Coghill

Sport Project 35m
7 Coghill New Route #2


Set by C Coghill

Unknown Project 35m
8 Bwardervan Dexter Route 21Unknown 27m
9 * The Colours of Spring


*Pitch 2 does NOT finish at the first set of chains, but instead goes up a short corner to the left, then back right under the roof to a set of carrot bolt anchors around the corner.

*After the recent bushfires, rapping off after P3 is no longer feasible (the rap tree is disintegrating), you must top out (P4) to escape this climb safely.

21Unknown 110m
10 ** By Hook or by Crook 22Unknown 55m
11 Fungous Face 19Unknown 66m
12 ** Larry 20Unknown 40m
13 ** Curly 21Unknown 50m
14 Moe 20Unknown 35m
15 Old Testament 15Unknown 250m
16 *** Smegadeath

All on carrots - 17 on the first pitch, including the belay.

23Sport 220m 6
17 * Skyrider 22Unknown 70m
18 ** Fret Arete 23Unknown 40m
19 ** Disco Biscuit 23Sport 250m
20 * Proteus

Easy to get lost

15Unknown 220m

1.2.3. Rigby Hill 2 routes in Crag

Trad and Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Check Ya Head

FA: G.Fairburn/S.Cambell, 2000

19Trad 23m
2 ** Born to be Mild

Climb the exposed arete

FA: G.Fairburn/S.Cambell, 2003

18Sport 23m

1.2.4. Walls Lookdown 9 routes in Area

Unknown and Sport

Long/Lat: 150.338776, -33.575716

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Jimmy Schlimm Schlammer 19Unknown 50m
2 * Crash Test Dummies 22Unknown 200m
3 * Yogaphobic 22Unknown 160m
4 * Voidophobia 21Unknown 240m
5 ** Super Trance 2000 23Sport 35m
6 ** Debris

Find the 2 rings 5 metres under the lookout near the tree. 13 draws and you may wish there was one more bolt.

FFA: mikl

23Sport 55m, 13
7 ** Disco Non-Stop Party

A truly amazing looking arête, perched above 150m of clean air. But reportedly a little fragile, and may be a couple of grades harder due to snappage.

25Unknown 40m
8 ** I Have a Dream

Chipped. 04/10/2014 - Replaced 2 manky bash-in carrots (with fixed hangers) with new rings. - P.T.

25Sport 50m
9 * Long Strong or Blond 22Unknown 130m

1.2.5. Lunch Ledge 28 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.342021, -33.578158

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Gob Smack

FA: Mikaela Thomson, 2009

FA: Mikaela Thomson, 2009

23Sport 12m
2 Jub Jub the Iguana

Start: Climbs the grey wall just right of the little cave. (There is now a new climb to the left of it on the arete above the cave.)

19Sport 15m
3 * Sideshow Bob

Start: Next line of ringbolts to the right, off a higher ledge.

20Sport 18m
4 * Heavy Chaffing 21Sport 18m
5 * A Date with Dentistry

Start: Start up 'Heavy Chaffing' and go right at the top.

21Sport 20m
6 ** Scarred For Life

FA: Nathan Bolton

22Unknown 25m
7 * Are you Doing it as Hard as Wimmera Party Ice

Start: Start about 10m further right

22Sport 30m
8 *** Burn The Cross

FA: Nathan Bolton

24Unknown 30m
9 ** Humies Sheltered Workshop

Start: Start 6m right around arete, go left at the top and finish as for the ice thing.

23Sport 32m
10 ** Phil's Effort 23Sport 20m
11 ** Hypothermia

FA: Mikaela Thomson

17Sport 25m
12 *** Samarkand

Rap in from 'Critical Mass' and walk back towards Walls lookout, approx 100m

  1. 15m (23) 1st 5m or so have 'average' rock quality then onto polished hard sandstone. Belay bolts are below little rooflet

  2. 35m (25) Tricky moves at start to get past 2 carrots and into chimney. Climb this until it forces you out and onto the face. Punch hard up crack and into the 2nd crack up and left. Belay from good ledge on single carrot and large cams.

  3. 20m (23) Awkward moves to get established in layback tips crack. Brief excitement leads to a good belay stance on carrots.

  4. 35m (22) Punch up open book corner on good gear using crack and face holds. You are then forced onto the face at 3/4 height where the carrots are. 1st carrot is SUPER hard to put plate over, but you can put a good No.4 Camalot in break below it.Climb to small ledge and small corner. Tricky moves past 2 carrots lead to big ledge and carrot belay.

  5. 25m (22) Follow obvious left leaning crack 2m left of belay until it peters out, step right acroos to scoup and large block. Head up to good holds and large scoup with 3 carrots above. Take care exiting to top. Single ringbolt in block with gear for belay

25Trad 200m 5
13 Gnaw Iron Bars

FA: M Wilson, M Law, 2007

22Trad 150m 6
14 *** Critical Mass 26Unknown 160m
15 ** Sweet Romancer 24Sport 40m
16 * My Kind of Bliss 21Trad 100m 3
17 * Darkside

Starts behind Mirrorball Pinnacle. 4 pitches. Bolts and gear.

FA: Ness, Mikl, Mark Wilson

14Trad 110m
18 *** The West Face of the Mirrorball / The West Face of the Mirrorball (19 var.)

Four pitch, bolted (carrots), slightly runout climb with epic views across the valley. Take 10 brackets. You can finish the route with an extra pitch by doing the confusingly named Mirrorball (21) pitch above Lunch Ledge.

Start: On outer left (NW) arete of the Mirrorball Pinnacle. Look for the line of bolts.

  1. 25m (19) Up arete to ledge, with DBB.

  2. 30m (18) Up arete and face to chossy cave and high DBB on far lip of cave.

  3. 20m (17) Up face to big ledge.

  4. 45m (18) Up face, to Lunch Ledge, moving right. Pretty exposed.

FA: Peterson, Wilson & Law., 2000

19Sport 120m 4
19 *** Mirrorball

sport route 5 pitch

FA: M wilson, V Peterson, M Law, 2000

21Sport 40m
20 * Dirty Dancing

The obvious chimney & crack that splits the front face of the Mirrorball Pinnacle.

  1. 25m (13) Up the chimney on natural gear (#5 camalot is handy for near the top). Double bolt belay.

  2. 18m (20) Weird undercut wide crack start (large cam is handy again) then up the narrowing crack to the classic finger-crack (crux, well protected with medium-large wires). Double bolt belay.

  3. 20m (16) Bolts (bring lots of brackets) and dinnerplates. Double bolt belay on top of Mirrorball Pinnacle.

  4. As for pitch 4 of The West Face of the Mirrorball.

All bolts are stainless steel glue-in hex heads. A good variation is to do P1 of The West Face of the Mirrorball, then step right to do P2 of Dirty Dancing, then P3 of either route - the belays are on the same ledge systems.

FA: Peter Monks, Andrew Duckworth (alt), 2000

20Trad 63m 3
21 Disco Dancer 22Sport 100m 4
22 ** Bionic Booger Boys 23Sport 100m
23 ** Roar for the Wicked Wedgie Woman 22Unknown 100m
24 *** Weaselburger 24Unknown 200m
25 *** Burgermeister

Belay & abseil as weaselburger more direct trad route. Finish at ledge after the third pitch.

23Sport 100m 3
26 ** Old Skool

Climb the south-facing (downhill) arete of the free-standing pinnacle 40m past Weaselburger, predominantly on gear.

5 carrot bolts and a double rack of cams. Bring more big cams (#3 an #4) if you get scared on trad.

Rap off anchor at the top, 45m straight over the route.

FA: M Law, V Peterson, 2003

21Trad 45m
27 *** Blue Ruin

Climbs a great wall with an inspiring seam. Two awesome pitches, two nice ones and two easy chossy ones. Take 16 draws. Starts 30m right of Burgermiester, up a gully, below a left facing corner. It is possible to traverse left at belay 3 to escape, but you will need 3 bolt brackets.

  1. 40m (22) Layback corner. 12 ubolts

  2. 40m (24) Follow amazing seam to belay on right. Crux is at low roof.

  3. 30m (21) Follow seam onto large ledge.

  4. 30m (18) Easy choss, out left and back right to hanging belay.

  5. 45m (23) Up sustained wall trending right. Very crimpy!

  6. 10m (10) Up easy ground past a UB to ledge.

FA: Mike Law, Vanessa Peterson & Monique Foristier, 2007

25Sport 200m 6
28 * Big Trad Thong

Mixed climbing up a prominant crack line and around some huge roofs. Rock is of varying quality, but bolts protect the worst of it, and the spectacular under-roof traverse is on mostly good rock. Take a standard rack plus extra big cams and hexes to fist + size, many slings, 10 brackets.

Start: Start below a steep yellow layback corner (pitch 1 of Blue Ruin) 70m right of the Mirrorball pinnacle.

  1. 45m (18) Up corner to second ring, long slings (or come back and unclip the ring) and easy traverse to right arête and carrots, step around and up layback flake to ledge. R to next corner (BR), R along ledge, up then left to U and carrot belay.

  2. 35m (18) Up corner R of the belay, step R and up corner (BR), step R and up corner past 2 bolts, traverse left at top (BR) to carrot and U belay.

  3. 25m (19) Wander out left and up corner past cams and bolts, then back right past 2 more bolts, continue up rightwards to ledge. 3BB.

  4. 35m (20) Up to ledge (2BRs) then a hard move in the corner past bolts and up to roof and bolts. Massive traverse under 18m roof underclinging thin hand to fist crack. Pull lip and up ramp for 4m to 2U belay. Rope drag is a problem when belaying the second, sling the last few pieces, you might lower down to the lip to belay. Easier to lead than to second. Well protected but gripping.

  5. 35m (18) Up easy ramp and follow wide crack to large roof, 2U belay on lip. Get second to trundle 2nd block if the area below is clear.

  6. 25m (17) Up corner and groove (BR), step left into chimney (BR) and up easily to bolts on ledge on right.

FA: M Law, V Peterson, N Monteith, 2008

20Trad 200m 6

1.2.6. Bunny Bucket Buttress and Hotel California Area 8 routes in Area

Sport, Trad and Aid

Long/Lat: 150.345702, -33.580625

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Bunny Bucket Buttress

Use to be a carrot patch for the sports bunnies, with an awesome final wall. Now it has rings all the way. Carrots are still there, so take some brackets if you need to share a belay.

Generally safe, but run-out at times, with a few loose patches of rock. Take helmets as belayers are lashed to small ledges and can’t dodge shrapnel. Take 2 ropes (for rapping), and a few slings.

ACCESS: It’s halfway to Hotel California from Mirrorball. Rap down Mirrorball pinnacle and walk along the track to the right (facing the cliff). After 50m, drop down around the base of Old Skule(clean areteon next pinnacle) and go 70m horizontally till you hit an orange buttress. Continue about another 70m and scramble up and right to a ledge 15 m above the track, right of a chossy white patch, just right of a short squeeze chimney. Scramble up and walk right on the ledge till you see the bolts at the desperate boulder problem start.

If you come to a square 50m corner, orange at the top you’ve gone too far...

  1. 20m 18 Traverse out right and back left to flake, reachy. Up to ledge, 2RB.

  2. 20m 18 right and up seam and corner to ledge. Up a move and diagonally R to arete, then R to ledge and 2RB.

  3. 40m 18 Up dirty slab and R across corner, traverse R to nose and up corner and nose to ledge. 2RB on block ro walk R 8m to 2BB at base of wall.

  4. 30m 8 A hard hands-free problem, diagonally R past bolts to 2RB on block further up or tree belay at the top of the slab.

  5. 40m 8 climb across ledges and walls (and a lot of bush...) past bolts to below orange overhang, R to 2RB.

  6. 40m 17 Up choss and head out L staying low under roof. Sling the first 3 bolts to reduce drag. Head up wall to big ledge. 2RB.

  7. 20m 17 Up vertical pump to 3BB (need brackets!) on small ledge.

  8. 20m 17 pump up vertical wall and move L to layback move at top. 2RB. The new (2010) Blue Montains Climbing guide describes pithes 7 and 8 together at grade 18. Much more fun this way! 40m of huje ironstone holds! Needs 15 draws.

  9. 40m 13 Up and left onto ledge, diagonal L past bolts and across groove. Climb loose left wall to 2RB on top. Lots of rope drag.

TO ESCAPE: Walk up the L side of the ridge for 100m to join the footpad heading L back to Bell’s line of road. Or go up the L side of the ridge for a few meters and then go around the small gully to go back to cliff edge. Go along the edge and rap down Mirrorball to your gear at the lunch ledge.

9 pitch route between Mirrorball and Big Nose

FA: Mikl, Vanessa, 2000

FA: V Peterson, M Law, 2005

18Sport 270m
2 ** Big Nose

Awesome 'finger-pickin' fun.

Start: At pillar beside track before reaching California\'s buttress

24Sport 250m
3 Amoeba

The Original, Classic, Epic.

FA: Batty / Allen, 2000

18Trad 330m
4 Contented cows

Alternative start and finish to Hotel California. The first three pitches (17, 8, 19) of CC linked into the top of HC makes for a sub-20 outing. The first three pitches were rebolted January 2011 entirely on RBs/UBs/FHs, so no brackets are required, although it's wise to take a couple in case you have to share belays. Follow the hotel C traverse on the top head wall for 5 bolts the head straight up the seam to a dbb in the ledge. Hard moves off the belay them straight up and finish slightly right take 8 slings, enjoy figure out why.

22Trad 280m 7
5 Contented Cows/Hotel Cali link-up

Lots of fun and still an adventure, top 3 pitches of Hotel California are fabulous! You want to be solid with exposure! Start first 2 two pitches of C.C. First pitch to ledge at 40m but don't stop here, go up thru bush then up 5m wall to DDR belay(60m) . Second pitch 40m to ledge then tranverse right along ledge onto last 10m of 3rd pitch of H.C. Follow Hotel California from there.

FA: Mike Law and Co.

20Sport 300m 6
6 ** Contented Cows

Alternative start and finish to 'Hotel California'. The first three pitches (17, 8, 19) of CC linked into the top of HC makes for a sub-20 outing. The first three pitches were rebolted January 2011 entirely on RBs/UBs/FHs, so no brackets are required, although it's wise to take a couple in case you have to share belays.

21Trad 240m
7 *** Hotel California (8 pitches)

Pull thru on gear on first pitch and go up escape gully to avoid choss at the end of pitch 8.

21 M1Aid 290m
8 *** Hotel California

10 pitch sport route, access via abseil 15m R of Mirrorball (2 x 45m abseils), walk right past pinnacle at 40 m, hit base of cliff at 100m, drop down, then go up to cliff (near start of Bignose). Walk round the base of buttress and drop down a bit, then go up and you can see a 8m pinnacle/flake leaning against the steep face. This is the start. About 350m walk. There is a much easy variant to the first 3 pitches by starting up Contented Cows, all rings at 17, 8 (12m), and 19.

FA: mikl law, Ness Peterson Shaz Clarke, 2001

22Sport 350m 10

1.2.7. Yesterday's Groove Area 8 routes in Area

Sport and Trad
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Slaughter Falls

Major corner with a waterfall pouring straight over the top! Avoid like the plague after heavy rain or in winter. No trad required, but bring some longer draws to extend runners on pitch 3.

23Sport 93m 4
2 ** Slackbladder

A monster sport route, with great exposed arete climbing on every pitch bar one. If you want to do the full route, rap in via Mirrorball and walk along base of cliff past Bucket Bunny and 'Hotel California'. You can also just climb the last 4 pitches if you rap in down 'Yesterday' Groove. Equipped on a rainy night, the bolts seemed too far apart in the light of day, thus 4 more were added after the first ascent! If it's been raining avoid this route for at least a few days as a temporary waterfall blows onto the arete at pitch 5. Bring 20 draws, prussics or an ascender, double ropes and enough time!

Start: Starts aprox 100m right of 'Hotel California' below major arete.

  1. 15m (21) Little corner then right onto rounded arete. At ledge walk right and step across gap and up short chossy crack to belay under main arete.

  2. 17m (25) Bouldery and powerful. 'Monkey' over roof and swing left across lip to gain arete. Up this to comfy belay ledge.

  3. 29m (25) Up arete with devious moves for 15m, then traverse right onto face away from arete for several metres, then trend left back onto the arete at flake to finish. Bolts up the arete direct are an open project. Belay in large slot under roof.

  4. 25m (23) Thug over roof and up aretes to belay on vegetated slope at DUB.

  5. 50m (5) Scramble up hill side to 7m fixed rope. Hand over hand or prussic up this and continue up vegetated hillside to arrive at base of upper wall.

  6. 35m (23) Face to major arete with offset seam on the right side. A pumper! Hanging belay in little cave.

  7. 25m (22) Technical arete on small ironstone edges. Hanging bolt belay or link into the next pitch for full value!

