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Route Grade Popularity Style
1 * Grasshopper

Free climb at 25 Start: Nice splitter crack on the big orange wall on the left near the bottom of 'Pierces Pass' track

25 Trad 70m Unlink route
3 *** Cicada

Climbs a rad orange streak in this grey wall next to Grasshopper. Start as for Pitch 1 of grasshopper. P1 (18) 10m - Climb the short crack and flake system on gear to the belay anchors at the obvious ledge. P2 (23) 25m - Start up Grasshopper P2 for a move or two (until you can clip the bolt out right), then step out right and follow the line of bolts up the face, getting progressively harder all the way to the anchors below the small rooflet. This pitch can be combined with the next pitch. P3 (24) 20m - A great technical pitch, but a bit wandery in order to avoid retroing/climbing Grasshopper, while still trying to follow the easiest line. From the belay, climb right a move or two, then up reinforced flake system, and out left to re-attached hold in bright orange streak (crux). Up this for 2m past a bolt, then before reaching chossy monster jugs (where Grasshopper moves right of the crack) head back right to other orange streak (and bolt) via big flakes. Up this orange streak via some weird features to easier ground in grey rock. Step left a bit at horizontal break, then up through a final thin sequence to the anchors. The top half is easier if you go off route onto the top of Grasshopper (could be a future linkup). Top out, or rap back to main belay ledge, and again to ground.

24 Mixed 55m 3, 15 Unlink route
4 * Green Grocer (Cicada RHV) - OPEN PROJECT

OPEN PROJECT. "Easy traverse start into cruxy technical, thin, crimpy traversing, then 8m of pleasant thin face. Might be 24-25, but only for up to 4m or so" - Paul T A technical line that avoids the strenuous climbing of Cicada P3 by replacing it with technical traversing. From the belay at the end of Cicada P2, Climb right a move or two, clip first bolt on Cicada P3, then continue right to next bolt and up twin flake system. Clip this bolt, then up and trend right following bolts to orange streak left of arete. Up this to anchors on slab. 6 bolts + anchors on this pitch. Top out and rap off above Grasshopper (or walk back up to Rigby Hill), or clean on lower off to belay at end of P2, and rap once to ground.

Sport Project 20m, 6 Unlink route
2 Cicada-Grasshopper Linkup - Open Project

An obvious linkup of P3 of Cicada into the direct finish (Grasshopper) bypassing the middle and top cruxes of Cicada, but joining Grasshopper just before its top crux. Easier than the original Cicada finish. Requires a few cams. From the belay at the end of P2 of Cicada, continue up as for Cicada P3 past 3 bolts (into the bright orange streak) out left. Continue up this (without traversing back right to Cicada's 4th bolt) to the anchors for Grasshopper.

Trad Project 20m Unlink route
5 ** Cricket

A good long 2nd pitch of sustained technical face climbing. The 1st pitch is essentially a bolted boulder problem to gain the first ledge. Pitch 1 (12m, 23/24) - Start at ground level in small cave right of the small corner (Grasshoppers' first pitch). Tricky start to gain roof, then around lip of roof (crux) and up easy slab to the anchors. The bolt just around the lip of the roof is hard to clip. Belay off ledge anchors below the start of Grasshopper/Cicada (extend using rope). Pitch 2 (35m, 23/24) - A hard start. Jump start to okay hold, then tricky moves to gain better holds. Tricky mantle, then malevolent slab sequence to the next bolt. Easier climbing out right, up small corner, then up right side of "groove" system to massive detached block. Past this (easiest to hand traverse right), then thin face climbing all the way to the anchors at the top of the cliff. Can JUST BARELY lower off to the lower ledge with a 70m rope (tie a knot in the end).

23 Sport 50m 2, 18 Unlink route

Topo #8640

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Route Grade Popularity Style
16 *** Smegadeath

All on carrots - 17 on the first pitch, including the belay.

23 Sport 220m 6 Unlink route
18 ** Fret Arete
23 Unknown 40m Unlink route

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