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Route Grade Popularity Style
4 * Hocus Pocus

The first route at Mt Piddington, and still one of the best. Start: 17m left of 'Infidel' opposite the Cottage Boulder. It is the left most route on the slab. Now has a million bolts which didn't originally exist. 1. 30m Up slab to bulge, hand traverse around to the right and up to belay with an eclectic assortment of hardware. 2. Up slab, veering left and up. Pitches 1 and 2 can be run together if you have double ropes.

8 Mixed 49m, 15 Unlink route
5 Ra

1. As for Hocus Pocus to top of initial slab. Over bulge, up slab to Hocus Pocus belay. 2. Head diagonally right to top.

13 Trad 44m Unlink route
6 El Dingle

Start: As for Curtain Call. 1. 24m (14) Up to ledge then delicately left on slab past two manky carrots. 2. 30m (14) Left into gully then trend right up arete past bolt to rap station.

15 Mixed 52m 2, 3 Unlink route
9 * Withdrawal

Easy slab, slight corner, right onto slab. Up. Start: 1.5m right of Curtain Call.

20 R Trad 48m Unlink route
10 * Riding Shotgun

Start: 1.5m right of Curtain Call.

21 Sport 30m Unlink route
11 ** Curtain Call

Start: Crack system to the left of Hocus Pocus.

18 Trad 49m Unlink route
12 Bumbly Bites Back

Start: 3m left of Curtain Call.

20 Sport 30m Unlink route
8 Slab Right of Withdrawal

Start: As for Withdrawal. Follow line of carrots right of the flakeline.

19 R Trad 48m Unlink route

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