  8. 18m (22) Up the wall and then left to arete and up to large cave belay. A little bold. You can bail from the end of this pitch by scrambling up the gully to the left (roped).

  9. 17m (24) Bouldery. Crawl right through cave and peer around lip to find hanging belay bolt. Re-position belay. Rightwards up face on crimpers, then back left up pumpy wall to easy death by ironstone.

25Sport 230m 9
3 Drybladder

A dry first pitch to 'Slackbladder' if the waterfall is running onto the main arete. A bit chossy but has plenty of bolts. Delicately up the vegetation to first bolt, then bouldery first move to gain the arete on the right. Up the arete then out left above the roof and up face and arete to hanging belay at little cave (same belay as pitch 1 of Slackbladder). Free climbed with a sit on the last bolt.

Start: Starts at bolted arete on right of chossy corner 5m right of 'Slackbladder'.

FA: Neil Monteith, Mike Law & Vanessa Peterson, 2000

23 M0Sport 35m, 14
4 *** Yesterday's Groove

Major orange corner. Hard. Heavily rebolted now

  1. 40m (23) Stemming corner

  2. 30m (23) Very technical stemming!

  3. 30m (24) Airy traverse left across major break and then up face to finish.

24Trad 100m 3
5 *** Mild Peril

…with jug references. 'Steep' and juggy, Gets sun at 4pm

Start: 100m right of yesterday's Groove at small right facing corner

  1. 15m (20) Up corner, clip 2nd u with screwgate to protect runout. DUB (Double Ubolt Belay)

  2. 48m (22) Up and leftwards, use long draws to reduce drag. DUB

  3. 20m (23) Out left, sling second runner. BUB on right

  4. 25m (20) Up and head left to DUB. Scramble up and walk left 70m to scramble up.

FA: mikl, Ness, Moss, Tom Cecel, 2009

23Sport 110m 4
6 * 50 year itch

trad corners leading to slab. Take big rack and some brackets.

Start: About 120m right of yesterday's groove, scramble up to ledge and single U belay

  1. 15m (19) Up crack on left to ledge and BB

  2. 40m (19) left into corner and up past 2BR to roof, Up crack, Up chimney to ledge on left (right?) arete, bolt and cam anchor

  3. 35m (19) Up corner till it fades, past botls and cams, left into easy crack and ledge. DUB

  4. 35m (18) Left and up slab (Ubolts) then follow dirty ramp to ledge and DUB.

  5. 30m (15) Left 5m to corner, Up corner past bolt and up grass slope to base of big cliff and DUB. Finish up gully on left

FA: Moss,Tom cecil,Erwin Gamboa,@mikllaw, 2010

19Mixed 160m 5, 19
7 Probus

Thin face climbing variant finish

Start: On belay 3 of 50 year itch

FA: Mikl, Moss, Tom Cecil, 2010

22Sport 35m, 9
8 ** Rutger Hauer

Brilliant face climbing on all pitches. All Ubolts

Start: Start as for 50 Year Itch, 120m right of Yesterday's Groove. Best to leave gear at the col, scramble down and rap down Yesterday's Groove raps

  1. 30m (18) Lots of huge holds up a right trending line to get you warmed up. Belay on 2nd ledge.

  2. 30m (21) Up more fantastic juggy rock to belay on left end of ledge. Move belay 10m right to right end of ledge.

  3. 30m (22) Up brilliant technical wall with some airy exposure to small stance - either belay here on double rings or link into next pitch. 16 draws if you want to link the top two pitchs.

FA: Moss, Mikl, 2010

22Sport 110m 3

1.3. Centennial Trev 27 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.267504, -33.480513

Unique Features And Strengths:

A short walk in, and a variety of different cliffs including a spectacular arch. Most routes climbable in wet weather.


There is plenty of rock scattered throughout the numerous gullys (Caves, faces, overhangs)

Access Issues:

Inherited from Blue mountains


At Mt Victoria turn right at the lights and drive along the Darling Causeway till you come to the intersection with the Bells Line of Road at Bell. Turn right (east)as if heading towards Windsor and take the first turn on your left into Sandham Road. Drive along Sandham Rd for the next 3.5km or so until you get GR4559122. On your right there should be a turnoff/firetrail with a white electricity power-pole indicator "384" nailed to a tree. Turn off here after 30m you will reach a clearing for power lines. Continue down the firetrail straight ahead for 200m where you will find 2 small parking bays. Best to leave the car here. Continue walking down the firetrail for about 300metres and then continue along the single foot track till you reach the bend in the ravine/canyon section of the side creek on your left. The arch is on this bend. A more direct approach to the Creekside Sektor rather than walking via the Arch is to take a right hand turn at the last clearing before reaching the arch. It should be marked with a small rock cairn, this path can be followed toward the main creek, down through a small break in the cliffline and down to fixed handlines into the main creek.Then follow acces for Creekside Areas.

1.3.1. Arch area (the caverns) 21 routes in Crag


Long/Lat: 150.266466, -33.481569


The first area you stumble across, the routes in this area are STEEP with most remaining dry in the rain. The upstream block 2 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.266261, -33.481342


Just upstream from the arch Stockholm Wall 4 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.266500, -33.481409


Short, overhanging and very sporty


Directly opposite the arch. Climb the fixed rope to belay ledge. The Arch walls 7 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.266319, -33.481583


STEEP and unique climbing First cave 5 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.266452, -33.481715


A steep bowl style cave


Just around the corner from the Arch Second cave 3 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.266552, -33.481791


A large steep cave and adjoining vertical wall.


Just around the corner from first cave.

1.3.2. Creekside 6 routes in Cliff


Long/Lat: 150.268053, -33.480216


Downstream and on the opposite side of the main creek to the Arch Area. The walls are taller here, from vertical to slightly overhanging. Climbs are described from left to right (facing the wall)


10 mins from the Arch. Where the small canyon from the arch opens out into the main valley head downstream sticking close to the western cliffs (lefthand side looking downstream). Continue for 150m and follow a small path downhill and crossing the creek, just upstream from where the Creekside crag begins.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Calm down

Nice climbing to an exciting finish. Value for the grade.

FFA: 2012

19Sport 25m
2 * The Wranger

Interesting face climbing. Save some juice for the top!

FFA: 2012

18Sport 25m

These first two routes are about 80m's further north on the orange section of wall. Accessed off a small ledge.

3 ** The Hobbit Destination

Hard boulder start and a great rest after. Balancy moves lead to the crux and a nice finish

FFA: M Kesselheim, 30th Nov

24Sport 27m, 9
4 *** Mattress Lizard

The slightly overhanging line on massive jugs. Long and pumpy and a fun crux. Keep moving!

FFA: G smith, 2011

22Sport 27m
5 *** Fan snake

Slightly overhanging sustained climbing up the middle of the beautiful orange wall.

Set 2012

FFA: G smith, 2014

28Sport 30m
6 * Cracker

Fun!, Follow the crack then move left onto the final headwall.

FFA: 2012

20Sport 30m

1.4. Bell Supercrag 154 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295553, -33.535076


See http://bmtopos.com/ for the original online guide to this area.

1.4.1. Control Room 2 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295980, -33.534246


A small east-facing buttress opposite Duck Wall. From the descent gully, about 10m above the height of the Departures ledge, follow a faint track left (looking down) that heads up under a small outcrop (see bottom of p5). Then scramble down a short gully and follow the exposed ledge around left to the base of the climbs.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Windscreen Viper

A short, steep and fierce corner with two solid fistjams separated by the obvious ‘windscreen’ feature. Last bolt is hard to clip. Consider taping up if you’re anticipating having an epic

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2012

26Sport 10m
2 Sleet of Your Pants

Don’t bring a light belayer, as you might end up on the ground! Steep and gymnastic

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

27Sport 10m

1.4.2. Arrivals (Lower) 36 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295987, -33.535299

Unique Features And Strengths:

The most popular wall at bell. Gets early morning sun then goes into the shade for the rest of the day.


At the base of the descent rungs, same side of the creek. Climbs listed from right to left (facing cliff) as you head left from the rungs. Most names are not in general circulation as yet.......

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Jingle Bells

At the base of the descent rungs. Cant miss this one.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2009

21Sport 15m
2 * GoGo Juice

Shared 1st bolt with TT then straight up the oranage wall.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

24Sport 15m
3 Train Travel

Start at tree, then left.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 16m
4 ** Ten No Trumps

Head left and up. Hard move at 4th bolt. Then nice big moves to top.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2007

24Sport 16m, 7
5 Bell End

Right of the leaning left facing corner. This is the harder right hand start. Sandy and Snappy !

FA: Matt Pascoe, 2009

24Sport 15m
6 Bell End Direct

Nicer and easier start to BE

FA: Dr Chris, 2009

22Sport 16m
7 * Hop, Skip, Slump

Big span needed on this one...

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2007

28Sport 15m
8 ** Wet Paint

Up the open corner for 2 bolts then head rightish. Reachy and committing moves. Classic.

FA: Lloyd, 2007

24Sport 16m, 6
9 Three Hour Commute

Up steep corner for 2 bolts, then follow the left line of bolts thru the open corner.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 17m, 7
10 ** Three Hour Commute Direct

Start just left of WP. Up the thin steepnees and then join into THC for last easy moves to the top

FFA: Steve G, 2014

26Sport 17m
11 *** Snappy Dresser

Start up the flake, and up to tricky headwall. Good !!

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

24Sport 15m
12 Bronze Bell

Start as per SD. Pull on to wall and tricky traverse left under the roof (long draws help), turn the lip and on to the face. Follow the seam, then easy flake and jugs to anchors.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2013

23Sport 18m, 9
13 Lovable Rogue

Not an obvious (or lovable) start. Hard moves through the roof, with a second tricky bit right before the anchor.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26Sport 14m
14 * Paddle Steamer

Yet another roof climb from the house of Wishart. Hard climbing through the roof to the right of the tree rewards you with a somewhat relaxing paddle up the short headwall

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

25Sport 13m
15 *** Paint God

Was known as "Orange Delight" before the guide came out. Thru thuggy roof and on to the wall. Move right and continue up the nice pumpy wall.

25Sport 20m
16 Games without Frontiers

FFA: @lloydstar, 2006

26Sport 15m, 8
17 *** Autophagocytosis

A great and sustained linkup with consistent grade 25 climbing, making it a soft tick. Start up the first 3 bolts of Paint God, clip a new 4th bolt and do a hardish move to join Games Without Frontiers just in time for its crux. Then step left and finish up Apple Pie.

FFA: 2007

27Sport 20m
18 Apple Pie

Hard start then pumpy, rising right traverse.

28Sport 22m
19 ** Caramel Sluice

Starts as for Cavity Search then head right at the first roof. Nice upper wall.

26Sport 22m
20 *** Cavity Search

Steep roof start past a creaky pinned flake to a vague rest. Continue up the semi-steep wall via two cruxs.

26Sport 20m
21 * Beresford


25Sport 17m, 8
22 Dirty 30

Steep long boulder start to a hanging slab and some easier climbing to a ledge. Sweet, interesting moves from the half ledge to the top. Bolted on my 30th birthday.

Set by Ben JengA, 2014

FFA: Ben JengA, 2014

25Sport 15m
23 Boysenberry Ripple

Hard start into crack and then continue to move diagonally up tending rightwards.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2007

24 Project- Rob

New route in progress..

Set by @robmedlicott, 14th Feb

Sport Project 15m
25 ** Crumple Zone

Up and then move left along the jug rail for 4 bolts then up with the crux right at then end. Short but action packed pumpy thin action.

Now a grade harder according to the oldguard. The broken hold makes the crux longer, harder and better!

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26Sport 8m, 6
26 * Insidious

Stick clip high first bolt then jump to the good start hold, pull up into the left of the creepy roof eyes and reach through the roof boulder.

Good holds in odd spots finish off this punchy little number

Set by @benjenga, 8th Feb

FA: @benjenga, 8th Feb

24Sport 12m, 7
27 Cheeseburger Springroll (Project Jenga)

The holds are there just have to get back to bolt it. Start as for Does My Bum Look Big On This? then at the lip climb direct up the stonker head wall.

Sport Project
28 ** Does My Bum Look Big On This?

Great route, with a hard leftwards traverse out the roof, then some of the best rock at bell for the slick headwall.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2007

26Sport 12m, 6
29 Yes

Diabolical moves through the roof at the start, then easier climbing on great rock

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

28Sport 12m
30 Truffle Shuffle

Bouldery fun start to a nice head wall climb.

Set by @wades, 31st Jan

FA: @wades, 7th Feb

23Sport 15m, 12
31 Rocky Road

Right of 'Rhubarb Crumble'. Streno start

FA: @bundybear, 12th Feb

22Sport 15m
32 * Rhubarb Crumble

Undercut start onto slightly overhanging wall past mantle trending left to anchors. Some prefer to stick clip the second bolt.

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2006

24Sport 15m, 7
33 I Don't Climb I Wobble

Starts up 'Rhubarb Crumble' and finishs at the same anchors. A couple of sharp holds down the bottom and a great reachy crux up top. Bundy has recently add a direct project bolt.

FA: Ben Lane, 2012

FFA: Ben JengA, 2012

24Sport 15m, 8
34 * Jigger Jeff

Traverse rightwards on slab to ledge, hand traverse left then up steep jugs. A lot of people do the slab traverse and lower off the last ring on the slab, about 21

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2006

23Sport 17m, 10
35 * Jigger Jeff (to the ledge)

Up JJ to fixed biner on the lip of the ledge. (someone has stolen the biner)

21Sport 14m
36 Belayers Root

The far left hand route and easiest at crag. Tricky steep corner flakes with a great finish.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2012

19Sport 14m

1.4.3. Departures (Upper) 18 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295903, -33.535302

Unique Features And Strengths:

The superb upper wall of the shady side.

Some very hard classic up there and some great easier routes down the northern end worth your attention on the walk out.


Walk right onto the ledge before the decent rungs. Harness up to traverse alone the ledge, and be car full not to kick rock onto the climbers bellow.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** Lofty Lungfish

far end of ropes with triple belay. up short wall then out the roof cracks to turn the lip and finish up steep prow. backjump to clean

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27Sport 15m
2 Lloyd's Bolts, Steve's Muscles

Steep start then traverse left along the big horizontal then to a hard sequence below the top roof.

FA: Steve Grokivc

Set by Lloyd Wishard

29Sport 16m, 11
3 * Brixton Jamm

Big move at the start to a good but small hold then steep climbing to a lay down rest. The mid crux is all about some double undercling madness. Steep finish with big moves on big holds.

Perhaps add a few grades if you are under 6 foot

Set by Jenga, 2014

Set by Jenga, 2014

FA: @benjenga, 26th Jan

26Sport 15m, 10
4 *** Radical Departures

One of the best routes at departures. Another of bells classic 30's

After the tricky and hard start good holds lead to a mid height rest where this little number steps up a notch. A couple thin moves lead to the last jug before the long and sustained top section where good hard moves and poor feet will have you screaming to the top of the wall.

FFA: Steve Grkovic

30Sport 20m, 9
5 For Flake's sake

The OBVIOUS flake feature in the middle of the wall. Same start as H.H. Some dubious rock down low then great moves from the mid height rest.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

23Sport 14m
6 * Hokonui Henchman

Start at big flake and head up and right over the project up the steep section to the sit down rest. Continue with trickery up the blank overhanging corner and over the thin final roof.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2008

28Sport 18m
7 Project Steve

The long term project of Steve, he's been actively trying the from time to time so you can imagine when it goes it will be the hardest route at bell…?

Sport Project 22m, 12
8 #Ledge life. (Project Jenga)

New line in the work off the ledge.

Start as for Steve's project for 3 bolts then head right and up. Ponder your position from the bird ledge then slab, yes slab moves up the side pull flakes and victory jugs. Mostly jugs bar the start boulder.

Set by @benjenga, 25th Feb

Sport Project
9 ** Church Mouse

Dyno thru the roof and save some power for the finish. start left of G.R.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

31Sport 25m
10 * Grave Rat

Through the desperate roof and beyond

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2009

29Sport 25m
11 ** Spent Force

left of G.G. Climb sustained wall and through roof with some rests then lofty moves on the upper wall. Shares the start with G.R.

Great fun from recent repeats.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2007

27Sport 20m
12 ** Gushing gargoyles

Tricky slab start left of Feisty Phasmid above a small tree. Funky moves linking flakes up wall to a rest then up and out through a roof to steep headwall boulder problem.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

28Sport 18m
13 Feisty Phasmid

Left of the 23, tricky start then good wall before hard thru the roof.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2009

25Sport 18m
14 * Destined for Grayness

Starts to the left of the 24. Fun climbing.

FA: lloyd wishart, 2009

23Sport 12m
15 Impatient Transport

Starts directly up from where the rope railing starts.

