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Table of contents

1. Medlow Bath 197 routes in Crag

Sport, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.277210, -33.680774

Unique Features And Strengths:

Diverse crag with lots of high quality low grade climbing all the way to epic adventures.

Access Issues:

Be wary of where you park, ensuring not to block any driveways or leave any rubbish. The crags are located on land owned by The Hydro Majestic, so act appropriately.


Coming from Sydney take the first exit on the left after the Hydro Majestic hotel. Turn left down Belgravia St and park. Follow the track sign avoiding private property. After 100m you will want to ignore the first right turn and continue down to the second, 40m later. (If you get to a concrete platform you have gone too far) Follow the path down over some fallen trees, then down a bunch of switchbacks to the bottom of the wall. On the left is Schwing wall and on the right is the Block. The track continues around The Block and to the edge of the cliff where a dead tree rests on the edge. Follow the path down the cliff via cut stairs and ladders. At the bottom turn right for Valley Farms and left through the tunnel for The Colleseum

Ethic: inherited from Blue Mountains

Although sport climbing is well entrenched as the most popular form of Blueys climbing, mixed-climbing on gear and bolts has generally been the rule over the long term. Please try to use available natural gear where possible, and do not bolt cracks or potential trad climbs.

Because of the softness of Blue Mountains sandstone, bolting should only be done by those with a solid knowledge of glue-in equipping. A recent fatality serves as a reminder that this is not an area to experiment with bolting.

If you do need to top rope, please do it through your own gear as the wear on the anchors is both difficult and expensive to maintain.

It would be appreciated if brushing of holds becomes part of your climbing routine - do it with a soft bristled brush and never a steel brush!

The removal of vegetation - both from the cliff bases and the climbs - is not seen as beneficial to aesthetics of the environment nor to our access to it. However, the fast growing scrub can conceal walking tracks in mere months, so bringing a pair of secaturs and pruning as you walk is a good way of helping out with the constant task of track maintenance. Some appropriately discreet pruning is a far better alternative then track braiding (which causes far more damage). It's also a good warmup for your forearms!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Yurtle the Turtle

Carrots. Grade only a rumour. Looks good.

Start: Behind bushy tree on north-facing orange wall.

23Unknown 20m
2 Carnivore Corner Unknown
3 High Drama Unknown

1.1. Three Brothers 13 routes in Cliff

Unknown, Sport and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.275349, -33.680758


The Three Brothers and Flying Fox crags are long-forgotten trad crags with routes detailed (vaguely) in the 1997 Sydney Rockies Guidebook. Now there is also some modern bolt protected sport and mixed routes. Funky features and good rock make for charismatic climbing, though the older lines are pretty dirty. Access is relatively quick and straightforward, and the shorter walls here have a friendly feel with great views and a variety of aspects. The newer Pole 28 area has mainly sport climbs and has grown along two sections of cliff above and below each other. ‘Lower’ Pole 28 is technically part of the old Flying Fox crag.


From the highway turn onto Bellevue Cres, 100m south of the service station at Medlow Bath. Pass Delmonte Ave then before the right hand bend turn left down a rough dirt road, park on Bellevue if your car has low clearance. Follow the dirt road downhill over numerous water-bars, a dry creek crossing filled with river rocks, and note powerlines crossing overhead with a green power-pole on left – you are aiming for the second pole (visible ahead) accessed by steep left-hand turn a little further on with parking under the powerlines. The access road is not great for cars with particularly low clearance, but an average 2WD should manage with careful driving and a few minor scrapes. You can always discreetly park on Bellevue and walk 10 min extra.

Left of the closest power-pole in this parking spot is the start of a very obvious and well manicured track. Walk 150m or less to a fork, then turn left and head downhill 30m or so to a slabby step-down with the Three Brothers pagodas in front of you. The track swings sharp right here another 30m, then just before a sharp left- hand bend take a discreet track with a cairn on the right. After 10 or 15 metres of flat ground a series of switchbacks descend down short ledges (look for cairns) into a broad gully. The track hairpins hard left at a tall white gum and down a tighter gully between two short walls, before opening onto the half-way terrace between the upper and lower cliff-lines. This is the base of the upper descent gully – 5 mins from car.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Brothers K

From the base of the upper descent gully, on the approach to The Three Brothers (lower cliff), turn right and walk 40m. Continue past closed project on a steep orange nose (red tag first bolt) to Brothers K, up the centre of a narrow shady wall with an undercut start and a ferny corner to the right.

Stick-clip first bolt for sweet boulder moves through undercut start on good face holds, then pleasant wall climbing on funky features to a thin finish over the bulge. Double U-bolt lower off.

FA: Tom Hepner, Hannah Hepner, Tom ‘T-bor’ Thomson., 2010

22Sport 18m, 5
2 Kalifornication

Short, steep orange nose with U-bolts, 20m right (south) of Brothers K. Closed Project.

Unknown Project
3 Easy Oasy 6Unknown 30m
4 Easy Oasy Arete 7Unknown 40m
5 Green Gully Arete 9Unknown 40m
6 The Great Escape 15Unknown 37m
7 Gung Ho 15Unknown 13m
8 Red Crack 12Unknown 50m
9 * White Wall 13Unknown 50m
10 Blue Chimney 12Unknown 53m
11 * Alfonso Dominico Jones

Mixed route: 4 bolts, single set cams (0.3 – 2 Camalot), medium wire or two. Lower-off.

Walk 30m south from descent gully: past the initials ‘RC’ (Red Crack), around to a striking red wall and shady chimney. Starts one metre out from the corner, on the right-hand face at a thin crack, and a few metres left of the white ‘BC’ (Blue Chimney) initials.

Stem for several metres with smaller cams and a medium wire in a strange slot feature, trend right past 2 bolts and small cam, to ledge (no. 2 Camalot) then nice finish up wall and arête past 2 bolts to lower off.

FA: Tom Hepner, 2010

19Mixed 22m, 4
12 The Seventh Labour 15 M2Aid 40m
13 * Crankenfurten

From the base of the lower descent gully follow the cliff line along to the right (north) for about 100m past undercut black slabs and eventually a tall yellow wall capped by a roof. At the far end of this wall is the blocky orange buttress of Crankenfurten.

Sport Route: 10 bolts to lower-off. A funky and gymnastic route with a thoughtful crux. Starts at a flared groove in the yellow wall.

Up groove for several metres then onto left wall, up through thoughtful blocky bulges on nose (after clipping 6th bolt, unclip 5th for less rope drag) then aesthetic grey & orange face to lower-off.

