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In Aug 2014 theCrag community made 22,175 updates and and added 453 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 2,969points
2 Ben Jenga 498points
3 Macciza a.k.a. Macca 443points
4 141points
5 John Thirlwell 100points
6 Brendan Heywood 90points
7 Matt Brooks 52points
8 Boyd Robinson 49points
9 Matt Tranter 43points
10 Paul Thomson 42points
11 Edwin Emmerick 24points
12 Alex 14points
12 Tim Haasnoot 14points
14 12points
15 Adam 10points
15 Taib 10points
15 10points
15 chris 10points
19 Rob Medlicott 9points
19 Vanessa Wills 9points
21 russ 8points
21 Marty 8points
21 Dan Theman 8points
21 shaunm 8points
21 lucky chance 8points

Showing all 25 climbers

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