FFA: lloyd wishart

FA: 2008

24Sport 12m
16 Freeway

Just left of project starting at orange flake. Up flake, traverse left across break to stance - then up technical wall above.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

23Sport 16m
17 * Fridge Lifting

Funky orange radness for 3 bolts to rest, then easier pumpy jugs to the top of the cliff.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2014

24Sport 15m
18 Welcome Alex

The first two bolts of this route have been removed, do fridge lifting instead. Or a long stick clip to the third bolt.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

23Top rope 15m

1.4.4. Blow Hole 22 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.294982, -33.536284


About 50 metres around the corner from the last climb on Western Tier (Shady Side) Lower.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Blowtorch

Short roof to start the swing up to the wall on slopey jugs, varied climbing with a committing move up high.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2012

24Sport 18m
2 Whistleblower

Start at juggy prow and up wall to ledge then try to find the crux holds in time.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

23Sport 15m
3 * Thar she blows

Up short wall to big reach in the roof and nice head wall above.

FA: Lloyd, 2011

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

24Sport 15m
4 * Body Blow

In the middle of crag. Up wall and out the roof on flakes etc before heading rightwards to finish. A long draw is recommended for the 5th bolt.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

24Sport 12m, 6
5 PROJECT1 Sport Project
6 ** Holelipstick Hippy

Start on ledge then jug leftwards and up with a slopey crux at the lip of the roof, keep pumping the jugs up the steep head wall.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2012

25Sport 16m
7 * Blowpipe Blast

24 climbing to ledge then wrestle with the holds and the bad feet to the anchors

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

28Sport 14m, 12
8 * Bloated Blowfish

Hard start, Hard finish

FA: Lloyd Wishart, 2011

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27Sport 16m
9 ** Up.

Action packed new route up the arete right of blow. Big start move then hold on through some steep moves to a ledge. Hard face moves follow then great jugs to the top. If the first move is to big then start up Blow and traverse across.

Set by Ben JengA, 2014

FFA: Ben JengA, 2014

24Sport 18m
10 ** Blow

Tricky start then nice finger jugs on great orange rock. Just left of blunt orange arête.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 16m, 6
11 * Blow Over

The Blow extension. From the anchors of Blow - continue up and leftwards to lower off at the top of the cliff.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2nd Jan

22Sport 20m
12 Kiama

Start left of tree. Straight up till it gets easy then rightwards to shared lower off with BO. Stay left of the bolts for 22

FA: Jason Lammers, 2nd Jan

22Sport 20m

The following section has some really good easier graded routes. Stays in the shade here till just after lunch. Lots of bolts and convenience are the name of the game here !

13 * Megan 2

Bit of a thin move about 1/3 of the way up

21Sport 20m
14 Megan 1

Tricky start and exciting finish, there is a hidden bolt before the last move.

20Sport 20m
15 * P H M 2 - Extended

The second last bolt on Megan is next to the anchors on this one so you might as well keep going to the top of the cliff and clip another (hidden) bolt on the way and lower off Megan.

FA: Linkup

19Sport 20m
16 * P H M 2

Nice interesting pockets.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

17Sport 15m
17 P H M 1

Up and leftwards. Jugs !!!

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

16Sport 15m
18 Blow Me

Right of ferny crack; mostly straight forward with plenty of holds and a little move three quarters of the way up. Another good warm up for Blow Hole.

Set by Viona Young,@wades, 7th Jan

FA: @vionayoung,@bundybear,@wades, 7th Feb

16Sport 16m
19 Megan 3

The right side of the juggy orange streak.

FA: Megan, 2014

15Sport 15m
20 * Blow Dry

The left side of the juggy orange streak.

Set by @bundybear

FA: @bundybear,@vionayoung,@wades, 2nd Jan

16Sport 15m
21 Louie gets the Blow

A couple of moves to get started. Right of BF

FA: @bundybear, 7th Jan

17Sport 14m, 5
22 Blow Fly

The furthest left climb at the Blow Hole. Tricky start with a nice flake up high. No longer runout in the middle. A bolt has been added.

FA: @wades, 7th Jan

18Sport 15m, 8

1.4.5. Fox Hole 4 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.293822, -33.535755


The furthest wall on shady side. About 40 metres past the Blowhole.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * The Apricot Slot

start at left arête of the crag and head up then rightwards to the crux

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

24Sport 14m, 9
2 ** Plumtastic

left route straight up to finish on overhanging prow

FA: lloyd wishart, 2013

22Sport 16m
3 * Mango Chutney

up the wall with some welcome rests to the mini cave then try to finish

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

23Sport 16m
4 * Just Peachy

steep start then some reachy sustained moves with an open book corner to reward the effort

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2012

24Sport 15m

1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side 13 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.297240, -33.532360

Unique Features And Strengths:

Mostly quite waterproof in the rain, although not the left side routes on the grey rock, nor the belay stances at both ends.


Cross the creek as for Sunny Side, but turn left and walk 50m round the corner to this crag. Take care at the left end, e.g. clip the belayer in, the belay ledge gets quite narrow with a fair drop below.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Darkwing Duck

The far left hand edge of the cliff. Essentially a one sequence wonder with a tricky V4/V5 boulder problem crux in the middle. Clip the first bolt on "How Much is a Duck Worth" then move left and follow the line of bolts with increasing difficulty to the anchors.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2013

FA: Gene Gill, 2013

25Sport 15m, 8
2 How Much Is A Duck Worth

Scarily loose, should probably finish under the roof.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

17Sport 15m
3 Cygnet

Links Gosling into HMiaDW via the obvious leftward continuation and a few interesting moves in the middle. Climbs well.

FA: LinkUp - Paul Thomson, Jason Lammers, 2013

19Sport 18m
4 Gosling

Shared first bolt with Duckling and then Left

FA: Jason Lammers and Paul Thomson, 2013

18Sport 12m, 4
5 Duckling

Shared first bolt with Gosling and then Right.

FA: Jason Lammers and Paul Thomson, 2013

20Sport 12m, 4
6 Out For A Duck

Nice face to steeper hard glued up finish.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

23Sport 15m
7 *** Pluck-a-Duck

Superb wall and steep headwall, the last mantle move could be a heart breaker. One of the best 24's at Bell !!

FA: Andrew Duckworth, 2011

24Sport 15m, 10
8 *** Duck Walk

Sustained and thin technical climbing, one of the best 26's at bell. This route is the full package and should be on your too do list.

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2011

26Sport 18m
9 ** Quack Attack

The crimpy thin test piece of duck wall, wait for a cool day to try this one. Used to be 28 and is harder if your short.

FA: Steve Grkovic, 2010

27Sport 15m
10 * Scrooge McDuck

Start up Daffy (22) until back on the jugs after the thin leftward traverse crux, then follow line of bolts immediately leftwards through steepness and with increasing difficulty, finish back right with a tricky move on the headwall.

FFA: Paul Thomson, 2013

23Sport 25m
11 ** Daffy

Keeps going above the ledge up the little headwall. Good sustained climbing and steeper then it looks.

FA: Ben Lane, 2012

22Sport 20m
12 Pekin Duck

Links the start of Daffy just before the crux into the top of Lucky Duck via the corner ramp. No extra bolts so expect to hold on tight.

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2014

13 * Lucky Duck

The obvious seam to steepness. A few different ways to do the crux, the directly up the seam is the 22 version.

Set by Jason Lammers, 2013

FA: Jason Lammers, 2013

22Sport 15m, 7

1.4.7. Sunny Side 21 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.297011, -33.535119

Unique Features And Strengths:

The main wall you see as you walk in also one of the most popular walls at bell, perfect for a sunny winter day or summer morning.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Boulder route

No details know yet, looks hard.. Starts as Seamstress then a big left ward swing and finish as for Seamstress variant.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2015

2 Seamstress Variant

No details know yet? As for Seamstress to the ledge then out left via pockets and crimps..

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2015

3 *** Seamstress

The first climb on the sunnside and one of the best. Clearly be seen from shady side. Popular with lots of bolts. Starts up the obvious right leaning corner

FA: Martin Pircher, 2010

22Sport 22m
4 ** Seamstress Direct

Boulder up the steep seam on gastons and very poor feet. Direct start to the 22 Seamstress. Has been upgraded to 27 on 8a.nu, you be the judge..

Set by @benjenga

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2011

26Sport 20m
5 * An Angel Walks By

Lots of fun with slopers, pumpers and a couple of moves over the roof

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

23Sport 23m, 13
6 ** Searching for the Light

The first half of this line provides a popular jug haul through scoops to the anchor at the halfway ledge.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

23Sport 15m
7 * Searching for the Light Extension

The second half is also very worthwhile, with an intriguing crimpy sequence requiring good footwork,followed by a small rooflet

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2011

26Sport 30m
8 * Troc de l’Ile

Climbs to the half-way ledge via some huge pockets and a couple of not so huge crimps. Can be used as an alternative start to Searching for the Light Extension

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

24Sport 15m
9 When the Spirits are Calling

Much more difficult than it looks, with unexpected and unusual moves. The rock is a bit crunchy.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2012

10 ** The Dreaming Void

Great 24 to ledge, then the L-facing little corner above, all the way to the highest roof.

25Sport 29m, 12
11 ** Parallax error

Stick clip first bolt. Boulder move then big moves, cave is in, more big moves. Crux through bulg onto face moves. Half way break and continue left up The Dreaming Void to top. Long and fun.

27Sport 30m, 12
12 A Rover in Time

Trends L, with a few bits of blocky boomy rock but apparently it's all solid ... now.

24Sport 15m
13 ** A Rover in Time Extension

looks very thin just above the Rover in Time anchor

26Sport 30m, 16
14 *** House of Suns

An easy start provides access to the magnificent second half. Move slightly left at the last bolt before finishing directly up to the anchors. The upper half looks amazing.

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

30Sport 25m, 11
15 *** The Reality Dysfunction / The Awesome 25

Ultra classic

25Sport 22m
16 *** Realized Ultimate Reality Linkup

Link Reality Dysfunction into La Realite ...

26Sport 30m, 11
17 ** La Realite N’Existe Pas

Start up Event Horizon then head L

28Sport 22m, 10
18 *** Event Horizon

Ultra classic. Was mistakenly called Reality Dysfunction for a couple of years until the FAs actually told anyone the route names. Steep pumper with many quality boulder problems split but good rest jugs. A very unique crux.

27Sport 22m
19 * Quel Bordel

Interesting steep climbing with a bit of crap rock at the bottom. Shares the same first two bolts with Year of the sun bear.

FFA: 2013

24Sport 20m, 11
20 Year of the Sun Bear

Awkward corner to ledge. Watch for ledgefalls for the first few bolts off the ledge.

25Sport 20m, 10
21 * Accretion

The blunt "arete" system at the far right hand end of Sunny Side Main Wall. Amazingly overhanging and exposed, but consisting of easy, well protected climbing. Now a Consumer Classic!

A grotty start up 5 fixed rungs guards this gem. Easily up rungs (clip a draw to the rungs if concerned), then up past 2 bolts to original belay ledge (optional belay stance here). Continue up and left on obvious jugs past 4 bolts to below roof. Up and vaguely right following line of least resistance past 3 more bolts, then back left onto good orange rock and up to anchor below massive roof. A 60m rope MIGHT just reach on stretch (tie a knot in the end), or if not, lower to belay ledge and re-thread from there.

It is possible to continue up past the roof to anchors at the clifftop via 3 more bolts (making a giant 45m pitch). The last 10m or so is average climbing but in a great position. To escape, you need to re-thread on lower-off back under the roof, or climb on 2 ropes and rap.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

FA: Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

20Sport 35m, 15

1.4.8. Jean Jaurès Wall 5 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.296690, -33.535818


Right of Sunnyside generally has easier, more vertical climbing and features a couple of long single pitch routes. It is not protected from the rain and is also very exposed to winds blowing up the canyon.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

There is a second set off lower offs at 20m for the next 2 routes. Make sure you rethread if you dont have a 70m rope.

1 ** Avenue Jean Jaures

All the way to the top with intimidating and hard moves off the ledge at 8m and again at the lip of the roof.

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2010

23Sport 35m
2 Little Dick Street

Long !!. Has 1st set of lower offs about 2/3s of the way - stop here unless you have a 70m rope.

FA: Martin Pircher, 2010

21Sport 35m
3 * La Femme Flic

The best of the trio here. Bit easier than its neighbour

FA: Megan Turnbull, 2010

20Sport 20m
4 Slip, Snap, Splash.

The climb name came about after a bit of an accident on the access waterfall. Climb the spaced U bolts to gain the slab and then climb the left hand line. Cruisy climb up this nice wall with a coupe tricky moves.

FFA: Ben Jenga, 2012

18Sport 30m, 15
5 Fly Fury

start as for slip snap splash for the first 3 bolts an then trend right and up an orange streak. long sling recommended on the 2nd bolt in traverse.

FA: Jay Trent, 2012


1.4.9. Treble Clef 11 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.296732, -33.536659


Features several very worthwhile climbs that are either short, or longer but broken up into short sections separated by good rests. Reached by walking 5 minutes further along the track that passes under the base of Jean Jaures Wall. When you get to the end of the rock platform, head up the slabs, then follow the track across the normally dry stream and up the slope, where you will arrive at the right end of the main Treble Clef wall (under Little Black Duress). Morning shade. The tops of almost all the routes get wet from rain

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Yo Ho Sebastian!

Long juggy climb with overhung start. Start left of waterfall, about 20m left of the main Treble Clef all. Take lots of quickdraws - maybe 12+.

FFA: megan turnbull, 2012

20Sport 30m
2 ** Bob's Your Uncle

Short left facing corner on left end of wall. Lovely rock.

FFA: Martin Pircher, 2011

21Sport 12m
3 * Trawling for trilobytes

FFA: Steve Grkovic, 2012

27Sport 20m
4 project

Set by lloyd wishart

Sport Project
5 * Tri as you might

middle of the wall. hardest near the start but keeps coming.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

25Sport 18m
6 ** Tryptych

3 parts to this climb to test the all rounder

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

26Sport 18m
7 ** Waterfool

right end of crag on the orange rock

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

28Sport 15m
8 ** Little Black Duress

on the black rock with 3 boulder problems.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

27Sport 10m
9 * Jelly Belly

start 10m right of L.B.D. Up the wall and flake feature to crux dyno. This used to be grade 21 but a key hold snapped off the end so now it's harder.

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

22Sport 15m
10 * Bellicose Nose

do the direct start (or not) and then up the blunt arete

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2011

26Sport 15m
11 project 1A

middle of wall past the arête (B.N.)

Set by lloyd wishart

Sport Project

1.4.10. Devils Circus 16 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.295930, -33.537242

Unique Features And Strengths:

The big bad hard man super roof cave at the far end of the sunny side of the gorge. Home of the mega classic roof climb Mr Redeemer.


See http://bmtopos.com for more.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * PHM3

Short, ugly looking route on the left end of the cave. Actually climbs quite well. Very well bolted!

FA: Martin Pircher, 2013

24Sport 10m, 6
2 Short steep proj at left end

Set by Megan Turnbull.

Sport Project
3 ** Circle of Doom

Awesome climb of mixed styles.Can seep after long periods of rain.

FFA: Megan Turnbull

26Sport 15m, 8
4 * The dark hour of reason

Good crimpy start then easier head wall on amazing rock. Next climb right from C.O.D.

FFA: megan turnbull, 2009

27Sport 15m
5 * Cavern fever

right of T.D.H.O.R. hard start if you are short but nice after that. grade 26 if you are tall?

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

27Sport 18m
6 Gods Forgotten Brother

Really hard first move then out roof flakes/breaks

7 * perch, search and lurch

start at cairn and go left to ledge and burst a vein trying to leave. cruxy

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

28Sport 18m
8 Fast Forward the Future 31Sport
9 Victim of Imagination

The direct start to fast forward the future. The twin underclings in the roof look V11...

Set by Steve Grkovic

Sport Project 17m, 8
10 *** Mr Redeemer

One of the most immaculate roof climbs in the Blueys

27Sport 18m, 10
11 Epsilon Asylum 27Sport 18m, 10
12 ** Zodiac Youth

start right of E.A.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

29Sport 18m
13 *** Space between atoms

Twin side pulls in the top half, popular 30 in the area.