FA: Tom Hepner, 2010

20Sport 23m, 10

1.2. Flying Fox Area 30 routes in Cliff

Mostly Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.276059, -33.678788

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Underworld 14Unknown 30m
2 Cerberus 16 M1Aid 50m
3 Orpheus Arete Variant 17Unknown 33m
4 Orpheus Arete 15Unknown 57m
5 Embossed Carbuncle 14Unknown 53m
6 Fibbertigibbet 15Unknown 53m
7 Who's Lead? 10Unknown 47m
8 Time Out 13Unknown 50m
9 * Copernicus 17Unknown 53m
10 Tycho Bahe

FA: J. Smoothy, P. Butcher

11 Transvestite 14Unknown 60m
12 Pshcho Arete 10Unknown 33m
13 Megalomaniac 13Unknown 53m
14 Hair 8Unknown 50m
15 Skinhead 8Unknown 37m
16 Riff-Raff 8Unknown 33m
17 No Time Climb 11Unknown 47m
18 As You Like It 12Unknown 37m
19 As You Like It Direct Start 18Unknown 10m
20 Nymphomaniac 13Unknown 43m
21 The Homo 12Unknown 40m
22 Sultry 12Unknown 40m
23 Acquarius 8Unknown 30m
24 Deceptor Arete 12Unknown 27m
25 Blowfly 11Unknown 27m
26 * Contemplation 15Unknown 40m
27 Inexperience 7Unknown 37m
28 Delilah 16 M2Aid 40m
29 Easy Day 9Unknown 40m
30 Escapism 11Unknown 46m

1.3. The Sunbath 29 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.273915, -33.672555

Description:© (aca_admin)

Park at the west end of Belgravia St, 'Medlow Bath'. Follow a well trod track west down the hill for about 300m. When you reach a circular concrete "bath" (full of leaf litter and rubbish, not water), you've gone about 50m past the walk-down. Go back to the walk-down and follow it down the gully. Pitang Wall is immediately on your right as you reach the bottom of the gully, 'Schwing' Wall is immediately to your left. 'Atoms in Action' area is 60-80m around right (north) of Pitang Wall.


RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

The Sandpit

Just around the corner from Manana. Climbs described right to left

1 Wok Hay

FA: P.Mort, G.Short

22Sport 15m
2 * Poultry in Motion

FA: G.Short, P.Mort

19Sport 15m
3 * Viper

FA: M.Ashmore, Jacqui

21Sport 15m
4 * Loki

FA: G.Short, P.Mort

18Trad 12m
5 Hootenanny

FA: G.Short, P.Mort

13Trad 12m

Katoomba Brothers area

6 ** Mañana

Straight up the vertical face mostly on jugs with two hands free ledges in first half. Thin start then consistent on good holds to the crux, which is just above the last bolt. Finish under roof. Well protected but with a little run out at the top just to make it interesting! 8 BR's to a 2 RB belay.

Start: Start 40m left of KB at grey face with a black streak up high, topped by a small roof.

FA: Peter Chaly, Niall Doherty, 2003

14Sport 22m, 8
7 Kaboomba Brothers

4 carrots up the slab (take brackets). The first move is tricky for those at the grade.

FA: B. Junge, 1994

4Sport 10m, 4
8 Spook Eyes

Line of ring bolts up hanging slab. Apparently the crack 1m to the right is off route.

Start: 2m right (facing in) of 'Kaboomba Brothers'.

FA: Ed Rutherford, 2006

17 to 18Sport 6m, 4
9 Spook Eyes (Direct)

Go up orange streak, face moves only, no use of crack or arete. Fairly contrived, but a nice sequence of moves.

FA: Ed Rutherford

19Sport 8m
10 * Radioactive Man

FA: J. Smoothy, 1995

20Sport 12m
11 Atoms in Action

Damaged crux bolt has now been replaced and old bolt removed. - P.T, 08/11/2014.

FA: J. Smoothy, 1995

25Sport 12m

The Block/Pintang Crag

12 Pitang Pitang

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

15Sport 12m, 6
13 Ole Biscuit Barrel

Up the small arete for 3 bolts, then follow the ramp diagonally R to DRB lower-off with shackles.

Start: The leftmost route on the wall.

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

13Sport 15m, 5
14 Cardinal Fang

Straight up the face, crossing OBB and sharing one of its bolts, to chain/ring lower off. 5 BR's in total.

Start: Start 2m right of OBB.

FA: Niall Doherty

17Sport 15m, 5
15 * Strange Karma

If you are tall this will feel like an 18

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

20Sport 15m
16 One's Enough, Two's Too Many

Start as for GFL, then left to big move off small holds

22Sport 15m, 4
17 Gas, Food, Lodging

Central worn orange streak. Easy start up small left facing corner to blank finish. A hold has broken off this move so undercling the break and dyno away!

FA: A. Farquar, 1994

23Sport 20m
18 * Old Salt

Fun climb with nice moves, ive seen 2 ppl get flipped when falling just below the loweroffs - Dont let the rope go behind your legs!

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

18Sport 18m
19 Mainly Fine

After start trend right towards arete then up on dirty rock.

Start: 1m right of 'Old Salt'.

FA: Ed Rutherford

17Sport 16m

Schwing Wall

20 Rum-Doodle / Rosco's Rotten Root

Corner left end of the well. Up crack then across to anchors

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

13Trad 15m
21 * It Goes!

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

22Sport 15m
22 ** Schwing
  1. 20m (18)

  2. 35m (18)

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

18Sport 55m 2
23 ** Schwing Pitch 1

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

18Sport 20m
24 * Schwing Pitch 2

FA: G. Short, P. Mort, 1994

15Sport 35m
25 * Empty Chairs

Up, staying right of S, after second RB up and traverse to third. 3 RBs to DRB lower off.

FA: Niall Doherty

19Sport 10m, 3
26 ** Just Boot It

Start: Around to the right of shwing.

FA: G. Trambaiolo

22Sport 15m
27 The Lottery of Latitude

Start: Left (facing out) around the corner from Schwing, 7m past Just Boot It. Belay ring at head height, at the start of the low roof.

Clip into the belay bolt! Desperate undercut grade 20 start, which was freed on FA. Best for leader to get a boost from the second, then leave a long sling hanging from the first piece of pro for the second to aid with when they come up. After that, grade 13 moves following shallow corner up until it steepens, then traverse right and slightly up to join halfway belay of Gimme Shelter. Good pro with threads and medium wires, bring a #4 Camalot for the first piece.

FA: Niall Doherty, Mike Patterson, 2006

13Trad 20m
28 * Gimme Shelter

10m right (facing in) of Just Boot It. Up light coloured chossy face, go right around roof, then up and left. Two pitches, or climb as one, lower to halfway anchor, then rap from that.

FA: Niall Doherty, Peter Chaly

19Sport 35m, 14
29 Gimme Shelter (P2 only)

Can be accessed via The Lottery of Latitude instead of GS P1.

