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Route Grade Popularity Style
22 * The Athenian

Start at 'S' (for the Spartan) 1. 21m (21) Up right hand corner and up left into corner 2. 24m (21) Right to cave, hard move to arete and up 3. 12m (-) Up off ledge to obvious topout

21 Trad 57m 3 Unlink route
23 *** The Spartan

Classic roof traverse above great space Start: Right hand corner/offwidth, as for A 1. 16m (14) Thrutch up easy corner then up & left to belay at bottom of offwidth. Manky carrot + medium cams and nuts belay 2. 24m (16) What you're here for. Up offwidth in left corner, carrot at top then traverse into space. If you're tall, watch your helmet at the squeeze. Up at chimney, belay there on gear or 2x carrots on ledge outside. 3. 10m (14) Up and crank over side of offwidth, tree belay

16 Mixed 50m 3, 1 Unlink route
24 * Twister

Hostile, good second pitch Start: At yellow crack on opposite wall to Spartan (8m L) 1. 25m (19) Up easy but soft yellow cracks, out left & diagonally up to ledge with bolt anchors 2. 25m (18) Hand traverse left to scoop & up

19 Trad 50m 2 Unlink route

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