FFA: steve grkovic, 2010

30Sport 18m
14 ** La Nina

big move at the start then head up and left for the crux

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

29Sport 16m
15 * Justifiable actions

short route but you need to work hard to finish

FFA: steve grkovic, 2012

26Sport 12m
16 ** random and unusual fusion

enjoyable moves all the way

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

26Sport 12m

1.4.11. The Outpost 6 routes in Crag

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.293642, -33.537235


The furthest wall on sunny side.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Snout with Clout

left end of the crag. straight up through steep jugging until the finish

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2009

24Sport 18m
2 * Spouting Outing

At the shared start but trending up and left to join S.W.C. anchors

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

27Sport 18m
3 ** Krout Kream

shared start then slightly right and up

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

30Sport 18m
4 *** Code Brown

shared start then low and right before heading up the steepness

FFA: steve grkovic, 2011

29Sport 18m
5 * Grouted Trout

up the middle of the far vertical wall. some slabby action

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

23Sport 16m
6 * Crouton Ragout

right side of the slabby wall. solid start

FFA: lloyd wishart, 2010

23Sport 17m

1.5. Marrangaroo Creek 13 routes in Crag

All Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Mangamoo Cow 18Unknown 20m
2 Cold Klip 18Unknown 19m
3 Echoes From The Gheckos 19Unknown 15m
4 Sheet Metal Man 21Unknown 25m
5 Satanic Aerobis 20Unknown 25m
6 Greystoke 21Unknown 25m
7 Ghecko Crack 19Unknown 25m
8 Volley World 19Unknown 25m
9 Blunt End Blunders 21Unknown 25m
10 Ghecko Junkies 18Unknown 20m
11 Friends of Enemies 17Unknown 15m
12 The Echo's Baby 15Unknown 20m
13 Frozen Water 17Unknown 20m

1.6. The Colliery 16 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.209004, -33.510877

Unique Features And Strengths:

An undeveloped "Mount York", with similar rock and features awaiting bolting and trailblazing, some genuinely good established trad lines as well as a few unclimbed lines awaiting first ascents.


Best described as an "undeveloped Mount York", with similar rock and features, and clifflines broken up into distinguishable areas separated by access gullies. At present there are 4 genuinely great trad-line that make the trip worthwhile for a trad enthusiast alone. Most of the prominent trad lines have been climbed (though a few remain), but the many clean slabs and faces are awaiting bolting and first-ascents by anyone who sees the area worthy of development, and doesn't mind the extra distance to travel.


Take the Bells Line of Road towards Lithgow.

Drive through Clarence, passing the Zig Zag station on your right.1km after Zig Zag station, the road takes a big sweeping left bend.

At the end of this bend, turn left into an obvious cleared dirt area, marked by a sign saying: "Zig-Zag Tunnels 9/10 Site Office Access". Continue along dirt road (ignoring first locked-gate turn off to the left), and at approx 700m turn left onto dirt-road.

This road gets progressively worse, with 4WD capability needed to reach the very end. Park wherever you become concerned for your cars clearance, and continue on foot. At 1800m ignore adjacent trig point (Uncle Toms car park) and continue straight ahead.

75m before the track comes to a dead end (marked by camprire site and fallen tree), take the faint track on the right marked by a cairn. At about 80m, the track curves around L. 4WDs should park here.

Branch off this into light bushland heading West. You are now aiming for a gully and constriction which is reached within 3 min.

This is the "Access Gully Area" of Colliery Crag.

About 75m down and to the left (South) is the obvious steep crack FIFO Hooker, which marks the start of the South Cliffs Area. This area stretches on for a few hundred metres.

About 80m to the right (North) is the first of the North Cliff climbs: Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology. This area stretches on for about 300m.

Further in the distance, where the cliffline begins to head west, is where the Far Northern Cliffs resides. This can be seen from the base of Climbing Boom. From here you get a great view of Gina Climb-hard in its entirety; it takes 15min extra walking to reach this climb and the others there.

You know you've reached the right area when you pass a large boulder sitting in a gully with a prominent grey "fin" of rock: The Shark's Fin. As you head west, look up to spot Coal Seam Crack.

NOTE: A larger Access Map is included in PHOTOS under this crag.


Rediscovered by "No-Chalk" Rob Burton in 2012. Has clearly been investigated previously (a number of cairns were discovered beneath specific lines, a few metres back from the cliff) but no details of ascents has ever been published.

1.6.1. Access Gully Area 3 routes in Unknown

Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: 150.208392, -33.512734


The narrow gully constriction you pass through when approaching the The Colliery.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 In The Pits / Rob's Funk Chimney

The obvious chimney/corner on the left as you enter the constricted section of the Access Gully.

Climb the chimney/corner.

Walk off via Access Gully to the left (facing in).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Paul Thomson (S), 2012

13Trad 15m
2 Half-Thumb Hero

Start on right at the end of the Access Gully Constriction. Around bulges using flakes and crack to the left as necessary (avoid going off-route to the crack proper for the full tick), move right under roof and up into easy squeeze chimney to top-out. 5 Bolts + Anchors.

FA: P. Thomson, 2012

18Sport 12m
3 Graveyard Shift / Rob's Diagonal Off-Width

As you emerge from the access gully constriction, there is a south facing cliff on the right.

Climb the leftward-leaning off-width (with good face holds) until it thins, then climb the thin crack and headwall above.

Walk off with through scrub via the access gully to the right (facing in).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Paul Thomson (S), 2012

16Trad 30m

1.6.2. North Cliffs 3 routes in Unknown

All Trad

Long/Lat: 150.209150, -33.510539


The cliffs North of the Access Gully to The Colliery. Commencing approximately 80m past the Access Gully Area (to the right/North) with Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology (wafer thin flake to off-width).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology / Paul's Weird Crack

80m right of Access Gully constriction.

Thin flake to hand crack, past detached block and some choss to bulge, left and out under bulge, then up easy corner to top.

Walk off via Gully to the left (facing in).

May have been climbed previously.

FA: Paul Thomson (L), Rob Burton (S), 2012

16Trad 25m
2 Mine Shaft / Rob's Off-Width

10m up and left of Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology.

Climb obvious off-width/squeeze chimney to ledge, then head up shallow corner on the right to top (avoiding iron-stone plates).

Take big gear.

Walk off via Gully to the left (facing in).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Paul Thomson (S), 2012

14Trad 22m
3 * Climbing Boom / Rob and Paul's Funky Multipitch

100m further left from mine shaft

P1 (15) - Up easy hand-crack to belay at back of cave.

P2 (18) - Up slab to arrange protection in roof crack. From there either (a) Downclimb and step around arete, then up delicately; or (b) stay high and traverse under the roof crack. Whatever route you take, it leads to a hard move past flake to footledge. Then traverse right to corner, and up easy corner to top.

Walk off via Gully to the right (facing in).

FA: Paul Thomson (P1), Rob Burton (P2), 2012

18Trad 55m 2

1.6.3. South Cliffs 4 routes in Unknown

All Trad

Long/Lat: 150.209186, -33.514451


The cliffs South of the Access Gully to the Colliery. Commencing approximately 75m past the Access Gully Area (to the South/Left) at the obvious steep crack FIFO Hooker, and continuing for a few hundred metres.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** FIFO Hooker / Rob's Supercrack

75m down and left from the access gully constriction.

Long, steep, technical crack.

Small roof crack to leads to technical corner, and steep chimneying into a roof, before finishing with a nice hand/fist headwall.

Walk off the top via the Access Gully to the left (facing in).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Alex Bergmann (S), 2012

19Trad 35m
2 Sooty Shaft / Rob's Pillar and Headwall

10m right of FIFO Hooker. Obvious offwidth corner up a detached pillar. From the top of the pillar continue directly up the headwall to the top.

Rap off tree to the right (facing in), and downclimb a few metres.

Take big gear. (Warning: Pro directly after the pillar is sparse, and big boulder on top of pillar rocks if you stand on it). You can belay on top of the pillar, and walk off the back of it if you wish.

May have been climbed previously.

FA: Rob Burton (L), Paul Thomson (S), 2012

16Trad 40m
3 Brave Canary / Rob's Easy Corner

Easy corner ramble on good rock up crack, past bulge, and continuing up corner crack to the top. Walk off via gully to the right (facing in).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Paul Thomson (S), 2012

14Trad 20m
4 Pneumoconiosis Aspirations / Paul's Deadly Face Climb

Start 5m right of Brave Canary in front of dead tree. Boulder up to ledge, move slightly left and climb face to break and gear. Then continue up and slightly right to top of main wall. Hand-traverse right to arete rather than climbing detached block above headwall. CAUTION: Falls much above the one good break would be serious. So named because contracting Pneumoconiosis is probably safer than this climb.

FA: Paul Thomson (L), Rob Burton (S), 2012

17Trad 20m

1.6.4. Far North Cliffs 6 routes in Unknown

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.209186, -33.507972


The Cliffs at the Northermost end of the crag. Visible from the climbs at the North Cliffs.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * COALgate Smile / Rob's Malevolent Roof and Corner

About 500m left from Climbing boom.

Start underneath small roof crack and corner, right of Coal Seam Crack. Crack to stance beneath fingercrack roof. Undercling roof to gain corner, then up corner to the top, with a vegetated topout.

Rap off tree to the right (facing in).

So named because Rob chipped his tooth whilst abseiling through the jungle trees shortly after the ascent.

FA: Rob Burton (L), Alex Bergmann (S), 2012

FFA: Paul Thomson, 2013

20Trad 30m
2 ** Coal Seam Crack / Rob's Mega-Offwidth Roof

20m left of COALgate smile, the obvious R facing corner with a super exposed off-width roof.

(P1) 20m climb corner to stance beneath roof. Some dodgey rock but pro is reasonable.

(P2) 20m Aid through roof and crack above, and free up small offwidth section.

Rap off as for (COALgate smile).

FA: Rob Burton (L), Jonas (S), 2012

19 M2Trad 40m
3 ** Gina Climb-hard / Rob's Mega Fingercrack Roof

20m further L from Coal Seam crack is this prominent line under a huge finger crack roof. A real classic.

P1 15m - Crux. Climb the tight chimney come hand crack to ledge beneath roof (chimney needs a camalot #5).

P2 (17) 30m - Climb steep corner, traverse under roof, and continue up finger-crack headwall to ledge (many finger crack sized cams are needed). To reduce rope drag, you may wish to set up a semi-hanging belay at the end of the roof traverse in Pitch 2.

Stay roped up to traverse right and belay at the top of coal seam crack.

Rap off as for COALgate smile

FA: Rob Burton, Morgan Huxley, (alt leads), 2012

18Trad 45m The Shark's Fin 3 routes in Feature
Trad and Sport

A prominent free standing fin of rock, right in the corner where the North Cliffs end, and the Far North Cliffs begin. Approximately 35m high at its highest face (and 12m high at its lowest). A fixed rope has been left in-place on the back (lowest) point of the Fin, to allow easy access to the anchors at its summit.


Approximately 20min walk from the Access Gully (with gear). Walk as if you were going to the Far North Cliffs, and you will walk right past the Shark's Fin (on your left).

1.7. Uncle Tom's 50 routes in Crag

Mostly Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Updraught 12Unknown 26m
2 Steve Moon Memorial Chimney 11Unknown 26m
3 Flaps in Your Face 15Unknown 60m
4 The Boys Oen Slab 14Unknown 76m
5 Un Named Corner 22Unknown
6 Dreadger 21Unknown 33m
7 Dining With Grendel 19Unknown 43m
8 Deviatrix 16Unknown 33m
9 Imperatrix 15Unknown 40m
10 Belligerance 17Unknown 26m
11 Bonza 15Unknown
12 Fickle Finger of Flake 14Unknown 20m
13 Reach for the Earth 17Unknown 43m
14 Spurious 15Unknown 17m
15 Curious 16Unknown 17m
16 Un Named Crack 13Unknown 18m
17 Furious 15Unknown 18m
18 Andrew Penney Memorial Chimney 4 M1Aid 10m
19 The Breakaway 17Unknown 43m
20 Valtz A Patrice 16Unknown 20m
21 Sabre Rattle 12Unknown 50m
22 Madam Hatchet 12Unknown 40m
23 Avarice 14Unknown 23m
24 The Thirteenth Hour 13Unknown 23m
25 I Hate Cats 11Unknown 23m
26 The Winged Wombat 16Unknown 27m
27 Aplomb 15Unknown 17m
28 Scintillating Company 7Unknown 17m
29 Clothed Lunch 17Unknown 23m
30 * IC 18Unknown 23m
31 Badger's Reminiscence 16Unknown 32m
32 A Way Up 7Unknown 20m
33 Cruel Immorality 17Unknown 23m
34 Sprintime for Islam & Khomeni, Winter for Carter & Vance 14Unknown 20m
35 Tobin Sorenson Memorial Chimney 6Unknown 20m
36 The Koran 6Unknown 20m
37 Silvertail 13Unknown
38 Duffel Plum 14Unknown
39 Sewerside Wall 11Unknown 27m
40 Silly Things 14Unknown 27m
41 Blood of the Forests 14Unknown 27m
42 Dianne 6Unknown
43 Jamming For Allah 16Unknown 17m
44 The Ayatollah's Revenge 3Unknown 18m
45 Me & My Mullah 9Unknown 17m
46 Blue Turban Finish 5Unknown
47 Meccano 9Unknown
48 Dave Noble Memorial Climb 9Unknown 13m
49 Ross' Gory 12Unknown 15m
50 Antigone 9Unknown 15m

1.8. Ida Ridge 14 routes in Crag

All Unknown
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Ferney Groove's Revenge 8Unknown 29m
2 The By-Pass 10Unknown 20m
3 Some What Not What's Expected 15Unknown 30m
4 Take Your Mum 13Unknown 25m
5 Flaw in the Wall 17Unknown 25m
6 Mixed Pleasures of Earthly Delight 13Unknown 45m
7 A Bolt From the Blue 16Unknown 25m
8 The Old Fashioned Corner 12Unknown 30m
9 Waltz Up the Wall 10Unknown 30m
10 Superannuants' Samba 13Unknown 25m
11 * Stairway to Heaven 18Unknown 30m
12 The Dance Floor 13Unknown 90m
13 The Old Foxes Trot 17Unknown 30m
14 A Step to the Left 16Unknown 40m

1.9. Cosmic County Area 435 routes in Crag

Trad, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.237140, -33.492781

1.9.1. The Dam Cliffs 59 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250534, -33.484536

Description:© (boulderman)

A peculiar area, so named because of the abandoned dam.

Useful Info: This is a great free swimming hole - where the water is cold and deep. It is a popular option in summer when the heat gets too much (or if you want to cool off after climbing at a nearby crag).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Bare Foot Bandits

FA: D O'Donnell, D McQueen, 2005

5Unknown 15m The Dam Cliff DWS 5 routes in Cliff
All Deep Water

Long/Lat: 150.249779, -33.482880


Deep Water Soloing on the 10m cliff in the middle of the Dam. Fairly juggy face climbing, and clean falls into the deep water.

Numerous different routes have been climbed here over the years, and there are a number of top-rope anchors above the cliff itself. No FA details known.


From the parking area, walk down to the dam pool, and swim out to the main cliffline in the middle. Wet Feet Area 3 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250779, -33.483572


The Big Boulder on the other side of the creek as you first walk in. Mossy Wall 9 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250555, -33.483641


Maybe it used to be mossy but it's pretty nice now with lots of traffic. Steep Wall 16 routes in Cliff
Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250524, -33.483923


Directly opposite Mossy Wall. A nice overhanging wall with awesome scoops similar but much better than Ladder of Gloom at Berowra Creek Boulder 3 routes in Boulder
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250397, -33.483804


The boulder on the other side of the creek from Gulf War Wall Gulf War Wall 13 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250264, -33.483854


The overhanging wall that is an extension of Steep Wall. Shady Alley 3 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.250945, -33.483899 Canyon Wall 6 routes in Cliff
All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.249738, -33.484162


A 15m high wall with vertical to overhanging routes.


100m downstream of the ladders. Can also be accessed by following the creek downstream of Gulf War Wall.

1.9.2. Railway Cliff 18 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.228011, -33.497622

Description:© (mjw)

Quite awesome really! Old style sport climbing on all sorts of innovative fixed pro. Shade in the summer. Freezing in the winter!! The whole crag is in desperate need of anchor renewal - as it is at the present time, well it can just be plain scary!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** The Fish

A bit mossy, but interesting.

FA: L.McManus,M.Stacey, 1991

21Sport 35m
2 * The Age of Steam

FA: C.Baxter,M.Law, V.Kondos, 1991

20Sport 35m
3 *** I Must Go Down to the Sea Again

Great! Do all 3 pitches!

FA: M.Law,J.Holbrook, 1991

25Sport 120m
4 ** The Five Forty Five

The major left leading line splitting the right side of the cliff. A well protected trad adventure - gear to #3 camalot.

  1. 25m (22) Up thrutchy crack to roof (BR), traverse right and up into left trending steep corner. Belay at small ledge.

  2. 17m (19) Keep following the steep left trending corner to hanging belay at rings. Well protected. You can rap from here (30m).

  3. 7m (15) Very short pitch straight up to shale ledge. Can be linked easily withy pitch 2.

FA: G.Bradbury,G.Moore, 1992

22Sport 75m 3, 1
5 *** Gumbo Akimbo

Great! Mikl was and IS a genius but clipping the rotating 'hanger' on the slab below the roof will require as much energy as it takes to do the climb!

FA: M.Law, 1992

25Sport 45m
6 * Edward Chiselhands

Remember that these routes Do require anchor renewal may have been 'chipped' and may take some gear. But then they may not!