FA: Niall Doherty, Peter Chaly

16Sport 20m

1.4. Sunbath Bouldering 0 routes in Cliff

1.5. Colliseum 14 routes in Cliff

Trad, Unknown and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.274093, -33.673510

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Pure Spirit

FA: P. Hardie, 1960

2 Pure Spirit Variant

FA: B. Crouch, 1970

12Trad 55m
3 * Red Solo Cup

Definately climbed before, but no FA details. Listed as an unknown "thin crack ??" in Rockclimbs In the Upper Blue Mountains Second Edition.

The clean-looking thin corner crack just past Pure Spirit. Up thin corner, through sandy bulge, and up flared crack above.

Either continue up corner/face for another pitch back to Sunbath area, or rap off tree hanging out over cliff.

FFA: Ben Young (L), P. Thomson (S)., 2013

17Trad 20m
4 ** Love, Beauty and Danger

Base of climb GPS coordinates: S 33deg 40.331' E 150deg 16.499'

FA: P2 Niall Doherty, Rod Smith, 2006

FA: Niall Doherty (P1, P2), Rod Smith (second, P2), 2006

23Sport 45m 2, 20
5 Love, Beauty and Danger P1 only

FA: Niall Doherty

23Unknown 20m
6 Love, Beauty and Danger P2 only

FA: Niall Doherty, Rod Smith (second)

21Unknown 25m
7 * Shiver Me Timbers

FA: G. Bradbury, 1984

25 M1Aid 50m
8 ** Mixed Business

Sporty climbing up a linked series of features with a hard crux, and a 50:50 ratio of gear to bolts. Take doubles of Cams BD 0.50 to #3, and a single of wires/nuts.

Start up thin crack left of The Wake of the Flood. Up crack on gear and flake features, following the line of bolts in the middle of the wall (with gear along the way) to crack at the top of the wall, and up short corner-thing to anchors.

FA: Giles Bradbury, 2005

25Trad 50m
9 *** Wake of the Flood
  1. Crack to V-chimney, belay on ledge above Chimney. (20); 2. Steep crack to body-squeeze, belay on obvious ledge. (21); 3. Tricky finger crack to belay on old carrot bolts (23). Traverse 3m left (past a bolt) to new rap anchors and 1 x 50m rap to the ground.

New Rap Anchors installed 3m left of belay at end of WotF 3rd pitch. 1 x 50m Rap to the ground. - P.T, 16/03/2014.

FA: G. Bradbury, 1984

23Trad 45m
10 ** The Conflagration

Start at the slab directly below the lower hand crack of TWotF at carrot. Take BD cams 0.3 - #3 WITH doubles of #1 and #2 and either a #4 OR #5.

Up slab past carrot and gear to hand crack. Up hand crack and break left where crack splits, and up into dihedral past more gear to a bolt. Then up finger crack to ledge. Left a move, then continue up past 7 more bolts following the line of the bolts to anchors on top ledge of stunning red wall. Can also continue up Mixed Business or The Wake of the Flood (P3) to top out.

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

Set by Paul Thomson, 2014

FA: Paul Thomson, 25th Mar

24Mixed 45m, 9
11 Ginsling 13Unknown
12 Lost at Birth 23Unknown 35m
13 Zucchini Crack / Finnegans Wake

The hand to finger crack up the sandy wall well past Wake Of The Flood. Originally called Zucchini Crack when first climbed. Re-climbed recently and accidentally claimed as an FA under the name Finnegans Wake (as per the Blue Mountains guidebook). Has gotten harder over the years because of the terribly sandy rock.

Hand & finger jamming, then into incipient seam to tree (Finnegans Wake ends here), then further up crack to where it ends, and step left and follow the line through two more bulges (crux) to the top of the cliff.

FA: Ant Prehn, Rod Young, Mark Burton, 1980

21Trad 25m
14 * Baird’s Route

FA: W. Baird, 2000

26Sport 50m

1.6. Valley Farm 15 routes in Cliff

Unknown, Aid and other styles

Long/Lat: 150.273407, -33.672310

Description:© (Niall)

The cliffline that runs underneath 'The Sunbath' area, away from the Coliseum and towards 'Sooty Crag'.

Useful Info: 'Access' by going down the steps and ladders from 'The Sunbath'. The top of the descent is at the end of the track that runs underneath 'Old Salt' and adjacent climbs.

Approach:© (Niall)
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 The Big Easy

Starts off the far left end of the ledge which is at the bottom of the steel ladder halfway down the valley descent.

FA: Glenn Short, Pam Mort

15Mixed 17m, 8
2 Virgins with Rifles

Starts halfway out the ledge that is at the bottom of the steel ladder halfway down the valley descent.

FA: Niall Doherty, Hamish Kerr

19Sport 15m, 6
3 All Sorts 8Unknown 30m
4 Bus Stop Boxer

5m left of All Sorts. Finishes on ledge at belay of Virgins with Rifles

FA: Niall Doherty

19Sport 20m, 9
5 Centaur 11Unknown 43m
6 Anonymous 12Unknown 53m
7 Wavy Chimney 8Unknown 20m
8 Fruitless 9Unknown 30m
9 Trog 9 M2Aid 47m
10 Revolver 14Unknown 50m
11 Rubber Soul 15 M1Aid 56m
12 Street Legal

The arete left of Running Gun Blues. Up the arete and wall carefully past the nose then up the arete to a bolt on a small ledge. Crux past the bolt and up trending left to the corner. Up to belay.

FA: Rod Young, Mark Burton, 1980

20Unknown 46m
13 * Running Gun Blues

The wall left of Hard Day's Night. Straight up the wall to reach L into a wide crack. Up onto small ledge then follow the line through two more bulges (crux) to the top of the cliff.

FA: Rod Young, Ant Prehn, Mark Burton, 1980

21Unknown 40m
14 Hard Days Night 15 M1Aid 40m
15 Stonkered 20Unknown 57m

1.7. The Sporting Complex 5 routes in Cliff

Sport and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.277013, -33.675718

Description:© (mjw)

A fantastic morning out. Rebolted on the day the Medlow fires broke out! Craig and Mitch were literally chased up to the car park in Belgravia St by the fire. The rap point is at the top of 'Smoko' - you have to scramble down a few metres to them. If you want to it is possible to do all the routes off the ledge. Life of Riley has lower off anchors. You will need a 60m rope although there are rethreading anchors on all the climbs for those with only a 50m rope. All the routes start off the same small dirt ledge, so it can be cosy if more than one group is here. The sun hits the crag at about 1:30pm in summer. Leave the ants alone!

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 *** The Life of Riley

Rebolted 2004

FA: G. Child, J. Smoothy, 1993

25Sport 35m
2 ** Smoko

Rebolted 2004, and much appreciated. However, be aware that the first bolt was moved lower, unfortunately into some very hollow rock.

Start: Start where the abseil lands you.

