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Showing all 12 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
19 Blinded by the Light

The routes in this area are listed right to left as you come to them.

FA: M.Paynes, 1999

Sport 8m
22 X Cheeky Thing

First bolt removed pending rebolt.. Doubt this will ever happen.

FA: B.Laursen, 1999

Sport 8m
22 Xanthorrhoea Australis

FA: I.Geatches, 1999

Sport 15m
24 The Big Lebowski

Start: This and the next 2 routes share a common start.

FA: I.Geatches, 2000

Sport 15m
27 Mattie Potatie

FA: I.Geatches, 2000

Sport 15m
28 You Can Float

FA: I.Geatches, 2002

Sport 25m
23 Pre-Millenium Tension

FA: mark payens

Sport 25m
23 Big in Japan

FA: Mark Payens

Sport 25m
project Project (Mark)
19 Sorcerers Apprentice

Lower off single bolt!

FA: J.Dodson, 1999

Sport 20m
21 Too Soft

FA: J.Dodson, 2000

Sport 20m
24 Sorcerer

FA: Ian Geatches

Unknown 25m

Showing all 12 routes.