FA: M.Law, 1999

26Sport 45m
7 * Cicatrix

Man, how good will this area be when someone invests a few thousand bucks into it!

FA: G.Bradbury, G.Moore, 1993

25Sport 60m
8 ** Locomotion

FA: M.Law, 1992

26Sport 45m
9 *** The Belles, The Belles

easiest and least mentally demanding route here.

FA: V.Kondos, 1992

21Sport 45m
10 ** The Lithgow Flash

Start: Around the arete on the wall to the left of TB,TB.

FA: M.Law, 1992

24Sport 40m
11 ** Traction Thrash

FA: M.Law, 1992

25Sport 40m
12 * Suction Pump

Start: Use fixed rope - if it is still there! Or traverse in from TT.

FA: M.Law, 1992

26Sport 45m 2
13 Complications

FA: G.Bradbury,M,Colyvan, 1982

22 M1Aid 65m
14 * Bone China

Start: Route to the right of the arete.

FA: G.Bradbury,J.Smoothy, 2000

24Sport 40m
15 ** Porcelay Negra

FA: M.Law, 1982

23Sport 40m
16 ** Tamish

FA: M.Colyvan,G.Bradbury, 1982

18Sport 60m
17 * Verdigris

FA: G.Bradbury,M.Law, 1982

24Sport 35m
18 Cold Comfort

FA: G.Bradbury,M.Colyvan, 1982

19Sport 30m

1.9.3. Tunnel Cliff 7 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Feel the Pinch 27Sport 12m
2 Shenanigans 28Sport 15m
3 * Bust a Gut 22Sport 15m
4 ** Skinful 25Sport 18m
5 * Infundubulum 26Sport 15m
6 Project (Mikl) projectUnknown
7 * Terminator 24Sport 15m

1.9.4. The Freezer 48 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.220647, -33.496756

Unique Features And Strengths:

A bit of a walk to get here but once you have arrived you will be treated with some very good early to mid grade 20's and some classic harder climbs over the log of death. Summer time gem.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Terra Incognita

FA: V.Kondos, 1993

19Sport 18m
2 Absolute Zero

Try not to hit anything if you fall...

FA: L.McManus, 1994

19Sport 23m
3 * Chris' Crack


FA: C.Jewel, 1994

19Trad 25m
4 The Optimist

Bit cranky down low then cruise to anchors

FA: Glenn Short

22Sport 24m
5 * Storm Watch

FA: C.Van de Reyt, 1994

23 RSport 25m
6 * Soul Sister

FA: V.Kondos, 1994

18Sport 24m
7 * Old Blobby

The arete. Seems to be a thiefs paradise as all attempts to ensure that the lower off anchors are safe is thwarted by theft.

FA: V.Kondos, 1994

20Sport 25m
8 *** Good Big Dog

Apparently a soft tick!

FA: S.Butler, 1992

24Sport 22m
9 * Extension Lead

Burly start then cruisy

FA: M. Law

22Sport 20m
10 * Rat$

FA: M.Law, 1992

24Sport 20m
11 ** Unity (Rat$ Direct)

Up Rat$ till about 1/2 way, then head rightish up obvious feature, and up to anchors. Pretty Cool..

FA: Nate Bolton, 2009

FA: Nathan Bolton, 2009

24Sport 25m
12 *** Cryogenics

A long crux sequence makes this stiff classic.

FA: M.Portman, 2000

23Sport 25m
13 ** SWALK

Another crowd favorite. Has recently been rebolted.

FA: M.Law, 1992

22Sport 25m
14 *** Meat Mallet

Start as for SWALK, then veer right.

FA: M.Stacey, 1993

24Sport 25m
15 * Ice Cubed


FA: V.Condos, 1994

23Sport 25m
16 * Semantics

More Choss.

FA: J.Clark,J.Kurko,M.Wilson, 1994

24Sport 25m
17 ** Bulls Head

Apparently quite fun! Belay from the top of rap of into thin air.

FA: V.Kondos, 1992

21Sport 35m
18 ** Mad Cow Disease


FA: V.Kondos, 1995

22Sport 22m
19 *** Hypoxic

The really hidden gem of the freezer. Very unique, engaging and sustained wall climb on stone that feels similar to granite.

FA: M.Stacey, 1993

23Sport 25m
20 ** Easy Fit

FA: F.Yule, 1998

26Sport 25m
21 ** Ha-Ha Wall

Hands on top, jump and lower off last bolt!

FA: M.Law, 2000

25Sport 27m
22 ** Turrette's Fucking Syndrome

Hand on top, jump and lower off last ring.

FA: M.Law, 1996

25Sport 25m
23 ** M

FA: M.Law, 1993

27Sport 27m
24 * Doris'll Getcha!

FA: S.Butler, 1992

23Sport 25m
25 Tom Tom Club

FA: V.Kondos, 2000

20Sport 23m

These next two climbs are on the lower cliff line.

26 * It's Not Over Until the Fat Lady Slims

A hard start followed by low angle wall climbing. Start at short corner with bolts, up corner and Groove/wall above.

FA: J.Smoothy, G. Bradbury, T. Bretherton, 1994

24Sport 25m
27 Spunknuns

Up the 'Arete' on Carrots

Start: 5m right of INOUTFLS

FA: M. Law, V. Kondos, 1995

25Sport 25m

To access the rest of these climbs you must first cross the log of death.

28 ** Here's Johnny

The diagonal crack left of the obvious Splitter Crack (Looking for Johnny), directly below the right end of the Log of Death. Rap from tree above Looking for Johnny 30m to ledge. Start up initial grove as for Looking for Johnny, then branch out with the crack.

FA: M. Haffner, R. Stiles, M. Corkin, 2009

23Trad 50m
29 ** Looking for Johnny

The obvious splitter crack below the right end of the Log of Death. Rap from trees at the top of the splitter crack 30m to the ledge. Climb the crack straight up.

FA: R. Stiles, M. Corkin, M. Haffner, 2009

22Trad 25m
30 * Dicky Ticker

Start: Lefthand route. Starts at the end of the 'death traverse'.

FA: M.Law, 1992

26Sport 20m
31 * Don't Try This at Home

Start: Righthand route.

FA: S.Butler, 1992

22Sport 20m
32 Double Standards

Up black wall past three U's to ledge then up to nice orange face.

Start: around arete from log of death.

FA: S. Hawkshaw, 2000

19Sport 17m
33 Ratzinger's Thong

FA: M.Corkin, R.Styles

20Sport 15m
34 Enlichenment

Shares the same anchor as RT about 20m higher then it should be.

FA: M.Corkin, R.Styles

21Sport 15m
35 * Who Da Man?

Very steep! Start in the dust below the overhang at the left side of the sector. A belay bolt marks the spot.

FA: Kyle Dunsire, 1995

23Sport 20m
36 ** Slug Monk

Start as for Gruntled then climb left through some hard moves.

FA: M.Stacey, 1994

24Sport 22m
37 *** Gruntled

Steep start, follow the corner then up.

FA: S.Butler, 1992

25Sport 25m
38 ** Messenger in Red

FA: M.Law, 2000

27Sport 23m
39 ** Better Dead than Red

FA: F.Yule, 2000

26Sport 25m
40 ** Pinking

FA: M.Law, 2000

29Sport 28m
41 ** Detache Mode

FA: M.Law, 2000

30Sport 28m
42 ** Lubberfiend

Nice thin wall and slab to a half ledge then a long and sustained pocket crux with a couple hard clips.

FA: M.Law, 1992

27Sport 28m
43 *** Lactictoc

Start left of the arête. Over the slab then continue up the steepness.

FA: M.Law, 1992

26Sport 28m
44 ** Warmenpumpen

Up the right side of the arête.

FA: D.Whitehouse, 1993

23Sport 20m
45 * Aroma Gunsmoke

Start: Around the arete from 'Lactictoc'. Another one of the hidden gems, needs a rebolt but still climbable. Sweet face climbing for when your steep arms give out.

FA: S.McElroy, 1993

23Sport 25m
46 ** The Big Bamboozle

FA: M.Pircher, 1999

24Sport 20m
47 ** archie.au / archiedotau / Archie dot au

Under and over the arch, originally graded 24.

FA: D.Whitehouse, 1993

23Sport 20m Shady Wall 1 route in Area
All Sport

Little 15m wall, that kind of slides up the hill and is vertical to very slightly overhung. Has only one easy route, at the moment but has potential for 2 more and stays in the shade until about 2pm.


From the bottom of the descent gully for the 'left side', turn right and walk around for about 40m, passing one wall, til you see the line of ring bolts on the second wall, on your right.

1.9.5. The Bat Cave 4 routes in Crag

All Sport

From the old Freezer car park, keep heading further along the road to the powerline. Head down left over the rocky plateau to creek. Follow old road upstream. After 25m the surface changes, turn left and scramble to the cave.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Bat Fink

FA: G. Fieg, 1995

27Sport 10m, 5
2 The Joker

FA: G. Fieg, 1995

27Sport 12m, 4
3 The Riddler

FA: G. Fieg, 1995

26Sport 12m, 4
4 Punchy

FA: S. Dent, 1995

24Sport 10m, 4

1.9.6. Cosmic County 280 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.226757, -33.502869 Greenhouse Gully 24 routes in Crag
Trad, Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.228884, -33.498120 The 39 Steps 40 routes in Crag
Trad, Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.228217, -33.499202

Approach:© (mjw)

Descent route about 45m right of 'Sparkles'. Ladder and ropes. Memory Lane 73 routes in Crag
Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.227292, -33.500029

Description:© (mjw)

Gully to the right of 'Fantastic Voyage'. Includes certain iron work and chips. From the top down to the ledge utilising 'engineering' to ledge, then left to main gully and chain. The first few climb are located within the gully. Camerons Crest 12 routes in Crag
Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.226584, -33.500645

Description:© (mjw)

Descent gully right of 'Penney Ante'. From the top scramble down short wall into the gully, then two choices. 1).Stroll down the right branch - facing out - to 'Penney Ante' and 'The Allied Chemical News' or, 2).Walk down the left branch into 'Stateline Gully'. Stateline Gully 72 routes in Crag
Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.226312, -33.501862 Osiris Gully 8 routes in Crag
All Trad Penny Arcade 36 routes in Crag
Mostly Trad

Long/Lat: 150.225961, -33.504342

Description:© (mjw)

Area to the right of 'Osirus Gully'. Has some good routes in it but tends to be hard to navigate and broken in places. I does has some very good routes though. If you go down here make sure you do 'Mothers Choice, 'Fear in the Western World', Powder Monkey' and 'Brinksville'. Lovers Lane 15 routes in Crag
All Trad

1.9.7. Lunar Walls 19 routes in Crag

Mostly Trad
Description:© (mjw)

Short compact crag averaging about 15m in height The remotest part of the county. Lower cliffline of 'The Last Frontier'.

Approach:© (mjw)

Walk down the gully below Lovers Lane about 80m. Have fun!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Fundip

Obscure in the extreme. Not well protected.

Start: 30m LEFT of the gully.

FA: B.Cameron,P.Chalkley, 1981

14 RTrad 15m
2 Clear Water

"Scale model of El Cap, about 1:300"

Start: First climb right of the gully.

FA: W.Moon,P.Chalkley, 1981

20Trad 7m
3 The Prow

Start: 12m right. 'Arete'. No pro!

FA: M.Grey,J.Smoothy, 1981

19 RTrad 15m
4 Stay Away

"A filthy piece of choss."

Start: 1m right. Obvious right facing corner.

FA: F.Moon,P.Chalkley, 1981

16 RTrad 10m
5 Lunar Crack


Start: 5m right. Ferns and crack to ledge then up.

FA: F&W.Moon, 1981

19Trad 15m
6 Moscow Sea 15Unknown 15m
7 * Lake of Dreams

First route done and the most striking line at the crag.

Start: 15m right. Obvious.

FA: A.Penney,I.Kressa,D.Wagland, 1980

20Trad 15m
8 Moon Base Alfa Centauri

Roof, crack and groove to top. Poor pro.

Start: 9m right.

FA: F.Moon,B.Cameron, 1981

19 RTrad 15m
9 Sea of Vapours

The bolt 'rattled' in 1981!!

Start: 5m right. 'Steep' slab.

FA: G.Dowden,A.Penney,J.Smoothy, 1981

18 RTrad 15m
10 * Faces of Janus 18Unknown 15m
11 Bay of Billows

Start: 2m right. Short corner.

FA: J.Smoothy,G.Dowden,A.Penney, 1981

15Trad 15m
12 Shibboleth

Short corner on right, right crack through roof, short crack 1m left of 'Secrets'.

Start: As for BoB.

FA: J.Smoothy, 1983

11Trad 20m
13 Secrets

Start: 10m right.

FA: B.Cameron,F.Moon, 1981

16Trad 15m
14 Slubberdegullion

Start: 18m right in middle of amphitheatre.

FA: J.Smoothy, 1983

12Trad 15m
15 Gamma World

Start: 4m right.

FA: J.Smoothy, 1983

21Trad 15m
16 One Giant Step

Start: 15m right. Left facing corner, crack.

FA: J.Croker,R.Starmer, 1983

16Trad 25m
17 * Crystal Vision

Start: 8m right. Corner to ledge, crack then right to scrubby ledge, flake and wall.

FA: W.Moon,B.Cameron, 1981

19Trad 15m
18 Crystal Vision Alternate Finish 10Unknown 8m
19 Sea of Serenity/Faces of Janus?


Start: Marked. 4m right.

FA: Wagland,Kressa,Penney or Williams,Hibbard., 1980

18Trad 15m

1.10. Mount Banks 7 routes in Crag

Unknown, Trad and Sport
Description:© (nmonteith)

Epic big wall routes up to 500m in height, but quite broken by large ledges everywhere except around Groseness. Clearly visible from the other side of the valley at Perry's 'Lookout'. It is a one hour walk, or a fairly viperous 20minute mountain bike ride.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Original Route

FA: Russ Kippax,Dave Roots,Enn Trupold,Owen Llewellyn; Russ Kippax,Enn Truupold,Owen Llewellyn

13Unknown 350m
2 Original Route - Alternate Finish 14Unknown
3 Taghairn 14Unknown 300m
4 The Assassination Unknown 300m
5 Coronation Crack 13Unknown 200m
6 ** Pestosterone

Five pitches of sustained wall climbing, mostly on hanging belays. Bring 19 bolts plates (!!) and a comfortable harness. Helmets advised - you are a LONG way from a rescue (unless you can yell loud enough to get the attention of the tourists on the other side of the valley). Named in memory of a young and very motivated Graham Fairbairn, many years ago. Now he's matured into a statesman of rap.

Start: Rap into this route with double 50m ropes. You will need to rap each pitch (ie 5 abseils). Either down Groseness (15m, 25m, 40m, 50m, 25m, 25m) or down 'Pestosterone' (45m, 45, 45, 15, 45, but a bit harder to get the rope over the edge on the top rap).

  1. 45m (21) Dirty corner to start, that slowly steepens and gets more technical to hanging stance. Use long runners to avoid rope drag.

  2. 18m (20) Traverse right to rotting flake, up this with caution to gain better quality steep wall. 'Grovel' onto Oasis Ledge.

  3. 43m (23) Up thin wall to start, rightwards through small roof then up endless edges to hanging belay.

  4. 47m (23) Epic. Up thin corner, bouldery wall, roof, crimpers, edges, orange groove and final crimpy crux! Hanging belay on tiny ledge.

  5. 35m (22) A steep conclusion through the tiered roofs and pumpy end wall. 'Bush bash' up vegetation and surmount final easy wall to belay anchors.

FA: Neil Monteith & Mike Law

23 RSport 190m 5
7 Tricycle

A nice big crack for 3 pitches then 7 pitches of bush bashing crap. Bring a full trad rack, crampons and 10 bolt plates.

Start: You need to rap in to access this route. First ascent team went straight down the route off manky trees and bolts, not recommended. Best to rap down Grossness and walk about 200m right to below left facing big wide corner and roof.

  1. 30m (16) Scramble up choss, up easy chimney past scary chockstone, then finally layback up nice orange offwidth past 4 carrots to belay on big ledge at double BRs.

  2. 15m (22) Mega offwidth undercling under huge roof. Belay around in corner at 4 bolt belay. Pumpy!

  3. 35m (15) Continue up wide crack with spaced trad gear in horizontals. Big cams and slings useful. Belay on loose slope on multiple suss trees.

  4. 50m (1) Scramble up and right through spiky bush to little cave.

  5. 30m (6) Up dirty corner and chimney to tree belay below big orange wall.

  6. 17m (18) Climb tree to gain undercut corner at far right end of roofs on right edge of orange wall. Up corner for 7m then traverse hard left across black wall to belay in scoop at double BR belay (up high in scoop).

  7. 25m (17) Step left into corner crack. Up this (good cams) to final tricky bulge to gain bushy gully. Belay on double BRs on left side of bottom of gully.