FA: G. Child, M. Law, 1993

23Sport 35m, 16
3 ** Get a Black Dog Up Ya

Up LaCS pitch 2 past 1 or 2 FHs then, where LaCS's FHs trend R, head a little left and up following rings. If you top out straight above the last ring, belay options are poor (one old carrot about 10m up over the top). Probably better to step R from the last ring to find the chains of LaCS.

Start: Start at the belay atop p1 of LaCS.

FA: J. Smoothy, 1999

24Sport 35m, 9
4 ** Like a Cut Snake

Traverse out right from ledge following FHs to belay. Then up the arete to chain belay at top.

  1. 15m (21) Step R and up off the ledge, then follow the traverse line 5m R to near the arete. Up face on jugs, then step R to finish on the arete. 'Rusty' bolts and dodgy rock.

  2. 20m (21) Follow the FHs up and R to chain belay on top.

FA: G. Child, M. Taylor, 1993

21Sport 40m 2, 6
5 Mystery bolt line

About 8m R of p2 of LaCS is a line of bolts. It looks like you'd have to rap in as it starts in the middle of nowhere.


1.8. The Underworld 18 routes in Cliff

All Sport

Long/Lat: 150.277462, -33.675428

Description:© (Ashy)

The best (free) description at the moment is on Simon Carter's webpage: http://www.onsight.com.au/news-blog/articles/88/the-underworld-unveiled

No doubt ACA will catch up soon.

Approach:© (Ashy)

Access Glen Rosa as described up on level. 'The Underworld' is the western side of the Glen, and in fact is the "back wall" of the Sporting Complex buttress. Most routes start on the elevated tier. There are some much easier (20ish) vertical routes at the left end, on the 12m wall below the starting ledge of 'Julius Caesar'.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 ?

unknown first route, seems to be about a 19. Has not had much traffic and lots of loose blocks...

19Sport 16m, 6
2 * Hazzard County 21Sport 12m
3 Marcus Brutus* 21Sport 12m
4 * The Untouchables 19Sport 12m
5 ** Julius Caesar

Excellent, and unusually steep for the Blueys.

Start: Start towards the left end of the elevated ledge.

FA: G. Collum, 1994

24Sport 12m, 6
6 ** Gravel Rash

This is the splitter crack out the humungous roofs. Strange that it got bolted, though you also need trad. Now has a double ring bolt lower off.

FA: G. Child, 1994

25Sport 15m, 3
7 ** Dr. Dark's Cave

Up GR for about 8m, then head 10m right along the break/wall thing out the huge roof to the lip. The gear is mostly bad old bolts and pitons, with perhaps some trad and 1 or 2 new bolts where the new lines cross the traverse.

Start: Start as for 'Gravel Rash'.

FA: G. Child, M. Taylor, 1993

23Sport 15m
8 *** assassins

Start: On blunt arete on the right side of the steps.

FA: Z Vertrees, 2010

30Sport 24m
9 Back to the Underground

Tackles the obvious prow near the centre of the wall, then through the roof and finish along left at the lip

10 ** Mississippi Moonshine

Start 3m right of the prow and climb the black shale tufa feature, then trend left through the roof and back right to finish over the lip. Back jump to clean

FA: V Day, 2010

30Sport 14m
11 Hashish

Start up Mississippi Moonshine then head across left to join assassins

32Sport 28m
12 Prohabition

Start up Mississippi Moonshine then step left and finish up the project

31Sport 16m
13 The River Styx

Bouldery start off the diving board

25Sport 12m
14 * Tomb Raider

Start up the bouldery start of The River Styx, traverse aout 8m left to finish at a U bolt and fixed wire just up on the head wall.

FA: H Sutton, 2010

25Sport 16m
15 * Odyssey

The long traverse starting as for The River Styx, then fiinishing at the anchors of Prohibition. Great jugging along the break.

FA: H Sutton, 2010

25Sport 22m
16 ** Elmars Gantry

Start: Directly up the blunt arete

FA: E Jurg, 2010

29Sport 12m
17 Project - Vince Sport 8m
18 * Public Enemy

Start: Start 4m R of JC.

FA: V Day, 2009

32Sport 8m

1.9. Pole 28 31 routes in Cliff

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.276269, -33.678973


Nice crag with one cliff in the sun all day and the other getting afternoon sun.

For lower Pole 28 area (actually part of the old Flying Fox crag) access by rapping off the power-pole atop the cliff, just downhill from the upper Pole 28 left-side climbs (Alpha Male etc). Alternatively, walk access via the Three Brothers area, following the cliff line RIGHT (north) from the base of the lower descent gully for several hundred metres, past FatF & Copperhead on Ice, and eventually to a massive amphitheatre with an obvious traverse crack in a smooth steep wall.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Right Side

The next 5 routes are on the right side of the descent stairs (facing out)

1 Just a Little Late

Start on left of main wall at slight corner. Follow left line of rings to lower-offs.

FA: J DeMartin, 2010

22Sport 15m
2 * Beavermart

Start as for JaLL until second ring then head slightly right and follow rings to lower-offs.

FA: D Taylor, 2008

23Sport 15m
3 * Path to Paradise

Great climbing with shade in the morning and sun in the afternoon. Lots of bolts and plenty of stylish moves. Hard for the grade!

FA: D Taylor, 2008

21Sport 15m, 10
4 ** Angle of the Dangle

start 5m right of PtP. Scramble up to ledge, clip ring in roof then straight up to lower-offs.

FA: M Spring, 2008

24Sport 15m
5 * Bubble Guts

Steep problem tending right then up. Mostly 19-21 moves with a single 23 sequence near the beginning. Very stylish climbing.

FA: D Taylor, 2008

23Sport 15m, 8

Left Side

The next routes are on the left side of the descent stairs (facing out)

6 No Lunch

Left most line

FA: Jason Lammers & Rick Phillips, 2011

18Sport 14m
7 * Desensitise

Direct between the scoops

FA: Jason Lammers & Rick Phillips, 2011

21Sport 12m
8 * Alpha Male

On the left side of the crag coming down the stairs, third route along. Nice rock in the sun all day, and out of the wind! Good bit of winter rock!

FA: Tom Hepner, 2010

21Sport 10m, 6
9 * LoFi

Up AM, then continue directly up the arete.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

22Sport 10m
10 HiFi

First 2 bolts on BM then head left passing another bolt to gain arete and finish as per LoFi.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

22Sport 10m
11 * Beta Mail

Fourth climb along the left wall, a few metres past the blunt arete and Alpha Male.

FA: Tom & Hannah Hepner, 2010

20Sport 10m, 4
12 Find my iPhone

Arete to shared lower off with SM

FA: Jason Lammers & Tanya Greeves, 2011

20Sport 10m
13 * Shoalhaven Mayor

Cool orange streak

FA: Rick Phillips & Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 10m
14 Surprisingly Sweet

Right of SM

FA: Jason Lammers, 2012

17Sport 10m
15 P28 Roof Crack

Very steep. Initially attempted all on gear, but bolts added when gear started to pull through the placements! Still needs a few wires at the end. Rap station/loweroff on headwall above.

