Topo #12713

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Route Grade Popularity Style
12 ** Spook

Crack to chains. 1) 25m (20) 2) 20m 3) 15m

20 Trad 25m 3 Unlink route
13 A Bit like the Grose

1. 18m Start as per 'The Rift', a few moves on the slab then left up the ramp, on to wall. 2. 20m Up the wall on pockets and breaks. Trend right near the top. (can be linked with pitch 1) 3. 22m Up vague corner, then left to arete. All the way to the top on carrots or finsih up pitch 3 of the Rift if you dont have any bolt plates.

20 Sport 60m 3, 10 Unlink route
14 *** The Rift

Start: 10m left of the large block that leans on the main face. 1. 20m (18) Up slab. 2. 20m (19) Up wall to ledge. 3. 15m (19) Up arete If you climb with double 50's you can abseil straight off the rings. A 50m rope reaches the ground.

19 Sport 55m 3 Unlink route
18 ** Wise Crack

Start: Just left of the block. 1) 25m (20) 2) 30m (17)

20 Trad 25m 2 Unlink route
19 ** Chip Off the Old Block

Start: Off the top of the block. Stepping right onto slab

19 Sport 25m, 10 Unlink route
20 * 14 Carrot Gold

Traverse left then up wall past carrots. Start: At the top of Chip Off The Old Block.

17 Trad 35m Unlink route
22 * Plumbers Crack

Up crack with natural protection then past 6 carrots to ledge and anchor as for 'Chip Off the Old Block' Start: At obvious left facing crack 10m right of block.

19 Trad 26m Unlink route

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