  8. 40m (3) Classic. Bushbash straight up guts of vegetated canyon/gully until an easy traverse left solves the overhang. Belay on trad on ledge.

  9. 45m (6) Walk to left end of ledge, then up on rock (shock horror!) to topout.

  10. 30m (1) Walk right along ledge to gully and scramble up.

FA: Mike Law & Neil Monteith, 2008

22Mixed 280m 10, 10

1.11. Birrabang Walls 2 routes in Crag

Unknown and Aid
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Grossed Out

FA: J Croker & W Stebler

16Unknown 90m
2 Kestrel Buttress

FA: H Brotchie & J Croker

17 M1Aid 120m

1.12. Dalpura Head 31 routes in Crag

Unknown, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.309520, -33.548438

Description:© (nmonteith)

Another big cliff that faces south west. Not a lot of routes to do at the moment.

Approach:© (nmonteith)

Park at large pull out 2.2km west from Mt Wilson turn-off on Bells Line of Road. Cross road to south side and locate well worn foot path. Follow this for 15 minutes (it turns into an old road) until it disappears. Follow yellow coloured tape markers through bush and down ridge to small col. Drop down right side (keep folowing the tape markers!) and follow cliff edge into gully and back up the other side. Continue along semi-open ground following tape markers for another 15 minutes to arrive at cliff top - see area description for the two separate rap access points.

1.12.1. The Lost Pillar 7 routes in Crag

Unknown, Trad and Sport

Long/Lat: 150.309785, -33.549034

Description:© (nmonteith)

An spectacular 80m high tower that sits about 7m out from the south face of 'Dalpura Head'. The Blue Mountain's answer to Yosemite's 'Lost Arrow' Spire. Surprisingly this appears to have been unclimbed until 2003, when Tony "Mad Taffy" Williams dragged himself away from the bar to bolt several routes. 'Surely' some old mountaineer managed to get up this in the dim dark past?

Approach:© (nmonteith)

Park at large pull out 2.2km west from Mt Wilson turn-off on Bells Line of Road. Cross road to south side and locate well worn foot path. Follow this for 15 minutes (it turns into an old road) until it disappears. Follow yellow coloured tape markers through bush and down ridge to small col. Drop down right side (keep folowing the tape markers!) and follow cliff edge into gully and back up the other side. Continue along semi-open ground following tape markers for another 15 minutes. Navigation is quite hard as you don't have any points to aim for. It is highly recommended to take a GPS (Carpark -33.5353, 150.3195 Halfway -33.5436, 150.3140 Lost Pillar -33.5489, 150.3099). Locate carrot bolts on top of cliff above the Lost Pillar (peer over edge to locate this!), fix either a 100m rope, or two 50m ropes and rap straight down into notch between the pillar and the main wall. Scramble down the gully between this notch in an eastern direction to get to the bottom. Once you've had your fun on the pillar you will need to climb something on the main wall to get back to the top - the easiest is 'Welsh Dragon' (19 A1) which climbs the wall opposite the pillar. For descriptions of these routes go one level up and click on 'Dalpura Wall'.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Bendy Banana Chimney

First pitch of first(?) ascent route of 'The Lost Pillar'. Start at DBB next to big block in high point of notch on Pillar side. Follows chimney (good pro) between precariously balanced banana shape block and Pillar to block perched on top, DBB on block or good natural gear belay on ledge below upper wall. Rap to notch off DBB.

FA: Tony Williams/Nora Adam/ Josh Dodson, 2003

13Unknown 20m
2 Original Way Up

2nd pitch of original route up Pillar. From top of Bendy Banana Chimney head up diagonally left up cracks and blocks to double ring anchors and top of Pillar.

FA: Josh Dodson/ Tony Williams/ Nora Adam, 2003

12Unknown 20m
3 ** Sherpa's Revolt

Starts on spacious ledge above 'Bendy Banana Chimney' on West Face upper tier. Follows 3 bolts and some small/ medium cams right to arete of Lost Pillar and up to 'diving board' block. Great exposure and views. Belay bolts are the rap station rings at top of pillar. Sign the Log Book, Rap down Josh's pitch.

FA: Tony Williams/ Nora Adam, 2004

15Unknown 20m
4 * Gundu

Starts on spacious ledge above 'Bendy Banana Chimney' on West Face upper tier. Follows 3 bolts and some small/ medium cams on left side of upper tier and up to 'diving board' block. Belay station is the rap station (double rings) at top of Lost Pillar. 20m rap to 'Bendy Banana block' or 50m to notch (hard rope pull).

FA: Tony Williams/ Nora Adam, 2004

16Unknown 20m
5 ** Wafer Thin Fin

One of the most novel routes in the country up an extraordinary natural feature that redefines the term knife blade arete. No amount of hyperbole will prepare you for the first sight of this exposed prow on a remote tower. Imagine 'Flake Crack' but without the main wall and 70m high. You can even hang your arm through holes in the arete in several places! Rock quality is generally pretty poor but it's all about position position and position! Protection is very good, generally on solid ring bolts and occasionally on bomber fixed slings tied through holes in the arete. Although technically this is a sport route be prepared for high amounts of rope admin - bring jumars, lots of biners and helmets. Have an escape plan if it all goes wrong and the tower falls down.

Start: 'Access' - The route is located on the south east arete of the Lost Pillar on 'Dalpura Head' (north western end of the Grose Valley). Approach by a 40 minute slightly downhill walk from Bells Line Road through fairly open bush. Navigation is quite hard as you don't have any points to aim for. It is highly recommended to take a GPS (Carpark -33.5353, 150.3195 Halfway -33.5436, 150.3140 Lost PIllar -33.5489, 150.3099). Locate carrot bolts on top of cliff above the Lost PIllar (peer over edge to locate this!), fix either a 100m rope, or two 50m ropes and rap straight down into notch between the pillar and the main wall. Scramble down the gully between this notch in an eastern direction to find start of route.

  1. 35m (21) The Floating Fin Pitch. Start on right wall of fin, about 5m up the gully. Traverse hard left across the horizontal break (super chossy) past lots of stainless to gain better rock on left side of arete. Up. No, seriously keep going up. Belay on ledge at triple bolt belay. Rope drag is a minor issue on this pitch.

  2. 18m (22) Sea Cliff Pitch. Go against all logic and traverse out right above the sucking void to gain the knife blade arete again. Up. Yes, the slings are bomber. No, you can't come down. Take care with the top-out onto the belay ledge, there is quite a bit of small loose shale. Double ring belay.

  3. 18m (23) Sandy Boulder Pitch. Surprisingly punchy in the bottom half. First bolt is a dangerously high clip, so pull on belay bolts to reach it. Belay on double rings and FH. To descend scramble to true summit 5m away and locate double rings on west facing block. Rap 30m down into notch. Jumar back up fixed rope for 100m (!!) or climb something on the main face.

FA: Neil Monteith & Jesse Lomas, 2008

23Sport 71m 3
6 Lost Crack

Start: Three bonus pitches straight up from where Joshs Big Trad Line bails left. Done ground up in purest style.

  1. 20m (23) Up thin crack and either step right to belay or continue straight up second pitch

  2. 25m (18) step back into thin corner and up, past blocks and roof to base of clean chimney

  3. 25m (19) Up clean line and thru roof to belay

  4. 40m (16) Up chimney to ledge and finish up right arete (Gundu)

23Trad 110m 4
7 Josh's Big Trad Line

Attempt at major line on the south face. First ascent involved some minor aid, which was subsequently freed 5 years later by Ado and Mike. Finish as for 'Bendy Banana Chimney' then 'Original Way Up' finish.

  1. 20m (18 M1) Up line 6m left of chossy chimney on south face

  2. 40m (-) 2) 40m Up corner system and left to notch

FA: Josh Dodson & Tany, 2004

18 M1Unknown 60m 2

1.12.2. Dalpura Wall 24 routes in Crag

Unknown, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.309520, -33.548438

Description:© (nmonteith)

Shade until 2pm with a fairly cruisy 40 minute walk if you can follow the tape markers!

Approach:© (nmonteith)

Park at large pull out 2.2km west from Mt Wilson turn-off on Bells Line of Road. Cross road to south side and locate well worn foot path. Follow this for 15 minutes (it turns into an old road) until it disappears. Follow yellow coloured tape markers through bush and down ridge to small col. Drop down right side (keep folowing the tape markers!) and follow cliff edge into gully and back up the other side. Continue along semi-open ground following tape markers for another 15 minutes to arrive at cliff top and large bollard with sling. Navigation is quite hard as you don't have any points to aim for. It is highly recommended to take a GPS (Carpark -33.5353, 150.3195 Halfway -33.5436, 150.3140 Crag Top -33.5484, 150.309).

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 I Scream and Grapple Sky p1 23Unknown 35m
2 I Scream and Grapple Sky p2 23Unknown 45m
3 (I Scream and Grapple Sky p3 - project) 27Unknown 32m
4 I Scream and Grapple Sky p4 20Unknown 13m
5 End Of Days p1 22Unknown 30m
6 End Of Days p2 23Unknown 20m
7 End Of Days p3 25Unknown 20m
8 End Of Days p4 15Unknown 15m
9 End Of Days p5 21Unknown 35m
10 Jocation p1 27Unknown 50m
11 Jocation p2 18Unknown 50m
12 Welsh Dragon Bolt Ladder

Easisest way from Lost pillar notch to 2nd pitch of Welsh Dragon.

FA: Tony Williams

A1Aid 20m
13 * Welsh Dragon (2nd Pitch)

Climb from below or rap in 70m from 4 bolts at top of wall to double rings. Traverse diagonally right past 4 bolts (brackets needed) to 3BB.

FA: Josh Dodson/ Tony Williams, 2003

16Unknown 15m
14 ** Welsh Dragon (3rd Pitch)

Climb from below or rap in 60m from 4 bolts to 3BB at spacious belay ledge. 6 bolts (will put 1 more in soon! between 1st and 2nd bolt). #3 camalot helpful to calm the nerves at half way point. Pick the right way through the 1 foot shale ledge to the trees (saplings) and DBB.

FA: Tony Williams/ Nora Adam/, 2003

18Unknown 25m
15 *** Welsh Dragon (Last/ 4th pitch)

Climb from below or rap 30m from 4 bolts to semi hanging DBB near small trees. 11+ bolts (brackets needed). Great exposure and positions on many good and a few not so good holds. Awesome wall climbing.

FA: Tony Williams/ Nora Adam/ Josh Dodson, 2003

19Unknown 28m
16 Crankenstein p1 25Unknown 35m
17 Crankenstein p2 24Unknown 40m
18 Crankenstein p3 24Unknown 35m
19 * Welsh Dragon

WARNING - bolts on this route may be dangerous. Face climbing up large black wall opposite the Lost Pillar. Bolted with spaced glue-in carrots. Total shade until very late in the day.

  1. 20m (- M1) Ring-bolt aid ladder from Lost Pillar notch up to ledge. Scramble right along ledge to double bolt belay. First ascent of this pitch was in 2006.

  2. 15m (16) Delicate moves to slopey holds whilst traversing right. Good warm up for next pitch.

  3. 25m (18) Great pitch through some scary bits. Don't fall between 1st and 2nd bolt or you will...?

  4. 28m (19) Great climbing on vertical wall with just enough bolts to stay sane!

FA: Tony Williams, Nora Adam, Josh Dodson, 2008

19 M1Sport 88m 4
20 ** End of Days

Not the usual Bluies jug haul. Bring a cut-down trad rack - double cams to handcrack size and no wires.

Start: Rap descent as for I Scream.

  1. 30m (22) Start as for I Scream pitch 1 at wide sandy corner crack. At 2nd bolt step right (trad) and up steep flake crack, mostly on finger/small hand sized cams. One bolt when the flake gets wafer thin. Finish up wall on bomber micro cams. Belay on comfy ledge right of orange wall.

  2. 20m (23) Stellar! Left across orange face to breach roof on left side. Up exposed techy arete to belay ledge. A sport pitch.

  3. 20m (25) Stretch those calves and chalk those palms! Traverse left to stunning fused bridging corner that's lovingly cleaned to perfection. Four bolts then final finger crack on cams.

  4. 15m (15) Easy juggy ironstone slab trending left. Belay on big vegetated ledge.

  5. 35m (21) Surprisingly sustained face which looks like an ironstone jug haul from below. Bring three bolt hangers for the occasional random carrot.

25Trad 120m 5
21 * The Opposition

Gripping arete which offers a good escape when finished with the Lost Pillar. 14 draws and 8 brackets.

Start: First major arete 50m to right (north) of the Lost Pillar and 5m left of Crankenstien. To get to the start either rap down 'Welsh Dragon' and trash through the thick bush or rap direct down the route. The top of the climb is at the bottom of a major gully 50m right of the double bolts above 'Welsh Dragon'. There is a set of double BRs on a ledge at the top, rig a couple of slings and rap into the unknown.

  1. 15m (22) Leftwards to high first ubolt then left again to arete. Ponder the lack of holds, find a solution and scuttle up to belay below steep orange arete.

  2. 40m (23) Steeply up right side of arete with a few long moves. Cross a minor choss band then continue up the ladder of jugs. Finish with a few techy crimp moves on the left then right side of arete.

  3. 40m (18) Jugs to big break, over this then up techy black arete on little ironstone edges. Ramble up ledgy stuff to finish. Botl plates needed for this pitch. Belay off double BRs.

23Sport 95m 3
22 * Crankenstein

Classic big sport cranker.

Start: Down to gully and out left. Locate lunch cave and scramble down to the R (facing out) to ledge and DBB (this is the 3rd belay).

  1. 35m (25) Up leaning L side of arete until obvious move around to R side. Up to small footledge and semi-hanging DBB. About 11 BRs.

  2. 40m (24) Follow the amazing steep line of scoops for miles until it blanks out on a black wall. Thin moves then up to Balderstone Point and DBB. Scramble up to the other DBB on Balderstone Point.

  3. 35m (24) Out L then crank onto arete (desperate). Up arete which looks easy to top.

FA: Mike Stacey & Steve Moon, 1999

25Sport 110m 3
23 Jocation

A big arete.

Start: Locate the top of the Lost Pillar. Scramble down and abseil off 3BB below cairn 10m west of Lost Pillar. Take about 16 bolt plates and 2 ropes, rap down 50m and pull ropes, rap bottom pitch on single fixed to vegetated ledge about 15m from the ground.

  1. 50m (27) Rounded arete past bolts to ledge, 2nd bolt needs a sling to ease clip-fear.

  2. 50m (18) Loose arete past bolts. Mike thought this was going to be grade 8 when he bolted it.

FA: FA: Mikl Law, Fronkie Huster, Ness Peterson, 2000

FFA: Mikl, Ness, 2002

27Sport 100m 2
24 * I Scream and Grapple Sky (closed project)

Four varied pitches - and one stopper move on pitch three.

Start: Rap in from sling around bollard above 'End of Days'. Best to fix 100m of rope to ring bolt anchors at end of pitch 1 of I Scream ect, then 30m rap to start belay ledge from there. Alternatively use double ropes and rap down 35m, 15m, 40m, 30m.

  1. 35m (23) Long and sustained face climbing. Easy sandy corner crack to roof, undercling left and across face which thins alarmingly near the end. FFA Neil Monteith & Jesse Lomas 31/10/2008

  2. 45m (23) Long and exposed fused flake just right of arete to top of pillar. Up and left across short orange face to shale break. Past this on jugs to belay in slabby corner stance at triple bolt belay. Sustained! FFA Neil Monteith & Jesse Lomas 31/10/2008

  3. 32m (27) Yet to be led clean. Pull on crux bolt to knock this pitch down to grade 23. Left onto arete then left again to short juggy face. Thin moves to horizontal, left along this to reachy move over rooflet (glued-up hold). Up very exposed left facing corner to juggy finish and comfy bivi ledge under huge roof. FA Jesse Lomas & Neil Monteith 31/10/2008

  4. 13m (20) Short, steep and exposed. Up and left on ironstone jugs to hit roof at mossy crack. Jugs to top. Double ring belay. FFA Neil Monteith & Jesse Lomas 31/12/2008

27Sport 130m 4

1.13. Explorers Walls 1 route in Crag

All Aid
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Blue Moon

FA: Hayden Brotchie, David Duke, 1999

19 M1Aid 250m

1.14. Banks Walls 5 routes in Crag

All Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.369791, -33.595496

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Solstice 21Unknown 110m
2 Zireon 14Unknown 260m
3 Black Hole 21Unknown 90m
4 Gordon-Smith Chimney Unknown
5 Serrata

FA: Mike Patterson, Hayden Brotchie, 2005

14Unknown 250m

1.15. Bung Crag 81 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.233742, -33.419884

Unique Features And Strengths:

Mainly sport crag located above Bungleboori Creek in Newnes State forest Smattering of trad routes amongst them as well as the obvious Bungleboori crack (gr 21) easily see across creek from Green wall


Multiple cliffs ranging from 15-50m in height, plenty of potential for lots of other routes for the keen.