Start: Seam in the roof.

Bolts chopped and apparently sent on gear at 28

FA: Rohan, 2013

28Trad 12m
16 * Fierce Fin

Hard start and little wall then right on jugs through the roof.

Start: Middle of big cave.

FA: Karen Allen, 2011

25Sport 12m, 8
17 Open Easy Project

Up the easy start to lip of cave. Traverse the lip "Pulling On The Porcelain" style and finally haul yourself up the orange head wall.

Set by Jason Lammers

Sport 15m
18 * Wave Priority

First 5 bolts of HW then directly up to tricky mantle and slab finish

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 18m, 8
19 *** Heat Wave

Up the steep crack, then move right to lip and up.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

23Sport 18m
20 ** Damned if I Do

Hard start to overhung arete - pull around this onto bright orange headwall.

FA: @nmonteith

Set by @ropedonkey, 2011

24Sport 18m, 9
21 Brother in a Lolly Bag

Orange face on left side of shale cave, about 20m right of previous route. Right trending line to lip of small roof, hard move above this then flake to finish.

FA: Neil Monteith, 2011

21Sport 15m, 7
22 * Foxy the Fruit Bat

Starts in obvious orange corner and follows rings around roof at mid height.

FA: Tanya Greeves, 2011

FA: Tanya Greeves, 2011

18Sport 20m
23 * Brother to another mother

Start right of Brothers K at crack.

FA: Rick Phillips, 2011

21Sport 20m
24 * Brothers K

Named after my kinship, the three brothers. Really nice climbing on good features, with just a few spicy moves. Stick-clip first bolt for sweet boulder moves through undercut start on good face holds, then pleasant wall climbing on funky features to a thin finish over the bulge. Start: Up the centre of a narrow south-facing wall with an undercut start and a corner to the right. FA: Tom Hepner, Hannah Hepner, Tom ‘T-bor’ Thomson - 2010-00-00

FA: Tom Hepner, Hannah Hepner, Tom 'T-bor' Thomson, 2010

22Sport 15m, 5
25 ** Hooyah !

2m right of corner. Up the techo red wall.

FA: Jason Lammers, 2011

22Sport 18m, 8
26 Kalifornication - Project Tom

Impressive looking line of bolts up a steep orange nose.

Sport Project 16m
27 DELETE Please

The very impressive looking line of u-bolts up a steep orange nose.

Start: About 15m right of BK

FA: Closed Project, Tom Hepner, 2000

28 DELETE Please 2

Start: Start 5 mtrs Right of Damned do and follow rising left traverse

FA: Rick Phillips, 2000

Sport 18m

1.9.1. Lower Cliff 3 routes in Area

Sport and Trad

Theses routes are located on the lower cliff.

Access Issues:

Rap from anchors near the power pole

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents

Lower Cliff

These routes are on the lower cliff line. Rap in from anchors near the power pole below the upper cliff line.

1 ** Bewilderbeast

The following route is located at Pole 28 LOWER CLIFF (in the huge cave/overhang). See intro to area for directions.

Mixed Route: 4 bolts plus med-large cams (double #2; 3, 4 Camalot). Lower-off.

In the huge cave/overhang near the drainage/notch directly below Upper Pole 28. Start on the left where the horizontal splitter leaves a ledge.

With first piece placed, launch into a pumpy no- footer L-R hand traverse (no. 3 then no. 4 Camalot) before passing 3 bolts where the crack widens, then a 4th bolt heading straight up the steep wall on crimps to horizontal break (no. 2 Camalot ideal but a no. 1 or 3 would work) and lower-off anchors just left of arête.

FA: Tom Hepner, Tom ‘T-bor’ Thomson, 2010

21Mixed 20m, 4
2 * Copperhead on Ice

On the LOWER cliff. A few hundred metres along the cliff (north-east) walking from Crankenfurten (see Three Brothers area) and about 50m short of Bewilderbeast. Up to double rings, then continue as for FatF.

FA: M Spring, 2008

22Sport 50m 2
3 ** Fridge and the Freezer

On LOWER cliff. Starts between the small double arete, 3m left of Copperhead on Ice. Line of ringbolts to power-pole at cliff edge of upper Pole 28 area.

FA: D Taylor, M Spring, A Bergman, 2000

22Sport 50m 2

1.10. Sooty Crag 13 routes in Crag

Mostly Sport

Long/Lat: 150.273932, -33.670691

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 * Scorched Earth

FA: S. Bell, 2003

22Sport 20m
2 ** Abbey Road (aka Chimera) / Chimera

Initialled start. Climbed on natural gear originally. Now bolted by some-one who thought it was a new route!

FA: Rod Young, Mark Burton, 1980

18Sport 20m 2
3 ** Chimera Extension

Originally led on natural gear as one pitch of 40m. as Abbey Road Extension (not Chimera Extension)

FA: Rod Young, Mark Burton, 1980

23Sport 40m
4 * Filed Away

FA: M. Rofe, 2003

20Sport 20m
5 *** Wildfire

FA: M. File, 2003

24Sport 20m
6 ** Vulcan

FA: S. Bell, 2003

22Sport 25m
7 * Soo

FA: M. Rofe, 2003

19Sport 25m
8 * Sweep

FA: M. Rofe, 2003

19Sport 25m
9 *** Windy Row (aka Sooty) / Sooty

Climb to lower-offs at 20m, or continue to top.

FA: Rod Young, Mark Burton, 1980

16Trad 25m 2
10 Updraft

FA: M. File, 2004

23Sport 15m
11 Project

FA: S. Bell, 2000

12 ** Sooty

Requires gear to lower-offs.

FA: S. Bell, 2003

16Trad 25m
13 ** Chimera

Extention makes it 23 and gives it another *! And adds 15m!

FA: M. File, 2003

18Sport 20m

1.11. DG's 17 routes in Crag

Sport, Unknown and Trad
Unique Features And Strengths:

Nice orange rock. Big roof area. Easy access


Next crag along from the Flying Fox area, which Pole 28 is part of. Bolts are stainless, but hot bent so look black.

Access Issues:

Private Property. Take care, don't get climbing banned

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Chasing that Butterfly

FA: Josh Dodson, 2003

22Sport 15m
2 Calm My Beating Heart

FA: Ian Geatches, 2003

22Sport 15m
3 Defibrillator

FA: Ian Geatches, 2003

23Sport 15m
4 Wee Dram

FA: Josh Dodson, 2003

20Sport 15m
5 Topsail

FA: Ian Geatches, 2003

23Sport 12m
6 First Mate

FA: 2003

22Sport 12m
7 Project Chris

Maybe listed in the pole 28 area

8 ** Mad Taffy Traverse

traverse the crack for the howlin wolf to the lower offs.

