Topo #8742 - Duck Wall

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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 Darkwing Duck

The far left hand edge of the cliff. Essentially a one sequence wonder with a tricky V4/V5 boulder problem crux in the middle. Clip the first bolt on "How Much is a Duck Worth" then move left and follow the line of bolts with increasing difficulty to the anchors.

25 Sport 15m, 8 Unlink route
2 How Much Is A Duck Worth

Scarily loose, should probably finish under the roof.

17 Sport 15m Unlink route
5 Gosling

Shared first bolt with Duckling and then Left

18 Sport 12m, 4 Unlink route
6 Duckling

Shared first bolt with Gosling and then Right.

20 Sport 12m, 4 Unlink route
7 Out For A Duck

Nice face to steeper hard glued up finish.

23 Sport 15m Unlink route
9 *** Pluck-a-Duck

Superb wall and steep headwall, the last mantle move could be a heart breaker. One of the best 24's at Bell !!

24 Sport 15m, 10 Unlink route
10 *** Duck Walk

Sustained and thin technical climbing, one of the best 26's at bell. This route is the full package and should be on your too do list.

26 Sport 18m Unlink route
11 ** Quack Attack

The crimpy thin test piece of duck wall, wait for a cool day to try this one. Used to be 28 and is harder if your short.

27 Sport 15m Unlink route
12 * Scrooge McDuck

Start up Daffy (22) until back on the jugs after the thin leftward traverse crux, then follow line of bolts immediately leftwards through steepness and with increasing difficulty, finish back right with a tricky move on the headwall.

23 Sport 25m Unlink route
13 ** Daffy

Keeps going above the ledge up the little headwall. Good sustained climbing and steeper then it looks.

22 Sport 20m Unlink route
14 Pekin Duck

Links the start of Daffy just before the crux into the top of Lucky Duck via the corner ramp. No extra bolts so expect to hold on tight.

20 Sport Unlink route
15 * Lucky Duck

The obvious seam to steepness. A few different ways to do the crux, directly up the seam is the 22 version.

22 Sport 15m, 7 Unlink route
3 Rabbit Season, Duck Season

Another nice warm up for Duck Wall.

16 Sport 12m, 7 Unlink route
8 * Barbara Streisand

Start just left of Pluck a Duck. Bouldery start then wanders right and left. Finishes on the white bulge after the first roof.

22 Sport 15m, 9 Unlink route

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