NB: New crag, so be careful with rock coming off easily.

Access Issues:

Located in Newnes state forest, no real issues.


Turn off bell line of road at ZigZag railway, and follow old bells line of road until about 1.5km past big left hand bend, turn right onto track with a tree marked with 2 small pink makers. (NOT trees with pink spray paint, keep driving. If you hit old sand mine you have gone about 1km to far.)

Road mostly 2wd friendly, last section needs a AWD or 4wd just for the clearance as it is a bit rocky and uneven... For walls A, B and C: higher 4WD's are recommended, as the road is uneven with inconsistent rock and large amount of undergrowth between tyres. Having only a 2WD drive will mean a 1km walk along mostly flat fire trail to car park. Small cars not recommended, and no place to turn around once past the "Y" in the road heading down to walls A. B and C.

Two car parks depending on which crags you want to visit, see location map below.

For walls A. B and C, once at the bottom of the 4WD track, head to the end and right of the remaining road, you will find a fixed rope down to crag.

Where To Stay:

Bush camping available at the western car park with several flat spots. You will need to take own water or face a big walk down the hill to the creek that is usually running.

1.15.1. Diesel Wall 22 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.237391, -33.418362


Vertical featured wall closest to car park


Park at car park and follow track right at lookout, down rock ramp to base of cliff.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Boob Job

First route on the wall, up juggy face to anchors.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

13Sport Project 10m, 4
2 Snap Happy

Start at base of weakness. Line of bolts following weakness up the wall.

FFA: Kevin van tilburg, 2012

14Sport 12m, 4
3 The Insanity of Christianity

3m rt of SH, Straight up face following orange streak to lowers off first lip.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2012

18Sport 12m, 5
4 Mummy Porn

2m rt of TIOC, Up left side of featured flake up Over couple bulges to the top. Has its own lower off but better for rope to step left at last bolt and use TIOC lower off.

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2012

16Sport 12m, 5
5 Profits for Prophets

2m rt of MP. Bouldery start up steepish face on orange rock.

FFA: Kevin van Tilburg, 2012

19Sport 11m, 5
6 Renos Dirty Undies

2m rt of PFP, thinish start up left hand flake over bulge to anchors

Set by Ian Reynolds

FFA: Vanessa Wills, 2013

19Sport 14m, 6
7 Closed Project - Dude

Thin start to techy face tending right to shared anchors.

Sport Project 12m, 5
8 Fuels my Hate Fire

Bouldery start leads to big move on big holds, surprisingly pumpy. Shared anchors.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

18Sport 12m, 5
9 Don't be complacent

1m lt of ROTT, Fun climbing up featured vertical face

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2012

17Sport 12m, 5
10 Return of the Triffid

On far right side of this part of the wall. Gain first obvious jug then jugs and big moves to the top, excellent starter climb for any beginning leader.

FFA: Rod wills, 2012

12Sport 8m, 3
11 My Empire of Dirt

Just lt of crack, up over bulge and couple of mantles

FFA: Rod Wills, 2012

16Sport 10m, 4
12 Renos Squeeching Undies

Large crack just right of MEOD, 3 bolts up to sit down clip at anchors.

FFA: David Filan, 2013

15Sport 7m, 3
13 The Third Turd

3m rt of crack, Bouldery start leads to juggy wall, through steep orange grove to anchors.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2012

18Sport 12m, 5
14 On The Spot

Starts under small overlap into shallow corner. Bouldery start with holds a plenty onto face and straight up

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2012

14Sport 14m, 5
15 Sacrifice to the Choss God

3m rt of OTS, Ledgey slab, could be easier or harder than 13, depends which holds ya trust

FFA: Rod wills, 2012

13Sport 13m, 5
16 Kill for Satan

2m rt of STTCG. Up better rock then its left hand neighbour, fun climbing to shared anchors

FFA: David Filan, 2012

13Sport 13m, 5
17 Frosty When Wet

1m left of tree, Up thinish face onto featured juggy slab to shared anchors

FFA: Kevin van Tilburg, 2012

15Sport 14m, 5
18 My Body is a Cage

1m rt of tree, Up initial faint arete onto slab tending left at top to shared anchors with FWW

FFA: Rod Wills, 2012

14Sport 14m, 6
19 I Lichen It

2m rt of MBIAC, Up featured face left of shallow corner, over cruxy bulge to the top.

FFA: Kevij van Tilburg, 2012

17Sport 15m, 6
20 Death Warrant 2

Follow arete right side of ramp, step around roof and up to anchors

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2013

16Sport 12m, 5
21 I Cant Feel My Bingo

Shared start with DW2, traverse right at first bolt and then straight up tending left at top to shared anchors with DW2.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

17Sport 12m, 6
22 Fart Wars

Same start as for ICFMB, traverse right at 4th bolt and up through faint funnel to anchors.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2013

18Sport 14m, 7

1.15.2. Walk Down Wall 3 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.236854, -33.418453


10m high wall located to the right on the walk down to Red Wall

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Monkey Back

Up ramp clipping bolts along the way to steep face were the fun starts, big moves, big holds, great fun.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2013

19Sport 12m, 6
2 Extraction Point

Shared start with MB, step right onto arete at first bolt up straight up. Carefil clipping second bolt, blowing it will result in nasty fall.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

16Sport 10m, 4
3 We I Grow Up I Want To Be a 25

Very hard start off the ground to easier territory after the break. 16 grade is batman to first bolt start climbing from there, fun but short. Ground up ascent awaits.

FA: Rod Wills, 2014

16 M1Sport 10m, 4

1.15.3. The Red Wall 7 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.235748, -33.419596

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Harvest Day

Up easy ramp at left hand end of wall to first bolt

FFA: V Wills, 2012

20Sport 25m, 13
2 The Diving Board

Bouldery start then easily up ramp to right. Steep jug hauling until crux and finish to right of the diving board.

FA: V Wills, 2012

21Sport Project 22m, 11
3 * Ansett

Bouldery start to easier climbing. A good 20A0 if you pull on first draw

FA: Dave Gray, 2012

23Sport Project 20m, 10
4 Panem ethics

Hard start to second bolt then pleasant grade 19 climbing to anchors via overhang and flake. Finishes at large horizontal ledge.

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2012

23Sport 18m, 10
5 ** TrackerJack

Goes to top of wall via large L facing flake and roof. Needs 70m rope.

FA: V Wills, 2012

18Sport 33m, 14
6 ** Chink in the Armour

Up through 2 roofs, the lower one the harder

FA: V Wills, 2012

21Sport 20m
7 * Twigs and Bark

Up slab and flake at right end of wall, through small roof onto thin slab. Finish on large ledge

FA: D Gray, 2012

20Sport 15m

1.15.4. The Creature Wall 3 routes in Unknown

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 150.235244, -33.420046


Grey slabby rock below to massive ledge topped by orange overhanging "little Taipan" wall

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Shawn of the Dead

Just to the right of the red wall there is a crack for 6 metres leading into juggy ironstone and onto ledge under main wall

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2012

13Trad 15m
2 Little Fella

Access to the overhanging orange wall up high. Right of crack at blunt arete, wander up past the occasional bolt to DBB on left hand nd of ledge

FFA: Dave Gray, V Wills, Shannon Gregg, Zoe Gregg, 2013

6Sport 18m, 5
3 *** Old Yeller

From the DBB at left hand end of ledge climb steep ironstone corner/arete

FFA: V Wills, 2013

22Sport 15m, 6

1.15.5. The Green Wall 6 routes in Unknown

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 150.234625, -33.420188

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ** The Little Leprechaun

Traverse left under roof (#2) into narrow hand crack. Clip bolt on face after second roof and up to anchors above ledge

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2012

21Trad 15m
2 Project flake Sport
3 * Palak Veneer

Battle up ferns to ramp. Step left onto wall then 3 bolts to ledge (medium cam helpful). Continue up line of bolts past 1 lone carrot. The direct version of Indian takeaway

FA: D Gray, 2013

22Sport 25m
4 * Indian takeaway

Start from ledge at right end of wall. Shared start with IG, up flake the traverse left after 3 bolts and up

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2012

23Sport 20m
5 Indian giver

Shared start at flake then continue straight up.

FA: D Gray, 2012

23Sport 20m
6 Moss monster

The Right end corner

FA: D Gray, 2012

10Trad 20m

1.15.6. The orange Wall 6 routes in Area

Sport and Trad

Long/Lat: 150.234326, -33.420092


Also known as the "Old" wall. Routes start off a ledge on the left or up a chimney from ground level on right

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Old

Scarily past 6 carrots to 2 rusty carrot anchors. The left route on the wall

20Sport 25m
2 Too Young to be Old

Mixed route

20Trad 25m
3 ** Even Love has Limits

From belay bolt on ledge head up face, and right following ring bolts to arete finish

FA: V Wills,, 2012

24Sport 15m
4 Flake Thing

Head right from belay bolt then up past carrot, fixed hanger, some gear in flake and another carrot to now shared anchor with ELHL.

FA: 2012

19Trad 15m
5 Pro DG 1

Start ot thin incipient crack to ledge the straight up black streak

Sport Project 25m
6 Pro DG2

Start up crack then moving right to hanging arete, and continue up arete to shared anchors

Sport 25m

1.15.7. Pack Raft Spire 2 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.233608, -33.420192


Free standing spire, with couple short routes on the north side (i.e, facing the creek)..good for a quick warn up for the longer routes up the valley.


Continue on past Pagoda following fire trail, as it turns back towards cliff and big cave you can see the spire on the left amongst the trees.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 These People Are Pack Rafts

Up left side of spire, laying off the arete when you can in between the pockets.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

19Sport 8m, 4
2 Id rather Be Pack Rafting

Straight up the middle, past diagonal flake through overlap to the top

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2013

16Sport 8m, 3

1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs 16 routes in Sector

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.232166, -33.421072


An island pagoda with faces on all sides in middle of a gully. Most climbs found on north side with couple of the south.


Down the bottom of the hill the Pagoda is seen on your left, cross fallen tree to base of wall...follow base of wall right to the first climbs.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Beautiful Mess

Slightly under cut start then jug haul to the top. A good warm up route for the area.

FFA: Rod wills, 2013

15Sport 12m, 5
2 Emergency bacon

2m rt of BM. Straight up orange face left side of big cave, getting slightly steeper at the top.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2013

18Sport 12m, 5
3 Science Friction

Left of obvious scoop. Juggy fun varied climbing, Just follow the 5 bolts straight to lower offs.

FFA: Rod wills, 2013

16Sport 13m, 5
4 Franks wank

Shared start with SF, tend right at 3rd bolt into funnel.

FFA: David Filan, 2013

16Sport 14m, 6
5 F marks the spot

Fun climbing with variety of moves, following face just right of the scoop.

FFA: Kevin van Tilburg, 2013

17Sport 13m, 5
6 Assault Your Senses

Up redish face 3m rt of obvious scoop, Good face climbing with a rest halfway.

FFA: Kevin van Tilburg, 2013

16Sport 13m, 6
7 Synchronize Your Dogmas

The track hits the wall here. Easy start to a couple of mantle style moves up ramp rt at top to shared anchors with YCTAA

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

15Sport 14m, 5
8 You Call This an Arete

Up obvious blunt bulgey arete

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2013

14Sport 13m, 6
9 Well I Was In The Neighbourhood

3m rt of YCTAA, start up thin slab, passing some ledges to the top

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

13Sport 11m, 5
10 Death and Gravity

3m rt of WIWITN, slab with a mantle or two

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

12Sport 11m, 5
11 Breakfast made easy

2m of D&G, up slab to mantle over obvious feature up high, shared anchors with D&G

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2013

12Sport 11m, 5
12 Baby Wipes

2m rt of BME, up the next obvious blunt arete tending rt to shared anchors

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2013

10Sport 10m, 4
13 Space Docking

2m rt of BW, next obvious blunt arete tending left at top to shared anchors

FFA: James Ryan, 2013

9Sport 10m, 3
14 The Original Route

20m rt of BME around the corner. Route used to get to the summit of pagoda, bolted on lead originally with coach screws, re-bolted with glue-ins later. Tend right up dirty ramp to short juggy face, onto ledge, anchors here to lower off...if continuing to top just pull on the fixed hand line on the low angled slab to top. Note hanger at anchors is just a coach screw in no glue...do not use it as single anchor points (there for fixed hand line only)...use rings instead.

FA: David filan, 2012

FFA: David Filan, 2013

6Sport 10m 5

The following climbs are found on the south side of the pagoda, i.e. 100m further along

15 The Last Supper

100m further around the pagoda on south side, arete right side of obvious funnel.

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2013

16Sport 12m, 5
16 Dingleberry

2m rt of funnel, up featured face to ledge and anchors.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2013

15Sport 10m, 4

1.15.9. Surprise Wall 12 routes in Sector

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.231602, -33.419970


30m high varied wall with cave to vertical faces.


Walk past the pagoda environs onto other side of gully..first climbs seen on the left as you head down the hill and around the corner is the big cave a surprise wall proper on and upper ledge.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Slab that Bon Scott Drunk

The next four routes are on the wall opposite Pagoda environs before you walk down and around to the Surprise wall proper.

Left most climb, tending left up juggy slab with a few mantles to lower offs.

FFA: Rod wills, 2013

15Sport 15m, 7
2 The Drug That Killed River Pheonix

Mantle onto slab up to small overlap up steeper face

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

19Sport 15m, 7
3 Defecate on my Face

2m rt of TDTKRP, up short corner to juggy face tending slight right halfway to shared anchors.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

17Sport 15m, 6
4 Closed Project - Dude

Big moves and varied climbing straight up to shared anchors.

Sport Project 15m, 6
5 Only the Strong

From far end of ledge step onto ironstone wall and up through roof. Interesting and disconcerting rock

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2014

23Sport 25m, 10
6 Ashes Fly

The offwidth corner at left hand of ledge system to DBB

FA: D Gray, V Wills, 2014

14Trad 15m
7 Charcoal Ground

From left end of ledge at belay bolt start up crack to head wall (2 RBs) and DBB.

FA: D Gray, V Wills, 2014

17Mixed 15m, 2
8 ** Blue Sky Mining

From ledge step off block and up slab to orange overhang

FA: D Gray, V Wills, 2013

18Sport 29m, 14
9 Red Sails in the Sunset

Up flake then easily up black wall onto orange headwall

FA: V Wills, 2013

21Sport 25m
10 In the Wind

Start as for RSITS but at ledge head right to anchors of ITV

FA: V Wills, 2014

20Sport 25m
11 * In the Valley

From ledge up flake via tricky thin moves to easier but lichenous ground until final overhang

FA: V Wills, D Gray, 2013

22Sport 29m, 12
12 Dogs of War

Bridge off tree to get onto right end of wall then up mostly juggy holds

FA: D Gray, 2014

16Sport 28m

1.15.10. Far Side wall 4 routes in Crag

All Trad

Long/Lat: 150.234834, -33.419307


On other side of creek, obvious big creek directly across from green wall is Bungleboori Crack

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** Bungleboori Crack 21Trad 65m
2 ** Sleep Walker 22Trad 60m
3 ** Strolling 22Trad 30m
4 The Bucking Bull 21Trad 45m

1.16. The Back Of Beyond 19 routes in Crag

All Sport

Another new crag on Newnes Plateau

Access Issues:

State forest so no real issues


10mins walk to decent gully, downhill

Where To Stay:

Camping at top of the crag

1.16.1. Gateway wall 8 routes in Sector


Wall right side of decent gully. Climbs described right to left as you approach from access gully.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Baby legs

Up through faint funnel.

FFA: Jordan Mansfield, 2014

14Sport 12m, 6
2 Visible Darkness

Up face following obvious vertical rail to anchors

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2014

15Sport 11m, 6
3 Panadol Bludger

1m rt of dirty crack up juggy face

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

15Sport 12m, 6
4 Happy Idiot Talk

1m lt of crack, start up small flake to featured face

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

15Sport 10m, 5
5 Project - Dave

Over bulge at the start to easier cimbing up high

Sport Project 10m, 5
6 Always Raining in Glebe

Launch over small roof onto easier juggy face.

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2014

13Sport 12m, 5
7 Breakfast special

Start at ground level, Up right side of end arete

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

13Sport 12m, 5
8 Conquistadors of the Useless

Step off rock ramp, Up left side of end arete to shared anchors

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

12Sport 12m, 5

1.16.2. Down Under 8 routes in Area


50m high wall with solid enough lower half for some good routes stopping before the loose stuff at about halfway. Climbs listed right to left


Continue down runged gully just left before hitting Walk Down wall, turn left under big cave to the wall proper.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Jordan1_project

Left most route, bulgy start onto slight slab heading up a few bulges to anchors

Sport Project 18m, 10
2 Jordan2_project

Undercut start to short slab, onto harder steeper juggy terrain with a slight left detour at halfway.