FA: mad taff Tony Williams, 2004

21Unknown 25m
9 Triple Treat

FA: Josh Dodson, 2004

26Sport 12m
10 ** Chainsaw Juggler

Climb the crack (crux) then get on the overhang thru the dinner plates to lower offs.

FA: Tony Williams, 2004

21Unknown 10m
11 Hornblower

All roof, right through the middle of the orange roof

FA: Ian Geatches, 2004

25Sport 12m
12 Buckaroo direct

Start at the nose and go to first bolt. Stick clip it if you have to you pussies.

FA: Tony Williams, 2004

19Unknown 10m
13 Buckroo Direct

Straight off the nose of the buttress. Clip the first bolt of Buckaroo if you need to and then head up to the next on the direct. #1 and #2 cam for next placement. To rings!

FA: Tony Williams, 2004

19Trad 10m
14 Buckaroo

Go from the slope to the first bolt, get to the 2nd bolt. Gear from here. Good one if you've got your chick in tow that needs a lead. Hard to clean if you don't have a second.

FA: Tony Williams/ Nora Adam, 2004

14Trad 10m
15 Exotic as I am

Right hand buttress first lin eafter corner.

FA: Nora Adam/ Tony Williams, 2004

8Unknown 12m
16 Test Drilling

A bit to much catalyst in the megapoxy for the anchors, so a third bolt was added. Will get around to cleaning this up. Route look dirty, but the rock is mostly good.

FA: Ian Geatches, 2005

23Sport 10m
17 Gold Dust

The best route at the crag. The direct start is a project.

FA: Josh Dodson, 2004

24Sport 15m

1.12. Reservoir Dogs 9 routes in Crag

Sport, Trad and Unknown

Long/Lat: 150.275598, -33.674533

Description:© (Niall)

This rap-in halfway ledge is situated between the Sunbath and Sporting Complex areas of 'Medlow Bath', with the Hydro Majestic dominating the skyline above. The cliff face is mostly dead vertical and contains six two-pitch bolted routes and one two-pitch trad outing, all just under 40m long. The large ledge, the area above and the climbs themselves feature spectacular views out over the Megalong Valley.

Useful Info: At the bottom of the steps look a few metres to the right to find a pair of fixed hangers at the top of a small gully. (The hangers are grey and can be difficult to spot). Use your own carabiners and slings on these to rap down the short 45 degree sloped gully then the cliff itself. A 50m rope is easily long enough. It is best to bring a rope for this purpose and leave it in place.

The route you rap down is 'Bohemiath'. If you wish to climb this route and not have the rap rope in the way you could rap from the top anchor of 'Stuck in the Middle with You', a few metres north - two rings a metre back from the cliff edge, set in a cavelet underneath a boulder.

The crag is in the sun from 1:00pm in summer.

Approach:© (Niall)

To find the crag follow the track down from Belgravia St past the circular sunbath itself to the lookout above 'Schwing'. Turn left and follow the clifftop path. (The crag is visible, 100m away to the south, from the next lookout).

From here the path goes in around a wooded gully then back out towards the cliff. It swings left with a thicket of banksias on the right. Where these start to open out there is an old indistinct set of man-made steps heading down to the cliff edge. If you get to where the path turns sharp left you have gone 10m too far.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 I Don't Tip

Fully bolted low grade climb on stainless glue-in hex bolts.

Start: Starts 5m left (facing in) of KBSS. Look for the stainless carrot about a metre above eye height.

  1. 14m (15) Straight up, or (easier) up one move, left then up past 6BR to mantle onto large ledge. 2FH belay on wall.

  2. 22m (12) Up trending right on fragile large ironstones, moving right around blunt arete about two thirds way up. 7BR to 2FH belay on top. Notice the rusty carrot sticking out of the rock here with home made fixed hanger, a relic from a bygone age.

FA: Niall Doherty, Mike Patterson (alt), Josh Dodson, 2007

15Mixed 36m 2, 13
2 * K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s

Seventies style trad. First ascent was even chalkless! (The leader forgot his chalk bag). One set of cams from yellow Alien to #4 Camalot and a set of wires will protect it. Substitute hexes for cams if you sport a toothbrush moustache and pony tail.

Start: Marked "KB".

  1. 20m (17) Enjoyable. Good quality but slightly dirty rock and thought provoking moves. Follow right trending seam over three bulges. Top bulge was passed by moving left and up on FA, but remember to protect your second! Above top bulge traverse easily right all the way to belay at tree.

  2. 16m (10) Slippery lichenous corner. Easy but poorly protected. Not worth the effort unless you are heading for the top anyway. Belay at large tree.

FA: Niall Doherty, Mike Patterson (alt), Josh Dodson, 2007

17Trad 36m 2
3 Let's Get a Taco

Vertical face climbing with a bit of a layback section.

Start: Starts where ledge steps down, 7m left (facing in) of rap-in.

  1. 19m (18) Cruisy pitch at the grade. Up left side of overlap then left trending layback flake to face moves and mantle on large horizontal break. 7RB to 2RB belay/lower-off.

  2. 17m (17) Pretty ordinary but interesting moves. Really only worth doing if you are topping out anyway. 5RB. 'Grunt' off belay then up past awkward move on left side of overhang. Up boulder with fantastic ironstone plates to 2RB belay.

FA: Niall Doherty, Anna Beardmore, Charlie Watts, 2007

18Sport 36m 2, 12
4 * Stuck in the Middle with You

Sustained crimpy first pitch, delicate second pitch.

Start: Starts at a small pointy boulder 3m left (facing in) of the rap-in.

  1. 19m (19) A long series of crimpy moves on a very slightly overhanging face should induce a bit of a pump! There is no decent rest until near the top. 7RB to a 2RB belay/lower-off at the big horizontal. (This pitch may end up being upped a grade. See what you think).

  2. 19m (18) Thought provoking climbing with a lot of small fragile ironstone flakes higher up and an exposed top out. 8RB to a 2RB belay in cavelet on top.

FA: Niall Doherty, Anna Beardmore, Charlie Watts, 2007

19Sport 38m 2, 15
5 ** Bohemiath

Enjoyable face climbing.

Start: Starts off a rectangular block and climbs the rap-route.

  1. 19m (20) Straight up with hardish mantle move above second bolt then a pull through a small overlap. 7FH to twin-shackle belay/lower-off at the big horizontal.

  2. 18m (18) Awkward start out of the break - best to start on left (facing in) of belayer - up a bit then move right of the bolt line to use the layback flake and ironstone jugs. 7FH to 2FH belay at base of small rap-in gully. Best to bring up the second then belay each other on the scramble up to the rap-in hangers a few metres further up.

FA: Niall Doherty, Rod Smith (alt), 2008

20Sport 37m 2, 14
6 * Flex Time

A slightly left-leading line that tackles the central overhang at the top of the wall on its left side. All rings.

