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Grade Route Style Popularity Crag
Logan Brae › Main Cliff
25 * Gropertron

Start: The first route you come to at the crag, was 27 when it was first freed.

Sport 15m
22 * Room With a View

The best warm up here.

Sport 15m
22 Side Effect Sport 15m
24 ** Surprise Package


Sport 17m
23 ** The Never Believers Sport 15m
23 ** Alien Signature Sport 19m
23 ** Creep Show Sport 18m
25 * Hilti's not Guilty Sport 16m
23 ** Wedding Bell Blues

WARNING 3rd bolt is loose!

Sport 12m
25 * Criters Sport 20m
25 ** Kathy K Sport 16m
24 ** Cabbage Power

Start: 'Grovel' through the dirt or Batman!

Sport 15m
24 *** Demented Cabbage

Links the start of Cabbage Power into the crux section of Vertical Dementia. Keep going right at 3rd bolt of CP.

Sport 20m
24 *** Vertical Dementia Sport 18m
24 * The Diving Board

Lower pocket crux then jugs to an odd place anchor.

Sport 15m
23 * Shaggy D.A.

Short steep little arete. Low crux then lots of jugs.

Sport 15m
25 *** Dr Stein Sport 18m
28 ** EIEIO Sport 18m
24 * Strawberry Blonde Sport 18m
24 * Rain Maker

Start: Finish at the giant U.

Sport 18m
25 *** Flake Maker

Go up Rain Maker and link into Shark pool at the 4th bolt. Finish up Shark Pool.

Sport 15m
26 ** Shark Pool Sport 12m
23 * Elastic Analysis Sport 12m
24 * Post Swing Jitters Sport 18m
22 Dead Man Walking

Funky 3D climbing

Sport 18m
29 ** Hip to the Bumper Crop

Thin, steep and sharp.

Start: The next 2 climbs are about 80m further right from the Main area. They are up in a cavern.

Sport 15m
29 ** Big Hit with the Kids Sport 15m
23 ** The Grit Down Under

Great climbing up a right-hand fused flake, after a cruxy face.

Half-dozen Cams and wires - classic old school Blue Mountains 23 . . . Love it . . .

Start: Find the carrot on the shelf 2/3rds of the way along main wall, and rap in to ledge with big tree. Start in faint corner on left.

Trad 35m
? Holey Grit - Project Trad

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