Sport Project 18m, 8
3 Big Flaps are Back

Bouldery start onto slab and fun headwall starting halfway. Finish at anchors in cave.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 2014

17Sport 20m, 10
4 Heavy Discharge

15m rt of BFAB, East slab onto short headwall to anchors before the choss.

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2014

10Sport 15m, 7
5 reign in Hell

First of the four routes on the upper ledge accessed from far end. Straight up following bolts on left side of ledge to shared anchors. Good fun.

FFA: Ian Reynolds, 2014

15Sport 14m, 6
6 Help Me I Am in Hell

2m right of its neighbour, up juggy face to shared anchor.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

14Sport 14m, 6
7 Project2_rod

Layback off shallow corner onto juggy face to anchors

Sport Project 14m, 6
8 Projhect2_Ian

Hardish start onto easier terrain to anchors.

Sport Project 14m, 6

1.16.3. 3 Stooges Boulder 3 routes in Area


Detached boulder slightly down the hill, 3 short climbs on the downhill side. Climbs listed right to left

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Project1 _ Rod

Left side of boulder, tending slightly right to anchors.

Sport Project 6m, 2
2 Curly

Straight up middle of boulder.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

16Sport 6m, 2
3 Moe

Up right side of boulder, hardest move is the start.

FFA: Rod Wills, 2014

13Sport 6m, 2

1.17. The Slots 8 routes in Crag

All Sport
Unique Features And Strengths:

Easy access , lots of potential, shady in summer


Another new crag in development on the Newnes Plateau


minutes down hill to first access gully (the Slot)

1.17.1. The Slot 7 routes in Cliff


First access gully you reach, east side stay in the shade in summer until around 12ish.


Straight down hill from the car park, 5 minutes

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Like a Cancer in Your System

First climb on ledge on western side., just as your entering the gully. Short wall to mantle, up over bulge, slab to anchors.

FFA: Rod Wills, 4th Jan

14Sport 8m, 3
2 Horse with Sauce

5m rt of LACIYS, up featured face onto balancey slab slab to anchors above bulge

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 4th Jan

16Sport 8m, 3
3 Affluent Effluent

First climb on the east side, up thin face to anchors in the cave.

FFA: Kevin Van Tilburg, 23rd Nov

19Sport 13m, 5
4 Project 1 - dude

3m left of AF, straight up to anchors with hard move over the bulge.

Sport Project 12m, 4
5 Project 1 - Rod

Juggy slightly step face to anchors at ledge.

Sport Project 12m, 4
6 Project 2 - dude

Straight up techy slab to anchors near the top

Sport Project 18m, 8
7 Porject 2 - Rod

Shared start with Pr 2 - dude, step left after 2nd bolt, through overhang to anchors.

Sport Project 18m, 8

1.17.2. The Grotto 1 route in Cliff


Around the corner from The Slot, canyon with overhanging walls and unique features, alwaysshady


Exit the slot to the left and back into the grotto

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Project - Kev

Up obvious features to juggy headwall

Sport Project 14m

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
3 The Ayatollah's Revenge Unknown 18m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
4 M1 Andrew Penney Memorial Chimney Aid 10m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
5 Blue Turban Finish Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Bare Foot Bandits Unknown 15m 1.9.1. The Dam Cliffs
6 Dianne Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Koran Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Tobin Sorenson Memorial Chimney Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Little Fella Sport 18m, 5 1.15.4. The Creature Wall
The Original Route Sport 10m 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
7 A Way Up Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Scintillating Company Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
8 Ferney Groove's Revenge Unknown 29m 1.8. Ida Ridge
9 Antigone Unknown 15m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Dave Noble Memorial Climb Unknown 13m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Me & My Mullah Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Meccano Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Space Docking Sport 10m, 3 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
10 The By-Pass Unknown 20m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Waltz Up the Wall Unknown 30m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Crystal Vision Alternate Finish Unknown 8m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Moss monster Trad 20m 1.15.5. The Green Wall
Baby Wipes Sport 10m, 4 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Heavy Discharge Sport 15m, 7 1.16.2. Down Under
11 I Hate Cats Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Sewerside Wall Unknown 27m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Steve Moon Memorial Chimney Unknown 26m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Shibboleth Trad 20m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
12 Madam Hatchet Unknown 40m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Ross' Gory Unknown 15m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Sabre Rattle Unknown 50m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Updraught Unknown 26m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Old Fashioned Corner Unknown 30m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Slubberdegullion Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Original Way Up Unknown 20m 1.12.1. The Lost Pillar
Return of the Triffid Sport 8m, 3 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Breakfast made easy Sport 11m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Death and Gravity Sport 11m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Conquistadors of the Useless Sport 12m, 5 1.16.1. Gateway wall
13 In The Pits Trad 15m 1.6.1. Access Gully Area
Silvertail Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Thirteenth Hour Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Un Named Crack Unknown 18m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Mixed Pleasures of Earthly Delight Unknown 45m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Superannuants' Samba Unknown 25m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Take Your Mum Unknown 25m 1.8. Ida Ridge
The Dance Floor Unknown 90m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Coronation Crack Unknown 200m 1.10. Mount Banks
*** Original Route Unknown 350m 1.10. Mount Banks
* Bendy Banana Chimney Unknown 20m 1.12.1. The Lost Pillar
Boob Job Sport Project 10m, 4 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Kill for Satan Sport 13m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Sacrifice to the Choss God Sport 13m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Shawn of the Dead Trad 15m 1.15.4. The Creature Wall
Well I Was In The Neighbourhood Sport 11m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Always Raining in Glebe Sport 12m, 5 1.16.1. Gateway wall
Breakfast special Sport 12m, 5 1.16.1. Gateway wall
Moe Sport 6m, 2 1.16.3. 3 Stooges Boulder
14 * Darkside Trad 110m 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
Mine Shaft Trad 22m 1.6.2. North Cliffs
Brave Canary Trad 20m 1.6.3. South Cliffs
Avarice Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Blood of the Forests Unknown 27m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Duffel Plum Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Fickle Finger of Flake Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Silly Things Unknown 27m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Sprintime for Islam & Khomeni, Winter for Carter & Vance Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Boys Oen Slab Unknown 76m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Fundip Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Original Route - Alternate Finish Unknown 1.10. Mount Banks
Taghairn Unknown 300m 1.10. Mount Banks
Serrata Unknown 250m 1.14. Banks Walls
Zireon Unknown 260m 1.14. Banks Walls
My Body is a Cage Sport 14m, 6 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
On The Spot Sport 14m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Snap Happy Sport 12m, 4 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
You Call This an Arete Sport 13m, 6 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Ashes Fly Trad 15m 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Baby legs Sport 12m, 6 1.16.1. Gateway wall
Help Me I Am in Hell Sport 14m, 6 1.16.2. Down Under
Like a Cancer in Your System Sport 8m, 3 1.17.1. The Slot
15 Old Testament Unknown 250m 1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side
* Proteus Unknown 220m 1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side
Megan 3 Sport 15m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
The Echo's Baby Unknown 20m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Aplomb Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Bonza Unknown 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Flaps in Your Face Unknown 60m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Furious Unknown 18m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Imperatrix Unknown 40m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Spurious Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Some What Not What's Expected Unknown 30m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Bay of Billows Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Moscow Sea Unknown 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
** Sherpa's Revolt Unknown 20m 1.12.1. The Lost Pillar
End Of Days p4 Unknown 15m 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
Frosty When Wet Sport 14m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Renos Squeeching Undies Sport 7m, 3 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Beautiful Mess Sport 12m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Dingleberry Sport 10m, 4 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Synchronize Your Dogmas Sport 14m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
The Slab that Bon Scott Drunk Sport 15m, 7 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Happy Idiot Talk Sport 10m, 5 1.16.1. Gateway wall
Panadol Bludger Sport 12m, 6 1.16.1. Gateway wall
Visible Darkness Sport 11m, 6 1.16.1. Gateway wall
reign in Hell Sport 14m, 6 1.16.2. Down Under
16 * Bum Crack Trad 18m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
Number 51 Trad 18m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
* Blow Dry Sport 15m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
Blow Me Sport 16m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
P H M 1 Sport 15m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
Graveyard Shift Trad 30m 1.6.1. Access Gully Area
Abnormal Coal Seam Morphology Trad 25m 1.6.2. North Cliffs
Sooty Shaft Trad 40m 1.6.3. South Cliffs
Badger's Reminiscence Unknown 32m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Curious Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Deviatrix Unknown 33m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Jamming For Allah Unknown 17m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Winged Wombat Unknown 27m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Valtz A Patrice Unknown 20m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
A Bolt From the Blue Unknown 25m 1.8. Ida Ridge
A Step to the Left Unknown 40m 1.8. Ida Ridge
One Giant Step Trad 25m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Secrets Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Stay Away Trad 10m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Grossed Out Unknown 90m 1.11. Birrabang Walls
* Gundu Unknown 20m 1.12.1. The Lost Pillar
* Welsh Dragon (2nd Pitch) Unknown 15m 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
Death Warrant 2 Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Mummy Porn Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
My Empire of Dirt Sport 10m, 4 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Extraction Point Sport 10m, 4 1.15.2. Walk Down Wall
Id rather Be Pack Rafting Sport 8m, 3 1.15.7. Pack Raft Spire
Assault Your Senses Sport 13m, 6 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Franks wank Sport 14m, 6 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Science Friction Sport 13m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
The Last Supper Sport 12m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Dogs of War Sport 28m 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Curly Sport 6m, 2 1.16.3. 3 Stooges Boulder
Horse with Sauce Sport 8m, 3 1.17.1. The Slot
16 M1 We I Grow Up I Want To Be a 25 Sport 10m, 4 1.15.2. Walk Down Wall
17 Something for Kate Sport 22m 1.1.1. Bull Crag
** Hypothermia Sport 25m 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
Louie gets the Blow Sport 14m, 5 1.4.4. Blow Hole
* P H M 2 Sport 15m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
How Much Is A Duck Worth Sport 15m 1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side
Friends of Enemies Unknown 15m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Frozen Water Unknown 20m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Pneumoconiosis Aspirations Trad 20m 1.6.3. South Cliffs
Belligerance Unknown 26m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Clothed Lunch Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Cruel Immorality Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Reach for the Earth Unknown 43m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
The Breakaway Unknown 43m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Flaw in the Wall Unknown 25m 1.8. Ida Ridge
The Old Foxes Trot Unknown 30m 1.8. Ida Ridge
Don't be complacent Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
I Cant Feel My Bingo Sport 12m, 6 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
I Lichen It Sport 15m, 6 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
F marks the spot Sport 13m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
Charcoal Ground Mixed 15m, 2 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Defecate on my Face Sport 15m, 6 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Big Flaps are Back Sport 20m, 10 1.16.2. Down Under
17 M1 Kestrel Buttress Aid 120m 1.11. Birrabang Walls
18 Nasty When Cornered Sport 10m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
** Born to be Mild Sport 23m 1.2.3. Rigby Hill
Amoeba Trad 330m 1.2.6. Bunny Bucket Buttress and Hotel California Area
*** Bunny Bucket Buttress Sport 270m 1.2.6. Bunny Bucket Buttress and Hotel California Area
* The Wranger Sport 25m 1.3.2. Creekside
Blow Fly Sport 15m, 8 1.4.4. Blow Hole
Gosling Sport 12m, 4 1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side
Slip, Snap, Splash. Sport 30m, 15 1.4.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
Cold Klip Unknown 19m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Ghecko Junkies Unknown 20m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Mangamoo Cow Unknown 20m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Half-Thumb Hero Sport 12m 1.6.1. Access Gully Area
* Climbing Boom Trad 55m 2 1.6.2. North Cliffs
** Gina Climb-hard Trad 45m 1.6.4. Far North Cliffs
* IC Unknown 23m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
* Stairway to Heaven Unknown 30m 1.8. Ida Ridge
** Tamish Sport 60m 1.9.2. Railway Cliff
* Soul Sister Sport 24m 1.9.4. The Freezer
* Faces of Janus Unknown 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Sea of Serenity/Faces of Janus? Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Sea of Vapours Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Jocation p2 Unknown 50m 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
** Welsh Dragon (3rd Pitch) Unknown 25m 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
Fart Wars Sport 14m, 7 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Fuels my Hate Fire Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
The Insanity of Christianity Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
The Third Turd Sport 12m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
** TrackerJack Sport 33m, 14 1.15.3. The Red Wall
Emergency bacon Sport 12m, 5 1.15.8. The Pagoda Environs
** Blue Sky Mining Sport 29m, 14 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
18 M1 Josh's Big Trad Line Unknown 60m 2 1.12.1. The Lost Pillar
19 ** Walter Mitty Sport 24m 1.1.1. Bull Crag
Lard Arse Sport 15m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
* Wrath of Delilah Unknown 60m 1.2.1. Pierces Pass West Side
Fungous Face Unknown 66m 1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side
** Check Ya Head Trad 23m 1.2.3. Rigby Hill
* Jimmy Schlimm Schlammer Unknown 50m 1.2.4. Walls Lookdown
Jub Jub the Iguana Sport 15m 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
*** The West Face of the Mirrorball Sport 120m 4 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
* 50 year itch Mixed 160m 5, 19 1.2.7. Yesterday's Groove Area
Calm down Sport 25m 1.3.2. Creekside
Belayers Root Sport 14m 1.4.2. Arrivals (Lower)
* P H M 2 - Extended Sport 20m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
Cygnet Sport 18m 1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side
Fly Fury Sport 1.4.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
Echoes From The Gheckos Unknown 15m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Ghecko Crack Unknown 25m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
Volley World Unknown 25m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
** FIFO Hooker Trad 35m 1.6.3. South Cliffs
Dining With Grendel Unknown 43m 1.7. Uncle Tom's
Cold Comfort Sport 30m 1.9.2. Railway Cliff
Absolute Zero Sport 23m 1.9.4. The Freezer
* Chris' Crack Trad 25m 1.9.4. The Freezer
Double Standards Sport 17m 1.9.4. The Freezer
Terra Incognita Sport 18m 1.9.4. The Freezer
* Crystal Vision Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Lunar Crack Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
Moon Base Alfa Centauri Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
The Prow Trad 15m 1.9.7. Lunar Walls
*** Welsh Dragon (Last/ 4th pitch) Unknown 28m 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
Profits for Prophets Sport 11m, 5 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Renos Dirty Undies Sport 14m, 6 1.15.1. Diesel Wall
Monkey Back Sport 12m, 6 1.15.2. Walk Down Wall
Flake Thing Trad 15m 1.15.6. The orange Wall
These People Are Pack Rafts Sport 8m, 4 1.15.7. Pack Raft Spire
The Drug That Killed River Pheonix Sport 15m, 7 1.15.9. Surprise Wall
Affluent Effluent Sport 13m, 5 1.17.1. The Slot
19 M1 * Welsh Dragon Sport 88m 4 1.12.2. Dalpura Wall
Blue Moon Aid 250m 1.13. Explorers Walls
19 M2 ** Coal Seam Crack Trad 40m 1.6.4. Far North Cliffs
20 * Bull Dozer Sport 20m 1.1.1. Bull Crag
* Bulls Eye Sport 26m 1.1.1. Bull Crag
Daydream Believer Sport 24m 1.1.1. Bull Crag
* Kraut Pleaser Sport 15m 1.1.2. Main Wall Left
Bitter Harvest Sport 12m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
Icky Bum Sport 18m 1.1.5. Bum Crag
* Half Yearly Clearance Sport 11m 1.1.6. Shopping Wall
** Better Than Ben Hur Trad 160m 1.2.1. Pierces Pass West Side
Church of the seven samauri -pitches 1 and 2 Trad 60m 1.2.1. Pierces Pass West Side
** Larry Unknown 40m 1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side
Moe Unknown 35m 1.2.2. Pierces Pass East Side
* Big Trad Thong Trad 200m 6 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
* Dirty Dancing Trad 63m 3 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
* Sideshow Bob Sport 18m 1.2.5. Lunch Ledge
Contented Cows/Hotel Cali link-up Sport 300m 6 1.2.6. Bunny Bucket Buttress and Hotel California Area
* Cracker Sport 30m 1.3.2. Creekside
Megan 1 Sport 20m 1.4.4. Blow Hole
Duckling Sport 12m, 4 1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side
Pekin Duck Sport 1.4.6. Duck Wall - Upstream of Sunny Side
* Accretion Sport 35m, 15 1.4.7. Sunny Side
* La Femme Flic Sport 20m 1.4.8. Jean Jaurès Wall
Yo Ho Sebastian! Sport 30m 1.4.9. Treble Clef
Satanic Aerobis Unknown 25m 1.5. Marrangaroo Creek
* COALgate Smile Trad 30m 1.6.4. Far North Cliffs
* The Age of Steam Sport 35m 1.9.2. Railway Cliff
* Old Blobby Sport 25m 1.9.4. The Freezer