Starts at scoop 6m right (facing in) of Bohemiath (rap).

P1. A couple of sustained sections at the grade (crux pitch). Double ring SHB/lower off at the top of the pitch.

P2. Different style than P1 and not quite as difficult. Airy finish to belay on top.

FA: M. Franklin, A. Simson, 2012

21Sport 40m 2, 16
7 Wake Up and Apologise Pitch 1

FA: Niall Doherty, Rod Smith

18Unknown 27m
8 * Wake Up and Apologise

Cruisy first pitch, tough second.

Start: Starts 6m left (facing in) of MO.

  1. 20m (18) Pleasant climbing on good rock. 9FH to 2-shackle belay/lower-off.

  2. 18m (22) Tough off ledge then long series of thin moves on slightly overhung face. Trend right at top to finish on ledge. Scramble off to right. 6FH, 1RB to 2RB belay.

FA: Niall Doherty, Rod Smith, 2009

22Sport 38m 2, 16
9 ** Mr Orange

Excellent position and exposure. Good moves on beautiful orange rock with the steep crux move on the second pitch performed 80m above the valley floor.

Start: Starts off the boulder at the south end of the ledge.

  1. 20m (20) Start will require a jump for the vertically challenged or short of reach (like the first ascentionist). Afterwards move left then up, back right and up on left side of rounded arete. Third ring is set back and can't be seen from below. 9RB to 2RB belay/lower-off at big break.

  2. 18m (21) Big exposure but nothing too desperate. Another tough start if you're not tall - begin a metre right of the belay, then up and traverse left. Head up to the hanging buttress and go straight up the steepness, marvelling at the massive pile of bird poo. Pull on to headwall then up and left on deceptively tenuous holds. 2RB + 6FH to 2RB belay on small ledge just below main platform.

