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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Wade's World
20 Bitch Dyke Fag Hag Whore

FA: Wade Stevens, 1995

Unknown 29m
21 Recognition

FA: Wade Stevens, 1995

Unknown 28m
22 23 Envelope

FA: Wade Stevens, 1995

Unknown 28m
29 Feral Teabags

FA: Wade Stevens, 1995

Unknown 27m
20 Who is Righteous, What is Bold?

FA: Wade Stevens & L Kingdom, 1995

Unknown 26m
21 From the Flagstones
Unknown 28m
19 Edgy and Dull Direct Start
Unknown 8m
18 Edgy and Dull
Unknown 28m
22 Frou Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires
Unknown 36m
23 soul companion

FA: c.o'donnell/

Unknown 35m
22 The Son and Heir
Unknown 33m
20 Sleepwalking
Unknown 33m
22 Pulling Punches
Unknown 32m
19 A Walk Across the Rooftops
Unknown 30m
14 Who Punched Humphrey
Unknown 40m
17 Searching the Shore
Unknown 26m
19 Swamp of Trivia
Unknown 30m
14 Girl With the Most Cake
Unknown 35m
21 Tupelo
Unknown 21m
16 She Once Had Me
Unknown 18m
19 Taking the Veil
Unknown 17m
20 Angel's Spit
Unknown 26m
20 Peripheral Visionary
Unknown 23m
Ikara Head
20 My girlfriend's a bumbly, but she's alright

FA: Duanne White & Liz Drummond, 2005

Unknown 15m
20 Carpa Intoxicata
Unknown 50m

Showing all 25 routes.