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Showing all 36 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
West (Left) Side
16 The Ita Buttrose Spreadmill Route

Corner. Traverse right under roof to carrot lower offs?

FA: S.Squires, 2000

Trad 12m
16 Lyrebird Corner

Corner and hand crack.

FA: S.Squires, 1996

Trad 12m
14 Winter Slab

FA: jones

Trad 12m
7 Nice Root

FA: Jones & Corkill

Trad 12m
18 Life's Pretty Straight

FA: P Corkill, Craswell & Jones

Trad 15m
18 Synchronicity

FA: DeGroot, Corkill & Jones, 2006

Trad 15m
17 Factotum

FA: Craswell & DeGroot, 2006

Trad 15m
17 Shovelling Out the Paupers

Start: Crack to slab and corner. About 20m right of 'Spoonbender'.

FA: S.Squires & D.Geraghty, 1996

Trad 15m
12 Good Morning Mr Jones

FA: P.Craswell & A.Jones, 2006

Trad 14m
8 Furtwangler

FA: A.Jones & P.Craswell, 2006

Trad 14m
East (Right) Side
23 Wargasm

Start as for Mosh and traverse left along the break. A rack of cams is handy.

FA: S.Squires & J.Ryan, 1997

Trad 15m
16 Unknown 0

Two small/rusted looking carrots which are hard to spot and some gear to tree.

Start 15 meters left of preceding climbs on the right hand side of the wall near the arete.

Mixed 10m, 2
14 Unknown 1

2 carrots and cams / wires, lower off / belay off tree.

Start a couple of meters left of 'Unknown 0'

FA: Unknown, 2000

Mixed 10m, 2
15 Unknown 2

2 carrots, cams /wires. Lower off tree / belay off tree.

Start: 2 meters left of 'Unknown 1'

Mixed 10m, 2
15 Unknown 3

2 carrots, cams / wires. Lower off tree.

Start: 2 meters left of 'Unknown 2'.

FA: Unknown, 2000

Mixed 10m, 2
18 Tall Dwarfs

Start: This and the following 2 routes are on the uninspiring wall with the overhanging dinner plates.

FA: S.Squires, 1996

Trad 10m
18 Terror Couple Kill Colonel

Up slab to roof with a wire placement between the first and second bolts. Finish at DBB

FA: S.Squires & D.Geraghty, 1996

Mixed 10m, 6
18 Deathburger Highway

FA: S.Squires & D.Geraghty, 1996

Trad 10m
15 Cosmic Gall

Start: The dirty corner/ramp to the left of SN.

FA: S.Squires, 1996

Trad 15m
17 Unknown

Sandy slightly overhung corner crack between The Reprieve and SOTC. Start up slab to base of corner then up. Signs of traffic, unsure of route history.

Trad 17m
6 It's Crap Ray No.1

FFA: S Squires, 1996

Trad 10m
13 No Name
Trad 10m
6 It's Crap Ray No.2

FFA: S. Squires, 1996

Trad 10m
13 Ray's Toupee

FFA: S. Squires, 1996

Trad 10m
19 Wowza

Up flake the left and through rooflet to crack

FA: C George, 2006

Trad 20m
15 Karmic Block

FFA: S. Squires & D. Geraghy, 1996

Trad 12m
8 New Rose (in Town)

FFA: S. Squires, 1999

Trad 10m
Single Carrot Arete

Runout is an understatement. Single carrot ~5m up.

Mixed 1
17 Morris Chopsuey

FFA: S. Squires & D. Hartley, 1996

Trad 15m
15 The Worl According to RURP
Trad 15m
18 Tofu & Vegies

Done ground up / onsite. Follow the seams and cracks heading generally straight up. Walk off and lower from tree.

Start: 2 meters left of Unknown 3.

FA: Cameron Breeze, 3 Jan 2009

Trad 10m
East (Right) Side Upper Tier
19 Bela Lugosi

The line of rings and a thread just left of the corner up to DRBB lower-off.

The bolts are in a straight line but the climb wanders. Start up the corner, traverse to clip the 1st bolt then return 2m right and up to cave, traverse horizontally past 2nd bolt and up 2m left of 3rd bolt to thread, can supplement with cams. Clip 4th bolt and easier ground left to large ledge. Runout unnerving sandy rounded edges up to lower-offs,.

FA: J Allwood & C Allwood, 1999

Mixed 25m, 4
19 The Big Corner

Name says it all. You can traverse to 'Bela Lugosi' anchors to get off.

FA: J Smoothy, 1980

Trad 15m
21 Route Rustler

The obvious undercut crack. Head for a fixed hanger on a sharp nose then left and finish up 'Nudity'.

FA: J Clark, 1998

Trad 15m
19 Kamikazee Jumbos

20m right of Route Rustler is a short dog leg crack, that is trickier than it appears.

FA: Stu Dobbie, 2005

Trad 15m
19 Kamikazee Jumbos

please delete me - duplicate

FA: 2005

Trad 15m

Showing all 36 routes.