FA: P2 Niall Doherty, Rod Smith

FA: Niall Doherty (P1, P2), Rod Smith (second, P2), 2007

21Sport 38m 2, 17

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Area
4 Kaboomba Brothers Sport 10m, 4 1.3. The Sunbath
6 Easy Oasy Unknown 30m 1.1. Three Brothers
7 Easy Oasy Arete Unknown 40m 1.1. Three Brothers
Inexperience Unknown 37m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
8 Acquarius Unknown 30m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Hair Unknown 50m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Riff-Raff Unknown 33m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Skinhead Unknown 37m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
All Sorts Unknown 30m 1.6. Valley Farm
Wavy Chimney Unknown 20m 1.6. Valley Farm
Exotic as I am Unknown 12m 1.11. DG's
9 Green Gully Arete Unknown 40m 1.1. Three Brothers
Easy Day Unknown 40m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Fruitless Unknown 30m 1.6. Valley Farm
9 M2 Trog Aid 47m 1.6. Valley Farm
10 Pshcho Arete Unknown 33m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Who's Lead? Unknown 47m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
11 Blowfly Unknown 27m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Escapism Unknown 46m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
No Time Climb Unknown 47m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Centaur Unknown 43m 1.6. Valley Farm
12 Blue Chimney Unknown 53m 1.1. Three Brothers
Red Crack Unknown 50m 1.1. Three Brothers
As You Like It Unknown 37m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Deceptor Arete Unknown 27m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Sultry Unknown 40m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
The Homo Unknown 40m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Pure Spirit Variant Trad 55m 1.5. Colliseum
Anonymous Unknown 53m 1.6. Valley Farm
13 * White Wall Unknown 50m 1.1. Three Brothers
Megalomaniac Unknown 53m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Nymphomaniac Unknown 43m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Time Out Unknown 50m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Hootenanny Trad 12m 1.3. The Sunbath
Ole Biscuit Barrel Sport 15m, 5 1.3. The Sunbath
Rum-Doodle Trad 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
The Lottery of Latitude Trad 20m 1.3. The Sunbath
Ginsling Unknown 1.5. Colliseum
Pure Spirit Trad 1.5. Colliseum
14 Embossed Carbuncle Unknown 53m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
The Underworld Unknown 30m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Transvestite Unknown 60m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
** Mañana Sport 22m, 8 1.3. The Sunbath
Revolver Unknown 50m 1.6. Valley Farm
Buckaroo Trad 10m 1.11. DG's
15 Gung Ho Unknown 13m 1.1. Three Brothers
The Great Escape Unknown 37m 1.1. Three Brothers
* Contemplation Unknown 40m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Fibbertigibbet Unknown 53m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Orpheus Arete Unknown 57m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Pitang Pitang Sport 12m, 6 1.3. The Sunbath
* Schwing Pitch 2 Sport 35m 1.3. The Sunbath
The Big Easy Mixed 17m, 8 1.6. Valley Farm
I Don't Tip Mixed 36m 2, 13 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
15 M1 Hard Days Night Aid 40m 1.6. Valley Farm
Rubber Soul Aid 56m 1.6. Valley Farm
15 M2 The Seventh Labour Aid 40m 1.1. Three Brothers
16 Gimme Shelter (P2 only) Sport 20m 1.3. The Sunbath
** Sooty Trad 25m 1.10. Sooty Crag
*** Windy Row (aka Sooty) Trad 25m 2 1.10. Sooty Crag
16 M1 Cerberus Aid 50m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
16 M2 Delilah Aid 40m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
17 * Copernicus Unknown 53m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Orpheus Arete Variant Unknown 33m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Tycho Bahe Unknown 1.2. Flying Fox Area
Cardinal Fang Sport 15m, 5 1.3. The Sunbath
Mainly Fine Sport 16m 1.3. The Sunbath
* Red Solo Cup Trad 20m 1.5. Colliseum
Surprisingly Sweet Sport 10m 1.9. Pole 28
* K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s Trad 36m 2 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
17 to 18 Spook Eyes Sport 6m, 4 1.3. The Sunbath
18 As You Like It Direct Start Unknown 10m 1.2. Flying Fox Area
* Loki Trad 12m 1.3. The Sunbath
* Old Salt Sport 18m 1.3. The Sunbath
** Schwing Sport 55m 2 1.3. The Sunbath
** Schwing Pitch 1 Sport 20m 1.3. The Sunbath
* Foxy the Fruit Bat Sport 20m 1.9. Pole 28
No Lunch Sport 14m 1.9. Pole 28
** Abbey Road (aka Chimera) Sport 20m 2 1.10. Sooty Crag
** Chimera Sport 20m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Let's Get a Taco Sport 36m 2, 12 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
Wake Up and Apologise Pitch 1 Unknown 27m 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
19 * Alfonso Dominico Jones Mixed 22m, 4 1.1. Three Brothers
* Empty Chairs Sport 10m, 3 1.3. The Sunbath
* Gimme Shelter Sport 35m, 14 1.3. The Sunbath
* Poultry in Motion Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
Spook Eyes (Direct) Sport 8m 1.3. The Sunbath
Bus Stop Boxer Sport 20m, 9 1.6. Valley Farm
Virgins with Rifles Sport 15m, 6 1.6. Valley Farm
? Sport 16m, 6 1.8. The Underworld
* The Untouchables Sport 12m 1.8. The Underworld
* Soo Sport 25m 1.10. Sooty Crag
* Sweep Sport 25m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Buckaroo direct Unknown 10m 1.11. DG's
Buckroo Direct Trad 10m 1.11. DG's
* Stuck in the Middle with You Sport 38m 2, 15 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
20 * Crankenfurten Sport 23m, 10 1.1. Three Brothers
* Radioactive Man Sport 12m 1.3. The Sunbath
* Strange Karma Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
Stonkered Unknown 57m 1.6. Valley Farm
Street Legal Unknown 46m 1.6. Valley Farm
* Beta Mail Sport 10m, 4 1.9. Pole 28
Find my iPhone Sport 10m 1.9. Pole 28
* Filed Away Sport 20m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Wee Dram Sport 15m 1.11. DG's
** Bohemiath Sport 37m 2, 14 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
21 * Viper Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
Love, Beauty and Danger P2 only Unknown 25m 1.5. Colliseum
Zucchini Crack Trad 25m 1.5. Colliseum
* Running Gun Blues Unknown 40m 1.6. Valley Farm
** Like a Cut Snake Sport 40m 2, 6 1.7. The Sporting Complex
* Hazzard County Sport 12m 1.8. The Underworld
Marcus Brutus* Sport 12m 1.8. The Underworld
* Alpha Male Sport 10m, 6 1.9. Pole 28
Brother in a Lolly Bag Sport 15m, 7 1.9. Pole 28
* Brother to another mother Sport 20m 1.9. Pole 28
* Desensitise Sport 12m 1.9. Pole 28
* Path to Paradise Sport 15m, 10 1.9. Pole 28
** Bewilderbeast Mixed 20m, 4 1.9.1. Lower Cliff
** Chainsaw Juggler Unknown 10m 1.11. DG's
** Mad Taffy Traverse Unknown 25m 1.11. DG's
* Flex Time Sport 40m 2, 16 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
** Mr Orange Sport 38m 2, 17 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
22 Brothers K Sport 18m, 5 1.1. Three Brothers
* It Goes! Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
** Just Boot It Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
One's Enough, Two's Too Many Sport 15m, 4 1.3. The Sunbath
Wok Hay Sport 15m 1.3. The Sunbath
* Brothers K Sport 15m, 5 1.9. Pole 28
HiFi Sport 10m 1.9. Pole 28
** Hooyah ! Sport 18m, 8 1.9. Pole 28
Just a Little Late Sport 15m 1.9. Pole 28
* LoFi Sport 10m 1.9. Pole 28
* Shoalhaven Mayor Sport 10m 1.9. Pole 28
* Wave Priority Sport 18m, 8 1.9. Pole 28
* Copperhead on Ice Sport 50m 2 1.9.1. Lower Cliff
** Fridge and the Freezer Sport 50m 2 1.9.1. Lower Cliff
* Scorched Earth Sport 20m 1.10. Sooty Crag
** Vulcan Sport 25m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Calm My Beating Heart Sport 15m 1.11. DG's
Chasing that Butterfly Sport 15m 1.11. DG's
First Mate Sport 12m 1.11. DG's
* Wake Up and Apologise Sport 38m 2, 16 1.12. Reservoir Dogs
23 Yurtle the Turtle Unknown 20m 1. Medlow Bath
Gas, Food, Lodging Sport 20m 1.3. The Sunbath
Lost at Birth Unknown 35m 1.5. Colliseum
** Love, Beauty and Danger Sport 45m 2, 20 1.5. Colliseum
Love, Beauty and Danger P1 only Unknown 20m 1.5. Colliseum
*** Wake of the Flood Trad 45m 1.5. Colliseum
** Smoko Sport 35m, 16 1.7. The Sporting Complex
** Dr. Dark's Cave Sport 15m 1.8. The Underworld
* Beavermart Sport 15m 1.9. Pole 28
* Bubble Guts Sport 15m, 8 1.9. Pole 28
*** Heat Wave Sport 18m 1.9. Pole 28
** Chimera Extension Sport 40m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Updraft Sport 15m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Defibrillator Sport 15m 1.11. DG's
Test Drilling Sport 10m 1.11. DG's
Topsail Sport 12m 1.11. DG's
24 ** The Conflagration Mixed 45m, 9 1.5. Colliseum
** Get a Black Dog Up Ya Sport 35m, 9 1.7. The Sporting Complex
** Julius Caesar Sport 12m, 6 1.8. The Underworld
** Angle of the Dangle Sport 15m 1.9. Pole 28
** Damned if I Do Sport 18m, 9 1.9. Pole 28
*** Wildfire Sport 20m 1.10. Sooty Crag
Gold Dust Sport 15m 1.11. DG's
25 Atoms in Action Sport 12m 1.3. The Sunbath
** Mixed Business Trad 50m 1.5. Colliseum
*** The Life of Riley Sport 35m 1.7. The Sporting Complex
** Gravel Rash Sport 15m, 3 1.8. The Underworld
* Odyssey Sport 22m 1.8. The Underworld
The River Styx Sport 12m 1.8. The Underworld
* Tomb Raider Sport 16m 1.8. The Underworld
* Fierce Fin Sport 12m, 8 1.9. Pole 28
Hornblower Sport 12m 1.11. DG's
25 M1 * Shiver Me Timbers Aid 50m 1.5. Colliseum
26 * Baird’s Route Sport 50m 1.5. Colliseum
Triple Treat Sport 12m 1.11. DG's
28 P28 Roof Crack Trad 12m 1.9. Pole 28
29 Back to the Underground Sport 1.8. The Underworld
** Elmars Gantry Sport 12m 1.8. The Underworld
30 ** Mississippi Moonshine Sport 14m 1.8. The Underworld
*** assassins Sport 24m 1.8. The Underworld
31 Prohabition Sport 16m 1.8. The Underworld
32 Hashish Sport 28m 1.8. The Underworld
* Public Enemy Sport 8m 1.8. The Underworld
? Carnivore Corner Unknown 1. Medlow Bath
High Drama Unknown 1. Medlow Bath
Kalifornication Unknown Project 1.1. Three Brothers
Mystery bolt line Unknown 1.7. The Sporting Complex
Project - Vince Sport 8m 1.8. The Underworld
DELETE Please Unknown 1.9. Pole 28
DELETE Please 2 Sport 18m 1.9. Pole 28
Kalifornication - Project Tom Sport Project 16m 1.9. Pole 28
Open Easy Project Sport 15m 1.9. Pole 28
Project Sport 1.10. Sooty Crag
Project Chris Sport 1.11. DG's